Infinite Lists WINS Fortnite: Battle Royale!

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Infinite Lists WINS Fortnite: Battle Royale! If you want more Fortnite videos, DROP A FAT LIKE

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  • More Infinite
    More Infinite  Year ago +454

    A lot of people think it’s not me playing cuz the names different. This is my PS4 I’m playing on. Last video I was on PC.

  • Bernis pup
    Bernis pup 17 hours ago

    That’s fake

  • Lisakfkjjtklotkt?kyk kkfgk fj2jfj

    You are better than Ninja

  • daniel mikrut
    daniel mikrut 2 days ago

    Get a w 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 i Love your videos

  • Stix Playz
    Stix Playz 2 days ago

    can you sub to me

  • Alisha Fogle
    Alisha Fogle 3 days ago


  • Alisha Fogle
    Alisha Fogle 3 days ago


  • Alexis Mejia
    Alexis Mejia 5 days ago

    Fake look at user

  • Ethan brent Woodhouse
    Ethan brent Woodhouse 8 days ago +1

    my freind got a 21 kill game befor nija in the 7 or 8 sesin and its his most hes ever got

  • Viral TV
    Viral TV 9 days ago

    Not better then ninja but GG

  • Ana Rodriguez
    Ana Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Your not even playing

  • Nicolas z
    Nicolas z 16 days ago

    you did not play

  • Jackson Dresner
    Jackson Dresner 17 days ago +2

    Does anybody think it's suspicious that he's so confident? (He might be faking gameplay)

  • Heather Starks
    Heather Starks 17 days ago


  • Ayman Hajj
    Ayman Hajj 18 days ago

    I placed top 36 once
    not bad

  • ballistic Panda
    ballistic Panda 18 days ago

    lets go

  • Kylie Scott
    Kylie Scott 20 days ago

    Add me

  • Sasha Swindler
    Sasha Swindler 21 day ago

    infenete .

  • Sasha Swindler
    Sasha Swindler 21 day ago

    i got a

  • Thuy vo
    Thuy vo 25 days ago

    You should try free fire

  • D Amechie21
    D Amechie21 26 days ago

    My Fortnite mane is Poodahmans

  • Shianne Liljenquist
    Shianne Liljenquist 27 days ago

    you are the best

  • Tris Ball
    Tris Ball 27 days ago

    I don't have fortnite but I really wanna get it

  • Christian Ortega
    Christian Ortega 28 days ago +1

    Ninja is better

  • Branden Talahaftewa
    Branden Talahaftewa 28 days ago

    It's fake it's a game play

  • Cat DeBerry
    Cat DeBerry 28 days ago

    im worse then that guy

  • joris use code dumb
    joris use code dumb 29 days ago +1


  • Brendan Kelly
    Brendan Kelly Month ago


  • billy murtagh
    billy murtagh Month ago +8

    This is how many kills he could get

  • mahdi mans
    mahdi mans Month ago

    wait better than ninja?

  • Sofia Mohammed
    Sofia Mohammed Month ago

    Ninja is better than you

  • Liza Videos
    Liza Videos Month ago

    I was the last player that you kill

  • TV Zombie
    TV Zombie Month ago

    you whish

  • It's Samar
    It's Samar Month ago

    Infinite : whoa whoa chill chill

  • Ken Day
    Ken Day Month ago

    You killed me on 1v1

  • C Money
    C Money Month ago

    Rip pump

  • Crispin Ndume
    Crispin Ndume Month ago

    so suprized hes not live am i right

  • Savannah Truax
    Savannah Truax Month ago

    love th vic

  • Kyra Smith
    Kyra Smith Month ago


  • Tony James
    Tony James Month ago

    I wish you could win

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  • Ma chaîne parlante français Im toujours là

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  • Lizzie Gilliver
    Lizzie Gilliver Month ago

    And your vids take 2 hours and more

  • Lizzie Gilliver
    Lizzie Gilliver Month ago

    You faked bc you tuck your hands of

  • Kayode Ajayi
    Kayode Ajayi Month ago

    Please play roblox if you have it

  • Jared's TV
    Jared's TV Month ago

    Ninja has 20 kills you have 7 noob

  • Morgan & Ella
    Morgan & Ella Month ago

    You're not as good as ninja

  • brid1070 brid1070
    brid1070 brid1070 2 months ago

    you need more fortnite vids

  • Jason Aultman
    Jason Aultman 2 months ago


  • gun maker
    gun maker 2 months ago +2


  • Adaline Maurer
    Adaline Maurer 2 months ago


  • Chris Escobar
    Chris Escobar 2 months ago

    I gat1000000kil

  • Mynameistuber
    Mynameistuber 2 months ago


  • Humshira Mahomed
    Humshira Mahomed 2 months ago

    My brother was obsessed with fortnite 😂😂😂

  • calicuz
    calicuz 2 months ago +5

    Best player on fortnite might not better than ninja you just think that

  • Winifred Butler
    Winifred Butler 2 months ago

    What’s your fortnite name??

  • sniper pro
    sniper pro 2 months ago


  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I liked because he got the win go infinite

  • EBBJ
    EBBJ 2 months ago

    Omg I was watching this video and I realized this was uploaded one year ago ha he got so hipt

  • wub wub dub
    wub wub dub 2 months ago

    He's betr tan ninja

  • MCmikey Trash
    MCmikey Trash 2 months ago


  • Fortnite MPZ
    Fortnite MPZ 2 months ago

    not better than ninja im better than you i have 765 wins ok and 49k kills buddy so yea im better than you

  • Justin Hernanadez
    Justin Hernanadez 2 months ago

    Why does infinite always get a golden scar

  • OriginalGangsta_Gaming
    OriginalGangsta_Gaming 2 months ago

    I’m subscribed and a huge fan of your channels but ninjas better

  • Angel Turner
    Angel Turner 2 months ago

    You're the worst

  • Angel Turner
    Angel Turner 2 months ago

    You're the worst

  • Nolan Farley
    Nolan Farley 2 months ago

    I subcribed to all your channels

  • Beast gamer 300
    Beast gamer 300 2 months ago +1

    I was the fifth one that you killed

  • Ayden Laspada
    Ayden Laspada 2 months ago

    you win the game

  • Ayden Laspada
    Ayden Laspada 2 months ago

    get your new mulch yet

  • Ayden Laspada
    Ayden Laspada 2 months ago

    you can do it

  • Adyan Ahmad
    Adyan Ahmad 2 months ago

    Toxic infinite

  • Thief Gaming
    Thief Gaming 3 months ago

    Wow 7 kils🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alejandra Caballero
    Alejandra Caballero 3 months ago +1

    Dude it would be an honor to play with you sadly my mic doesn’t work. I am a huge fan

  • josue Reyes
    josue Reyes 3 months ago

    You are not better than ninja

  • Tommy May360
    Tommy May360 3 months ago +2

    Thumbs up if you vote for ninja

  • Tommy May360
    Tommy May360 3 months ago

    Ninjas better

  • Majestic Lava
    Majestic Lava 3 months ago

    That's so easy stop freaking out

  • wolfy Wolf
    wolfy Wolf 3 months ago

    Who thinks hes better than ninja i dont know comment if u think he is ok like

  • Linda Mercer
    Linda Mercer 3 months ago +1

    Beat my 23 kills

  • Erika Lopez
    Erika Lopez 3 months ago

    Your trash

  • kitten wonderland world

    it took you 4 mins to win

  • AlexCR17A Garcia
    AlexCR17A Garcia 3 months ago

    Why is your name cacrum

  • Eeveelution Miracles
    Eeveelution Miracles 3 months ago


  • Äbđûļĺä Śhëêvåń

    why dont you try pubg or pubg mobile

  • Daniel Tome
    Daniel Tome 3 months ago


  • Smith House
    Smith House 3 months ago

    Your bad

  • mariano castro
    mariano castro 3 months ago

    Good for you bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz 3 months ago

    Fake video

  • Joseph Medeiros
    Joseph Medeiros 3 months ago

    You wish u had renagade raider

  • BACHEE 101
    BACHEE 101 3 months ago +1

    No because it's says click X to deplore glider and it says that for PS4 and for PC it's Space

  • Cindy Dismukes
    Cindy Dismukes 4 months ago

    Great job Caylus

  • Clappin The Cheeks
    Clappin The Cheeks 4 months ago

    This is fake

  • Pat Rick Boner
    Pat Rick Boner 4 months ago

    Your channel should be called infinite more instead since this channel is infinite times more

  • Paula Ladd
    Paula Ladd 4 months ago

    you are not better then ninja!

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 4 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Dude 29
    Dude 29 4 months ago

    That was a sick WIN!!!

  • Kelly Peters
    Kelly Peters 4 months ago

    The ft ft by cuff gcd drug court fetch text gruff by buff buff her derby gruff ft by by gcd

  • Acer Acer
    Acer Acer 4 months ago

    That was ME that attacked you