Total War: Rome II Angry Joe Interview


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  • Holster7
    Holster7 9 months ago

    "You'll see fish walking in the sea" Oh well I didn't know fish could walk.

  • UNreal Gamer
    UNreal Gamer Year ago


  • Hollow Eyes
    Hollow Eyes Year ago

    anyone else see that it even lagged right there?

  • Airoh264
    Airoh264 2 years ago

    If i would get a dollar for each time this guy says "you know" i would be rich.

  • Memnon SB
    Memnon SB 2 years ago

    Beta tester should lose job-first
    Second-this game should be never relesed before patch 15
    How CA expect we belive any promisses after make garbage game?

  • Pertzamus
    Pertzamus 2 years ago +18

    ''700 different units'' Does he mean it like Parthian eastern spearmen, Armenian eastern spearmen, Bactrian eastern spearmen? That doesnt really count, they even have same stats.

  • 33melonpaws77
    33melonpaws77 2 years ago +6

    if only joe knew at the time of what a shitty game he was soon to endure.

    • Joel Entrup 123
      Joel Entrup 123 2 years ago

      +Andreas Adhiguna Hartono Flagged

    • Andres of Carthage
      Andres of Carthage 2 years ago +3

      +BATTLEFIELD PATRIOT 32756 yes amazing, for 12 years old console player that accustomed with another brainless title, COD.

    • Joel Entrup 123
      Joel Entrup 123 2 years ago +1

      Rome 2 is amazing.

  • El Papa
    El Papa 2 years ago

    Later does joe know it's all a lie

  • Felix Rieckert
    Felix Rieckert 3 years ago

    u Know, if u , u know, just, say *u know* u know.....

  • Felix Rieckert
    Felix Rieckert 3 years ago

    i counted, 67 times u Know haha

  • Felix Rieckert
    Felix Rieckert 3 years ago +1

    he said *u know* thousand of times

  • Golden Eagle
    Golden Eagle 3 years ago +2

    this guy need's a ramsay bolton care

  • Ragimund VonWallat
    Ragimund VonWallat 3 years ago

    total war series have became the pauly shore of the video games

  • Voieux
    Voieux 3 years ago

    Attila was what Rome should have been.

    • deamongimli
      deamongimli 3 years ago

      +Disdain for Plebs I don't know its just..... different. I like Rome 1, I like Shogun 2, I like Rome 2 emperor edition, I like medieval total war but for some reason I just don't like the combat mechanics of Attila. I think its just the difference of unit strength and type mixed with the low unit variety. Its just a bit tooo barbarian like for me I think

    • Voieux
      Voieux 3 years ago

      The combat system is exactly the same...

    • deamongimli
      deamongimli 3 years ago +1

      +Disdain for Plebs I didn't like Attila but I did like Rome 2 Emperor edition. Don't get me wrong here Attila is a great game its just that I don't like the combat in it, I prefer the organised combat of Rome 2

    • Voieux
      Voieux 3 years ago

      +Bob Marl
      Only sometimes Med 2? That is considered the 2nd best, then Rome 1...
      Just take a look at the steam reviews.
      Has a higher % of positives to negatives than even Shogun, although lots of TheXvidrs say Shogun was the best.
      Plenty disliked shogun because the units did not differ to much between some of the factions.
      I have also heard people say Rome 1 or Med 2 are the best, Shogun 3rd, Attila 4th and Napoleon 5th.
      I think graphically Attila is pretty stunning, apart from collision and the DLC flood there was not much to complain about, the game itself was well executed.

    • Voieux
      Voieux 3 years ago

      +Bob Marl
      What? Hardly, a lot of people would consider Attila to be one of the best TW games to date, I don't know what you've been playing...

  • Multitask gamer Pro
    Multitask gamer Pro 3 years ago

    well we got roman type culture,celt type culture,greek style culture and thats to much variyation with factions

  • Blasphemy Forgreed
    Blasphemy Forgreed 3 years ago +1

    How many times did he say "You know..." ?

  • Franjo Grgić
    Franjo Grgić 3 years ago +7

    Trolling level 99

  • Masterchief
    Masterchief 3 years ago +19

    pretty cool game so far...when does this game come out of beta and get a full release?

    • The Crusading Slav
      The Crusading Slav 3 years ago +1

      It will never be out of the beta

    • Neo Fallujah
      Neo Fallujah 3 years ago

      +SmartNexus Patch 17 is coming out for Rome 2

    • Limitess
      Limitess 3 years ago

      Better not..I am a DoW fan....please, don't screw it CA...I'll despise you if do.

    • Masterchief
      Masterchief 3 years ago

      +Milan Klinko
      having problems running that game on windows 8 atm, but sure medieval 2 is one of the better total war game alongside shogun 2 and the legendary rome 1, not to mention it is set in one of the best time period for a total war game, and the graphics are still beautiful especially for a game that came out nearly a decade ago.
      Wtf happened to CA?!!! For their sake Warhammer better not let us down.

    • Limitess
      Limitess 3 years ago

      +Masterchief Don't listen to retards. Unconstructive trashtalk won't get them anywhere.
      Anyways, ROME 2 SUCKS BULLSHIT, get something else, Hearts of Iron IV will soon be out for example.-
      Medieval 2 total war. I have played over 70 multiplayer campaigns and the community is still alive I swear, but the multiplayer campaign stuff is best - not 2 player bullshit in newer TW's. We play 17 players, and it's fun as hell.

      Contact me if you want to join.

  • F3LDK0CH
    F3LDK0CH 3 years ago +7

    Even after all the patches i still prefer the old Rome.
    Its just amazing how they keep saying they will fix everything since day one and still there is coming out all this DLC which i wont even consider buying until they fix their AI, the balancing, the crashes, the flawed diplomacy and on and on

    • Limitess
      Limitess 3 years ago

      +F3LDK0CH Still playing Rome 1 even today...My Parthian empire ftw

    • Preacher of Nothing
      Preacher of Nothing 3 years ago +1

      I bought the emperor edition just now, and first off - all the bugs from his review are gone.
      The enemies are an actual threat both in campaign and in battle, the AI, while not fantastic, is pretty decent and the game is sometimes really challenging even in the lesser difficulties. 20-40 (not really counting) hours later - it has not crushed even once.
      Though the multiplayer still sucks, and the diplomacy is boring and useless - I already forgot the purpose of it. All that you need to do is give a promotion or two every time the other families gain too much strength in order to keep the balance of power.
      But overall, I'm really digging into this. Challenging game play, a much simpler management system (so you don't have to waste hours on choosing the right building), and really fucking fun.
      I hear Attila is pretty good, so you might want to skip into that, but otherwise, if you still want to play this one, you should buy the emperor edition.

  • Guetapens
    Guetapens 3 years ago +5


  • Token Finnish Guy
    Token Finnish Guy 4 years ago +82

    "We have actually had problems with the AI beating us"
    O really? XD

    • Igor
      Igor 3 years ago +6

      Yep. It bored us to death.

    • Timothy Wingates
      Timothy Wingates 3 years ago +14

      Developers aren't very good at playing their own game, as seem from the gameplay they've released.

  • MultiMangaGuy
    MultiMangaGuy 4 years ago

    i think joe is even more hyped about the attila game :D

    • skinon45
      skinon45 3 years ago

      yeah poor joe he was one of the most hyped persons for empire and it was pur eshit and then he was totally hyped for rome 2 and of course it was pure shit lets hope attile is not pure shit because the reveals showed that they will actually add the things that were in shogun or medieval that for some reason they removed in rome 2 lets hpe attila is good i personaly love the total war series im a big ass fanboy of it and it was so cool when they used to teach history in medieval 2 and rome 2 just by pressing right click

  • Pqfire 09
    Pqfire 09 4 years ago

    I don't think Shogun or Rome can top my love for the Cannons on cannons naval warfare in Empire.

    • Golden Eagle
      Golden Eagle 3 years ago

      +Pqfire 09 they could make empire an awesome game you know ... but they decided to release a broken beta test game

  • Voieux
    Voieux 4 years ago


  • Commander Vex
    Commander Vex 4 years ago +1

    hmmm, how they made the dev videos look fake is beyond me, ESPECIALLY WHEN ROME II TOTAL WAR SUCKS WORSE THAN EMPIRE! note,Empire isn't bad, its okay

  • Mr Ass
    Mr Ass 4 years ago +19


  • Joe Bloe
    Joe Bloe 4 years ago +2


  • Marcel 1971
    Marcel 1971 4 years ago +36

    Hear his voice, look at his body language.. He is nervous and lying.

  • Philip Paul
    Philip Paul 4 years ago

    Give the guy a break, he's not only one who worked on the game. I wish I had alien ware or something so I could actually play a total war game XD

    • Nicolaj Nielsen
      Nicolaj Nielsen 4 years ago

      People don't buy alienware to play games. People MAKE a computer with individual components to play a game.
      People, like my mom. If she were to play a game seriously as i do she would buy an alienware becouse she would have no clue what to buy. Alienware USED to be the best pc's for gaming. That is Faaar from the truth now adays and you clearly don't know that yet. I can go out and Make a PC that cost 4 times. LITTERLY 4 TIMES less then an alienware and it would still run better, faster and play smoother with 60fps.
      You know how i know that? Becouse i know plenty of people who have done exactly that!
      And give the guy a break? Are you seriously trying to give them a break after a year of the game being released and telling others to do the same? The game is as shit as ever! The only difference is: No flags and Decent AI! The AI is either too fucking stupid or just too fucking stupid! They either stay in their city protecting it from everyone or they just completely trash their economy to buy 60% army of slingers with a few cavalry that you can't counter very well becouse its only like 5 turns in!
      Game is shit and it will always be shit. They can't fix it.

    • Kaizo4613
      Kaizo4613 4 years ago

      +Philip Paul You basically bought an apple computer that can play games. It's overpriced for its performance. You could have bought a computer a lot stronger with the same price you paid for the alienware.

    • Philip Paul
      Philip Paul 4 years ago

      +Brian Dennis People buy Alienware to play games, not for its great personal pc ability XD I got one and I really only use it for that, great gaming computer, crappy as anything else really.

    • Brian Dennis
      Brian Dennis 4 years ago

      Alienwares are overpriced and horrible. Also yeah he isnt the only one but he sorta lied right to joes face about the game being better then it really was on release but its not as broken ad it was before but patch 14 has really fixed the Ai so the game isnt as broken as before.

  • EnEvighet7
    EnEvighet7 4 years ago

    They should fix the suicidal general bug!

  • Tiago da Silva
    Tiago da Silva 4 years ago +10

    no interview with total war rome 2's AI designer?........oh right....he's way to ashamed to show his face in public....

  • Daver79
    Daver79 4 years ago +9

    what a bullshit lie , they raped this franchise to a George Lucas level, what a steamer....I wanted to love this!

  • sirlunkan
    sirlunkan 4 years ago +4

    jamie suck it

  • Eric Cook
    Eric Cook 4 years ago +13

    Oh if Joe only knew the sadness that would follow in battles.

  • el_ey_ex
    el_ey_ex 4 years ago

    why was joe so lenient towards this guy ??????????? in joe's other review he thrasheddddd the idea that the person who improved the AI was only alittle smart than a blind retarded monkey

    • Boxdimz
      Boxdimz 4 years ago +2

      +deltta201 Its trash like this that ruins games if the Dev's where really honest with their project rather than just pushing it out the door for sales they should have told the public hey look the game has a lot of bugs still we need to hold on the release date, fans of the genre would be like okay sweet taking time to make it a better experience but no they bring out an unfinished game trash their own name as a company and probably lost many people who enjoy the total war series to not buy any future games

    • Delta201
      Delta201 4 years ago +2

      +Phanrapee P Yeap, it was all when the devs of rome 2 kept saying the game was great and awesome and had no bugs and had good graphics... and everyone believed em

    • el_ey_ex
      el_ey_ex 4 years ago

      so this was before he got teh chance to play rome II eh

    • Delta201
      Delta201 4 years ago

      The angry review came out like 2 months after this vid... And the angry review came out like a week after rome 2 came out...

    • Delta201
      Delta201 4 years ago

      I'm sure this was before rome 2 came out... So he didn't know it would be shit

  • Petr Kotlitel
    Petr Kotlitel 4 years ago

    i bet he saw the review and i bet joe knew he knows and that is why they so gently wrapped the battle topic.. but still, what kind of super intelligence do we expect? There is a strong army closing in, computer marches against you to confront you where you dont want gain time, overview and to try to kill the general.. then the city defense. In regard to the campaign map, its fine.. mechanics of the battle however was a different story :)

    • NinjadoPantanoPlays
      NinjadoPantanoPlays 4 years ago +1

      and maybe this video was uploaded before the game was even released.

  • djlee02
    djlee02 5 years ago +3

    I have never had problems (major game ruining ones) with Rome 2
    Why is there so much hate, its good now, and mods will help.
    Yes it has flaws, but respect it, try and make a better total war.
    Go ahead and fix those problems yourself instead of whining.
    Are you hating because other people are?
    I love this, and just hold on there, the next total war is sure to be good.
    Shogun. Medieval, Rome, Medieval, gun, gun , Shogun (skipped medieval) Rome, Medieval, notice the patterns, they may make another total war of such but if you actually like this like me, its just a thing (not part of message)
    Either way, stop, just stop,go fuck off somewhere else if you hate it...

    • SS
      SS 4 years ago

      They added features and then they took out some. AlL they literally had to do was copy and paste (well not literally as that technically is not possible but you get the idea) features from shogun 2 and the basic Senate system from the first rome as a baseline for the domestic politics of the empire which was fanfare by CA as one of the most exciting additions to the campaign, when in fact it is almost completely pointless and can be ignored for the entire duration of the game. The list goes on and on, just watch Reynald Sanity comprehensive criticism of the game There are major design issues in this game, as angry Joe said, the streamlining they tried to make this game more casual is beyond stupid, this production may be worth 60 bucks, but it's fundamentals are lacking to the point where it's not a noteworthy product. And are you fucking kidding me? Patches and mods? Mods for total war were originally meant to make the game hardcore or just enhance the experience, with rome 2, it's everything CA can't patch themselves, it's a HOTFIX FROM THE COMMUNITY FOR FUCKS SAKE. You must be as Steve Jobs would say "a fucking B team member" , to say that who gives a hoot if it's buggy A.F. upon release to the point of gamebreaking. Who would want to pay 60 bucks for a product that doesn't come out as advertised? Products shouldn't be broken on release, the fact that that is ok with you completely puzzles me as it lowers consumer expectations for the quality of goods which is dangerous. and the fact that a company is releasing patches every week is not ok, it means they either have shit work ethics, a shit team, or all in all its just a complete cluster fuck of a company.

    • heynub123
      heynub123 4 years ago +1

      They fucking charge money for playing as different factions e.g. sparta and they sell it to us in different bits... fair enough if it's a different DLC like barbarian invasion or alexander for rome total war 1, but selling different factions? they can go fuck themselves
      They didn't do this shit in rome total war 1... The battles are over really really quickly, it takes fucking forever when I'm ending turns, I do more waiting than actually playing, the battles are all like a fucking moshpit.. You'd think that legions and other units would learn to stay in fucking formation after years and years of training.. and the AI has not improved at all in the battle field or the campaign map, it's even worse than rome total war 1, They've taken out the speeches before the battle...
      And what the FUCK is up with the flags? why the fuck do i have to capture a fucking flag in the middle of fucking nowhere? what the fuck? and they give you like no time to capture it back... this is complete bull shit, The battlefield and the campaign in rome total war 2 is not immersive at all, it's the worse total war game out there.....It's like they want to break this total war series
      The game is fucking broken..., it's fucking pathetic and it's just a big fuck you to all the total war fans

    • NinjadoPantanoPlays
      NinjadoPantanoPlays 4 years ago +2

      +Nicholas Kriaras You forgot to mention that battles looks like clusterfucks.

    • GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie
      GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie 4 years ago +2

      I'll just stick to my third age total war then.

    • Nik
      Nik 4 years ago +9

      Regardless of the bugs, the game itself is a broken, shambolic, overpriced piece of rushed nonsense. The AI is awful, the worst its ever been, the ui has been destroyed and there is no immersion whatsoever... the campaign is dull and lifeless, with many broken features, such as pointless generals and a diplomacy system which leaves you in fits of frustration.. not to mention the fucking unbalanced and historically inaccurate depictions of just about every faction in the game.. I will for the first time ever seriously consider whether or not to buy the next installment in the series.
      It is blatantly clear that the folks up at CA just don't give a fuck anymore, and would much prefer fucking us all over for a quick buck, bastards.. :(
      from a depressed and infuriated fan of total war since 2004...

  • MrPhilsterable
    MrPhilsterable 5 years ago +44

    The AI were defeating them? Why couldn't we get that AI? Or are they just really really bad at their own game.

    • I LoveWeed
      I LoveWeed 3 years ago

      +MariusThePaladin I did that and I FUCKING WON. Stupid game...

    • Limitess
      Limitess 3 years ago

      +Eddyisrich403 LOL

    • Eddyisrich403
      Eddyisrich403 3 years ago +3

      +MrPhilsterable The AI had a different kind of tactics; to bore you to death while you wait for them to attack and pray you hit the quit button.

    • MariusThePaladin
      MariusThePaladin 3 years ago +4

      They just send their calvalry charging directly in to spearwall, then have archers melee against enemy calvalry.

  • CalebDrexim
    CalebDrexim 5 years ago

    I love the bit where it was the truth.

  • dante bobbles
    dante bobbles 5 years ago +2

    should have seen the writing on the wall. when somone selling somthing says "there are just so many areas to the game, i could just carry on talking and talking about it". thats code for, we dont have shit to talk about because THERES NOTHING IN THIS GAME.

  • dante bobbles
    dante bobbles 5 years ago +1

    holy hell DONT FIX IT IF IT AINT BROKE. FUCKING OVERHAUL IT???? what the hell possessed them to do this?? " Guys we have a very popular series that is still super popular after 5 installments, lets change everything!", "great idea jamie, your going to lead this unecessary revival, we need the game to make a come back". this mother fucker, i swear to god it hit him in his face for bold face lieing to everyone and ruining such perfect games.

  • The True King Joffrey
    The True King Joffrey 5 years ago +110

    so.... Jamie Ferguson ..... mmmm......
    ........... BRING ME HIS HEAD!!!!

    • IceQ
      IceQ 4 years ago

      You know we all hate you right?

    • Eddard Stark
      Eddard Stark 4 years ago +40

      As much as I hate you, Joffrey, I agree with you in this.

    • Jo Ga
      Jo Ga 4 years ago +41

      You have 10 turns. The senate will reward you with a unit of Triarii.

  • Adam Jenson
    Adam Jenson 5 years ago +30


  • TheGXDivider
    TheGXDivider 5 years ago +38

    Rome 2 : Total Fail

  • Richard Lew
    Richard Lew 5 years ago +25

    And this is why I will be returning to the pirate bay. Good-bye Sega!

    • Tiffian Ruler
      Tiffian Ruler 11 months ago

      CA made excuses to having too many Dlc's that they couldn't make any money if they didn't flog as many Dlc as possible, which reviewers like Jim Sterling have blown to bits years ago.
      CA have gone full greedy, blaming SEGA doesn't float with me.
      I'm sure SEGA have nudged, but CA have the blame here and I don't trust them anymore.

    • Daniel Cannata
      Daniel Cannata Year ago +2

      +ReconBearzv2 they might as well. they always try to micro manage the devs and call all the shots. thats the catch to having a publisher.

    • ReconBearzv2
      ReconBearzv2 4 years ago +1

      Sega don't make the games...

  • Anon1376642
    Anon1376642 5 years ago

    I'd like to admit to have been wrong. I've started to love the campaign map more and more lately. And you have a valid point.
    I still love the battles, I love to watch my soldiers bleed.

  • Bloody Grim Fable
    Bloody Grim Fable 5 years ago

    CoH2 was fun.

  • Bloody Grim Fable
    Bloody Grim Fable 5 years ago

    So... when is Rome II coming out on PS4?

    *slow clapping* Well done CA.
    Well done.

  • Bloody Grim Fable
    Bloody Grim Fable 5 years ago

    Actually, the province system was present in Empire. So, Rome II brings NOTHING>

  • capenati
    capenati 5 years ago

    Medieval 2 and Shogun 2 AI's were the best. Why didn't CA just use the same damn engine and AI of Shogun 2???

  • caveymoley
    caveymoley 5 years ago

    bless you joe you looked so excited, ive just watched this after your angry review, I feel like this guys should watch your rant video give you your money back promise to listen to what your video says and that SEGA should pay for top end hookers to cuddle your head whispering there there until all your recommendations are met.... poor bastard...x

  • Laucron
    Laucron 5 years ago

    Thanks god this wasn`t after he played the game

  • albericosa
    albericosa 5 years ago

    aliens colonial marines rome 2 total war company of heroes 2...... im done with sega never more

  • Chace Do
    Chace Do 5 years ago

    interesting watching this AFTER the review

  • Flyingdutchy33
    Flyingdutchy33 5 years ago

    I regret buying it so much i won't ever buy any Sega or affiliated companies software ever again

  • Jan James Callejo
    Jan James Callejo 5 years ago

    I am glad that I never spent a single cent for this piece of crap

  • Gooby Pls.
    Gooby Pls. 5 years ago

    dude try the Roma Surrectum II mod for RTW, its awesome

  • garry12777
    garry12777 5 years ago

    It's funny how we now realize how this shill was spouting all lies.
    Diplomacy is non-existent, and all the other crap he mentions is BS compared to reality.
    No wonder he posted a ticked off 40min+ review.

  • Annon lel
    Annon lel 5 years ago

    It's funny seeing how excited Angry Joe was here and then how mega pissed off he was 2 months later.

  • Takster
    Takster 5 years ago

    By the time the game was actually patched and playable on my PC I was saddened to discover I had pre-ordered a fucking failure of a game. What the fuck did you guys do to the series? You ruined it. Back to Medieval 2 then.

  • Duskworker
    Duskworker 5 years ago

    I agree. Medieval 2 is objectively a better game than Rome 2. For some reason nobody likes me saying that Rome 2 has potential, they'd rather just rage their assholes off.

  • ponti117
    ponti117 5 years ago

    A.I beating us. They must have been letting retards to play on Legendary and still I dont think the glorified A.I can be THAT bad ass.

  • Peter Ian Staker
    Peter Ian Staker 5 years ago

    They took more features out than they put in! The game feels so empty compared to a game like Medieval 2 total war.

  • M.Furkan Kılıç
    M.Furkan Kılıç 5 years ago

    look 0.42.Chariot smash and kill.but in game :S

  • TheRiulu Frisk
    TheRiulu Frisk 5 years ago

    The Game sucks

  • Jay Brennan
    Jay Brennan 5 years ago

    It depends on which faction you pick. The Hattori, iirc, can spawn almost anywhere on the battle map, and are perfect for a tactical play through.
    I also rarely use shock infantry. If I do use shock infantry, it's only one unit set in the middle, while I send my other armies to either side of their main force (while leaving a missile group behind with my shock) and flanking them in a pincer attack. I love doing this, especially when the enemy decides to rush.

  • Jay Brennan
    Jay Brennan 5 years ago

    Shogun 2 is the Peak of the Total War Series. Whether you like that era or not, everything in that game was close to flawless. It also had few release bugs.

  • Jay Brennan
    Jay Brennan 5 years ago

    Everyone blaming CA out there, stop.
    SEGA is the one to blame for forcing CA to push out an unfinished product for a quick buck. CA needed extra time, but SEGA wanted the game out pronto.
    SEGA is like EA in a lot of ways, and they get almost no blame for the crap they do, and they deserve A LOt of blame for a lot of things.

  • oddballire
    oddballire 5 years ago

    Credit where its due = CA's PR department are amazing hence the pre-order sales.
    All liars who should be shot with balls of their own shit.
    We ALL wee this excited before release with all the lies, videos and general bullshit.
    Remember seeing the battle of carthage ? Thats when I pre-ordered.

  • Steel*Faith
    Steel*Faith 5 years ago

    700 different types of units? More like 10 with different skins.

  • Nuvendil
    Nuvendil 5 years ago

    Angry Joe, less than a month later: "You done F***ED IT UP!" I mean, how could you screw it up this bad when the demo was apparently good BEFORE release? HOW?!

  • Karl Wester-Ebbinghaus

    how do you rate this interview Joe, now after release ;) please leave a honest feedback

  • Sean Pickersgill
    Sean Pickersgill 5 years ago

    he forgot the flags...

  • komz
    komz 5 years ago

    Modders are our saviours

  • kemita
    kemita 5 years ago

    lied his ass off

  • Duskworker
    Duskworker 5 years ago

    lol. trust me im on the forums ranting and raving daily. i want them to fix it and I see lots of potential in the game, but current fundamental design features bungled the current state of the game - 1 year turn times, no guard mode or hold formation. depth and strategy been stripped, family tree etc - but still some great improvements in other areas. i have hope. for mods if nothing else

  • måns möller
    måns möller 5 years ago

    sounds like youre working for CA or SEGA...

  • Pipic12
    Pipic12 5 years ago

    F***ing developer yeah more than 700 unit types, but they're all the same.
    Modded RTW is waaay better than this. Hell I'd easily choose vanilla RTW over this crap

  • Tim Griffin
    Tim Griffin 5 years ago

    how much do you think he was shitting his pants due to his broken game?

  • Jukantos
    Jukantos 5 years ago

    Varus oh Varus, give me back my money

  • George Morley
    George Morley 5 years ago

    I agree with everything you BOTH said! But Lucius, mate, SERIOUSLY, do yourself a favour and play Shogun 2 - it's amazing.

  • Duskworker
    Duskworker 5 years ago

    I agree with everything you've said and more. Formations are shit, hoplites are useless, formations don't hold.
    What about multiplayer map selection? I don't know what you mean about ice skates... plus in the past you could put a 20 stack on 1 ship so realism is already out the window.
    It's not wishful thinking. I want to see Rtw2 succeed. If CA doesn't do it then the mods will. It's very easily done to make this game reasonable and above all enjoyable.

  • Timeyy
    Timeyy 5 years ago


  • Lucius Avenus
    Lucius Avenus 5 years ago

    I thought we'd be up for some live torture "Why did you fuck it up? Why?!!"

  • Lucius Avenus
    Lucius Avenus 5 years ago

    If it's mod friendly ^^

  • Lucius Avenus
    Lucius Avenus 5 years ago

    haha, you said it man!! Spot on.
    Lots of cool stuff, I stopped buying TW with Empire, lured in with the epic Rome II, and fuck me!! What a fucking set of glaring mistakes, boredom and omissions. THe custom battles are "boring" and frankly even the unpolished mods for ROME I are better than this for gameplay. And that fucking battle UI, arrrrg, I haven't played Shogun II, but I've seen the battle UI and WTF? Why, o why could they not see that that fucking worked. Rome II's just gets in the way.

    COINTELPRO101 5 years ago

    Do not buy Rome 2. You will regret it deeply.

  • DukeDresari
    DukeDresari 5 years ago

    I watched his rant video, he looked so pissed!

  • Legoman775
    Legoman775 5 years ago

    Dont blame creative assembly blame fucking Sega

  • perrodelacalle73
    perrodelacalle73 5 years ago

    i want to punch Jamie Ferguson in his fucking face!

  • megatron29
    megatron29 5 years ago

    Fire the AI designer and the lead battle designer please.

  • kro235
    kro235 5 years ago

    You haven't played it for long enough. While has stripped some of the features I really liked, there has definitely been a few additions. Combining naval warfare with land battles, being able to order allies to attack a specific target (making alliances actually mean something for once). Diplomacy has been improved as well although it isn't perfect. Having multiple families compete for power/influence within your own faction based on decisions and random outcomes is also cool.

  • Rivenshield
    Rivenshield 5 years ago

    Bullshit, wishful thinking, and more bullshit. The only innovative thing was the introduction of the province system. Everything else, EVERYTHING -- guard mode, fire at will, ability to ravage your enemy's lands, family trees, transporting your armies on actual fleets (instead of having them ice skate across the sea by themselves), good unit collision -- that we've been accustomed to for damn near a decade has been stripped out. It's a console-ready piece of steaming dumbed-down shit.

  • iHunter
    iHunter 5 years ago

    So sad, soo hyped - release - horrible.

  • George Morley
    George Morley 5 years ago

    Rome 2 in automotive terms is the bodywork from a Lamborghini, laid over a Volvo 240 chassis and powered by the engine of a Citroen 2CV. Oh, and it's also got a flappy paddle gear shift that tells YOU when it wants to do things, an unresponsive gas pedal and the brakes from a 4 year old's pushbike. And the a/c is fucked. Complete, horrible, unmitigated mess.

  • Harry Stallone
    Harry Stallone 5 years ago

    They should have just stuck with the Shogun 2 graphics and mechanichs.

  • Tigsalot
    Tigsalot 5 years ago


  • K1asH3r
    K1asH3r 5 years ago

    Lying cunts

  • Kaloyan Netsov
    Kaloyan Netsov 5 years ago

    .. he seems to be so happy here

  • Hung Lord of Kekistan
    Hung Lord of Kekistan 5 years ago

    Ahh, if joe interviewed him now...i mean interrogate, sorry :p