SO MANY BONUSES!! Nice Win on Emerald Princess Slot Machine!!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The Bonuses just kept on hitting at Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!
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Comments • 67

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson Month ago

    Sweet pretty 👸 Sarah. GL

  • Paul Chandler
    Paul Chandler Month ago

    Love ur videos Sarah!!! Thank u! 😁

  • john s
    john s Month ago

    Its not a mega bucks jackpot but its one step closer :)

  • richardvdl22
    richardvdl22 Month ago

    This game has great potential. Gonna have to give it another shot

  • Jack Pirate
    Jack Pirate Month ago

    I love u sarah

  • Victor Fernandez
    Victor Fernandez Month ago

    Hey it's nice to see you win! Hugs & Kisses From San Diego California

  • Victor Fernandez
    Victor Fernandez Month ago

    Hey it's nice to see you win! Hugs & Kisses From San Diego California

  • Scott McCarthy
    Scott McCarthy Month ago

    Thats a cool slot machine Sarah. Profit of $200 was ok. Could be alot better. Maybe a handpay is coming eh?? lol :P Think positive. Keep your winning attitude. Go Sarah! You rockkkkkkk!!

  • Playboy Ding Dong
    Playboy Ding Dong Month ago

    Hallo 👍...

  • Stephen Gardiner
    Stephen Gardiner Month ago

    Definitely need to go back to that one - that slot loves you! And who are we to

  • meunier rudy
    meunier rudy Month ago

    bonne chance a se jeux sarah

  • ChillTown87
    ChillTown87 Month ago

    You get more beautiful with each video you make☺️

  • Leonard Frost
    Leonard Frost Month ago

    Great win Sarah

  • Ian Flannery
    Ian Flannery Month ago

    Super singing to the win tunes again

  • Shadoe Davis
    Shadoe Davis Month ago


  • James Oneavatar
    James Oneavatar Month ago

    Awesome bonus! That game has a lot of potential

  • Miss Eye Spy
    Miss Eye Spy Month ago

    Love watched u play thanks , Keep winning!

  • TheNinja07
    TheNinja07 Month ago +1

    I know you said you don't talk about your personal life but this is what confuses you gamble everyday for 10 to 40 minutes every day to make a video or record for hours in one day and post a machine a day? Do you travel from Canada to Vegas once a day or something?

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago

      I go to Vegas every few weeks or so and record over several days. My videos are filmed in advance, as it would be too inefficient to do anything else!

    • TheNinja07
      TheNinja07 Month ago

      Okay thanks I was so confused about that lol

    • Steven Smith
      Steven Smith Month ago

      No she said she records two or three days and edits the rest

  • Rodney Kantorski
    Rodney Kantorski Month ago

    I see your mailing address is in Toronto. You live in Toronto & go to Vegas all the time? Big commute.

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago

      I go every few weeks or so!

  • I Know You!
    I Know You! Month ago


  • Junior Andrade
    Junior Andrade Month ago

    Do you ever get mad at the machines?? Like f*** this sh*t??

    • Junior Andrade
      Junior Andrade Month ago

      I do!! but i stop playing for like a month and i end up saying the same sh*t!! Again. Im unlucky at slots i guess!

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago +1


  • Edward Young
    Edward Young Month ago

    If you had $1000 to play with, which $10 bet game would you play?

  • Chan Wong
    Chan Wong Month ago

    Mega win!!!! Nice job roughing this one out!

  • Rosio H
    Rosio H Month ago

    Good Win👍... I've Never seen this Emerald Princess slot machine before, but it sure looks Fun...

  • Richard Ghormley
    Richard Ghormley Month ago

    Good job again.

  • daver8521
    daver8521 Month ago

    Been with you through thick and thin. Happy thick is finally coming around again

  • derek7521
    derek7521 Month ago +1

    Killer final bonus there SL !!! 👍👍👍
    You reduced Emerald Princess to a cheap bling handmaiden 😲
    Love your winning videos 😏

  • Denise Soonias
    Denise Soonias Month ago

    Yessss. More games like this, Konami too.

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago

    Amazong run !! What a fabulous bonus at the end. And throughout !! Good one !

  • Marie Jackson
    Marie Jackson Month ago

    Good luck Sarah ❤

  • Wayne Robillard
    Wayne Robillard Month ago

    Nice win Sarah. Congratulations.

  • Space Alien
    Space Alien Month ago


  • Jeff Ng
    Jeff Ng Month ago

    Hi Sarah, nice 200$ win on Emerald Princess there. Great work on getting those bonuses as well. Until next time be well, and have fun.

  • Cassie Twitchell
    Cassie Twitchell Month ago

    Giiiiirlllll get them bonuses! 💎💎💎

  • kevin kevin
    kevin kevin Month ago

    I’m at the harrah casino right now Sarah, please wish me luck lol.

    • kevin kevin
      kevin kevin Month ago

      Slotlady Thank you so much, gonna eat seafood buffet first ^^ hope u enjoyed ur night also.

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago +1

      Good luck!

  • Slammer
    Slammer Month ago +1

    Your theme song should be "she works hard for the money" (hope it's not copywrited). Looks like the minor is the new mini, would have nice to hit that major.

  • hialeahsprings
    hialeahsprings Month ago

    Great win on a difficult slot! When my local got these, people were going through their money on minimum and no bonuses or features. How much does a full screen of ladies pay?

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago

      I’m not sure! I’d have to look at the pays!

  • Debbie Vettese
    Debbie Vettese Month ago +1

    Great win! I love the sound of that slot!

  • Princess Slots
    Princess Slots Month ago

    Awesome job I'm glad that you stuck with it that game has a lot of potential. Just like all the other progressive picks it is predetermined.

  • Pi Noy
    Pi Noy Month ago

    💝🎰💝🎰💝🎰 143

    DAVID COOK Month ago

    that was a good machine to play if you wanted to sit there for a while and gamble without dumping all your cash in a flash 😀 I hope you have your hearing back after sitting next to king jason slots lol 😂 well done on second place cancer affects us all somewhere down the line😯

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago +1

      Yes, I’m glad to have been able to support cancer research!!

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez Month ago +1

    Congratulations 🎉 on your winnings Sarah. (C'est la vie) that's life for Sarah at or in the casinos! That's a tough slot machine to win. Congrats again Sarah 🤑. 😉😎🍀🌹🍀

  • YouChwb
    YouChwb Month ago

    A slot machine with the same name as a cruise liner.

    • YouChwb
      YouChwb Month ago

      @Slotlady They'll probably bring out a themed slot called "The Love Boat". (If they have not done so already.) :)

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago +1


  • Richard Romero
    Richard Romero Month ago

    Sarah when you win big, stop and walk away

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago

      I prefer to play down to the nearest hundred, but you can play however you like!

  • CryptoMilitary Vet
    CryptoMilitary Vet Month ago

    WOW!! Awesome! Congrats 👍💖

  • Jeff zimmermann
    Jeff zimmermann Month ago

    Great job glad you hung in there Sarah

  • Jeff Leonhart
    Jeff Leonhart Month ago

    Always a great variety of machines. Will definitely play this one. Thanks Sarah

    • David Lee
      David Lee Month ago +1

      yep this is a great game plus the minor i always 50 bucks unlike the other bonus i 10 bucks if the bonus wasn't start with 50's then it's hard to pull it off that is amazing game

  • Kevin Parshall
    Kevin Parshall Month ago +1

    Sarah, Are you going to have a live Halloween Video. ?

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  Month ago

      No, I won’t be in Vegas for Halloween!

  • Rican Bee
    Rican Bee Month ago


  • Rene Coutier
    Rene Coutier Month ago

    Sarah,your Instagram has some amazing photos!!!...look forward to all your new postings!...Beautiful lady!

  • Kevin Parshall
    Kevin Parshall Month ago

    Jamming tunes Sarah LOL,

  • qdood
    qdood Month ago

    Thanks Sarah