New York students square off over Hong Kong protests

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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    Dozens of pro-Beijing students squared off with supporters of Hong Kong protesters during a tense stand-off in New York on November 18, 2019.The confrontation happened at New York University, where pro-democracy activists Nathan Law and Jeffrey Ngo were attending an event on human rights in Hong Kong.The pro-Beijing students chanted “peace to Hong Kong” and held up banners condemning protest violence while the other group chanted “stand with Hong Kong” and reiterated the five demands of Hong Kong protesters.
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Comments • 1 904

  • Epic Experiment
    Epic Experiment 4 days ago

    They already turned more peaceful now

  • Jinchuan Wang
    Jinchuan Wang 5 days ago

    No we fully understand what happened of the beginning. It's just you guys leveled up the protest into fking war. You guys had chance to sit down peacefully discuss with your local government. Police brutality? They start using those thing you said after two week under your guys massive attack.

  • Blahblahblah14898
    Blahblahblah14898 9 days ago

    The irony. The irony. They are literally holding a protest to protest a protest. What is going on.

  • kris klear
    kris klear 13 days ago

    The communists killed people too.. What do you say?

  • jack L
    jack L 13 days ago

    1:25 cute af

  • Soy M
    Soy M 15 days ago

    I like how ignorant my fellow Chinese brothers and sisters are with the history of China. It was founded on conquest aka bloodshed. They didn't go around politely asking people to surrender LOL 😂👋 that's how you know they're brainwashed...even when they're in the USA, they don't try to use the non internet censorship to research and open their eyes to what their government had his from them. I'm sure they would fully support the actions of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

  • Gumdakji
    Gumdakji 16 days ago

    I though gathering and protesting in public was banned in China, but these international Chinese students are protesting in a western country. So they like the democracy freedom but are protesting against the democracy of hk

  • lincoln dominic
    lincoln dominic 16 days ago

    1:34 you even cant take off your mask ......HK ISIS

  • MJ Seg
    MJ Seg 16 days ago

    Wow all of these shills on the comments lol.

  • MJ Seg
    MJ Seg 16 days ago

    Lol mainlanders, democracy wants their right to protest back.

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  • N L
    N L 17 days ago

    Did she just say: there is no leader can order every protestors to be not violent; so those protestors can do violence?
    Well, I guess it’s exactly why you do not understand what is democracy and freedom, which are built on orders and laws; and certainly you and your mob do not deserve it!
    Shame on you!

  • Free Citizen
    Free Citizen 17 days ago

    What suppressed citizens of Hong Kong? What authoritarian regime is he talking about? What nonsense is he learning at Yale?

  • mystery mystery
    mystery mystery 17 days ago

    Blocking information in China? Don't worry, bbc and other mainstream Western med8a is still allowed to spread smear campaign against ccp in China.
    Me as Malaysian in Malaysia had 4 protests throughout 2007-2015, none was violent, so u tell me no single protestors can encourage others not to use violence??

  • Biz channel
    Biz channel 17 days ago

  • Endelig Gnist
    Endelig Gnist 17 days ago

    You want to see real police brutality? Try destroying public and private property in America.

  • I Never Win
    I Never Win 17 days ago +1

    I get it. Although I set men on fire, I bricked men to death, I looted stores, I destroyed infrastructures.. I am a peaceful student.

  • li annex
    li annex 17 days ago


  • Amidat
    Amidat 18 days ago

    How silly of those calling "police brutality"... Let a New Yorker try any of the garbage they are doing in Hong Kong and they will be SHOT DEAD

  • phan luong
    phan luong 18 days ago

    They should hold that sign “NO VIOLENCE” in China Tienamen Square. In 1989 China killed thousands of students protesting.

  • MrNothingButAir
    MrNothingButAir 18 days ago

    clearly these are chinese international students and not ABC. Believe me , most ABC side with the Hong Kongers

    • Silver Kalvin
      Silver Kalvin 17 days ago

      I don't stand with violence and I never lived in China despite being Chinese. They had my support at first but not now

  • Tianbo Tang
    Tianbo Tang 18 days ago

    You can tell the difference by a black mask. So why don't they show their face like the ones who's protesting protesters brutality.

  • gyosei kyoku
    gyosei kyoku 18 days ago

  • Shirley Wong
    Shirley Wong 18 days ago

    Nathan law liar

  • Shawn Lim
    Shawn Lim 18 days ago

    No Chinese and Dogs allowed in the premises. That was what labelled in HK Victoria Peak before. These shameless riot dogs.

  • Charlotte Bai
    Charlotte Bai 18 days ago

    I really think that logic courses should be taught in HK’s schools.

    • Gabriel De Luca
      Gabriel De Luca 15 days ago

      Don't worry, they'll be teaching this in the reeducation camps the CCP will be building there in the future to educate those pesky rioters

  • Cheryl Ng
    Cheryl Ng 18 days ago



    Self denfence why they start in the first place come on

  • Noizemaze4
    Noizemaze4 18 days ago

    So the chinese gov is getting more n more desperate eh ?
    Ah well, 5 demands not 1 less ~

  • Leon Li
    Leon Li 18 days ago

    There are alot of people like the girl at 1:53 who are supporting the protester's brutality by not telling them they are doing wrong. I dont understand why you cannot spread the message for hoping the so-called protesters to stop burning down their own city, to stop harassing and hurting innocent people, to stop committing crimes under the name of FREEDOM.

  • PL
    PL 18 days ago

    Feel so shame of these Hong Kong thugs.

  • Y.Y Tu
    Y.Y Tu 18 days ago

    The guys with masks just kept lying and self-hypnosis.LOL.

  • Pynkhraw Marwein
    Pynkhraw Marwein 18 days ago

    I urge the protestors to repeat the same strategy that you did with the HK police to the US Police and we'll see what Democracy looks like.

  • Hide R
    Hide R 18 days ago

    Notice those two ladies spoke in support of the protesters wore masks. If what you stand for is right, why hide your identities. In Hong Kong, these protesters wear masks to escape all kinds of crimes they commit. Destroying public and private properties, attacking and murdering innocent civilians, molesting women, stealing etc. These protesters are dangerous and they are out to destroy.

  • HDsharp
    HDsharp 19 days ago

    Its worst when asians living abroad who support the hk riotors, simply because they have actual experience of living abroad and know how brutal the police force are abroad and 'should' have a better understanding of the state of affairs looking from the outside. Looks like young hk people abroad are just as closed minded and dumb as their counter parts in hk.

  • Isoroku Yamamoto
    Isoroku Yamamoto 19 days ago

    Wonder how can anyone support rioters who go rampage trying to paralyze the transport, businesses , livelihood and practically anything they can destroy of honest working people and claiming that it is "peaceful protests"? They have no internet access to see all these mayhem done? How can they not support the police FORCE for using force on these rioters to try to stop their nonsense and nip pick on a few incidents of police brutality to justify the rest of the rioters actions? Have they lost their common sense? Do they actually think by escalating the situation some countries might send their armed forces to help them? Wishful thinking and naive.

  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi 19 days ago +1


  • Liew Zi Yang
    Liew Zi Yang 19 days ago

    I wanna do the same, but with photos of protesters setting old man on fire

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 19 days ago +1

    Free hongkong
    Communism can't win over democracy

    • Xin Qiu
      Xin Qiu 19 days ago

      terrorism wont win your democracy either.
      the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

  • Rachel Baker
    Rachel Baker 19 days ago

    Lol look at those mainland rioters!

  • Pearlie Chan
    Pearlie Chan 19 days ago

    Condemn violance !

  • BaaldEagle
    BaaldEagle 19 days ago

    Ahh the amount of Wumao in here is extremely palpable. If you love your emperor winnie the pooh so much, stop posting on youtube, because as you people should know, that is a crime in China and you are breaking the law. But I get it doesn't apply to brainlet CCP drones :>

    • Silver Kalvin
      Silver Kalvin 17 days ago

      That's always what I see. People that can't believe that others have different opinions, thus just bunch them in the same category as the opposition

  • James Joe
    James Joe 19 days ago

    why cant these mainlanders just go home, i am welcome to all types of people but narrow minded people who support dictatorship and censorship really need to F off

    • kneehowmuch
      kneehowmuch 19 days ago +1

      Lol mainlanders just want a peace rioters just want to be terrorism

  • ru ha
    ru ha 19 days ago

    I'm sorry that they used violence in a liberal and democratic way

  • Lol Xdxdxd
    Lol Xdxdxd 19 days ago

    Americans are idiots...

  • lianny7328
    lianny7328 19 days ago

    What is wrong with all these students? Are they blind or what? 🥺

  • 陳偉
    陳偉 19 days ago

    全国 全球華人 團結一致 堅決消滅 一切 香港邪敎 反華 殘暴份子

  • Steven H
    Steven H 19 days ago

    Kudos to nyu security for defusing the situation, this is how we do things in a civilized city, you guys rock!

  • ly vuong
    ly vuong 19 days ago

    These overseas students were used by the chinese communists party because they were brainwashed by the chinese communist party when were young ,and they didint know anything about the communist so sad

    • Silver Kalvin
      Silver Kalvin 17 days ago

      All they did was protest the violence and not say that they should stop protesting. They seem actually more human and have more empathy and sympathy then their Hong Kong counterparts

  • davn christ
    davn christ 19 days ago

    stop ur stupidity

  • 张三
    张三 19 days ago


  • 以民制民HK
    以民制民HK 19 days ago

    It have been several months already. Those rioters was betray and destroy HK city. They killed and hurt numbers of civilian. Why don't u put all those chips on screen?

  • Rene Lenore
    Rene Lenore 19 days ago +1

    1:14 the guy said, "it's true police used excessive force such as FIREARMS, but theyre MORE concerned about the use of violence of protesters. So, he basically said it's OK for the police to use excessive force & violence, but not protesters. I dont understand why the "anti-protesters" even have a valid argument when there is obviously OPPRESSION.

    • Rene Lenore
      Rene Lenore 15 days ago

      @Silver Kalvin that's true, but protests happen for a reason. People are obviously unsatisfied with the government. I only see the situation getting worse with the way the government is responding.

    • Silver Kalvin
      Silver Kalvin 17 days ago

      To be honest, if my city was being destroyed and people were living in fear, I would want the police to do everything they could to help maintain peace.

  • Leopoldo  M. Jr. Dulguime

    These are the manipulated young minds victim of geopolitics

  • joe joe
    joe joe 19 days ago +1

    Free Hong Kong !

  • moreco2pls
    moreco2pls 19 days ago

    In 2014, the students were perfectly peaceful. But did their message get noticed? Mainland students have no idea what's going on. They get their information from Mainland news sources.

    • Silver Kalvin
      Silver Kalvin 12 days ago

      @moreco2pls not like China is killing them. People protests against disrupting peace in a once peaceful state, not disrupting peace in a violent state

    • moreco2pls
      moreco2pls 12 days ago

      @Silver Kalvin Well, is it right to protest the US invasion of Germany in 1945? There was so much bloodshed, you know. So bad, so bad.

    • Silver Kalvin
      Silver Kalvin 17 days ago

      So protesting violence and supporting peace is being beainwashed?

  • Fair & Square Justice
    Fair & Square Justice 19 days ago

  • Celestial Star
    Celestial Star 19 days ago

    Appreciate the efforts and honesty of these students from New York. Hopefully the hk rioters and those blind ABC and banana living in the west will finally get some sense and logic as they won't even listen to anything their government or any Chinese and Asian whom they view as lower class than hk.

  • Seamkeay Ho
    Seamkeay Ho 19 days ago

    i know Hong Kong people want democracy and freedom, but Hong Kong people should express our feelings peacefully

  • Phil Tat
    Phil Tat 19 days ago

    Many Chinese are being mislead by the Chinese government about their wrong doings and totalitarian way of killing innocent people. These Chinese people should wake up and revolt the Chinese CCP government.