Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes From Movies | GQ

  • Published on Jan 16, 2020
  • Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink breaks down combat scenes from movies, including 'American Sniper,' 'Zero Dark Thirty,' 'Captain Phillips,' 'Navy SEALS,' 'Act of Valor' and 'Lone Survivor.'
    Jocko's new audiobook and book, Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual, is out now:
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    Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes From Movies | GQ
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  • Smiggy
    Smiggy Year ago +24000

    Jocko wasn't born, he was tactically deployed

  • Bruno Begic
    Bruno Begic 5 months ago +3407

    Jocko once destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise

  • テネット
    テネット 3 months ago +1538

    When Jocko was a student , he would write his answers during the exam
    and the teacher must fill in the correct questions

    • Dan W
      Dan W 2 months ago +5

      Love it 😂🤣

    • Owen HS
      Owen HS 2 months ago +6


  • Ireleezi
    Ireleezi 4 months ago +1613

    Jocko doesn't actually have to aim his weapon. The bullets just go to the target out of pure respect

    • Gareiis
      Gareiis Month ago +1

      His gun knows better than to miss.

    • Brandon Gao
      Brandon Gao Month ago

      @hello itsme more like his target adjust and close up the gap with the bullet due to their mutual respect for Jocko

    • tucko11
      tucko11 2 months ago +3

      Jocko was going to be on the movie “Creed” but his name rhymes with Rocko . So Stallone told him “no . Sorry bro,” Lol

    • hello itsme
      hello itsme 4 months ago +33

      his targets also stand still out of respect

  • MadMax
    MadMax 4 months ago +2385

    There's always someone tougher. That stops at Jocko.

    • MadMax
      MadMax Month ago

      @Alex Stoddard Haha Yep that’s pretty tough too

    • Alex Stoddard
      Alex Stoddard Month ago

      Look up Lachimann Gurung, he was a Gurkha that had his hand blown off by a grenade.

  • mcfronny
    mcfronny Year ago +14672

    Jocko once heard nothing could kill him, so he tracked down nothing and killed it

  • Chakoboom5
    Chakoboom5 4 months ago +3898

    Jocko's daughter: Daddy I want a dog for christmas!
    Jocko: Check. A dog is a great asset to have.

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran 3 months ago +1099

    Jocko once climbed Mt. Everest in 15 minutes... He spent the first 14 building a snowman at the bottom.

    • Ignatiusstablishmentarianism
      Ignatiusstablishmentarianism 2 months ago +6

      The height of the snowman was actually higher than everest, making it the new tallest mountain. But Jocko didn't like it looking down on him so he destroyed it.

    • Dwayne The WOK Johnson
      Dwayne The WOK Johnson 2 months ago +9

      The snowman is now called mount K2

    • June Halog
      June Halog 2 months ago +16

      When Jocko climbs mountains, he doesn't move up... The mountain shrinks down.

    • SGpros
      SGpros 3 months ago +51

      That snowman later turned out to be the rest of the surrounding mountain range

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo 4 months ago +6048

    When Jocko visits a foreign country, everything within a mile radius becomes American territory.

    • Rebellions
      Rebellions 17 days ago

      Just a mile? They dont surrender on the spot?
      I think you underestimate Jocko...

    • SK Ontheroad
      SK Ontheroad 19 days ago

      And everything else is outside the wire and enemy territory!

    • Miya Atsumu
      Miya Atsumu Month ago

      So jonko is a mobile embassy 😂😂🤣

    • Alec Ladas
      Alec Ladas 2 months ago

      Inside the wite

  • Ric Mullaney
    Ric Mullaney 4 months ago +6620

    When Jocko moved out, he told his father "You're the man of the house now"

  • You Bet Your Sweet Bippy I Like It!!

    He doesn’t wear a watch, he decides what time it is

    • Adrian Kilgo
      Adrian Kilgo 7 days ago


    • G JM
      G JM 3 months ago

      @Twins Cecil He does have a point though. That watch, wrapped around that huge hairy wrist, gets featured on his Instagram daily to show what time he gets up.

    • George Prince
      George Prince 4 months ago

      When CNN reports that the US Military has been mobilised is just Jocko going for a walk.

    • Edward Kenway
      Edward Kenway 4 months ago

      The fact that the comm above was about his wirst watch killed me

  • Hruaitea Sathing
    Hruaitea Sathing Month ago +199

    Jocko is that kind of guy who would actually reload his gun faster than switching to secondary/pistol.

  • IphigeniaAtAulis
    IphigeniaAtAulis 5 months ago +925

    One time Jocko's reserve chute failed over Russia, resulting in him hitting the ground at maximum velocity. We call this incident today the Tunguska event. Russia has never figured out it was Jocko.

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 3 months ago +690

    "SEALs are just regular people"
    Says the guy who's built like hulk.

    • Garrett Shelton
      Garrett Shelton 7 days ago

      @christian I can assure you they are not the same

    • christian
      christian Month ago

      you've never been to a gym huh???

    • Paul Romero
      Paul Romero 2 months ago +1, he’s not

  • a̶n̶d̶y̶h̶i̶g̶h̶r̶o̶l̶l̶e̶r̶

    When Jocko says “freeze this frame”, the TV pauses out of fear. He doesn’t trust remotes or GQ. That’s what communication school’s for.

  • AmahMasBoy
    AmahMasBoy 2 years ago +112422

    This dude is the most military-looking military dude that's ever militaried

    • Randy K
      Randy K 3 months ago

      Right? GI Joe encapsulated

    • Alex F.
      Alex F. 4 months ago

      @na-na na-na boo-boo lol not in garrison

    • Albert Speer
      Albert Speer 7 months ago


    • James Davenport
      James Davenport 7 months ago

      Chip Hazzard Guile Dutch just got real.

    • clerp
      clerp 8 months ago +1


  • Gee Wunder
    Gee Wunder 4 months ago +593

    "They're hostile, and what they need to do is die." Right to the point, no BS.

  • marke harris
    marke harris 5 months ago +303

    As a retired combat Army Ranger, Jocko is spot on with his airborne critics. I can't comment on SEAL comments he made, but i'm sure he's correct!!

    • Kaydoe Teccc
      Kaydoe Teccc 4 days ago

      @Brad Callahan no u

    • human_abstract
      human_abstract 29 days ago +3

      @marke harris My response was just a dumb Jocko joke, no serious intent

    • marke harris
      marke harris Month ago +1

      @human_abstract Really, are you a current or former paratrooper? If not, you have no idea what he's talking about!!

  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson 3 months ago +164

    Here's what I like about these, he's not just picking apart each film with all of it's "flaws". I've seen too many of those videos. He's explaining things.

    • Ben Richey
      Ben Richey 2 months ago +2

      He did say he was a communicator.

  • Matthew Moss
    Matthew Moss 3 months ago +60

    0:08 - Intro
    0:19 - Navy Seals (1990)
    7:13 - Act of Valor (2012)
    12:04 - American Sniper (2014)
    16:21 - Lone Survivor (2013)
    19:25 - Captain Phillips (2013)
    22:40 - Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
    25:53 - Outro

  • Jitin Kumar
    Jitin Kumar 2 years ago +10386

    I bet Jocko is reading the comments and having a nice chuckle about how people are downplaying his abilities.

  • Frank Sz
    Frank Sz 5 months ago +256

    Jocko has never been late or early. He arrived exactly at 5am, and they had to adjust the world atomic clock to Jocko's watch.

    • Rambling Joe
      Rambling Joe 2 months ago

      no, zulu time is zulu time

    • tucko11
      tucko11 2 months ago

      Jocko once tried on a sasso , but he looked down and said “ nah bro “

  • matthew mattes
    matthew mattes 2 months ago +72

    Jocko’s reserve parachute never opened, the ground just kept moving away until he caught up to it at a brisk pace.

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 4 months ago +100

    Jocko once brought a knife to a gun fight just to give his enemies a fighting chance.

    • tucko11
      tucko11 2 months ago +1

      Jocko used to clock a lotta doe really doh breaking fools for show

  • Andres Orozco
    Andres Orozco 3 months ago +56

    I absolutely love how military and mission-centered his vocabulary is. Very fun to listen to

  • Jim De Masi
    Jim De Masi 2 years ago +22876

    Jocko never actually shot anyone, he inserted the bullets manually.

  • Fritz Castro
    Fritz Castro 4 months ago +66

    One of the most realistic movie i've seen is Triple Frontier. no overreactions, firing weapons just enough, not like most movies trying to unload all bullets in the magazine all at once.

  • Bikerbryan22
    Bikerbryan22 29 days ago +14

    No surprise Jocko and Chris have been in each other’s company before. True badasses. 💪🏽🇺🇸

  • Ivan Valencia
    Ivan Valencia 24 days ago +22

    "we're not just terminator robots" is exactly what a terminator robot would say..

  • Richie Miranda
    Richie Miranda 3 months ago +23

    In Lone Survivor, when they were discovered and decided it would be wise to abort mission, the recommended course of action should've been to take the captives along with them while they were on their way to the fallback RV point. Then when they reached about halfway to their RV for exfil, cut the captives loose. As the team would hike out to the exfil point, the captives would return to their village, but about the time they get there and get all their men mustered up to go hunt down the Americans, they would've already been on a chopper heading back to base, or at the very least, still waiting for their ride, and the enemy would still be very far away, with no certainty of the Americans' locations. The mistake they made was deciding right then and there to cut the captives loose.
    Of course, this is just my hindsight opinion. I wasn't there, and the only thing I'm basing this on is a movie.

  • Smithie128
    Smithie128 2 years ago +3004

    Jocko doesn’t shoot his weapon, he just throws the bullets

  • Spook_ey.A
    Spook_ey.A 26 days ago +10

    Me: "This is terrifying"
    Jocko: "Good times"
    Me: "Good times"

  • AutumnKat
    AutumnKat 4 months ago +30

    I loved listening to him talk, I really felt like I learned a lot and he made everything very informative. :)

  • Barbara W
    Barbara W 4 months ago +56

    Jocko reminds me of my dad...Lol... Who was also a Navy SEAL that specialized in underwater demo. So I have major respect for Jocko and every member of our military!

    • My Cats a Liberal
      My Cats a Liberal 12 days ago

      He was a seal huh? What was his buds class number. 😉

  • Alpharsenal
    Alpharsenal 4 months ago +23

    20:44 i like how he’s so professional by saying « you can be very liberal as to how you employ your weapon system » which roughly translates to « you pop everything that moves »

  • Titanfall
    Titanfall 2 years ago +3040

    It's just been made official: Jocko is the newest branch of the military.

    • Tyler Bullen
      Tyler Bullen 3 months ago

      There’s the whole DEVGRU, and then there’s Jocko.

    • George Prince
      George Prince 4 months ago +4

      When CNN reports that the US Military has been mobilised is just Jocko going for a walk.

    • Gabe Bandz
      Gabe Bandz 2 years ago

      Loafoftree E there is only one jacko

    • Ashton Babb
      Ashton Babb 2 years ago +2

      Brooo 😂

    • Cloud God
      Cloud God 2 years ago


  • R. Lewis
    R. Lewis 3 months ago +15

    Thank you Jocko for serving and for continuing to serve in civilian life. Continuing on is hard for a lot of us, you are a great example and support for us all. Thank You Jocko.

  • Lucas Guy
    Lucas Guy 4 months ago +29

    He's exactly what I had pictured a Navy SEAL to be 😆

    • Gmork
      Gmork 4 months ago +4

      You would never see most of them coming. Jocko is very big for a SEAL.

    • Dave Given
      Dave Given 4 months ago +3

      Most of the SEALS are wiry, scrappy guys. They don't all look like Jocko.

  • Hunter Meadows
    Hunter Meadows Month ago +8

    I just wanna take this time to thank this guy for his service! You are what makes america safe and free!

  • Jonathan De Guzman
    Jonathan De Guzman 4 months ago +50

    "I've never heard of a negotiation goin' down in a military scenario, because we're assuming that the people that have the hostages are hostile. And what they need to do is DIE." That's it right there.

    • Nicholas Brown
      Nicholas Brown Month ago

      Makes me laugh every time i hear it 🤣 God help anyone not on Jocko's team

  • Duck Bread
    Duck Bread 2 years ago +3112

    Jocko didn’t join the military, the military joined him.

    • Ezekiel Jones
      Ezekiel Jones 2 years ago

      @J I wonder who's claiming to speak for all SEALS....

    • A B
      A B 2 years ago +1

      Jim explain

    • Kim Miey
      Kim Miey 2 years ago

      Im lol in weak

    • Donovan Patrick
      Donovan Patrick 2 years ago


    • The Methatones
      The Methatones 2 years ago

      I used to say that about myself, but more to say that it put me together in ways I never thought possible.

  • Wolverine Smith
    Wolverine Smith 2 months ago +6

    Tremendous closing statement about those who serve and the impact on them and their families. We thank you for your service and to all those who have served and especially those who have sacrificed their lives serving in our armed forces.
    Many times people get caught up in the politics around a war and forget that to those who serve are just following orders and doing a harrowing job and they do it better than anyone else in the world. We know we are safe every day because of those who are willing to die to protect this nation and it’s borders.
    It’s so easy to get caught up in life and forget this, so it helps every now and then to stop and think of the sacrifice that men and women have made throughout our history to try to maintain our freedom the best they can.

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan 3 months ago +6

    Absolutely brilliant, straight forward and to the point..thank you for your service sir!

  • susan mwai
    susan mwai 4 months ago +17

    These comments are KILLING ME 😂😂😂 but fr, this was so interesting to watch! Love how he’s just straight to the point, no bs- and the stories he shared.

  • buffaloshawnc
    buffaloshawnc 3 months ago +7

    Infantry and Sniper back ground. Multiple deployments to the Ghan and Iraq. Willink seems to be really accurate in his assessment of what I have experiences with.

  • Jesse Diks
    Jesse Diks Year ago +1550

    Jocko doesn't dress to the weather, the weather adapts to his clothing

  • Walt R. Buck
    Walt R. Buck 3 months ago +22

    This guy is real. I wish we had more like that. Instead, we get pansy attention seekers who will do or say anything then twist and spin it to get the most publicity possible. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, just be real.

  • Don Lee
    Don Lee 2 months ago +3

    So well spoken, thank you for this break down! I learned a lot

  • Petra Stedman
    Petra Stedman 4 months ago +14

    My favorite part of all Jocko videos is how he does not ever look impressed by anything. When he introduces whatever he's talking about, he has this sort of resting look of utter basic disdain. Like he knows nothing is ever going to be entirely accurate or good enough.
    'Oh. That's cute. It thinks it's good.'
    He has a good point about the job though, as my cousins confirm: you don't need to do anything to the job to make it look cool. It *IS* cool.

  • Eric Christenson
    Eric Christenson 3 months ago +1

    This is really helpful and a nice - what seems honest - view into the challenges our military faces. Thank god for our warriors, let's acknowledge them by giving them a peaceful future.

  • Sussy Baka
    Sussy Baka Year ago +8362

    Whenever Jocko creates an account, the Terms & Conditions agrees with him

  • Barry BLU
    Barry BLU 4 months ago +9

    I love that Jocko doesnt act like all the killing was so tragic for him......he doesnt glorify it but he acknowledgees that its a part of the job.

  • kipzonderkop1994
    kipzonderkop1994 3 months ago +31

    The dude literally has jock in his name. He was born to live that military life.

  • M V.G.
    M V.G. Month ago +1

    Thank you to all service members. To see what people are trying to do to this country recentl, breaks my heart. Especially when think of all the people that sacrificed their lives for the well being of the constitution.

  • Michael p
    Michael p 4 months ago +126

    "Trying to be fake hard in front of Jocko"
    Jocko: Thats not very realistic

    • Andrew Aavik
      Andrew Aavik 4 months ago +4

      I would give anything to see how he would react to a faker committing stolen valor!

  • Аndrew B
    Аndrew B Year ago +3907

    Jocko got pulled over once, but let the officer off with a verbal warning.

    • Nnaemeka Nwokocha
      Nnaemeka Nwokocha Year ago


    • Kyle gerz
      Kyle gerz Year ago

      Ya we know it's a chuck norris joke but
      One time jocko... let chucknorris off with a ⚠️ warning ⚠️ so there's that

    • Aleksandra Ilic
      Aleksandra Ilic Year ago +2

      @Fear Universe it's an old a chuck Norris joke.

    • Fear Universe
      Fear Universe Year ago +2

      @UNCLE RICO yea

    • Fear Universe
      Fear Universe Year ago +1

      @Аndrew B nevermind

  • BKgamerplayz
    BKgamerplayz Month ago +14

    Jocko helped out the nurses when he was born.

  • Max Menius
    Max Menius 3 months ago +31

    This is the value of TheXvid. Having a real life military veteran share personal experience and commentary on the true cost of freedom around the world. Jocko helps people learn to appreciate their freedom and the price which must be paid to sustain it.

    • Melon
      Melon 2 months ago

      @VB3 a casualty of conflict in a war torn country, people die all the time and whilst yes the ongoing objective is also to save as many people as you can, if people die people die

    • Mack248
      Mack248 3 months ago +1

      @VB3 If not for Saddam Hussein, those 200k+ Iraqi civilians would be still alive.

    JENNIFER SANCHEZ 4 months ago +6

    I love how Jocko is nonchalant about all of it 😂 nothing faces him and I love it!!!

  • Ryan O'Driscoll
    Ryan O'Driscoll 3 months ago +2

    It's interesting listening to this as some things I would simply guess as they just make sense, other things I get wildly wrong or wouldn't have even thought of.
    Specialisation is an interesting one as it is something movies tend to ignore. Instead they would paint a SEAL as trained to the pinnacle in everything. I've never really questioned it as, let's face it, I don't know what they get up to, but it makes sense.
    You'd want a team where everyone is capable of performing a variety of roles, but these are young men, mastery of a role takes time so there is only so much time to master it.
    I may be wildly wrong, but I imagine a sort of jack of all trades, master of one, type scenario.

  • Giacomo Sorbi
    Giacomo Sorbi Year ago +6168

    Jocko never sleeps; he just closes his eyes while he waits.

    • Matt Neufeld
      Matt Neufeld 2 months ago

      How else is he going to post those 4:30am workout posts every morning?
      Where most men sleep and get up early, he meditates for 4 hours before attacking the weights

    • tucko11
      tucko11 2 months ago

      Jocko was never flacco

    • Meranzo
      Meranzo 6 months ago

      fun fact he sleeps 4 to 5 hours only

    • Rihsyan Adam Riansyah
      Rihsyan Adam Riansyah 8 months ago

      @Charlie Crome what kind of luxury is that ?

  • Erik Lind
    Erik Lind 19 days ago +1

    Thank you for your service Sir.....I have the utmost respect for the SEALS..You guys are awesome

  • June Halog
    June Halog 2 months ago +8

    Jocko doesn't need to breach a door. It just opens itself out of respect for him.

  • Jay P
    Jay P 2 months ago +4

    Excellent job making everything understandable to civilians without exaggeration or bluster.

  • MrNightOwl
    MrNightOwl 4 months ago +13

    That's my favorite Jocko quote of all time, "we don't use a negotiatior because at this time they are hostiles and what they need to do, is die"

    • Frumpus Numpus
      Frumpus Numpus 2 months ago +2

      Only Jocko can say that and everyone will agree. 😂

  • Nicolás Bosch
    Nicolás Bosch 2 years ago +12834

    On exams, Jocko writes the answers and the teacher has to write the correct questions

  • Rattletrap1970
    Rattletrap1970 2 months ago +7

    I knew a Seal, used to shoot with him on a .22 indoor target league. He was a diver, later worked at the Pentagon. Real nice guy, very soft spoken, professional in every word. Never talked about the job. It just "was". He moved out of this frozen, liberal wasteland to warmer pastures. Miss that dude.

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 3 months ago +6

    I had a non skydiving buddy ask me what happened if my reserve didn't open. All I could tell them was that I'd be landing a lot harder than planned. The look of realization on their face was priceless.

  • テネット
    テネット 3 months ago +10

    When Jocko jumped off the plane, he didn't fall down by gravity, but the whole earth was drawn towards him by his gravity

  • Jeff Diggs
    Jeff Diggs 3 months ago +5

    I don’t know why for some reason I like hearing him talk about different movies and explain things because he seems so real

  • Influenza
    Influenza Year ago +6178

    Jocko’s the guy that can tell Gordon Ramsay his food is bad.

    • Simon Vance
      Simon Vance 4 months ago +1

      “Now Gordon...THIS is how you do it...” 😂😂😂

    • Sheru
      Sheru 10 months ago

      Lol I once went to one of his restaurants in Dubai and I ordered for chicken wings, what I actually got were ant fingers. The chicken wings were comically small and they tasted like a fried chicken joint. Gordon makes bad food that’s costs a bomb.

    • Seemanth Sonthalia
      Seemanth Sonthalia 11 months ago

      fr man 😂

    • Mr. Nonsense
      Mr. Nonsense 11 months ago

      Now that is not realistic.

    • Ankit Saggi
      Ankit Saggi 11 months ago


  • Matthew M.
    Matthew M. 2 months ago +7

    Very interesting and logical point about how S.E.A.L.s always have to deal with water so when water isn't involved it makes it feel so much easier.

  • Robin
    Robin 4 months ago +7

    In Lone Survivor, I was wondering why they didn't simply tie up the YOUNGER one, and let the elderly man go. That way, it likely would have taken the old man an hour or more to descend down the mountain, thus giving the SEALS considerably MORE time to get farther away. It just didn't make sense to me, to let them BOTH go!

    • Gregor Teplý
      Gregor Teplý 4 months ago +2

      Or break their legs, am I right? It's no factor.

  • Joseph Towers
    Joseph Towers 3 months ago

    Very interesting watching this as a recreational skydiver. Most of this is exactly the same although him talking about the ripcord. We don't use a ripcord we wave off, extend one arm back and our other arm forward and pull out the pilot chute with a hackey. You don't need oxygen at 14k feet tho.

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos 4 months ago +44

    When Jocko was in Afghanistan, he went to the terrorists' territory alone and told them they were surrounded. They surrendered.

  • Marilyn Lemindog
    Marilyn Lemindog Year ago +19257

    Jocko is the kind of guy that reads the whole terms and condition and clicks disagree

    • Mark Ironside
      Mark Ironside 2 months ago

      And they alllow him to use the software anyway

    • MrBear895
      MrBear895 2 months ago


    • tucko11
      tucko11 2 months ago

      Jocko once said “ hey these comments , get off my jock will ya?!” Lol 😂

    • Javier Clavijo
      Javier Clavijo 3 months ago


      KELCEY JONES 4 months ago

      I literally have not laughed this hard in soooo long !!! 😂😂😂

  • dovejoshua
    dovejoshua 3 months ago +29

    Jocko could end world hunger by looking it in the eyes.

  • Kathy D
    Kathy D 3 months ago +8

    I love his name or nickname. Jocko. It makes total sense. The guy is ripped and you gotta be impressed with that training and skill set.☮️❤️🇺🇸

  • ayman mootje
    ayman mootje 2 months ago +10

    Jocko once wanted 2 days of rest, today we call that the weekend.

  • Square Back
    Square Back 4 months ago +9

    Thank you, Jocko, for your service.

  • Hugo Dawson
    Hugo Dawson 2 years ago +16144

    A cop once pulled Jocko over. The cop got off with just a warning.

    • Useless Lol
      Useless Lol 10 months ago +1

      “Tactically retreated”

    • Casper
      Casper 10 months ago

      The cop asked Jocko if he was being detained

    • Joshua Sperling
      Joshua Sperling 11 months ago

      One of my favorites

    • Rikhard Prince
      Rikhard Prince 11 months ago

      @Edward LaRosa It doesn't even matter

    • Edward LaRosa
      Edward LaRosa 11 months ago

      @Rikhard Prince But was Chuck Norris a Navy Seal?

  • Timothy Dingman
    Timothy Dingman 4 months ago +2

    I very much appreciate this even though I have never experienced it nor would I want to. Frankly; too tough for me. More important: I do believe your narrative.. Thank you

  • emmit Meyer
    emmit Meyer 4 months ago +9

    It was a NAVY SEAL who taught me to dive back in the 70's at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads in PR. One of the nicest and most professional men that I have ever met.

  • Aslak Vind
    Aslak Vind 4 months ago +1

    Jocko once had a sense of humour, but he didn´t need it. So he gave it away. Such a good person.

  • notta3d
    notta3d 4 months ago

    You can tell this guy was good at what he did because he had a lot to say.

  • durka durker jackson
    durka durker jackson 2 years ago +2981

    Jocko doesn't read books, he stares them down untill they give him the information he needs

  • McFrisko
    McFrisko 2 months ago +10

    0:03 😂 I love how he just casually does the most PERFECT salute I've ever seen.

  • MoJoHand
    MoJoHand 3 months ago +3

    That ending of Captain Phillips was exceptional cinema and was the best acting job of Tom Hanks’ career.

  • Dante Saint
    Dante Saint 2 months ago +1

    He’s the inspiration behind small soldiers.

  • Dats a paddlin
    Dats a paddlin 4 months ago +48

    When Jocko says he’s hungry…The nearest pizza place calls him.

    • Exility Plays
      Exility Plays Month ago

      This was a great comment

    • tucko11
      tucko11 2 months ago +1

      Jocko isn’t a narco he’s a knocko ….

  • Joshua Bobin
    Joshua Bobin 2 years ago +4494

    When Jocko heard that nothing could kill him, he went out, found nothing and killed it first.

    • Ahmad Hackett
      Ahmad Hackett Year ago +2

      And that's how the big bang happened

    • Verynicecashew
      Verynicecashew 2 years ago

      There’s a Greek story like that about a cyclops and someone used the taunt nobody and cyclops were considered dumb so he thought there was a person named nobody

    • Troy
      Troy 2 years ago +1

      That's the funniest one hands downnnn, and I've been reading the comments since the video started☠☠☠☠☠

    • sujan maharjan
      sujan maharjan 2 years ago +1

      @Mya Elbows When somebody says "i am not afraid to die", He is crazy or His name is "Jocko Willink"

    • Mya Elbows
      Mya Elbows 2 years ago +1

      HAHAHAHAHHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J H
    J H 4 months ago +21

    Death speaks to Jocko: "I'm taking you away today Jocko." Jocko to death: "That's not very realistic . . . I'll let you know who you're taking away . . . and when." Death lowers his scythe and shuffles away dejectedly.

  • Roushana Taylor
    Roushana Taylor 8 days ago

    I love how he states the obvious but never in an annoying way

  • Jayson Jay
    Jayson Jay 5 months ago +13

    Jocko is like the Chuck Norris of Military.

  • Dustin McCoy
    Dustin McCoy 17 days ago +1

    When Jocko talks about the schools he sent to as apart of the Navy Seals what he fails to mention is that he simultaneously founded them.

  • Luke Charles
    Luke Charles 2 years ago +3435

    In school teachers had to raise their hands to speak to Jocko.

  • Chileshe Nondo
    Chileshe Nondo 4 months ago +13

    When Jocko was an active seal he never used fire arms..he just threw the bullets

  • Militaria_Collector1982
    Militaria_Collector1982 4 months ago +11

    Jesus christ can walk on water....but Jocko can swim through land.

  • ahmed alameldien
    ahmed alameldien 3 months ago +15

    Jocko didn’t join the army , the army joined him

  • Laser Kittens
    Laser Kittens 4 months ago +33

    “Seals are just people,” said the superhuman being