Krept - Morley's Freestyle (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
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  • lyxzv
    lyxzv Hour ago +1

    "I text your girl late at night but my name saved as Chinese Takeaway. Boyfriend replys on a hype So I reply SoME BodY ORdEr EgG fwy ri" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kendhae Williams
    Kendhae Williams 19 hours ago

    Roadman Lacazette in background

  • TheFootballHQ
    TheFootballHQ 22 hours ago

    When this gets to a milly it's lit lit 😎❤️😁

  • unnamed
    unnamed Day ago +1

    Nearly at 1M views.
    LETS GO!

  • Gonna delete this cringy shit sooon

    Who saw the yute walking into the shop at 3:43

  • Simeon Prescod
    Simeon Prescod Day ago

    I bet area 51 sent out cia to assassinate krept for catching on to the alien lingo

  • Swedish Sam
    Swedish Sam 2 days ago +1

    Shout out to the random white guy on the left

  • unnamed
    unnamed 2 days ago +1

    The Apple Music of this is so unoriginal :(

  • Apetotoh Hototepa
    Apetotoh Hototepa 2 days ago

  • Shomazza
    Shomazza 2 days ago

    What’s the beat called

  • Hdub 3103
    Hdub 3103 2 days ago +1

    Krepts vocal sitting on top of the lead bangs hard..

  • tommy flaxun
    tommy flaxun 3 days ago

    Fella in the blue hood is about 7ft9

  • catpasta42
    catpasta42 4 days ago


  • Apetotoh Hototepa
    Apetotoh Hototepa 5 days ago

    Tim Dog -

  • Kweisi Caines
    Kweisi Caines 5 days ago +3

    That’s by my school

  • Badruddin Pouget
    Badruddin Pouget 5 days ago

    This is the btec 'shutup'

  • viktor kálny
    viktor kálny 5 days ago +2

    tune is lit af, Konans face reactions are priceless

  • Man Onmission
    Man Onmission 7 days ago +1

    This is hard

  • Theo Cooper
    Theo Cooper 8 days ago

    This is shit

  • luton Lu1
    luton Lu1 9 days ago

    The egg fry rice lyrics maddddddddddddddddd

  • Fallou123 Faye
    Fallou123 Faye 10 days ago


  • Rob Bragg
    Rob Bragg 10 days ago

    Man spent 1000 1000 times is a meek mill line

  • haroon hussain
    haroon hussain 11 days ago

    Krept is on that multiple sources of income mode thats what its all about MSI.

  • don't mock me I'm your Dad

    Bars was hard but the cyclist rain coat should of got scrapped. He looks like the lollipop man.

  • di mention
    di mention 11 days ago

    *Somebody order egg fry rice?*

  • joe gGAMING
    joe gGAMING 13 days ago

    That white kid on far left knows he's well outta place haha 🤣 puts his hat down at the start. Just looks bare awkward

  • Grime #allday
    Grime #allday 13 days ago

    Krept looking like an unused sub at Sunday morning football

  • Josh Gardiner
    Josh Gardiner 13 days ago +1

    P2j project tune is hard 🔥💪

  • henry hill
    henry hill 14 days ago +1

    Wings are 6 for £5 now

  • Direct 2talk
    Direct 2talk 14 days ago +1

    If you are 40 years old and is offended by krept...hit me up on Instagram and let’s talk about it 🤙

  • Flashy Sparks
    Flashy Sparks 15 days ago

    Donny in the black hoody. You kno when the cold has got man 🤣

  • The Mystical Road Man
    The Mystical Road Man 16 days ago

    TheXvid's version is better then the spotify version.

  • Jay Cann
    Jay Cann 16 days ago

    Egg frwyy wiice 😂😂

  • daniel foxton
    daniel foxton 16 days ago


  • TheGrimeRapCritic
    TheGrimeRapCritic 16 days ago

    Krept x D Double E Collab Please!!

  • Christie Woodhouse
    Christie Woodhouse 17 days ago

    He made this song as he was stabbed a couple of days ago so he made this song to the person who stabbed him

    • Ayaan Majeed
      Ayaan Majeed 15 days ago

      Christie Woodhouse shut up stop lying

  • Ryan
    Ryan 17 days ago +1

    And I still got, and I still got more money than all of my exes FATHERS!

    YINGYANGFMLY 17 days ago

    succc your moda from area 51

    YINGYANGFMLY 17 days ago

    fire as fucccccccccc!

  • Jaskeerat Mah
    Jaskeerat Mah 17 days ago

    What's this beat

  • Lanko Giroud
    Lanko Giroud 18 days ago

    The D Double E bar was amazing LOOOOOLO

  • Amber Daulton
    Amber Daulton 19 days ago

    Ww2 dribbled over this

  • @doNziNo
    @doNziNo 19 days ago

    very disrespectful

  • Daniel Conway
    Daniel Conway 20 days ago

    Hardddd best in the UK

  • PB Wiz
    PB Wiz 20 days ago +1

    Someone should do a 'where are they now' for the p2j projects

  • Gemma Senior
    Gemma Senior 20 days ago

    Wrapped by the business partner... fact!!

  • Michael Pocock
    Michael Pocock 21 day ago

    Fuck Morley’s. Sam’s Chicken all day 😂 NW 🤟🏼

  • Nadine James
    Nadine James 21 day ago

    Check out TEQUILA by RG too. Baaad!!!!

  • Callum c
    Callum c 21 day ago +2

    The day Morley's ran out of chicken

  • MMA World!
    MMA World! 21 day ago

    Was that a call out to aitch because he would kill you in one line

  • Sam P
    Sam P 22 days ago

    Egg fwie wice haahahahahaahahahaahah

  • Shahid Ali
    Shahid Ali 23 days ago

    Anyone else Google Maps Morley's?

  • jason nutty dred eshun

    Go on krept with the morleys freestyle big fam luv how u doing ur ting & supporting the ends & bring money to the ends & given peeps jobs big up 2 u both frm nutty dred & lady j.m.e frm Croydon

  • Musaddhik Islam
    Musaddhik Islam 23 days ago

    This is mad!!

  • Imthatnathan
    Imthatnathan 23 days ago

    How grime once was

  • Maga Yout
    Maga Yout 24 days ago

    Should have caught bus instead ... if you know you know

  • Roku
    Roku 24 days ago

    This Is Everything Wrong With Britain, I Vow For Race War.

  • xd Endermandem
    xd Endermandem 24 days ago

    Zachai are you down here?

  • Alex Richardson
    Alex Richardson 24 days ago +1

    After all that I bet he still didn't buy anything from Morley's 👀

  • leonlol8pro Clarke
    leonlol8pro Clarke 24 days ago +1

    This guy has one if the scariest hair lines in grime😂