'The Bachelor's' Lauren Bushnell & Chris Lane Tell All About Their Relationship

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
  • "The Bachelor" alum Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane chat with The Morning Toast at the 2018 CMAs about their relationship!
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    'The Bachelor's' Lauren Bushnell & Chris Lane Tell All About Their Relationship | Access

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Comments • 76

  • m 74
    m 74 6 days ago

    imagine fucking that ugly skeleton?

  • Ph D
    Ph D 6 months ago +2

    Chris has got it bad & he's going to pay for it bad too. Poor fellar.

  • Philly B
    Philly B 7 months ago +1

    he is just as fake as her to be with her

  • Michelle A
    Michelle A 11 months ago

    She’s dating a country singer now? I’d rather be single forever yikes

  • Imrita
    Imrita Year ago

    They way she moves on that quick from a relationship is just questionable on her intentions in a relationship. She needs someone who will marry her and televise it.
    And by the way did she get the deodorant Cos she stank a little bit? # no pun intended

  • Samantha Haibon
    Samantha Haibon Year ago +1

    Takes me a couple of years to get move on to another relationship. Idk how this girl does it

  • Eve Sar
    Eve Sar Year ago +2

    Yaasss Claudia and Jackie

  • Ashley Reese
    Ashley Reese Year ago +2

    Damn that interviewer wearing maroon was annoying af

  • Karma IsReal
    Karma IsReal Year ago

    So cute

  • Alanna Hill
    Alanna Hill Year ago +1

    lolololololololol so cringey. In every picture, they look so awkward and unfit for each other. The pictures remind me of when a freshman girl wants to go to prom so she'll basically just go with any upperclassman boy she can find. I guess this was her closest ticket into the country music world since she loves going to Stagecoach. The clout chase is real.

  • Influences
    Influences Year ago +38

    “A PR firm.” Wow. If I was that designer I would not be happy.

    • Influences
      Influences Year ago +8

      I would have bought the dress if she had said where it was from. So inconsiderate - that’s why they let you borrow the dress ding dong. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Lily G
    Lily G Year ago +5

    Wow she goes through guys fast.

  • google e
    google e Year ago +4

    some people will be with anyone just so they can get married, I guess her personality is boring enough that she can basically be with any guy. I hate being single but I rather be in a relationship with the right person than just be in one because I'm lonely. whatever makes some people happy I don't envy her.

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg Year ago

    Quick question why does she look different like did she lose a little weight her face looks smaller she is gorgeous but she has different faces in pics

  • Andrea Lim
    Andrea Lim Year ago +6

    Best of fake personality I wonder

  • Nicole Pina
    Nicole Pina Year ago +48

    “She has the best personality ever”
    *stands in silence and laughs at everything*

    • m 74
      m 74 6 days ago

      imagine fuckin that ugly skeleton then?

    • TheCaroleeBee
      TheCaroleeBee Year ago +1

      Nicole Pina I thought that was weird too. Like awkward. You just laugh because you're uncomfortable?

  • Patricia Delver
    Patricia Delver Year ago

    Boriiiiiiiing !

  • Patricia Delver
    Patricia Delver Year ago +6

    Go away Lauren 😴😴😴😪

  • Alexandra Bain
    Alexandra Bain Year ago +5

    She goes through guys like no other. Wonder who his next once this is over

  • Carly Rogers
    Carly Rogers Year ago +2

    lololol she cant stand him

  • LLL
    LLL Year ago +3

    This Ho needs to stop putting every cock in town into her vagina

    • Rosa Mystica
      Rosa Mystica Year ago

      Well,damn! I bet it feels like throwing a hot dog down the hallway now

  • jyn88
    jyn88 Year ago +9

    Am I hearing this right, reporter said at 1:55 "I just love you more than life"???

  • B T
    B T Year ago +25

    Haha and Ben out there improving on himself and taking the relationships seriously. Maybe Lauren isn’t serious and she wants to have fun, nothing wrong with that. Or she may have a fear of being alone, it’s her life and if she happy about it. Yay.

  • alison h
    alison h Year ago +15

    Where’s the chemistry 😐

  • Tameka D-B
    Tameka D-B Year ago +3

    She wants to find a husband and she wasn't able to find what she wanted with Ben there is no reason to call her a hoe. Let the girl find herself and her life partner

  • camille
    camille Year ago +15

    If y’all don’t let her live. She’s trying to find someone to be marry which is clearly not what Ben was tryna do at the time. Chill with your judgement lol

    • google e
      google e Year ago +1

      men arent dogs you just pick one out and hope they marry you, if she was serious about marriage she wouldnt jump from one guy to the next but try to make it work with the guy she was with.

    • LLL
      LLL Year ago

      sapphire. Do u think she gives a crap about u brown girl, sit down

  • Ashholaay
    Ashholaay Year ago +1


  • Rachael
    Rachael Year ago +98

    She’s the taylor swift of the bachelor world 😳

    • Al Wa
      Al Wa 7 months ago

      I mean nick takes the cakes

    • dorcas mbanden
      dorcas mbanden Year ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Rachael

    • E F
      E F Year ago

      Only she has zero talent, of any kind.

    • Lily G
      Lily G Year ago

      @Rachael yeah so fast, it's kinda weird.

    • Rachael
      Rachael Year ago

      @Minh Phung going from boyfriend to boyfriend

  • Abigail Isaacs
    Abigail Isaacs Year ago +26

    I don't think she can stand the fact of being single. I guess she just needs to be with someone for it to feel right for her or something

  • Yeah Nah
    Yeah Nah Year ago +9

    Wtf is going on

    • Cat Tolbert
      Cat Tolbert Year ago +1

      Joce T they’re friends with her lol

    • Taylor H.
      Taylor H. Year ago +1

      Yeah Nah interviewers kissing her ass 🙄

  • Aknayirpuna
    Aknayirpuna Year ago +18

    Lauren playing the bachelorette irl 😂

  • Sarah Cha
    Sarah Cha Year ago +45

    What an awkward interview & couple 😅

  • Jordan Elizabeth
    Jordan Elizabeth Year ago +24

    whyd she give her deodorant

    • Al Wa
      Al Wa 7 months ago

      Jordan Elizabeth thta a horrible gift

    FRANKANGSTIEN 78 Year ago +22

    Anything she can do to become famous .

  • K Parker
    K Parker Year ago +2

    Who are the two padies doing the interview? They seem very nice and willing to go with the flow

  • K Parker
    K Parker Year ago +7

    She reminds me of Taylor Swift

  • Cierra Nicole
    Cierra Nicole Year ago +38

    They won’t last

  • Devon Elle
    Devon Elle Year ago +4

    Jackie and Claudia are the BEST

  • mememeome
    mememeome Year ago +14

    She likes to keep a lot of runner ups

  • Madina Noor
    Madina Noor Year ago +145

    She moves on relationships soo fast bro. Just in opinion. She goes 0 to 100 really quick.

    • Nicole Fuller
      Nicole Fuller Year ago

      I was going to say the same thing!! Like holy shit girl! Were you single for 2 weeks? 😣🤮

    • Alexandra Bain
      Alexandra Bain Year ago


    • sweetheart5703
      sweetheart5703 Year ago +2

      Madina Noor I agree. I thought the same thing. Reality Steve says this guy is a douche for some reason.

    • Angel W
      Angel W Year ago +26

      Madina Noor, she’s the girl who always has a guy lined up before bailing on a current relationship. I’ve had friends like that, they don’t like being single or alone.

  • Emerie A
    Emerie A Year ago +65

    Whew that was hard to watch lol

  • Damaris Barreto
    Damaris Barreto Year ago +87

    She doesn't love to be single

  • Barbara Ingram
    Barbara Ingram Year ago +8

    she is just Solomon boring!

    • Patricia Delver
      Patricia Delver Year ago +2

      She is boooriiiiiiiing 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 Lauren please disappear 😪

    • Marina Kubalova
      Marina Kubalova Year ago +4

      after she stops with faking her sweet personality relation is over...

    • Sarah Laurie
      Sarah Laurie Year ago

      No she not

  • Vidalia Smallwood
    Vidalia Smallwood Year ago +66

    I’m not one to call people out. One not my buisness. Two not my place However it’s just really weird of how quick she was in a relationship after Ben with someone who wasn’t famous and then right after that extended relationship ends you’re with someone who is in the lime light and who’s also up and coming. Idk. Strange.

    • Al Wa
      Al Wa 7 months ago

      Love is strange.

    • Vidalia Smallwood
      Vidalia Smallwood Year ago

      Al Wa I’m not one to judge honestly. I hope she is a good person because Chris is from where I’m from and I’ve met him and he’s super down to earth. But to me it’s just 🤷🏻‍♀️ weird

  • Peris Ndirangu
    Peris Ndirangu Year ago +25

    It will last 6 months tops

  • Alexa Smith
    Alexa Smith Year ago +87

    Lauren wants to stay relevant

    • Alexa Smith
      Alexa Smith Year ago +3

      Laura Christensen nah

    • Laura Christensen
      Laura Christensen Year ago +2

      Or she wants to be happy and in love

    • E P
      E P Year ago +4

      Alexa Smith like a loooootttt