I Trained Like A Victoria’s Secret Model for 5 Weeks

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • After trying out Victoria's Secret diet trends in the past for only one single week, I decided to see what would happen to my body if I committed to training and dieting like the models for an extended period of time.
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +8618

    Hope you guys enjoy this video :) We worked SO hard on it! What do you guys think about the final photos? What challenge should I do next??? :D

    • Marybeth Blair
      Marybeth Blair 6 days ago

      Your final photos were beautiful. I liked how confident you look in every one of them. For a challenge you could try going to a monastery and seeing what being a nun is all about since there is a lot of commitment in that if you can find a place that would let you because they might not want to have their personal stuff in a video, if your interested in that sort of thing. You're so cool!

    • Paradyse Perez
      Paradyse Perez 11 days ago +1

      would you ever consider doing a part 2, where you complete the full 6-9 weeks??? I would really LOVE to see this!!!!

    • anna Williams
      anna Williams 26 days ago

      I love you so much...u great, beautiful, confident unlike me

    • gabbyhembree4
      gabbyhembree4 Month ago

      Michelle Khare this video is so motivating to me. You looked amazing!

    • Sadie M
      Sadie M Month ago

      I think Victoria would really benefit from having more body and race/ethnicity diversity in her fashion show. The company could make even more money.

  • Veronica Taylor
    Veronica Taylor 39 minutes ago

    Michelle is GORGEOUS 😍

  • Auroras Vermillion28
    Auroras Vermillion28 11 hours ago

    His hands aren't even straight

  • PastelYellow 101
    PastelYellow 101 14 hours ago

    Your so naturally confident. I wish I could be confident as you are. I'm always so insecure about my physical appearance, especially my weight eventhough I have a perfect weight for my height( I'm 165 cm and 53/54kg). Sometimes I wish that I could walk out my house feeling confident about my body but with the media constantly telling you what the "perfect woman " should look like it's really difficult but I guess at the end of the day I need to try to be more positive about my appearance as the worst enemy is me

  • Ruchita
    Ruchita 20 hours ago

    8:31 me too my. Girl... I feel your pain... 2 weeks in and I have lost only 1 kg

  • Nevaeh_f
    Nevaeh_f Day ago +1

    What I always think of myself is that I could never be a model or anything like at. But this makes me feel if I try the my hardest and make me feel beautiful and comfortable with myself that anything is possible.

  • Natasha Moynee
    Natasha Moynee Day ago

    I watched this while eating dip-n-dots cereal

  • Nour Khattab
    Nour Khattab Day ago

    Can u train as a squash player for a week

  • maria o'loughlin

    its sad that women feel that have to compared themselves to people who are unhealthy unrealistic ideology of Beauty .

  • Shy Melody ASMR
    Shy Melody ASMR 2 days ago

    You looked like a real model

  • Riyrru %
    Riyrru % 2 days ago

    YASSSSS GIRL WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You look amazing!

  • Amélie R
    Amélie R 2 days ago

    i’m currently eating a donut

  • Danice Lobrin
    Danice Lobrin 2 days ago

    Train like a voice major! /opera singer!

  • Prettybrown Sid
    Prettybrown Sid 3 days ago

    16:24-16:27 bro that guy in the back haha wtf hahaha

  • Diego Franco
    Diego Franco 3 days ago


  • Briana Whittaker
    Briana Whittaker 4 days ago

    I've been cutting out sugar but I've been doing it slowly and its been easy bc when I drink a soda I just stick to one but other than that I eat healthy and I do circuit training and cardio and seeing this video was inspiring but i would never workout the way they do bc it seems extreme.

  • Dina Mosaad
    Dina Mosaad 4 days ago

    Man! I was sooooo excited to see 6th week results 😭😭

  • Lilith Rose
    Lilith Rose 5 days ago

    So I've been meaning to start working out a lot to get the body I want, but I have hypothyroidism and that causes me to gain a little more weight with the stuff I eat compared to someone who doesnt have hypothyroidism. I want to know, if I go on a diet similar to this and I work out, will it matter??? This is something that has put me down for 5 years now, and I always fear I will never get a body i feel comfortable in even if I work really hard for it. Any tips?????

  • Sasha 6
    Sasha 6 5 days ago

    She honestly snapped😅😅

  • Kareem Moutez
    Kareem Moutez 5 days ago

    The support makes a massive difference. Tough stuff this transformation was!

  • Hockeygirl 05
    Hockeygirl 05 5 days ago


  • Rando Girl
    Rando Girl 5 days ago

    At 4:19 you can’t see the underwear bikini thing on the left it Disappears a little I think it’s Photoshopped a little

  • Valentine Sellier
    Valentine Sellier 5 days ago

    Loves it!!

  • Julissa DC
    Julissa DC 5 days ago +2

    This dude has taken the time to study and hack the human body shape, loved it

  • Marii Ortuno
    Marii Ortuno 6 days ago

    Is there a way that you remember the name of the workouts you did? Those were impressive results on how your booty looked a lot smoother and firmer than at first and I’m trying to get rid of my cellulite but nothing seams to work

  • Marybeth Blair
    Marybeth Blair 6 days ago

    I am thankful you included the part where you were not at your best and having a panic attack because I got to see that even someone as amazing as you can have moments when you don't feel amazing. Thank you for being such an inspirational person I strive to be like. You are so determined and I love it!♥️

  • Taylor McVeigh
    Taylor McVeigh 6 days ago +1

    As a model, I truly understand. Even though I am a kid I still have a small diet, and lots of workouts. Thank you for showing this video for showing everyone what modeling is really about.

    • thedirtbike kid
      thedirtbike kid 6 days ago +1

      Modeling looks so easy but in fact its quite tough on your body. Im not a model but it looks so so hard

  • Twilight Cookie
    Twilight Cookie 7 days ago +3

    But Steve...

    Fruits have sugars

  • Fides Nzirubusa
    Fides Nzirubusa 7 days ago +3

    Me: I am so working out after this and going on a diet.
    After the video ends up eating pizza.
    Me: I'll start tommorow.
    First day is down but second day totally slacks off.

  • Payton Wilson
    Payton Wilson 7 days ago +1

    when she was crying what she said was very eye opening and she has so much strength for crying on camera and not caring if people really talk bad about her crying!! :) ❤️

  • Froukje Melenhorst
    Froukje Melenhorst 7 days ago

    Oh my God Michelle! You looked absolutely gorgeous! Those photos were beautiful!!

  • Rayray Maakca
    Rayray Maakca 8 days ago

    7:24... barely any nutrition. Sad that they think they’re being healthy when in reality they’re actually eating completely malnourishing diets.

  • tfnyy
    tfnyy 8 days ago

    I heard a shot of ACV, even diluted heavily, is really bad for your stomach. Anyone have experience with drinking ACV?

  • Cadence Saner
    Cadence Saner 8 days ago

    Idk who diliked this but she is absolutely stunning and ur crazy If u disliked

  • BurtleCuber
    BurtleCuber 8 days ago

    Jesus christ i wanna fuck you

  • Jayeda Bentick
    Jayeda Bentick 9 days ago

    He said no sugar no sugar and no sugar ................ but fruits have its own sugar

  • Rocio Torres
    Rocio Torres 10 days ago

    I now wanna be a model

  • Lisbeth Vazquez
    Lisbeth Vazquez 10 days ago

    It’s not a Michelle Khare video unless she’s crying about some stupid thing and complaining 🙄

  • Elila Roy
    Elila Roy 11 days ago

    *16:24* that guy falling in the background 😂😂

  • Ninja Bb
    Ninja Bb 11 days ago

    I just want to look like you

  • Klara Järvinen
    Klara Järvinen 12 days ago +14

    Can you do a video when you train to be a gymnast?

  • Sara 97
    Sara 97 12 days ago +1

    DAMN!! She always CRYING!!!

  • Owi Owi
    Owi Owi 13 days ago


  • choi cora
    choi cora 13 days ago

    i know it's not the same topic at all but i saw your pop star challenge, could you train like a kpop trainee for a month? (since you danced, singed and are in shape i though it would be a good idea bcs it blend all trainings together+ language training and theater)

    • choi cora
      choi cora 13 days ago

      and i fucking love you you are so happy and true in your videos please keep doing what makes you happy or what is challenging for you it was just an idea but i love every one of your videos

  • Noor Fatima
    Noor Fatima 13 days ago

    Girl you are so good looking you didn’t even need to do that fitness stuff

  • anonymous nobody
    anonymous nobody 13 days ago

    you’re so beautiful like honestly wow. you dont need to change a thing.

  • Nora xD
    Nora xD 13 days ago

    this video is so unique and beautiful to me😍

  • Emma Gnillot
    Emma Gnillot 13 days ago

    ha i hate my body

  • Madalyn Berry
    Madalyn Berry 14 days ago

    If I even tried to look like that I would look Sooo disgusting

  • Ez chuc
    Ez chuc 14 days ago

    Lol its not that deep

  • Number_1ARMY BTS
    Number_1ARMY BTS 15 days ago

    16:23(the men in the back) when my mom calls me down because she brought me food😂

  • Aaliyah Aden
    Aaliyah Aden 15 days ago

    You look so good dont even call yourself ugly your buetiful mashallah

  • Александр Грицько

    Michelle, u r the example of Human, who isn't afraid of challenges and is ready to work hard to reach the goal. I'm proud of u!) Keep it up)

  • -* Wolfie Asmr *-
    -* Wolfie Asmr *- 17 days ago

    Who’s the guy at 16:24 in the background on the rocks lol?

  • Jorawar Singh
    Jorawar Singh 17 days ago

    Do people like these girls?. Really asking here?

  • pfguo87
    pfguo87 17 days ago

    always thought you were pretty, but now you even more beautiful! :)

  • Tamaki Sunohara
    Tamaki Sunohara 18 days ago

    Michelle: oh shit I'm not ready
    Steve: well thank me you are

  • Lexi J
    Lexi J 18 days ago

    I’m 5”1and I feel her confidence🙌

  • lifesuccs
    lifesuccs 18 days ago

    I eat two things of ramen a day lmao I could never do this

  • Jessie Graves
    Jessie Graves 18 days ago


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 19 days ago


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 19 days ago

    Aye The Gabbie Show!

  • Simply Cheyenne?
    Simply Cheyenne? 19 days ago

    There forcing girls to look pretty also a girl should feel confident if there fat skinny or just thick. YouR already skinny and you don’t need to change this makes girls think there not good enough

  • JumpyHorse_Lover365
    JumpyHorse_Lover365 19 days ago

    Does Steve train 12 year old kids

  • Kimmy Strange
    Kimmy Strange 19 days ago

    Now you have to train to be a stripper lol

  • fenja_ htz
    fenja_ htz 20 days ago

    You looked so beautiful in the photoshoot!!!

  • autumn mahfouz
    autumn mahfouz 20 days ago

    ♥️😩♥️u made me cry omg I’m such a baby💙💙

  • Lucy Kingston
    Lucy Kingston 20 days ago

    I love how raw you are 👏❤️

  • Jaiden Campos
    Jaiden Campos 21 day ago

    Man I need this

  • Marutcha Yali.
    Marutcha Yali. 21 day ago

    19:27 you literally did. xD

  • Anakaren dela virgen
    Anakaren dela virgen 21 day ago +1

    in evry single vidio you cry

  • Kathleen Newton
    Kathleen Newton 21 day ago

    Just watching her workout makes me tired

  • Carol C.
    Carol C. 21 day ago

    10:17 hello abs!!

  • Rika Bernar
    Rika Bernar 21 day ago

    OMG you are gorgeous

  • Sandra Carli
    Sandra Carli 22 days ago

    Chicken is actually not lean! Every kind of meat has fat. Legumes provide the leanest kind of proteins.
    Also, one might look good and ripped but the body gets inflamed with all the animal protein. :(

  • bella bella
    bella bella 22 days ago

    whose the guy who ate shit in the backround at 16:23 lol

  • Gina Willis
    Gina Willis 22 days ago

    Ugh halfway through the vid I just wanna huh her and tell her she’s beautiful no matter what. She’s her own model

  • Gym Daphne
    Gym Daphne 22 days ago +1

    Did Michelle quit Buzzfeed?? Because I haven't seen her in any of the new videos lately if anyone knows please tell me :)
    Edit: I got a body editor app while watching this video lmao

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat 22 days ago

    its so weird that as a youtuber her first instinct when having a panic attack is to film it....i know i woudnt do that!

  • Leah Lashus
    Leah Lashus 22 days ago +1

    Well, you should just be a chef, that’s what we learned in this video.

  • Karen Lawler
    Karen Lawler 23 days ago

    This will sound mean but it's honest: The model doesn't have a pretty face. Michelle is WAAAY prettier.

  • Lainey Mattis
    Lainey Mattis 23 days ago

    Me:self consciously eats MM

  • Hope
    Hope 23 days ago +22

    When you started crying tears began streaming down my face...you just changed my life. Thank you.

  • Sophie Jeneya
    Sophie Jeneya 25 days ago +2

    6:58 when I get my marks back

  • Official Guero Goodland

    Ok ill watch 😻

  • Lia Rhodes
    Lia Rhodes 25 days ago

    Damn!!!! Michelle You Look AMAZING!!!!!!

  • creatively michaela
    creatively michaela 26 days ago +1

    I've always found Michelle to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen so when she's down on herself it always makes me wanna hug her and tell her how incredibly gorgeous and exotic she looks!

  • Pam Beesly
    Pam Beesly 26 days ago

    2:50 ballarina senses active

  • Addison Landers
    Addison Landers 27 days ago

    i want to be a model when i’m older, but i’m really short😢😕

  • Jayelleku
    Jayelleku 27 days ago +4

    LOOL he said "it could be FISH, CHICKEN" as if there were gonna be more options but it was really just fish and chicken

  • Romeo Rogers
    Romeo Rogers 27 days ago

    Michelle Khare : you are beautiful no matter what

  • Renata Lemus
    Renata Lemus 27 days ago

    The reason that I don't like Michelle. She is a very cute pretty girl but her attitude is just so meh. She is too whiny just do what you do and believe in yourself.

  • Emily Mierzejewski
    Emily Mierzejewski 28 days ago

    The guy at 16:24 lmaooo

  • Krissy Rogers
    Krissy Rogers 28 days ago

    Came here to say this girl looks like Carmen from Cory and Carmen...y’all should go check her out if y’all don’t know

  • Alexis Franco
    Alexis Franco 28 days ago

    Nobody see that guy fall from the sky? Lmao

  • sophia colvin
    sophia colvin 28 days ago

    Tbh. I would like this dude to train me. He doesn’t do anything different to her. He treats her like human not like an object and he doesn’t sexualize her. He even turned down when she was talking about “stripper training”😂😂😂😂

  • no
    no 29 days ago +1

    Michelle is just so gorgeous already though.

  • no
    no 29 days ago +1

    Michelle is just so gorgeous already though.

  • little miss peleonera
    little miss peleonera 29 days ago

    I personally dont think Victoria secret models are beautiful. They're way too skinny and unhealthy. Idk why some girls want to look like vs models. They really dont have curves. If you're naturally skinny like that ( I was born naturally skinny) that's just how you were born but if you're forcing yourself to look like that then its disgusting. Embrace your natural beauty

  • Eliana Graham
    Eliana Graham 29 days ago +2

    Train like an Olympic swimmer plz