Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #11

  • Published on May 19, 2016
  • To recover from the last miserable episode of Best of the Worst, the group decided to utilize the Wheel of the Worst! Because the group are gluttons for punishment!
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  • CommentPerson person

    I haven't seen loads of RLM videos, just a few, but in this one i'm sensing a real awkwars tension between Rick and Mike, kindof like they were arguing alot while the cameras were off. Rich seemed really annoyed at all the jokes made at his expense rather than taking them in his stride as he normally does. Does this happen alot?

  • Rebeltina's Channel

    Will any of the revenge techniques land me in jail? I've made a few enemies and want to get back at them, so....

  • albino shamrock
    albino shamrock 8 days ago

    I want that Linda Blair revenge movie. That is comedy gold.

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 17 days ago

    "God is a prick!" - Rich Evans.

  • The Opal Fox Channel
    The Opal Fox Channel 19 days ago


  • lindinle
    lindinle 20 days ago

    24:11 and people bitched about rape culture XD.

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - Month ago

    The insert of Linda Blair over Riches face @ 27:30 had me in stitches! XDDD

  • David Allf
    David Allf Month ago

    Those “spoon” constellations are actually bears. Ursa Major bit Orion and gave him AIDS!

  • Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy Month ago

    "I know, I was waiting for Jay to correct me."
    "I'm busy running the camera, I'm not gonna cor-"
    "Next, please."

  • Connie
    Connie Month ago

    ‘How to get Revenge’ directed by Park Chan-Wook

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 8 days ago

      Connie by hypontizing and raping your victim? Holy shit that's oldboy.. it all makes sense.. he saw these tapes

  • Skallywag Productions

    A Fart Bag is a real thing actually!
    It is a form of stink bomb that is in a little mylar bag! You break the internal contraption, which causes the bag to expand and pop.
    They smell WAY worse than a regular stink bomb!

  • // REDACT3D
    // REDACT3D Month ago


  • unfa
    unfa Month ago

    39:00 - You remember a thing Jesus once said? Does "Love thy enemy" ring any bells?

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 8 days ago

      unfa he also said slaves obey your masters, even the cruel ones.. remember that?

  • Half Moon Fox
    Half Moon Fox Month ago +2

    The Big Spoon is my favorite constellation.

  • Half Moon Fox
    Half Moon Fox Month ago

    My whole understanding of the mark of the beast stuff is that it takes place AFTER the rapture. It’s something the people left behind have to worry about so I don’t understand fear mongering about it but I guess I could be wrong as I haven’t read revelations particularly closely.

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 8 days ago

      Half Moon Fox either way it's bullshit but fundies obviously don't subscribe to logic or even following scripture for fear mongering... Christianity is basically that: a death worshipping cult that spreads by fear mongering

  • baby boy
    baby boy Month ago

    mike is alot more aggressively sexual this episode

  • panzer vor!
    panzer vor! 2 months ago +1

    linda blair sounds like the name of a punk rock singer

  • Theresa Wilson
    Theresa Wilson 2 months ago

    Penn and Teller say hypnosis is a big lie. Now I wonder what they would say about this. Well Penn anyway, I forgot Teller never talks.

  • TheGreatHibiki
    TheGreatHibiki 2 months ago

    My god the worst of Rich Evan’s witch’s cackle. That first video is horrific.

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco 2 months ago

    take a can of black spray paint...spray the headlights...WHAT! HAHAHA

  • Cotcan
    Cotcan 2 months ago

    Also if you over your mouse over at 39:39 you can see his face mostly unpixelated in the preview. The effect was so cheep and badly done that TheXvid accidentally reversed their effect.

  • Skullshards
    Skullshards 2 months ago

    I think Linda Blair was in Airplane? Too lazy to check though...

  • Rory Hoadley-Simpson
    Rory Hoadley-Simpson 2 months ago

    12:37 my jaw literally dropped

  • johannhowitzer
    johannhowitzer 2 months ago

    Thinking it through, given the choice between 1) being raped through hypnosis, and 2) having my entire livelihood and all future prospects destroyed for the rest of my life, I think I would choose the former.

  • Alyss Galadriel
    Alyss Galadriel 2 months ago

    This literally isn't even how hypnosis works, you can't hypnotize people unless they actually fully trust you and are okay with it.
    You can't hypnotize anyone into doing anything they don't want to do

  • Nicklas Pikhoved
    Nicklas Pikhoved 2 months ago

    I love you Guys, but whqt the hell do you have against 911 truthers? 9/11 was an inside job created to create more perpatual war. Thats is just a fact of life

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 8 days ago

      Nicklas Pikhoved i hate Americans like you who have so much self importance that they think the world revolves around them.. tell me 9-11 was an inside job after ISIS bombs your ass you piece of shit

    • CreagDog2
      CreagDog2 Month ago

      +Nicklas Pikhoved they're better than Nazis lol. also who cares if 9/11 is an inside job? Anyone who believes the government really cares about the well-being of the masses is already quite mislead. I mean ffs they killed Kennedy during his presidency. What's a few million peons? Honestly, not that important.

    • Nicklas Pikhoved
      Nicklas Pikhoved 2 months ago

      Have you ever researched anything on 9/11?? In truth there's NOTHING to support the "official story". Actually There's tons of evidence that points towards inside job.. And the gullible idiots go: "Ohh well tinfoil-hat, do you really believe the goverment of the US would be so cruel and evil??" And the obvious answer is YES GOD DAMMIT ! If you would take some time out of drinking beer and watching football, you would know that USA is actually far worse than 9/11, the stuff the goverment have done in the past makes 3000 people in a scam-terrorist attack is a fucking walk in the park...
      So let me say to you "Little buddy". WAKE the fuck up, do some reseach and open your eyes. idiot sheep.
      The US government and the shadow-government is no better than the most insane nazis.

    • Manwiththeplan sXe
      Manwiththeplan sXe 2 months ago

      Time to change that tin foil on your head little buddy.

  • Wirebiter64
    Wirebiter64 2 months ago

    Why not include "shoot the guy" or "burn down his house" as revenge ideas now that they have started recommending illegal and lethal activities?

  • GehennaDestiny
    GehennaDestiny 2 months ago

    How much of a geek am I that I could recognise the actor with the pixelated face because I had seen him in two episodes of Star Trek: DS9?

  • 7mwM Mike J. Marziliano

    How did all of this happen from Rich just walking into a camera?
    - Jay Baumann

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon 2 months ago

    Wait, But the box itself has "666" on it, so selling it would still qualify as "The Same" right?
    Religion... whatever.

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 2 months ago

    The wheel chose the best trio of videos in this one.

  • Scott Morel
    Scott Morel 2 months ago

    Fartbag is to Whoopie Cushion as Flying Disk is to Frisbee

    • CreagDog2
      CreagDog2 Month ago

      Correction: fartbag is to whoopie cushion as frisbee is to flying disk. Obviously, the fartbag is the higher quality, name brand product

  • gukklleb 911nn
    gukklleb 911nn 3 months ago

    Fuck you jack

  • Nevarenn [EGN]
    Nevarenn [EGN] 3 months ago

    Pretty sure that revenge dude is Trump's doctor

  • Nevarenn [EGN]
    Nevarenn [EGN] 3 months ago

    My fave RLM table combo

  • ArmyAnts Studios
    ArmyAnts Studios 3 months ago +1

    for me hypnosis is a fetish that is also a guilty pleasure, but when i saw that tape i was hoping it would land on it(i was crossing my fingers) because i knew some funny shit was going to happen, and after this it's very nice to remember how stupid and weird some fetishes are, thank you very much for me i never laugh so hard in my life

  • Late Steak
    Late Steak 3 months ago

    I definitely think the best way to go out is by firing squad, and you call the shot.

  • twinewinder1
    twinewinder1 3 months ago

    "We've got two spoons!"

  • Darth Kai
    Darth Kai 3 months ago

    30:10 yes, I enjoy my Family Value fart bag!

  • Jennifer Boddaert
    Jennifer Boddaert 3 months ago

    "How can I get naked real fast? I mean... How can I make friends real fast?" Lol!

  • CoMorbid
    CoMorbid 3 months ago

    The pixelated guy looks like the actor Gregory Itzin.

  • astrogallotron
    astrogallotron 3 months ago

    "UPC Codes and 666: Dir. Satan "

  • NiGHTSChao689
    NiGHTSChao689 3 months ago

    I heard fartbags can be used as a counter measure for rapey hypnotists.

  • CrazyEivis
    CrazyEivis 3 months ago

    29:41 just leaving this here to find the fart bag conversation in the future....

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 3 months ago

    9:13 42:09

  • Benjamin DiPaola
    Benjamin DiPaola 3 months ago the blurred out face guy in the revenge video the evil president from 24 or am I just drunk?

    UNKLE BEN 3 months ago +1

    fucking fart bag

    i relate with rich so much. i CONSTANTLY make up phrases like this and get endlessly bullied for it by my asshole friends

  • Asmodeus
    Asmodeus 3 months ago +2

    "MY FORMER BOSS FIRED ME FOR NO DAMN REASON WHATSOEVER." - Drunken scumbag stumbling along the beach in the middle of the afternoon.

  • nrrork
    nrrork 3 months ago +1

    My reasons for being against putting tracking chips in PEOPLE have nothing to do with religion.

  • nrrork
    nrrork 3 months ago

    That wasn't just a couple dog turds that kid put in that flaming bag, that was like a bag of diarrhea. Probably wasn't even from a dog, the kid probably just went to White Castle for lunch and said "Now, we wait."

  • Crab Skull
    Crab Skull 3 months ago

    12:42 lol

  • nessunamore
    nessunamore 4 months ago

    OMG I had video driver California chase when I was a kid....phh please get picked

  • PolarBearProject
    PolarBearProject 4 months ago

    Jezz. That hypnosis tape could have been sold as a "Everything you need to know to be a rapist but were afraid to ask."

  • shai
    shai 4 months ago

    honestly that hypnosis video is the scariest fuckin thing that's ever been shown on this channel.

  • Shawn Conway
    Shawn Conway 4 months ago

    Can we talk about the fact that the guy who got food spilled on his lap looks like a serial killer?

  • Russell Flowers
    Russell Flowers 4 months ago +1

    I love Jack's "what did they just say?!" face.

  • Simon Smoy
    Simon Smoy 4 months ago

    This is honestly fucking hilarious

  • Munchman
    Munchman 4 months ago

    Okay so that Rape, I mean, "hypnotic not rape video" sounds like something you'd be given as course material in a twisted alternate dimension where they teach Rape 101, I mean they only showed excerpts and that was enough to make me feel a little ill, I mean FFS, choose your mark, take her to a secluded location, disconnect her phone... Skin is crawling...

  • Logan Jorgensen
    Logan Jorgensen 4 months ago

    They still make instructional videos but now there's a Comments section that is much easier to ignore compared to paper letters piling up in your PO box.

  • A literal flap of cheese
    A literal flap of cheese 4 months ago +1

    Bullshit instructional videos are the 80s and 90s equivalent of Wikihow

  • BreakMeBad
    BreakMeBad 4 months ago +5

    The D.E.N.N.I.S. system before Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Suicide Bonger
    Suicide Bonger 4 months ago

    The antichrist is jesus from bizarro world

  • C M D
    C M D 4 months ago

    FOLDING CHABLE!!!!!!!!

  • Braeden Hamson
    Braeden Hamson 4 months ago +1

    A 9/11 joke inside a suicide joke. This video is monetized. Damn 2016 was a different

    • Camhin1
      Camhin1 4 months ago

      A better time.

  • Bunsen the R-Unit
    Bunsen the R-Unit 4 months ago

    That ending is borderline art

  • ual002
    ual002 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does pixelated guy look like actor Gregory Itzin? Maybe I just watched an episode of Star Trek that had him in it yesterday, but I'm totally getting that vibe.

  • bsc24
    bsc24 4 months ago


  • Tim Peterson
    Tim Peterson 4 months ago

    the camera knocking segment was the best thing ever

  • mysterioustranger
    mysterioustranger 4 months ago

    were the women in the hypnosis video actresses, or did RLM watch actual rape footage

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 8 days ago

      mysterioustranger she was a porn actress I think

  • cutez0r
    cutez0r 4 months ago +1


  • S W
    S W 4 months ago


  • Jomaster The Second
    Jomaster The Second 4 months ago


  • Tony Rauls
    Tony Rauls 4 months ago

    The Art of Seduction, produced by The Weinstein Company

  • Korbis Barkly
    Korbis Barkly 5 months ago

    I'm not sure which of the first two videos are worse, as far as encouraging awful crimes to commit.

  • Pink_Pariah
    Pink_Pariah 5 months ago +1

    Psychotherapist? More like psycho the rapist.

  • 1113 Cntrl
    1113 Cntrl 5 months ago

    Rich goes from easiest method of death to hardest least fun way each time. Heroin? What kind of ass hole recommends that? He shoulda encouraged the gun shot

  • Tetrahedrite
    Tetrahedrite 5 months ago

    I like how the destruction begins with a burning sensation down below. Good touch there.

  • Johnny Silvestry
    Johnny Silvestry 5 months ago

    I like how you can find this video by simply typing "fartbag"

  • sean copeland
    sean copeland 5 months ago

    The pixelated face in this is Gregory Itzin who played President Charles Logan in the series 24! MIND BLOWN...

  • Somborn
    Somborn 5 months ago +1

    The late 80s sound just like youtube today.

  • EBK Wave
    EBK Wave 5 months ago

    Anti-Christ in Hebrew, is _”Shitty Jesus.”_
    Learn something new everyday, they say..

  • Darryl McCartney
    Darryl McCartney 5 months ago

    He called the shit poop!

  • ImPatience AmI
    ImPatience AmI 5 months ago

    Would you like a wormdo?

  • Patrick Miller
    Patrick Miller 5 months ago

    best wheel of the worst

  • Inks Hermit
    Inks Hermit 5 months ago

    Interview tapes with criminals

  • paul coy
    paul coy 5 months ago

    Linda Blair was in "Supernatural", as a cop, and it was good.

  • Blink
    Blink 5 months ago

    The first prank was from billy Madison haha

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 5 months ago

    I was constantly thinking, "These people are monsters!" on those videos.

  • ChosenCrosseyed
    ChosenCrosseyed 5 months ago

    What is the fastest way to be nude?

  • RagnarokNCC
    RagnarokNCC 5 months ago

    “How to get naked real fast”

  • eddiebruv
    eddiebruv 5 months ago

    Surely slipping her a Mickey Finn is more reliable and less of an effort than hypnosis? It is in my experience, anyway.

  • James Langley
    James Langley 5 months ago

    holy shit that's the most disturbing thing I've ever seen

  • Smash Er
    Smash Er 5 months ago

    He called the shit poop!

  • michael blackston
    michael blackston 5 months ago

    This dudes loud laugh is sooooo priceless 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

  • Querty Beighteen
    Querty Beighteen 5 months ago +1

    2:53 FBI OPEN UP

  • Aelly Alwardi
    Aelly Alwardi 5 months ago +1

    RLM protects women more than our president

  • Tori Grayum
    Tori Grayum 5 months ago

    we can't forget the Linda Blair masterpiece "Repossessed". please do a review of this stunningly bad film. thank you.

  • Pig Daddy
    Pig Daddy 5 months ago +2

    At 1:13 when Mike is about to say “like Philip Seymour Hoffman”

  • Movies Over Matter Productions

    This may be my favorite Wheel of The Worst!

  • Alec Eisenbeis
    Alec Eisenbeis 6 months ago +1

    Half in the Fart Bag