Having A Wife & Kids Changes Things. Mood Molavi

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Having a Wife & Kids Changes things, especially if you're Moody Molavi. Watch "Remove Before Flight" only at www.drybarcomedy.com/moodym
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  • muadhnate
    muadhnate 9 days ago

    Escape room. Home edition.

  • Elzaroyn
    Elzaroyn 24 days ago

    The last bit again.

  • Anonymous Libertarian

    Is he Muslim? If so he is HILLARIOUS! (The Islamic religious authorities frown on comedy)

  • Pandizmo
    Pandizmo Month ago +5

    "You're the only shade I could find" LMFAO

  • Nana Vine
    Nana Vine Month ago

    Sooo... you’re married to your SISTER? AND you have children!? What!?

    • Michael Onines
      Michael Onines Month ago

      His mother married his father-in-law after they were married. They are technically step siblings. This was explained in the earlier part of his set.

  • Whitney Rhea
    Whitney Rhea Month ago +1

    Bruh I thought he was forty..? He has a kid that’s forty...?

    • Rita  Maria
      Rita Maria Month ago

      No he said WHEN he is 40. The dude married his wife in 1998. Even if they had a kid right away that kid is just 20

  • Stacy Large
    Stacy Large Month ago +2


    SUMAN Month ago +2

    Daddy you're the only shade I can find. Lmfaoo.....

  • kathy kelley
    kathy kelley Month ago


  • kathy kelley
    kathy kelley Month ago

    I love this guys

  • Sister to Hansa
    Sister to Hansa Month ago

    I am a rescue too. Hippo joke funny too

  • Evan Moon
    Evan Moon Month ago +19

    “ in my blind spot” That was so good

  • Robbie Tucker
    Robbie Tucker Month ago +1

    Demo unit

  • Kathy Young
    Kathy Young Month ago +3

    Celiac disease also causes intestinal cancer.

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook Month ago +1

    Who rescued who ?? 🎃👻

  • SK Live
    SK Live Month ago +2

    Didn't laugh at all. Next.

  • April Schultz
    April Schultz Month ago +1


  • Rich Sage
    Rich Sage Month ago +43

    I spit up my soda when he said "She's a rescue."

  • Chris Klugh
    Chris Klugh Month ago +4

    Everyone has a Celiac intolerance. Most people can tolerate it. People that over eat grains can decrease that tolerance over time. Moderation is fine, but throw out the Food Pyramid and consider Carbs the bad fuel source that it is and leave it as a treat.

    • Kathy Young
      Kathy Young Month ago

      Chris Klugh celiac intolerance??? WTF? People who have CELIAC DISEASE cannot increase their tolerance to gluten. Celiac Disease is a GENETIC DISORDER, not an allergy!!! They must totally avoid gluten. The amount that fits on the head of a pin causes a reaction.

  • melvina628
    melvina628 Month ago +2

    0:46 What? 1:02 His sister? Nope.

    • Kathy Young
      Kathy Young Month ago

      hatty burrow His mother married his wife’s father. He says that means his wife is technically his sister.

    • hatty burrow
      hatty burrow Month ago +1

      Hi their mother and father got together after they were married so technicaly.........

    • Tracy Ice
      Tracy Ice Month ago +3

      Watch his clip "messing with people'

  • T_Train
    T_Train Month ago +20

    Wait, wife/ sister and brother? What have I missed here

    • Chantell Patrick
      Chantell Patrick Month ago

      @More Than Conspiracy phew! Ok gotta check it out.

    • T_Train
      T_Train Month ago

      Thanks for the replies, checked it out. Funny stuff!

    • Tracy Ice
      Tracy Ice Month ago +1

      He explains in the clip called "messing with people"

    • HeartofFlame
      HeartofFlame Month ago +11

      His mom married his father-in-law. (Makes them step siblings technically. 😂😂😂)

    • More Than Conspiracy
      More Than Conspiracy Month ago +1

      Go to the previous video released to catchup. It is hillarious!

  • galinneall
    galinneall Month ago +3

    If you really want to mess with people... when the Chinese woman sees that there's no baby in the stroller, you tell her: our baby died 5 years ago today. Every year my wife takes the stroller out on this day and pushes it around and behaves as if the baby were still with us...

  • David G.
    David G. Month ago +1


  • Elias Martinez
    Elias Martinez Month ago +4

    This is very well done

  • Yanique Beckford
    Yanique Beckford Month ago +39

    Lol.😀 "you're the only shade I could find."😊

  • atoceansmercy
    atoceansmercy Month ago +6

    HIPPA in relation to OTHER patients, not your wife alone.

    • Kathy Young
      Kathy Young Month ago

      atoceansmercy Plus, you can sign to give him info.

  • royalmasque93
    royalmasque93 Month ago +136

    For the one comedian who actually understands Celiac disease and doesn't lump us in with the fake gluten-free people...thank you.

    • S. A. Z.
      S. A. Z. 13 days ago

      Muse It Up define studies.

    • S. A. Z.
      S. A. Z. 13 days ago

      Muse It Up just a point - I am a physical organic chemist and very familiar with what is and what is not a nutrient. What I said was they may not be getting sufficient nutrients on such a diet. Kind of like saying people gained weight on fat free diets. It wasn’t because of no fat (which ones body requires) but because the food manufacturers were adding so much sugar to compensate for the lack of satiation and, thus, more calories.

    • Muse It Up
      Muse It Up 14 days ago

      @S. A. Z. Gluten is not a nutrient

    • Muse It Up
      Muse It Up 14 days ago

      There's no such thing as fake gluten-free people. Zonulin is shown in studies to influence leaky gut whether or not you have anti-gliadin antibodies

  • IntrepidFraidyCat
    IntrepidFraidyCat Month ago +14

    "She's a rescue." LOLOL I nearly choked from laughing! 👍🏻🤣🤣🤣

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago +13

    Escape room home edition! 😈🤣

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago +57

    He gave me a forever home! 🤣

  • Jessie W
    Jessie W Month ago +3


  • M Kay
    M Kay Month ago +15

    I think I missed something but I'm pretty sure he says he was married to his sister? 🤨😟

    • M Kay
      M Kay Month ago

      Aid3 Vil huh wow ok

    • Werebilby J
      Werebilby J Month ago +9

      You have to watch his other videos to get it. He married his wife, then his mother married his father in law. That's how he jokes about being married to his sister. Ya know..

    • Gossip Heart
      Gossip Heart Month ago +13

      He's from Alabama

    • D Noble
      D Noble Month ago +3

      They are step siblings

  • Invisible Inkling
    Invisible Inkling Month ago +7

    Oh my goodness... The faces and shifting eyes! 😂 Thank you.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago +14

    💀💀💀she's a rescue

  • Red T
    Red T Month ago +20

    "So my wife has celiac disease..." Someone started clapping. Wth?
    Escape Room - Home Edition. Lmao!
    And so true about firstborns!
    Koreans are the same way about small children. My daughter was a few months old when we moved to Korea. Unlike when we had our first child (in the US), we actually got to enjoy hot meals because the waitresses carried our daughter around the whole time we ate.

    • Rose Storm
      Rose Storm Month ago +3

      I bet they had celiac too the person that clapped

  • kitty62862
    kitty62862 Month ago +182

    She’s a rescue!!!
    I died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rose Storm
    Rose Storm Month ago +38

    I have celiac & this was so funny!!

  • worshipgeek
    worshipgeek Month ago +13

    This guy is really funny. But I really want to meet his kids. lol

  • Emma and family
    Emma and family Month ago +8

    My mom has celiac. 😞

  • The Big F U
    The Big F U Month ago +4

    this guy bums me out...
    He looks like he hates his life...

    • Barber of Seville
      Barber of Seville Month ago

      @Drew Hayes So you can determine someones level of happiness based on dark circles around their eyes? Yeah, you sound smart. 😂

    • Fabulous Killjoy
      Fabulous Killjoy Month ago +3

      Oh. You’re back.

    • L0os1
      L0os1 Month ago +1

      C R I N G E !

    • The Big F U
      The Big F U Month ago +1

      Sooooooooooo basically
      you are agreeing that he looks bummed out
      a real buzzkill
      like he hates his life...

    • Drew Hayes
      Drew Hayes Month ago +8

      Take a nap and feel better.

  • Robert Boekee
    Robert Boekee Month ago +11

    He's hillarious

  • T 25
    T 25 Month ago +2

    Sugar sugar sugar

    • T 25
      T 25 Month ago

      Lola Lilac
      Cool beans you’re all good
      Free speech all the way!

    • Lola Lilac
      Lola Lilac Month ago

      @T 25 it was a joke. You can clearly see the laughing emoji

    • T 25
      T 25 Month ago

      Lola Lilac
      Hatespeech isn’t real cmon !

    • Lola Lilac
      Lola Lilac Month ago


  • Shaida Phillip
    Shaida Phillip Month ago +2


  • Keauty420
    Keauty420 Month ago +20

    Hahahahah another great comedian! Thanks for sharing drybar!!