GM Nigel Davies - Tricks and Traps in 1.e4 openings

  • Published on Aug 24, 2010

    GM Nigel Davies presents tricks and traps in the 1.e4 Openings. In this sample clip he shows a trap in the french defence.
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  • Ajay Patil
    Ajay Patil 3 years ago

    guys remember
    1. Knight cant be captured easily.
    2. Even if they did white has already got 3 pawns
    3. Black king cant castle and is stranded at center
    4. Black has totally lost center and way underdeveloped.

  • Can'tFindaGoodChannelName

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  • The Dardans
    The Dardans 5 years ago

    giving 2 pieces for the rook isn't that good.. the knight is trapped.. soon after rooks control eighth rank he's going to be captured..

    • Ken Cur
      Ken Cur 4 years ago

      +The Dardans Even if not, it would be rook and two pawns, which is significantly different than just a rook, especially at GM level, as Nigel himself implies with his praise for the losing side "defending with great tenacity despite being a pawn down".

    • The Dardans
      The Dardans 5 years ago

      @Christian Koß Yeahh good analysis..

    • Chris Chaos
      Chris Chaos 5 years ago

      It is not so easy to capture this Knight at all. If it is allowed to go back to f7, it will find a save home at d6. To stop this black could use only his light bishop, but Nf2 to g5 is strong then.
      Nc6 d6 will be met by Ba3 g5 ..... hopeless

  • Goratchthemule
    Goratchthemule 5 years ago

    yes, I paused and saw all moves

  • tyler stevens
    tyler stevens 7 years ago +1

    Holy shit. I would have did that move at 2:18.

  • now111
    now111 8 years ago

    If Black didn't take the bishop, as was commented at the end of the video, he is still just a pawn down for nothing. And not just any pawn either- to lose a pawn that helps control the centre for no compensation is devestating.

  • RookieN08
    RookieN08 8 years ago

    what if black didn't take the bishop????

  • Norbert66676667
    Norbert66676667 8 years ago

    thx a lot!

  • igloo productions
    igloo productions 9 years ago

    I actually thought of it!, but not as far ahead as to see the fork.