Busy Civic Holiday Train-watching in Fostoria, OH. W/ FURX, CP, BNSF, UP, CSX, NS and MOW!

  • Published on Sep 1, 2014
  • Back during the Civic Holiday week my family and I went down to Ohio to go do some train-watching and ride roller coasters at Cedar Point. It was a busy day in Fostoria. Lots of action all day. We saw a lot of BNSF power and I thought those FURX units were pretty neat. There was one more train that I caught but it's special enough to have its own video so I'll upload it separately. There were some MOW guys working on main one and that caused for some pretty funny chatter over the radio about how many trains were stacking up on all three lines. I think the reason why there were so man W/B trains was because in the morning the dispatchers probably held all W/B traffic to let E/B trains through. Then after a few hours they switched over to W/B trains. I bet later that night it was probably super busy but we had to find our hotel in Sandusky. Anyways, enjoy the trains!
    Train 1: E/B CSX/CP intermodal with CP 8905 (ES44AC) and CP 9591 (AC4400CW).
    Train 2: E/B NS local with UP 5126 (flared radiator
    SD70M) and NS 8951 (C44-9W).
    Train 3: W/B CSX mixed freight with CSX 4785
    (SD70MAC), CSX 7796 (C40-8W), CSX 8583
    (ex B&O SD50-2), CSX 7712 (C40-8W), BNSF
    4398 (C44-9W) and BNSF 5068 (C44-9W).
    Train 4: S/B CSX mixed freight with CSX 7780
    (C40-8W) and FURX 5534 (ex NW, ex NS GP38-2).
    Train 5: E/B/N/B CSX intermodal with CSX 3097
    (ES44AC) and CSX 930 (ES44AC).
    Train 6: W/B CSX grain train with BNSF 9127
    (SD70ACe), BNSF 8220 (ES44AC) and BNSF
    4369 (C44-9W).
    Train 7: W/B CSX intermodal with CSX 7841
    (C40-8W) and CSX 364 (AC4400CW).
    Train 8: W/B CSX autorack train with CSX 720
    (ES44AC) and FURX 5511 (ex NW, ex NS GP38-2).
    Train 9: CSX mixed freight using the Southeast
    connecting track with some sort of ES44AC.
    Train 10: W/B CSX intermodal with BNSF 6681
    (ES44C4) and BNSF 7368 (ES44DC).
    Train 11: W/B NS intermodal w/ NS 9777 (C40-9W),
    NS 8319 (C40-8W) and NS 9247 (C40-9W w/ fire
    Train 12: W/B CSX ethanol with CSX 391
    (AC4400CW, Spirit of Dante) and CSX 8237
    Train 13: W/B NS mixed freight w/ UP 7666
    (AC45CCTE) and UP 5417 (AC45CCTE).
    Train 14: W/B CSX MOW equipment heading
    home for the night. These guys gave the dispatcher
    a headache all afternoon.
    Train 15: W/B NS mixed freight w/ NS 9157
    (C40-9W) and NS 8893 (C40-9W).
    Train 16: E/B CSX oil train w/ BNSF 4692
    (C44-9W) and BNSF 718 (ex Santa Fe C44-9W).
    Train 17: N/B CSX coal drag with CSX 24
    (AC4400CW) and CSX 860 (ES44AC).
    Train 18: NS yard switcher with NS 3326 (SD40-2).
    Train 19: W/B CSX oil train w/ NS 9090 (C40-9W)
    and CSX 8596 (SD50).
    Train 20: E/B CSX ethanol with CSX 5319 (ES44DC)
    and UP 4970 (flared radiator SD70M). They took the
    Southwest transfer.
    Thanks for watching! A CPWindsorsub Production. Copyright 2014.
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Comments • 13

  • johnnyv1938
    johnnyv1938 5 years ago

    A lot of fun going to the iron triangle in Fostoria.

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub  5 years ago

      Oh yeah I love going down to Fostoria.

  • MrGumbwit
    MrGumbwit 5 years ago

    At 7:26 lol XD

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub  5 years ago

      Yeah that intermodal was probably there for a good 10-15 minutes. It was a long sucker and the restricted speed on the connector didn't help either.

  • MrGumbwit
    MrGumbwit 5 years ago

    My father is a UP conductor and let's me ride around with him, so much fun :D

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub  5 years ago

      That's awesome! I wish my parents worked for CP or something lol.

  • Trains Big and Small
    Trains Big and Small 5 years ago +1

    You were blessed with clear skies and sun Mike.

  • apples2095
    apples2095 5 years ago +2

    The first train is CP 142, caught it here. Nice catches Mike.

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub  5 years ago

      @apples2095 Yeah I'm not sure what the exact number is but I've seen videos with the ID.

    • apples2095
      apples2095 5 years ago

      @CPWindsorsub Thats true Q 166 or 165.

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub  5 years ago

      I thought it was CSX Q something before it becomes 142 at Fort Erie. Thanks Dale!

    • Train Productions by iLoVeSD70Ace35
      Train Productions by iLoVeSD70Ace35 5 years ago +1

      Mind checking out my newest video? It's pretty cool. Thanks!