Sheffield United 1-0 Arsenal | Premier League highlights

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Fixed commentary here - . Two minutes of action footage from the Bramall Lane victory over Arsenal.
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  • Steffo
    Steffo 10 days ago

    Clear penslty for sokratis ignored, yet again for arsenal

  • Ameen Altomaa
    Ameen Altomaa 10 days ago

    لانو النادي ملكنا ملك عربي انا معكم اتمنى نساوي نوادي عنا بي بلدنا العربية خلينا نحافظ على عروبتنا يلعن ابو روح الروم

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    Silas Jackie 13 days ago

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  • ياسر ال عقيل

    New fans from saudia Arabia ❤

  • Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah

    Alhamdulillah :)

  • Shema Manasseh
    Shema Manasseh 17 days ago


  • Wassaphol Mahachai
    Wassaphol Mahachai 18 days ago

    F...!! Unai

  • Melissaj Vaaganay
    Melissaj Vaaganay 19 days ago

    I enjoy basketball. 🙂

  • mindlace Itika
    mindlace Itika 19 days ago

  • Aname Withalstone
    Aname Withalstone 20 days ago

    Congrats from Saudi Arabia

  • Nivaldo Neto
    Nivaldo Neto 20 days ago

    Congratulations blades for brazil🇧🇷❤🖤

  • ขอเสือกหน่อย สัก5-6คํา

    You have the best team but don't drop it down. You are acting like a brainless person.

  • Light Triggers
    Light Triggers 20 days ago


  • Munira Ahmed
    Munira Ahmed 20 days ago +3

    I pray whoever watching this beautiful video gets successful before ending of 2019. 🙏ISHAALLAH

  • Chienjo Tv
    Chienjo Tv 20 days ago


  • Vulpuia Khiangte
    Vulpuia Khiangte 21 day ago

    How long unai remains at Arsenal,he's totally shit performances, Unai is now " One of the Worst manager in the world". He has no plan A,plan B. if Arsenal kept him on they'll lose Auba,laca,ozil. All the player dreaming of playing UCL, if the player want to play ucl they have to go now to other big club, just becoz unai has to quit/sack ,this planless/clueless shit manager is totally ashame,

  • Glenn Fleming
    Glenn Fleming 21 day ago

    Wow! Three candidates for save of the season there!

  • Dr Benny Beatz King
    Dr Benny Beatz King 21 day ago

  • 3zo 67
    3zo 67 21 day ago

    مبروك ي صاحب السمو

  • Sujin Shrestha
    Sujin Shrestha 21 day ago

    Where is the pepe miss?

  • best design best design

    Unai emery out u don't deserve to coach big team like arsenal
    Why the heck u play. Wilock wen u have master passer ozil

  • Sheffield United FC

    Highlights with fixed audio here -

  • George Costanza
    George Costanza 21 day ago

    Sack emery and go get ronald koeman or erik ten hag

  • Burak Kubat
    Burak Kubat 21 day ago


  • Russel Mtlokwa
    Russel Mtlokwa 21 day ago

    Emery please next transfer window we need Percy Tau from Club Brugge we really need fast offensive midfielder.

  • prasandipinastiko Hensem

    Shefield is amazing

  • well yeeoo wtc
    well yeeoo wtc 21 day ago

    Come on Sheffield from a spurs fan hahaha

  • Enrique Prieto
    Enrique Prieto 21 day ago

    This 1920s match was well preserved.

  • Wicked Mystic
    Wicked Mystic 21 day ago

    I don't believe....

  • Modion Communications

    it was notfair arsenal could have won

  • Vulpuia Khiangte
    Vulpuia Khiangte 21 day ago

    Emery make it wrong again,for hiw this stupid manager remain at arsenal,some people say typical arsenal football,but under emery guidance the arsenal are worst more and more,Unai pick wrong start ,he has no plan,Mr.clueless coach what a fucking shit manager he is. He destroying arsenal future, unai make me really really sicked,. Now i just want to see only one thing and i still eyeing and eagerly want to see this STUPID MANAGER UNAI EMERY SACK,

  • Justice Ojule
    Justice Ojule 21 day ago

    Sheffield united are giant killers if only the gunners shot from distance like they did, what a microphone!!!.

  • zNuF1
    zNuF1 21 day ago

    Cmon U Blades 💪

  • Will R
    Will R 21 day ago

    The audio reminds me the 80s football commentating

  • Rahul Jawale
    Rahul Jawale 21 day ago

    Wenger back

  • ThaCape Buffalo
    ThaCape Buffalo 21 day ago

    Was this recorded in World War 1 era jesus christ the audio

  • albi erlangga
    albi erlangga 21 day ago

    @1:27 Deano, what a save! Next Man Utd goalkeeper ;)

  • Delano Blanco
    Delano Blanco 21 day ago

    Dean Henderson brought me here. Man united

  • Iambiguo us
    Iambiguo us 21 day ago

    That is some booming, tinny, indecipherable audio right there.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 21 day ago +1

    I think it's fine with the microphone on this video!!🎙

  • tanto hermanus
    tanto hermanus 21 day ago

    Good ebening

  • VKS family
    VKS family 21 day ago

    i dislike because of audio

  • Iyan Tok
    Iyan Tok 21 day ago

    Pelatih yg tak punya mental juara, uniy emry harusnya dipecat

  • Azam Munasir
    Azam Munasir 21 day ago

    Jancok lah, malah kalah. Asu tenan.

    CIVIL SOCIETY 21 day ago


  • Johnny Esmond
    Johnny Esmond 21 day ago

    bottlers arsenal at its best

  • wesley chilliko
    wesley chilliko 21 day ago

    That Deano's save deserved a replay...

  • عمر الحسيني

    من هذا المنبر ابارك للامير عبدالله بن مساعد وعلي المدرب والجهاز الفني ولعيبة والجمهور علي هذا الفوز والقادم احسن ان شاء الله

  • Surya Kesuma
    Surya Kesuma 21 day ago

    Sound from hell

  • Arthur Felipe
    Arthur Felipe 21 day ago

    slowing down the game since the goal, anti-game. its rediculous football

  • Mo RBD
    Mo RBD 21 day ago


  • bryan pereira
    bryan pereira 21 day ago


  • Victor Ngandu
    Victor Ngandu 21 day ago

    wheres the Pepe chance?

  • Omary Meme
    Omary Meme 21 day ago

    That xhaka's shot

  • Roman Karki
    Roman Karki 21 day ago

    This is how the sound sounded back in the days, the sound theses days are just crab

  • eamush
    eamush 21 day ago

    Wow the noise. This must be the most happening stadium in all of England.

  • Martin Iyke
    Martin Iyke 21 day ago

    Emery out! Wenger wasn't as bad as this! Any team now wins arsenal, too bad!

  • Jack wilshere
    Jack wilshere 21 day ago

    Jesus why so loud and why arsenal?