I Got My Stepmom Pregnant

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • My dad’s a total jerk and not even good looking. So how come he was able to marry Lexi, a stunning model who's been on the cover of Vogue and dated several famous football players?
    Well, we live in South America and my dad made lots of money taking backhanders. Yeah, he was a corrupt politician who was giving government contracts to whoever paid the biggest bribe. That’s why we lived in an enormous mansion, even though his government salary was less than fifty thousand dollars per year.
    How do I know all this? Well, my dad told me. He even tried to recruit me. He said I’d make lots of money. But I refused and told him that millions of people were living in poverty because of corrupt politicians like him.
    Of course, he got angry and yelled at me to be grateful for everything he’d bought for me.
    I didn’t care though. And the real victim was Lexi anyway.
    After she got married to my dad, he treated her horribly. He’d make her dress in revealing maid costumes and ordered her to cook for him or clean the living room while he watched. He seemed to get a kick out of having power over her.
    Okay, maybe you think Lexi deserved it. I mean, she only married dad for his money. But she always seemed so sad.
    One day, I found Lexi crying. I asked what was wrong. And she told me my dad had screamed at her for hours and said he’d kick her out if she annoyed him again.
    I said I was sorry for how my dad was treating her, but suddenly, she pushed me back, straddled me and started kissing me all over. She whispered, “Show me how a real man treats a woman.”
    I should have walked away, but I was only 18. Having a gorgeous model come on to me was the best thing that had ever happened to me.
    As we were making out, I heard my dad walking towards the room. Lexi laughed and told me I had lipstick all over my face. I panicked and jumped behind the couch to hide.
    Dad came in and sat next to Lexi, saying, “I’ve got a business trip this weekend. There’ll be plenty of security guards around to keep an eye on you and they’ll notify me if you try to go anywhere. I recommend you don’t make another mistake. Now give me a kiss.”
    Ugh… I wanted to throw up. Was my dad kissing the same woman I’d made out with two minutes earlier? Gross…
    But after he left, Lexi and I started kissing again. It was such a rush because I knew it was wrong. And I’d never even held a girl’s hand before and now I was making out with a supermodel. You’d have done the same if you were me.
    Of course, if my dad found out, he would kill us. But I couldn’t keep my hands off Lexi.
    Our affair went on for months. Whenever dad went out, Lexi and I hooked up. Even though she was older than me, we fell in love. I gave her the kindness and affection my dad wouldn’t.
    But then Lexi fell pregnant. There was no doubt I was the father because it happened during one of my dad’s business trips. Of course, we didn’t tell my dad. He thought the baby was his.
    But after my daughter, Hayley, was born, my dad became even more of an ass. He told Lexi she was fat and threatened to give Hayley away if she continued screaming… even though she was just a baby.
    Lexi and I thought about running away, but we didn’t have the money. And my dad would have found us anyway. The only way we’d be free was if my dad died or went to jail.
    So, I came up with a plan. I told my dad I’d changed my mind about helping with his business deals. He was so happy, he said he’d never been prouder of me.
    Over the next few weeks, I went with him on business meetings with various companies. It was shocking how open they were about bribing my dad and how much money they were going to make.
    They wouldn’t have been so open if they’d known that I’d planted hidden microphones in dad’s office. I was recording every word they said.

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