• Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • We are SO excited to welcome Tannar as a full time member of Click! If you’re not following her already DO IT NOW:
    This week we get a sketch artist to draw each other based on our amazing descriptions....or maybe not so great..
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Comments • 4 338

  • Trevor Cameron
    Trevor Cameron 5 hours ago

    tannar! yesssss sexy

  • Red Leader
    Red Leader 8 hours ago

    0:31 dammit!!! why not lachlan

  • Fr0z3n Thunder
    Fr0z3n Thunder Day ago

    Where’s Marcus

  • Au 079
    Au 079 Day ago

    The sketcher didn't listen to like anything

  • Uincornlover Uincorn

    Is loserfruit and Marcus still dating

  • Ognjen Lam
    Ognjen Lam 3 days ago

    Why on earth is crays picure on floor while bazza is on??

  • AXIO
    AXIO 4 days ago

    12:53 you can see painting on the ground

  • Shannon Miranda
    Shannon Miranda 4 days ago

    I gotten abusived..

  • Isac Mutta
    Isac Mutta 5 days ago

    I love that you could see bazz’s drawing when it was tannar’s turn

  • Austin Gunnels
    Austin Gunnels 5 days ago

    Where’s Marcus?

  • Hazza Kirk
    Hazza Kirk 5 days ago +1

    Where was marcus

  • Noa Noa
    Noa Noa 5 days ago

    Anyone else thinks cray looks just like the lorax 🥵😂

  • Zelig Smith
    Zelig Smith 5 days ago

    Still waiting for fresh to join tho :/

  • Frosty Pit
    Frosty Pit 6 days ago

    On the floor in front of Eliot you can see the paintings for the one next people already done
    More like
    Click Bait

  • Tareq Dajani
    Tareq Dajani 6 days ago +1

    Description of them all
    Elliot:Elon Musk
    Tannar:Has a face
    Cray:Fat Mustache
    Fruity:Likes Strawberries

  • Jack Milligan
    Jack Milligan 7 days ago

    Stop stroking ur mustash cray 😂😂

  • Ajent ORB
    Ajent ORB 7 days ago +1

    Muselk wins

  • Wolfie Gacha Girl
    Wolfie Gacha Girl 8 days ago

    My Favorite Might be Lazar and Fruity, Lazar, In My Opinion Is The Funniest And Fruity In My Opinon Might Be The Most Independent, Which is a Good Thing In My Opinion

  • It’s Owen
    It’s Owen 8 days ago

    Lufu had the best photo
    Like if u agree

  • AaronAGC
    AaronAGC 8 days ago


  • Ian Selm
    Ian Selm 8 days ago

    Bruh u can see Crays drawing on the floor next to Eliot when Bazz is up its next to Eliots shoes

  • Bay Bam
    Bay Bam 9 days ago

    I honestly fucking hate lannan

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 9 days ago +2

    Lanan: Do I need a chair again?!?!? 6:21

    SWARMZ RAMEN GOD 9 days ago

    1:17 Danny Divito is that you?

  • T a B
    T a B 9 days ago +1

    How did I never notice Lannans mustache?

  • Queen Kate
    Queen Kate 10 days ago

    Um.?............marcus? Are you HERE. MARCUS!!!!! IS KATH A SINGLE PRINGLE NOW.

  • Erick Xlaveit
    Erick Xlaveit 10 days ago

    why. why in this chanel too, IT never goes away "whats going on guys"

  • rollinlife12
    rollinlife12 10 days ago +1

    Why does it look like the Elliot picture got punched in the cheeks and got a bruise.

  • Nicolas Dueri
    Nicolas Dueri 10 days ago

    A fu$&ing wanker

  • LJ- LIAM
    LJ- LIAM 10 days ago

    Why does crays look like bohemian rhapsody

  • Timothy Tay
    Timothy Tay 10 days ago

    Young Rick Astley would've been the easiest way to describe Elliot

  • King yogotoe
    King yogotoe 10 days ago

    It's funny how lannan said he is dead inside then you look at bazz near the end of the video

  • Phantom_Eclipse
    Phantom_Eclipse 11 days ago

    You can see Crays at the bottom of the screen during Bazzs turn

  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer 11 days ago +1

    Tanner and loser should leave and mr fresh the man should take their spot

  • Rodney Downs
    Rodney Downs 11 days ago

    SO MACH!!!!

  • Rodney Downs
    Rodney Downs 11 days ago

    why do I hate muselk

  • No Balls You Won’t Sub To Me

    Elliot is that kid when he was home alone he would be naked and running around the house...

  • Gavin Grover
    Gavin Grover 12 days ago

    did marcus die

  • Liam Bortolin
    Liam Bortolin 12 days ago

    Lazars looked like muselk.

  • CowGamer
    CowGamer 12 days ago

    Crayator’s by farrrr

  • Kathy Jackson
    Kathy Jackson 12 days ago


  • Sumedha Perera
    Sumedha Perera 12 days ago

    Tanner has a penis

  • Finley Symes
    Finley Symes 12 days ago


    EPIC GAMING 12 days ago +1

    I forgot bazz was there until they were describing him😂😂😂

  • Funky BTW
    Funky BTW 12 days ago

    Muselk should date tannar

  • Cazzy Bro
    Cazzy Bro 12 days ago

    8:00 u can see cray’s picture on the floor

  • fortnite pro mario
    fortnite pro mario 12 days ago

    Lufu won

  • Dynamo LandShark
    Dynamo LandShark 12 days ago +8

    **when you realize the artist isn’t getting enough attention, if any**
    Every artist ever: I have felt a great disturbance within the force

  • Damo Banks
    Damo Banks 12 days ago

    More like a fuckn dick just on his head

  • Ethan Fortnitepro
    Ethan Fortnitepro 12 days ago +1

    Lannan or elliot

  • Maylyn Greathouse
    Maylyn Greathouse 13 days ago


  • xxx Doggo
    xxx Doggo 13 days ago

    Tannar looks like morgz mom ngl

  • GamingMarc300 Studios
    GamingMarc300 Studios 13 days ago +10

    Elliot’s is the most accurate portrait like if u agree

  • Choochy Boo
    Choochy Boo 13 days ago

    I like the fact that when it comes to Tannar, Cray and Elliot both jump to the nice comments then Lannan is like 'shes fat'

  • Wesley B
    Wesley B 14 days ago

    Me: it is fresh
    Them: taner........

    • Wesley B
      Wesley B 14 days ago

      She was here the whole time

  • Ava Underwood
    Ava Underwood 14 days ago

    Where is Marcus???

  • Fat Fish
    Fat Fish 14 days ago

    I’m so excited that lazar is now in click

  • Fat Fish
    Fat Fish 14 days ago

    Why tanner and not lachy

  • Damien Kuoppa-aho
    Damien Kuoppa-aho 14 days ago

    Lazarbeam has the best