Ken Robinson on Passion

  • Published on Apr 10, 2013
  • LECTURE @THE SCHOOL OF LIFE: Sir Ken Robinson believes that everyone is born with extraordinary capability. So what happens to all that talent as we bump through life, getting by, but never realizing our true potential?
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  • nickacelvn
    nickacelvn 3 years ago +188

    The school of life is in my opinion the greatest school ever

    • Kathryn Clippard
      Kathryn Clippard 6 months ago +1

      My reply is late, but I agree completely. I only just found out about it and in the three days I've spent watching and rewatching some of the videos, I feel that I have grown and been enriched. This is an invaluable resource and I'm thrilled to have found it.

    • Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa Year ago +1

      No way. Trump University FTW

  • R Blackwell
    R Blackwell 7 years ago +175

    I absolutely love every talk that I've heard from Sir Ken Robinson! He's so amazingly witty with his humor and the way he carries his speeches, however there is so much wisdom that I wish more people would discover. I'm very much on the same page in a lot of my observations and feelings about the world as I know it, but he is so great at putting it in words. Every person on this earth should be honored with the opportunity to find who they are, themselves, without the projections of others telling them what they should be. Test the waters yourself, learn as you go, and become ever so wiser as you learn to make sense of the world.
    Don't be normal. Don't strive for perfect. They're both a paradox or reality. Neither exist. Be creative. Be imaginative. Be a dreamer. Test new things and learn to live YOUR life. Be you!!!

    • Barbara Joyce
      Barbara Joyce 2 years ago

      Very good post, Kansas

    • Luiza Machado
      Luiza Machado 3 years ago +1

      Find his humour really annoying

    • Tiemen Visser
      Tiemen Visser 4 years ago

      I agree with you. Normal nor perfect can bring alot of problems. Love his speeches too! Im a starting teacher and I learned a lot from ppl like him.

    • Daii
      Daii 5 years ago

      kansasvmax94 love this

    • Amal Awad
      Amal Awad 5 years ago

      kansasvmax94 good point

  • Asaph Change
    Asaph Change 6 years ago +322

    I'd listen to Sir Ken the whole damn I did yesterday! :)

    • Karendal Sadik
      Karendal Sadik 2 years ago

      Fan Ding turn on captions.

    • Barbara Joyce
      Barbara Joyce 2 years ago

      Sir Ken has such a good presentation style - he is easy to listen to

    • Fan Ding
      Fan Ding 2 years ago

      Any sub-titles please?

    • Ming Cai
      Ming Cai 3 years ago


    • Siim Oja
      Siim Oja 3 years ago

      Same here, as it was two years ago...! ;)

  • joshnaround_94
    joshnaround_94 7 years ago +293

    I love his inspiring

    • Steve Gardner
      Steve Gardner 4 years ago

      jairo tovah i

    • Violet
      Violet 5 years ago +3

      not to say with humour infused too

    • Bala Money
      Bala Money 5 years ago +1


    • TheSoulTwins
      TheSoulTwins 5 years ago +5

      Totally agree - I have a list of people (some still living and others sadly now dead) who I would absolutely love to have met in person. Sir Ken Robinson is in the top 5 - he such an inspiration and one of Britain's greatest ever national treasures.

    • Cris bera
      Cris bera 7 years ago +2

      @***** And very funny like a comedian trying to teach you something

  • Lalita
    Lalita 7 years ago +22

    This man is certainly one of the most inspiring, funny, intelligent that I know of. And that's a very special and very short lis tin my heart. Thank you for existing Sir Robinson.

  • Aria D Gaia
    Aria D Gaia 7 months ago +2

    This has helped me realize what it is that I need to be doing in order to have a truly fulfilling life... Thank you!

    SHALEEN JAIN 4 years ago +20

    Sir ken's philosophy and approach towards life is so deep yet so simple. It is amazing how he delivers even the deepest of thoughts with such a humour.

  • Adrian Laws
    Adrian Laws 5 years ago +28

    I'm a christian but applaud what is done at the school of life, bringing people who desire a better world with or without faith is wonderful. I would never tire of listening to Sir Kenneth Robinson, his talks such sense and uses wonderful examples with comedy to lighten the tone.

    • Feathetstone
      Feathetstone 3 years ago

      Sorry buddy yeah there's no such thing as a Christian because according to you everyone else is not a real Christian but you are right

  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 5 years ago +11

    As usual ken is great and 17 minutes in is a huge learning moment for me. He should be designing our education systems

  • Sunah Kim
    Sunah Kim 9 years ago +7

    I love this talk! Truly inspiring and reaffirming! I really agree that many parents with good intentions end up limiting the possibilities of their children with their limited experience and knowledge. I wish parents in Korea pay attention to your words!

  • Harry Bowen
    Harry Bowen 8 years ago +40

    I love this man! His talks are well worth watching. He talks on education, a 'failing' system and how education needs a change in its ways.

    • Barbara Joyce
      Barbara Joyce 2 years ago

      His TED talk on destroying creativity is awesome!

    • JoojieXD
      JoojieXD 8 years ago +1

      @Harry Bowen Yes Harry, the hour long original lecture version of that video was the first speech I saw of his. :)

    • JoojieXD
      JoojieXD 8 years ago +1

      @***** Which proves how well he knows on how to educate.

  • D.B.
    D.B. 2 years ago +7

    I love this guy... partly because he’s really entertaining, but mostly because he’s a true expert in his field.

  • My Tea Bling Tara B.
    My Tea Bling Tara B. 4 years ago +4

    absolutely LOVE this man! BRILLIANT!

  • Matt Griffin
    Matt Griffin 3 years ago +4

    If only i had half the ability to convey my thoughts as well as sir ken, i would be very grateful. Another fantastic speech

  • Dino Vučić
    Dino Vučić 5 years ago +16

    I could listen to him all day!

  • David Fuentes
    David Fuentes 7 years ago +8

    Amazing and so useful, a really great speaker, lots of wisdom.

  • Wainda Youngthain
    Wainda Youngthain 3 years ago +7

    He is so optimistic and it’s good suggestions to accept what life’s is going 👍😊to be.🙏🏼.

  • Ian Henderson
    Ian Henderson 6 years ago +8

    Brilliant - thanks for posting. He's such a talented presenter

  • C. Armani Trusclair
    C. Armani Trusclair 7 years ago +10

    Excellent speaker. Sir Ken Robinson points are just and extremely realistic in regards. He's never boring and informative.

  • Ramin AK
    Ramin AK 2 years ago +1

    This is absolutely timeless! one of the most amazing & educating videos that I ' ve ever seen, yet couldn't possibly be said any simpler and funnier! Thank you Ken

  • Laura Burroughs
    Laura Burroughs 7 years ago +11

    Thank you for standing for the personal development of each individual--for our passions and aptitudes over the canons of education. Thanks for your humor and insight.

  • Edward Donatus
    Edward Donatus 2 years ago +2

    This is so powerful for me! Got new perspectives and clearer view on energy. Thanks Rob

  • Rex1987
    Rex1987 5 years ago +13

    so much humor and wisdom about life in this one! thanks :-)

  • Franklin
    Franklin 5 years ago +6

    I love how he connects seemingly random stories, with a touch of humour, to his overall idea.I appreciate his general point, which is that life is full of random variables and we'll never know where we'd end up if we follow our interests, contrary to the assembly line pattern of the educational system.

  • tracey yeoman
    tracey yeoman 2 years ago +2

    Sir Ken is an pleasure to watch, and a great talent .

  • Chuck Yocum
    Chuck Yocum 8 years ago +6

    Sir Ken Robinson is one of the most profound thinkers of our time. I have yet to listen to a talk from which I didn't take away inspiration.

  • Hanne Peeters
    Hanne Peeters 4 years ago +1

    We should be able to explore things we don't know, without feeling embarrased that we don't know anything about it ~Ken Robinson

  • nana16792
    nana16792 6 years ago +8

    I never get tired of his talks

  • Matthew Tan
    Matthew Tan 8 years ago +2

    Insightful and witty lecture! Brilliant!

  • Jan Landy
    Jan Landy Year ago +1

    I wish that Sir Ken was around when I was growing up in the 50s 60s and 70s. I had to figure this out all on my own. It is great to know that I was not the crazy one, or maybe I was the crazy one, but know I have the validation of someone that makes his life work of teaching this subject. Thank you.

  • Alp Deniz Yüzbaşiç
    Alp Deniz Yüzbaşiç 6 years ago +2

    Sir Robinson's speeches resonate in my mind. He is definitely up there with Sagan, Sartre, Diderot etc.

  • Russell Johnson
    Russell Johnson 2 years ago +1

    such a wonderful important message delivered in a fun, smart way.

  • jay collins
    jay collins 3 years ago +2

    Sir ken is a true inspiration

  • Lindsey Scherf
    Lindsey Scherf 3 years ago +1

    Amazing! Speaks directly to my heart and sets it free to sing the tunes of my passions and abilities! I’ve heard hundreds of motivational speakers and seen countless TED talks and never have I come across a more captivating and engaging speaker.... This was only my second viewing of a Sir Ken Robinson talk but now I’m hooked and can’t wait to watch more! I had to find my success outside the linear education system as well as the social expectation system as a Dyslexic now Harvard Grad on to become a Harvard Grad turned pro athlete-- then on to contemplating checking the PhD box because it sounded like something I’m “supposed” to do to meet heightened expectations of me; before discovering a passion for teaching and coaching and pivoting my trajectory once again in the direction of my passions and abilities rather than what I’m “supposed” to be doing. The greatest joy in life is to become the person you know you are meant to be; and to thrive in your life rather than just painstakingly podding through it waiting for the weekend to roll around. Sir Ken Robinson say all this and much and he does it oh so beautifully!

    • Barbara Joyce
      Barbara Joyce 2 years ago

      @Lindsey Scheft - thank you for sharing such a powerful testimony to what Sir Ken is wanting to do for all of us. I have found that when I am doing something because someone expects me to do it, rather than when I am convicted to do it, the results pale in the former versus the latter. Sometimes we have to be critical of the status quo in order to see positive change. You're obviously a fan of TED (as am I !) so you may have seen this TED talk by Dr. Kevin Orieux who discusses his research into what constitutes truly caring for patients, which he extrapolates to parenting, leadership and education. Another person who is truly impassioned about his work and what it can do for others if it helps them find their passion and what they believe themselves to be. Did you get your PhD yet?

  • RubiksCube24
    RubiksCube24 5 years ago +256

    I love how he tells jokes for a while then suddenly drops a philosophical bombshell like at 10:29.

    • LinkEX
      LinkEX Year ago +2

      @MosesPlays I wouldn't call it a bombshell either. But neither would I call it a bad lecture.
      The power here might not be the density of information, but the presentation that makes it stick: While he provides no great and novel ideas, he provides a memorable story that helps to emotionally understand and remember those insights.
      Like the story of himself as a child leading up to the statement at 10:29, which many have stated, but few have illustrated like that.

    • MosesPlays
      MosesPlays 2 years ago +1

      too many jokes,too little (and sorry for saying) obvious insights,(wouldn't call them bombshells)..too many examples,I actually think it is a bad lecture.

    • Barbara Joyce
      Barbara Joyce 2 years ago

      "Do any of you really care when, exactly this happened? I can look it up on Google, or you can just believe me that this actually happened." What a brilliant interjection of humor :-)

  • Anna Maria Zoghby
    Anna Maria Zoghby 6 years ago +3

    Thank you sir ken !!! The color yellow stands for consciousness !!! I would move to build a school of joy in my country lebanon... Our country is void of love and the kids are suffering!!!

  • Meganni Franklyn Holistic Healing

    Just a great man to learn from. Funny and so inspiring xx

  • Miro Zilaji
    Miro Zilaji 10 months ago

    Great, great lecturer. I watch his videos over and over oft. Such a great spirit and source of inspiration. Shame we lost him too early.

  • Liz Gichora
    Liz Gichora 5 years ago +2

    Incredible!'re very inspiring.

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze 4 years ago

    My life was a mess until now. Literally me in every interview I've ever had.

  • sophie
    sophie 3 years ago +1

    this was so nice and relaxing to listen to!

  • Ireza Eynek
    Ireza Eynek 7 years ago

    Jst loves how he gives his lectures abt finding your element..he has really inspired me to rethink what I really m interested in n what I really wanna do in my life and enjoy every bit of it..

  • gyozo kudor
    gyozo kudor 5 years ago +3

    This guy is amazing

  • lars philbert
    lars philbert 6 years ago +46

    Can't belive he got dislikes..
    May be under 2,5% But still.
    I love sir Ken Robinson, and se his speeches with a great joy an admirement

    • Barbara Joyce
      Barbara Joyce 2 years ago

      Some people like to dislike, just because they are dislikable themselves

    • Gaia Verita
      Gaia Verita 2 years ago +2

      Jesus didn't please everyone, and still doesn't. However, I love Mr. Robinson speeches.

    • Giampaolo Mannucci
      Giampaolo Mannucci 2 years ago +1

      if all humans were to agree with eachother, you wouldn't find this talk so amazing

  • Indigo Flower
    Indigo Flower 7 years ago +127

    My true passions always lay outside of my physical and mental capabilities. And this is true for most people. That's why we do horrible things and entertain ourselves with meaningless escapism. The truth is we're a residual; we've never made it. But we're forced to keep going nevertheless.

    • Mal
      Mal 5 years ago +1

      Acting. Many are called but few are chosen. Are you a professional actor? Or a full time waiter who does a bit of acting? Might it be better doing something similar to acting, but something where you can actually find work, and better than being a waiter. Teaching English or your language to the English, maybe? You can act out some Shakespeare speeches in front of the class. Has to be better than being a waiter.

    • sunnysodapop
      sunnysodapop 5 years ago +1

      Did you come up with that yourself ?!?!

    • Supreme Kream
      Supreme Kream 5 years ago

      I applaud you

  • Elie Elis
    Elie Elis 3 years ago +1

    Praise The gods for Sir Ken Robinson’s work

  • monomakes
    monomakes 6 years ago +3

    Much love to Ken! What a bloke!
    Thanks SoL :)

  • John Growcock
    John Growcock 4 years ago

    I am always so enlightened by what he has to say

  • Enoch Brown
    Enoch Brown 2 years ago

    What a brilliant and thoughtful man!!!

  • gregsbest
    gregsbest 6 years ago +19

    You know you're passionate about your life's work(now really play), when you aren't
    focused on sex, addictions, but always have a smile and looking for a challenge with good humour.
    Try that !
    The next frontier is not in outer space or in the ocean depths, but our minds !. How good can we get , while helping others, and the planet !!

  • Sharon Aldridge
    Sharon Aldridge 4 years ago

    Alright now, 50 minutes of delight, of frequent laughter and also a sense that this lecture is finding fertile ground within my being. I've enjoyed the stories very much. There is something wonderful about a speech or lecture that can reach beyond a culture and speak to more than one age group. I appreciate every thought put forward. Imagination, what shall one do with it? I might just write that story. Thanks ever so much. You inspired me.

  • Emmanuel Adu Gyamfi
    Emmanuel Adu Gyamfi 2 years ago +1

    Listening to him resolves my existential crises.

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez Year ago +1

    The things he says really hits a nerve... sometimes I wonder HOW he Knows, about All These little Horrors, that lurk beneath our's Spooky.....And just drops some truly unexpected Bomb....btw, I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this...
    Thank you School of Life, for trying to open my mind and eyes.😃

  • Sandra M
    Sandra M 5 years ago +1

    Amazing, really worth watching

  • Timotej Kresnik
    Timotej Kresnik 6 years ago +103

    This is one of the best channels on the internet.

    • MarxWM
      MarxWM 5 years ago +1

      +lTl Shadid Ted channels, seths bike hacks. Well, its another style of video

    • Timotej Kresnik
      Timotej Kresnik 6 years ago +2

      +lTl Shadid lol that's probably impossible XD

    • Leo Shadid
      Leo Shadid 6 years ago

      +Timotej Kresnik if this isn't THE best, please point towards one that can compete with it. :)

  • wizardaka
    wizardaka 8 years ago +8

    I think he might be one of the greatest humans ever. I wanna be PM with him as Education Sec.

  • Alex Eržen
    Alex Eržen 6 years ago

    I think when he talks about imagination and creativity, social learning should also be mentioned. The capability of taking someone's idea and building on top of it to create progress. We are the only species that has this ability, and it combines with creativity to build civilization.

  • Vagabond
    Vagabond Year ago

    RIP Sir Ken. An extraordinary time to re-listen to all you said...given the state of education in the world today.

  • Blessedup
    Blessedup 2 years ago +1

    He is absolutely brilliant
    *his voice is like morphine for me*

  • Goldenmath
    Goldenmath 5 years ago

    as a kid I was asked to define greatness, it took a lot of thinking about, but I came up with ' greatness is the wonder between possible imaginings' meaning, the journey we follow can be ever so humble, but the affect we have on others can be exponential, we can achieve greatness and achieve no goal through our effect on the world, every step we take brings us closer to understanding the world around us and knowing the gift in life is seeing beauty in the everyday

  • Jean-René M
    Jean-René M 9 years ago

    great stuff, what a man!

  • ballparkfrankplus1
    ballparkfrankplus1 7 years ago +14

    I AM what i choose to become= free will over learned helplessness.
    Thank you for the upload.

    • ][
      ][ Year ago

      Free will and learned helplessness are not the only options. Perhaps free will doesn't exist and yet one can still have a sense of agency - or, as someone once said, you have no choice but to feel you have free will!

  • Michael Ferri
    Michael Ferri 2 years ago

    Ken Robinson is the first person I have seen that gives me hope for the future

  • adam ford
    adam ford 4 years ago

    I enjoy these talks. I do think finding something your good at is important. And if that something makes you a decent amount of money then I think it's still a fine way to live your life. We can't all afford to follow our passions, and frankly I'm not sure that most people know what they are anyway. Most young kids now days all seem to be very passionate about video games and time seems to go by very quickly. I'm not sure most kids are going to grow up and be professional video game players or video game programmers. Both of those jobs come with some harsh realities.

  • toma to
    toma to 6 years ago +222

    [notes for self]
    - Being born is a miracle, are you going to waste it or do something interesting?
    - When you're in your element, you can't tell 1 hour from 5 mins; At the end of the week, you can be physically exhausted, but spiritually uplifted.
    - You have to be the change you want to see occur. you can't promote what you're insensitive to, can't teach creativity if you aren't creative yourself.

    • Amal Awad
      Amal Awad 5 years ago +6

      Jackson King I'm writing to myself too

  • Heba Madi
    Heba Madi 4 years ago +5

    He is The funniest man on earth 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this guy is a Genius hands down

  • Pathmanathan Ajanthan

    Rest in Peace Sir-I am here after his passing away

  • Tigris Asiri
    Tigris Asiri 6 years ago +1

    Didn`t know the name of Sir Ken Robinson, gladly I remembered the WOBI channel program he was part of called "¿Cómo encontrar la pasión?" (in english "How can you find passion?"). Great video and an amazing speech.

  • W.M. Aslam - Author
    W.M. Aslam - Author 5 years ago

    Really enjoy his talks. Hope his ideas are implemented.

  • Ines Fonseca Rdriguez
    Ines Fonseca Rdriguez 9 years ago

    My brain has been torn into pieces by this man. I have to rethink what I thought before.

  • yolo22
    yolo22 8 years ago +3

    oh good laughs! i'm glad i found this guy. how did i not know about him until now!?

  • Napoleon B Bonaparte
    Napoleon B Bonaparte 3 years ago +1

    He is my hero😍

  • crikeymos22
    crikeymos22 3 months ago

    This guys timing is amazing. I wasn’t expecting that.

  • Marija Milojevic
    Marija Milojevic 5 years ago +2


  • StingerBλte
    StingerBλte 3 years ago +1

    Sir Ken Robinson feels passionate about passion.
    Very meta - quite frankly. 🙃

  • G E R A L D I N E G O M E Z

    I have wanted to become an editor for a while, but the idea of strict grammar and spelling kind of makes me think it's not my passion. But the reasons Robinson gave for becoming an editor are exactly what I like, I love books, literature and poetry, I love writers and people who seek experiences to write about. This makes me happy somehow :')

    • seas
      seas 7 years ago

      Read 'The Sense of Style' by Steven Pinker, could inspire you, it makes you less worried about "strict grammar" and is more to do with what Santosh said above

    • Santosh Subramanian
      Santosh Subramanian 7 years ago

      I know a lady who just had pathetic grammar and spelling, but she had great flow of ideas. She had to somehow put them into words and she found it very difficult to do so. Today, she works as an investigative journalist writing about "Genetically Modified food and its disastrous effects on humans" for a monthly magazine. When I asked her how she did it- she said she just - "starting writing." She said she saw the vagueness of modern communication and how important it was to be precise when she was writing. That precision was possible because of strict grammar, spelling and more - in other words, using the language the way it is meant to be.

    • G E R A L D I N E G O M E Z
      G E R A L D I N E G O M E Z 8 years ago

      haha thanks random dude! I think it's in my future :)

    • Carl Cagang
      Carl Cagang 8 years ago +2

      Want some advice on a random guy on the internet xD Go be an editor :D our current education system set those standards. Most of the modern writers do not even follow proper grammar anymore so that they can freely express what they want to express.

  • Wynne Leung
    Wynne Leung 6 years ago


  • Arihant Malu
    Arihant Malu 6 years ago

    Can we get a Hindi Translation of this please, request from India. Education System of India needs a whole renovation and Sir Ken Robinson speeches would be a boost to it. Here Hindi is a mainstream language, so there is a dire need of it here.

  • Ajay Shrestha
    Ajay Shrestha 11 months ago +1

    Always keep looking for his speeches.

  • John Belchamber
    John Belchamber 8 years ago +36

    "As Jung said, we are what we choose to become"

  • Stella Nwala
    Stella Nwala 5 years ago


  • Jess Kolbe
    Jess Kolbe Year ago

    Living and learning through stories told by a kind hearted humorous man, is just joyful and a wonderful way to connect with possibilities of loving life!!! I do try to love life as hard as I can... it is meant to be loved not lived after all 💚

  • quartytypo
    quartytypo 2 years ago

    Passion is so wonderful they named a fruit after it.

  • Alun49
    Alun49 Year ago

    Kenneth Robinson delivers a fascinating talk with the skill of a stand-up comic. An amazing man.

  • ahmad maliq
    ahmad maliq 4 years ago +2

    brilliant. im gonna read your books. and paid for it too.

  • Drew Branch
    Drew Branch 6 months ago

    A breathe of fresh air to have learnt from him indeed,terribly sad that he has passed away. Immensely grateful that I discovered this prolific speaker. RIP Sir Ken Robinson.❤️🕊

  • Simon Rudduck
    Simon Rudduck 6 years ago +4

    Frankly, I really like this guy.

  • Chi Amaranta
    Chi Amaranta 5 years ago

    That was a great talk :)

  • Nicoleta Alexandru
    Nicoleta Alexandru 2 years ago +1

    min 39:20 - I've given this kind of answer for so many times!! And I love there is a rational explanation for it, because I always thought it was rather silly when I was saying it :))

    • Barbara Joyce
      Barbara Joyce 2 years ago

      Sir Ken is so right. When we find the things that we were "meant" to do, then we tap into energy and emotion that under normal circumstances would exhaust us, but instead, we can be totally engaged, like the pool player, for hours at a time and not even notice the time go by.

  • René Henriksen
    René Henriksen 6 years ago

    If these inspiring thoughts will grow how may the world look in the future....

  • Johannes Smith
    Johannes Smith Year ago +1

    "The power of imagination".!!!!

  • Micael Håkans
    Micael Håkans 8 years ago +1

    Just started reading his book - The Element, recommend it!

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks 2 years ago +2

    His humor indicates his deep insight, in my view

  • Roberto Pagliari
    Roberto Pagliari 6 years ago

    He's a great comedian too.

  • René Henriksen
    René Henriksen 5 years ago +1

    True what he says that many people don´t know what their potential is. The problem is that it´s not appreciated by the World and the evil and mean way they treat people in school and in many other walks of life doesn´t either. Envy is a cruel obstacle.

  • Merly Piamonte
    Merly Piamonte 6 years ago

    I learned so many things from his message.He is a very fluent speaker ,his sense of humor is so amazing.....

  • Paraface Rocks
    Paraface Rocks 5 years ago

    Thank you. It was hilarious!

  • Linda Lummiss
    Linda Lummiss 8 years ago +3

    so real, and funny!

  • Travel & Food
    Travel & Food Year ago

    R.I.P. Sir Ken Robinson. Your legend will live on.

  • John Tist
    John Tist 6 years ago +13

    thank you Sir Ken