Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy - Beauty Explained

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • It’s hard to define what makes something beautiful, but we seem to know beauty when we see it. Why is that and how does beauty affect our subconscious?
    This video was a collaboration with the creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh as a contribution to their upcoming Beauty exhibition at the MAK Vienna from October 23rd onwards. If you want to learn more about the impact of beauty and see tons of gorgeous installations and multi-media objects, go check it out on www.mak.at/en_sagmeister_walsh
    The Beauty exhibition will also be shown in the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt from May 11th till September 15th.
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    • Cris Carroll
      Cris Carroll 18 days ago

      what if we got smaller like a size of an fairyfly?

    • Thúy Quỳnh Nguyễn
      Thúy Quỳnh Nguyễn Month ago

      Thank you for sharing amazing information!!!! Can you tell me what app or software you used to make the videos? They are so beautiful!!! I need it to do my assignment. I am really looking forward to hearing from you!!!

    • Real Lazo
      Real Lazo 2 months ago

      Bist du deutsch?

    • Ole
      Ole 2 months ago +1

      I Like TheXvid. Fuck yea

  • Mustachio's Motovlogs
    Mustachio's Motovlogs 3 hours ago

    Okay but this doesn't explain why we find dangerous and destructive events (e.g. tornados, lightning, lava, nuclear blasts) beautiful. They don't help our survival at all and all of them SHOULD prompt a repulsive response from us instead. Also dangerous animals like poisonous frogs, lions, polar bears and wolves are all beautiful. It makes no sense.

  • L. Benito Rincón Inciarte

    I though beauty was actually overeated and just a superficial standard, now I'll treat it more respectuful since just discovered thanks to you guys the beauty does actually help us in our lives

  • SarSaraneth
    SarSaraneth 13 hours ago

    Golden ratio bullshit is a sure and certain sign that whoever did the research for this video is talking out of their arse.

  • BangtanAbbie FA
    BangtanAbbie FA 22 hours ago +1

    Video: People who are ugly are dangerous
    Me: But nobody is truly ugly 🙏

  • Nikhil ramesh
    Nikhil ramesh Day ago

    Would appreciate if u made a video which had to do something with LOVE and AFFECTION...the way they change us and make us feel special in a special way...u can do what u do best and give us something we could spend nights thinking about and appreciating ...request from a sincerely supportive follower and fan....💬

  • Aminah Shahid
    Aminah Shahid 2 days ago

    You just explained how humans are programmed to desire beauty but you didn't actually tell why are we programmed to do so

  • GameSeekr041 Contreras
    GameSeekr041 Contreras 3 days ago +1

    So thats why i like shiny metals

  • Balkan Boss Lucas
    Balkan Boss Lucas 3 days ago

    Ebic architecture

  • Connor O'Riley
    Connor O'Riley 3 days ago

    What is the golden ratio?

  • Tamás Fábrki
    Tamás Fábrki 3 days ago

    2:45 . . . Ok

  • Phương Nguyễn
    Phương Nguyễn 3 days ago

    You know what is beautiful?
    The animation of this video itself

  • Arina
    Arina 3 days ago

    What about the feeling of beauty? Maybe when you read poetry or prose, or when you listen to music that’s so beautiful it makes you cry - how does that add in to this video?

  • Hekatonkheires The Grigori

    This life wasn't a Randomized it's a creator's power that no one will see until ... .

  • Mr. 2 minutes
    Mr. 2 minutes 4 days ago

    if i saw beautiful lady when i walk alone in a forest, i'm not sure if i'm happy about that

  • a chill man
    a chill man 4 days ago

    imagine making love with someone and all of a sudden you hear the kurzgesagt theme come on lol

  • Josh son ofZeus
    Josh son ofZeus 5 days ago

    good work on calling buildings ugly XD

  • RSdabeast
    RSdabeast 5 days ago +2

    Actually, my gf makes me happy for many reasons.

  • StratoX
    StratoX 5 days ago

    Seeing these comments like Brain: blah blah, Me: blah, brain: blahlah
    makes me want to talk to my organs or seomthing
    like if i had no one to talk to my brain would just give me a daily report on whats going on in my body or my liver would say stop drinking crap, idk its weird maybe im just lonely ;-;

  • Jeremy D'arcangeli
    Jeremy D'arcangeli 5 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: Ugly subway stations...
    Moscow Metro: Speak for yourself, peasant

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 7 days ago +1

    Alien ship:"show shining light under it! "
    Humans:"it's beautiful!"(getting closer!)
    Alien Commander:"pfffttt!. .. . Fire!"

  • Noelle Anderson
    Noelle Anderson 7 days ago

    Eww this video is amazing but why is there a Donald Trump jr "Hunter Nation" ad?

  • The Great BOI
    The Great BOI 7 days ago +1

    Because it looks better

  • KangaKatt
    KangaKatt 8 days ago +1

    So if beautiful thinks are good for you, then watching kurzgesagt animations is healthy? Hell yeah!

  • Dhruv Gehlot
    Dhruv Gehlot 8 days ago +1

    Thanks 3000+ For The Useful & Beautiful Info! (Pun Intended!)

  • TheUnsaltedPickle
    TheUnsaltedPickle 9 days ago +1

    Yes, egg

  • Luboman411
    Luboman411 9 days ago

    I live in NYC and I find my city beautiful. The unique architecture of all these old buildings brightens my days sometimes, by just looking at all the crazy details of all their old facades. Thanks for making this clear to me!

  • Gat
    Gat 9 days ago +1

    ok, part 2 but for music pls

  • Kex Dump
    Kex Dump 9 days ago +1

    prett y thing make ooga man happy

  • Beats Beats
    Beats Beats 9 days ago +1

    This channel makes me happy

  • University_Koala Girl

    Budghi is beautiful-

  • BlueDragon
    BlueDragon 9 days ago +1

    Look buddy, I'm an engineer.

  • Ryuichiro Suzuki
    Ryuichiro Suzuki 10 days ago

    Now i bought a kurzgesagt poster and i'm happy

  • Jeanette Thuy
    Jeanette Thuy 10 days ago

    Schöne aura

  • Jake Terry
    Jake Terry 11 days ago +1

    At the end of the video press this button 10:00:00 to have some beauty

  • André D'Amico
    André D'Amico 11 days ago

    So there's a proven biological reason that not being allowed to decorate my room while living in a place with no visible change in seasons is depressing as hell? Who would have thought.

  • jigme phunkhang
    jigme phunkhang 11 days ago +1

    I am not sure about beauty but I can certainly appreciate most things in life especially when I pay attention to said person or thing in more detail on from a bigger perspective . That makes most things beautiful.

  • Maria Alejandra Candanoza Padilla

    quien quiera contagiarse, escribame. lo doy al que sea.

  • Maria Alejandra Candanoza Padilla

    tengo sida

  • * sublublal *
    * sublublal * 13 days ago +2

    That animations is so belty

  • K N
    K N 13 days ago

    Seeing beautiful things makes me sad because I will never become beautiful

    • K N
      K N 8 days ago

      steamed buns619 I’m so sorry, this was not to be taken seriously. I don’t really care about my look

    • steamed buns619
      steamed buns619 8 days ago

      K N I’m sorry that you’re having a difficult time, but plastic surgery is always an option. I’m not going to tell you to love yourself and be happy with what you got because I think that that’s bullshit. If you don’t like your facial features there’s no shame of getting plastic surgery as long as you think it’ll make you happier and more confident and improve your quality of life.

  • mdoerkse
    mdoerkse 13 days ago

    Boredom increases your heart rate?

  • Josh Plimer
    Josh Plimer 14 days ago +2

    True beauty

    Kurzgesagts animation style

  • Jhin
    Jhin 14 days ago +1

    So thanks animationteam for saving our lifes.

  • Luminary
    Luminary 14 days ago +1

    This Animation is Beautiful and makes me happy

  • Smol Dorito
    Smol Dorito 14 days ago +7

    Fun fact. After watching this, my family and I decided to paint the front of our house facing the street with more pretty colours and some patterns and we all agreed we much prefer it this way. I know this may sound small, but it makes things different, and much nicer for us

  • CatsPlays :p
    CatsPlays :p 14 days ago +1

    Sees self in mirror
    Wtf is tha.....

  • Jimin Bang
    Jimin Bang 14 days ago +1


  • Boilinton Deluxe
    Boilinton Deluxe 14 days ago


  • Imran Qubbaj
    Imran Qubbaj 15 days ago

    I love this channel and ive been watchingbl for years but i still cant pronounce the name

  • Sneeky
    Sneeky 15 days ago

    An empty bottle is very beautiful indeed XD and a good time.

  • Touch Bionics
    Touch Bionics 15 days ago

    Humans shaped tools like a tear drop bcz that’s practical- you hold the wide part while sharp end can cut and make holes. Not for aesthetics but for practicality

  • Alfredo Castillo
    Alfredo Castillo 15 days ago

    Video: a lot of things can be beautiful.

    Not me :(

  • Aaron ___
    Aaron ___ 15 days ago

    This is an ad people

  • Fortified Mentality
    Fortified Mentality 15 days ago

    Well this sucks... I'm uglier than Satan's asshole.

  • LJ wright
    LJ wright 15 days ago

    I like big city buildings to look at, all neat, dull and the same, warehouses look just as beautiful as many other structures to me, hmmm

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 16 days ago

    "Individual happiness is affected by how beautiful you find the city you live in. Beauty scores even higher than cleanliness or safety." -- That idea should be given more weight to discourage or outright eliminate the visual chaos of most commercial districts outside of urban cores.

  • Kasim Khan
    Kasim Khan 16 days ago +1

    Beautiful video, and music : really helped me enjoy!

  • Unbekannt
    Unbekannt 16 days ago +18

    I wish somebody would've taught me this earlier. I always thought beauty is just an unnecesary thing and funktion is more important

    • Andre Makris
      Andre Makris 6 days ago +4

      Or psychedelics. Give them a try

    • Çağrı Gökpınar
      Çağrı Gökpınar 11 days ago +1

      Discourse on the Arts and Sciences
      by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Give it a try.

  • elias östby
    elias östby 18 days ago +1