I Trained Like A Victoria’s Secret Model for 5 Weeks

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • After trying out Victoria's Secret diet trends in the past for only one single week, I decided to see what would happen to my body if I committed to training and dieting like the models for an extended period of time.
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    Still photography by JD Renes jdrenes
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +9189

    Hope you guys enjoy this video :) We worked SO hard on it! What do you guys think about the final photos? What challenge should I do next??? :D

    • Edwardo Hurtado
      Edwardo Hurtado 13 days ago

      I wanna know your Eatting plans to lose the fat.

    • Neha khandelwal
      Neha khandelwal 14 days ago

      What exercise u did for which body part. Could u please share a video regarding exercise routine?

    • Randy Ross
      Randy Ross Month ago

      Why did I watch this video 🤔 Because I'm a pervert 😜 and maybe you can tell this huge difference between the before and after photos, but my D could not... You know why? Because 5 pounds of Fat or Muscles cannot detract or even bluster from your natural quality of being adorable 😻

    • lmao
      lmao Month ago

      can you train like a professional/olympic swimmer, i swim and i can assure you it’s one of the worst work outs because EVERYTHING hurts all at once until you get used to it

    • Jincy Varghese
      Jincy Varghese Month ago

      Loved it

  • MidnightWolf 5136

    Your so beautiful Michelle!!

  • Aneles
    Aneles Day ago

    Why did u have to give up salt?

    VYTTORIA SAINTAMAND 3 days ago +2

    “No processed foods”

    Me: sips Coca Cola
    It’s not a food it’s a drink

  • creator Space
    creator Space 3 days ago

    It's done well.

  • Posin MW_gachalife 101

    Y fat is beautiful

  • Jordan Greenawalt
    Jordan Greenawalt 5 days ago

    how did you keep your self so focus on doing this i know this video was a while ago but like I want know how you kept your self so focus cause im dealing with weight issues right now and i just dont know what else to do.

  • Caroline Fern
    Caroline Fern 5 days ago

    omg I am so proud of you and let me tell you, your nose and your mouth are absolutely perfect, specially when I compared to the supermodel that helped you. there is so much lightness in your nose and upper lip it is just so delicate and perfect and you were born with it so be even more thankful because not even plastic surgery can give that. I know better than no one. :(

  • Starla Hargrove
    Starla Hargrove 5 days ago

    Yeah, Stripper!!!

  • Jasmine Bicer
    Jasmine Bicer 6 days ago +1

    I’m eating chips as we speak

  • Janet Monsivais
    Janet Monsivais 6 days ago

    Models are way to skinny I think the girl training is better

  • Antonio Castellanos
    Antonio Castellanos 6 days ago


  • renuka gupta
    renuka gupta 6 days ago

    1.52 m.. subscribe...😮😮

  • jorge padilla
    jorge padilla 7 days ago

    Very pretty, before and after.

  • Mikayla Fong
    Mikayla Fong 8 days ago

    Once I did a challenge * NO SUGAR FOR 3 DAYS* it may sound easy but it's not ... I litteraly got headaches and felt nauseous oh yeah and no fruits

  • Vitoria
    Vitoria 8 days ago

    Even the Angel's said that they're the most insecure women's in the world. You have to be brave to do that

  • Rubber Duckie
    Rubber Duckie 8 days ago

    I would go with thick fit either then a bag of bone's....

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia 9 days ago

    How is she crying in almost every video

  • TheOliviapreston
    TheOliviapreston 10 days ago

    I have just started IF & Keto- can you do a video on that? I eat from 4-8pm and fast the rest of the time and I work out for two hours just before I break my fast. No sugar, no dairy (other than halloumi cheese when I break my fast and some raspberries with it. I eat as little carbs as possible i get my carbs from the raspberries and nuts and the cheese and then for dinner I'll eat chicken cooked with MCT oil and green veggies or turkey mince or beef mince or pork mince with garlic and onion on no-carb slendier brand noodles.

  • Its Me
    Its Me 12 days ago +1

    Victoria’s Secret Model = Painful

  • Tonia Murray
    Tonia Murray 12 days ago

    How is the bodyfat 21%, she's small in stature and has abdominal definition, yet the waist is over 30 inches?! She obviously has a much thinner waist. My waist is 24" and looks about the same as Michelle's. These measurements seem very off. Also to have that drastic of a change in body fat (while maintaining the same weight) indicates A LOT of muscle growth. This isn't possible for anyone in 5 weeks (maybe for a man on steroids)

  • Alysa Case A Beer
    Alysa Case A Beer 13 days ago

    19:13 what happened to ur left thigh?😂

  • Angel Say What?!
    Angel Say What?! 13 days ago

    Your body is beautiful girl!

  • GamingGamer MC
    GamingGamer MC 13 days ago

    I don't know why but most of the time when nurses come and measure the weight of me and my classmates they asked me if I was a dance because of how "great" my posture was.

  • Laura McCann
    Laura McCann 13 days ago

    He's adorable

  • Juanita Moreno
    Juanita Moreno 14 days ago

    Really would love to do this myself but now in my 30s and doubt i can do it 😥

  • Sonia Lara
    Sonia Lara 14 days ago +2

    Michelle: starts to cry.
    Me: wants to give her the biggest hug ever. ❤

  • slythprincess
    slythprincess 14 days ago

    Your are an inspiration!🥰

  • vicky
    vicky 15 days ago +1

    i dislike how for the before and after shots of people the after shoes them sucking in while the before shoes them neutral. u can't see the actual result

    MARTINNA 15 days ago

    This is amazing and also very inspiring!!!! Thank you girl!

  • MintyBear
    MintyBear 16 days ago +4

    I may not have the best body but it sure does hold all my organs in place

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 16 days ago +1

    God does she ever not cry in these videos?

  • Maryam Soliman
    Maryam Soliman 16 days ago

    8:23 I think Michelle is really beautiful and her body is amazing

  • Lily S
    Lily S 17 days ago

    wow this really motivates me

  • Chandana Varma
    Chandana Varma 17 days ago

    I lov her charming smile 😍😍

  • Vale Cale
    Vale Cale 18 days ago

    Her body was so beautiful when she started and when she ended she just got healthier for her body but she’s was beautiful

  • AD C
    AD C 19 days ago

    She should do “Training for a big booty for 6 weeks” or 8 weeks

  • Kimberly Fierley
    Kimberly Fierley 19 days ago +2

    Does anyone notice that she kinda looks exactly like Natalie's outlet....😱

  • shar webs
    shar webs 19 days ago

    6:58 me when all the back to school ads show up..

  • NooR
    NooR 19 days ago

    I cried when you cried
    I laughed when you laughed
    I won when you won

  • Paul Kagwa
    Paul Kagwa 19 days ago


  • Gabrielle Angelina
    Gabrielle Angelina 19 days ago


  • alexandra silverstein
    alexandra silverstein 19 days ago

    Re-watching this because I love Steve zim

  • chicken soup for the teenage soul

    girl... i feel you.. i feel you... girl.... 8:34

  • RockerDave12
    RockerDave12 20 days ago +2

    Michelle. You are the bravest woman I've ever seen. You just exposed yourself, your inner self, out there for everyone to see all your (previous) body imperfections. Your struggle to workout, the issues. You're amazing. You don't know me, and that's OK, but I'm a pro photographer (mostly wedding & rock bands, but I have done some fashion model shoots in the past). And your butt, and hair looks good too (what? It does.). You really do look like a Bikini model. I'm really impressed with how far you took it, and how good you look in that black one-piece with the open sides, and the "pointed toes" one - just wow.
    I personally do NOT cook with any oil. I cook my chicken in chicken broth, boil it down till the broth becomes an aujou (chicken will be white), then add a small amount of water and it turns the meat a tan color, put the meat on a flat sheet pan, put in oven 400 degrees for 10 minutes - this browns the meat slightly, the meat will be moist in the middle, and tastes really good.

  • Fatima Amir Azim
    Fatima Amir Azim 20 days ago

    Aww don't cry it ok

  • sarah jenkins
    sarah jenkins 20 days ago

    The professional model has a big stomach in her pics I'm shook

  • Izabeth Silverio Diaz
    Izabeth Silverio Diaz 20 days ago

    16:23 the guy in the back.i died😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emily Norris
    Emily Norris 21 day ago

    I love this trainer!

  • Callie Tournillon
    Callie Tournillon 22 days ago +1

    when she cried i cried

  • Brandi Gaulin
    Brandi Gaulin 23 days ago +3

    Idk why but Steve just seems like a great guy and trainer

  • Sarah Milner
    Sarah Milner 24 days ago

    I think this is a really awful message to be putting out there. irresponsible vlog at best. and omg the crying part....give me a break..i think you need to take an acting challenge girl. the only difference after was the tan!!

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 15 days ago

      @Sarah Milner lol do u really think I'll belive your dumbass what are u going to do tell your parents

    • Sarah Milner
      Sarah Milner 15 days ago

      @mrg zlkm do one loser of you msg me one more time I'll do more than report you so be very careful

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 15 days ago

      @Sarah Milner u just proved my point u call me ignorant but then get mad when I say the truth

    • Sarah Milner
      Sarah Milner 15 days ago

      @mrg zlkm thats it. I've just reported you.

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 15 days ago

      @Sarah Milner your ignorance is scary you're probably fat and dont want to work to look better

  • sandeep kaur
    sandeep kaur 24 days ago

    She seems ugly

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 24 days ago

    "When Steve told me what the diet was, I laughed." Lmaooooo! Bish, I cried! You are brave, I want to try that diet, but I am very badly addicted to sugar, chocolate, cookies, and ice cream. Ugh. I am naturally very lean and fit, but I could have a flatter belly if I stopped the sweets. Thank you for the motivation. Summer 2020 I want abs!

  • Marry Loo
    Marry Loo 24 days ago

    Your body is beautiful🤩

  • Moddy B
    Moddy B 25 days ago

    Omg she's so wholesome and nice

  • Triss Four
    Triss Four 25 days ago

    You give me aspiration to strive for better body figure! I love you! Thank you!!

  • Corey Voss
    Corey Voss 26 days ago

    My favorite thing about this video and that you can tell no photoshoot is photoshopped. It's all her body after hard work.

  • francisco villarreal
    francisco villarreal 26 days ago

    You look like a modelto me. You are gorgeous. 😍 before and after

  • francisco villarreal
    francisco villarreal 26 days ago

    For my diet i do take in alot of salt but thats med reasons and my goal