Organic or Non-Organic Taste Test

  • Published on Apr 8, 2016
  • Can we tell the difference between organic and non-organic foods? GMM #896!
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Comments • 9 029

  • Emily Grove
    Emily Grove 3 days ago

    The 2 of you a corny

  • Dazed and Confused
    Dazed and Confused 4 days ago

    All the ones that taste good where organic

  • S Sawa
    S Sawa 5 days ago +1

    2000 cats and babies watched this

  • S Sawa
    S Sawa 5 days ago +1

    Cat & baby have left the chat

  • Just Hit Reset
    Just Hit Reset 8 days ago

    Only the strawberry was a legit test. The others where too heavily dictated by quality and thereby price. Like you could see that the steaks weren't equal cuts. Same with the cookies.

  • thomassmyth65
    thomassmyth65 9 days ago

    Cat and babies just need to take an exit... LMAO!😆

  • code world
    code world 14 days ago

    Will it Enchiladas?

  • Scarlet Phoenix
    Scarlet Phoenix 14 days ago

    This was posted on my Birthday. :3

  • Mrs. P
    Mrs. P 18 days ago

    2:24 don't worry I have hormones

  • Zeus Sniper
    Zeus Sniper 21 day ago +1

    Omg these angles are very important to makes these videos better! I love what they did back then

  • Geneva Doll
    Geneva Doll 21 day ago

    Rhett knows exactly how to work Link lol

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal 23 days ago

    I was a formula 1

  • LPS Cobalt
    LPS Cobalt Month ago

    Yo I have the same ramekins

  • Leo Jaeger
    Leo Jaeger Month ago

    All modern corn is genetically modified

  • Mezuzah87
    Mezuzah87 Month ago

    Organics use pesticides... Jfc

  • paloma pacheco
    paloma pacheco Month ago +4

    Ah yes, my favorite Link-182 song, "What's My Logic Again?'

  • Geneva Doll
    Geneva Doll Month ago

    I love the end lol. Rhett sooooooo knows how to work Link lol.

  • Mira!
    Mira! Month ago

    No two strawberries are equal

  • Natalie Crawford
    Natalie Crawford Month ago +1

    Link has no idea what organic means...

  • Jbird
    Jbird Month ago

    Just touching canned cat food makes me puke, I would never be able to even touch it to my lips. Puke city.

  • IWT
    IWT Month ago

    Organic still contains pesticides and herbicides, the pesticides and stuff are just made organically. If you dont want pesticides then you need get no spray organics or grown your own

  • Aesthorian
    Aesthorian Month ago

    The best gmm episode ever LOL

  • Miesh 774
    Miesh 774 Month ago


  • Ray ·
    Ray · Month ago


  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang Month ago

    I am watching two grown men suckle baby bottles.... what am I doing with my life

  • What Ever
    What Ever Month ago

    The taste of puberty is accidentally getting acne cream in your mouth.

  • Ultima
    Ultima Month ago +1

    This is how many times Rhett and Link have said "Lets Talk About That"

  • E Ryuu
    E Ryuu Month ago +1

    Love the Hamilton reference, guys!

  • H Plays
    H Plays Month ago +3

    corny not nearly as corny -Link
    so the organic is the opposite of their jokes

  • Chill Boi
    Chill Boi Month ago

    They make organic cat food?!?!?! 🤣

  • amoxford 2
    amoxford 2 2 months ago +2

    not nearly as CORNYY

  • Katharina Theophanu
    Katharina Theophanu 2 months ago +3

    Organic food is also way better for the environment!!!

    • IWT
      IWT Month ago

      They still use pesticides on organic food.....

  • David Elkins
    David Elkins 2 months ago +24

    enchilada round
    an enchilada"

    me: oh wow

  • Puen
    Puen 2 months ago

    3:37 i love that cut

  • Puen
    Puen 2 months ago

    its funny how i always look at Link's hair or the table's size to see if it's an older video or not

  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 2 months ago

    Corn has been ridiculously genetically modified throughout the years that its almost comical to call any form of it “organic”.

  • Diana Riner
    Diana Riner 2 months ago

    exclusive babies

  • Elle Jayde
    Elle Jayde 2 months ago +6

    Rhett "this moose is incredib-"

    😂 😂 😂

  • M
    M 2 months ago +1

    7mins 50 secs .... not nearly as corny

  • Giveitalittletappy 0127

    anyone know what they are talking about at 9:12 when they start saying "anus"?

  • Whitemare12
    Whitemare12 2 months ago +1

    Panic! At the organic

  • Stephanie Holley
    Stephanie Holley 2 months ago

    When link was meowing at 12:13 he sounded like cardi B lol

  • Elliot Gates
    Elliot Gates 2 months ago

    don't get why people seem to think organic foods are a joke..? They're literally just what people ate before we needed to mad produce foods and spray chemicals n pump animals up with chemicals to keep things efficient for a larger society. It's just cleaner, more natural food. Healthier for you and it tastes better. Maybe no point in buying an organic thing like cookies when it's already not exactly a healthy food. but fruit and veg? Yes

  • khawajth
    khawajth 2 months ago

    It always pisses me off how Link has no real observations, he just waits for Rhett to say something, then votes mostly for whatever he does.

  • Kristers Feldmanis
    Kristers Feldmanis 2 months ago

    Fun fact: There is literally no difference between organic and non-organic, except the price. Fun fact 2: Non-organic food is not bad for you at all, despite what some hipsters will try to tell you while sipping their non-organic Pumpkin Spice Latte.

  • MysteryEstonia
    MysteryEstonia 2 months ago


  • Austin Molina
    Austin Molina 3 months ago

    You guys didn’t dink it and sink it ???

  • Michaël X
    Michaël X 3 months ago +1

    I feel like this should be rather cut and dry. Usually opting for organic when I can, there is often a clear difference in quality. Organic outshines all artificial/pesticides/GMO's/etc. Entirely worth every cent to buy organic if and whenever you can. 👍
    I think this video showcased this as well. Rhett and Link both, for the most part, did pretty well in correctly identifying the organic over non-organic; And when they didn't, I think it was more a case of overthinking or psyching themselves out. Overall great job, and great video!

    • Mezuzah87
      Mezuzah87 Month ago

      Derp derp derp organic derp derp

  • tu
    tu 3 months ago


  • Jack P
    Jack P 3 months ago +2

    “I tasted puberty”- link

  • Near Void
    Near Void 3 months ago

    3:37, that moment i realize im going to mess up

  • Grace Ryan
    Grace Ryan 3 months ago

    Rhett just downs half a cookie in one bite

  • gemer84
    gemer84 3 months ago

    Both are organic. The term is stupid.

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 3 months ago

    How many times does Rhett have to say pesticides has nothing to do with the food before he finally stops mentioning it

    LEGOBOYSCFC 3 months ago +3

    People: I'm sorry you like organic products?
    Me: *Rhett **6:08*

  • Natalie Hultgren
    Natalie Hultgren 3 months ago

    Just because something is organic, doesn't make it good for you. Just try some organic arsenic, and you'll catch my drift.

  • big gummed retard
    big gummed retard 3 months ago

    8:22 when u bust a nut

  • JubTheJubness
    JubTheJubness 3 months ago

    Organic is not free-range.

  • JubTheJubness
    JubTheJubness 3 months ago

    Organic can have all-natural pesticides

  • Red Fox Leyla
    Red Fox Leyla 3 months ago

    Ewww, why the cat food! 🤢😝

  • Just Kaysle
    Just Kaysle 3 months ago +1

    5:11 😂😂😂😂

  • fahim shihab
    fahim shihab 3 months ago +1

    wtf..I got 3 ads in the middle of the video. Stop this shit youtube.

  • Mia Delaney
    Mia Delaney 3 months ago +17

    Rhett: "Cats got worse taste than babies"
    Link: looks at him and whispers quietly "cats got worse taste than babies"

  • Korupted KUSH
    Korupted KUSH 3 months ago


  • K Pandesal
    K Pandesal 3 months ago


  • Green Mocha
    Green Mocha 3 months ago

    Is the cookies made in a non organic oven?

  • Sansa Q
    Sansa Q 4 months ago

    That's deep 😂😂

    BEATSABER_MASTER_29 9 4 months ago

    When I was a baby I drank regular milk

  • Heather Lombardo
    Heather Lombardo 4 months ago +2

    Whenever we aren't eating testicles
    -link 2016

  • Maren Roxy 253
    Maren Roxy 253 4 months ago

    The strawberrie one was asmr.
    👇🏼 like if you agree

  • xydoit
    xydoit 4 months ago

    Dog food. Cat food. Link eat. People food. Nooooew

  • xydoit
    xydoit 4 months ago +2

    When you have a logic and you can't remember it. "What's my logic?"

  • xydoit
    xydoit 4 months ago

    I am waiting to Link give strawberries to Rhett.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 4 months ago

    That will be hard because i think they lie to us and the organic is not real organic

  • Miranda Lynn
    Miranda Lynn 4 months ago

    Lol I believe I just cured my daily case of the blues. Ty for the giggles.

  • seeingyouaround
    seeingyouaround 4 months ago

    this is such a great episode!

  • Insobrietive Magic
    Insobrietive Magic 4 months ago +1

    I noticed Jen wasn't in this video.... Sigh

  • Brenna Bigge
    Brenna Bigge 4 months ago +1

    I think they should have an episode where they try really gross stuff and then the same things but actually well prepared and see if they are still gross. Like a good vs. bad gross food.

  • jondeitma deitman
    jondeitma deitman 4 months ago

    Industrial farms will lock all the chikens in and six weeks later they will open the door but then the chikens dont want to leave and they will call it organic

  • Luc
    Luc 4 months ago

    The british accents 😂😂😂😂

  • Elias J
    Elias J 5 months ago

    Did anyone else see this in recommended?

  • Luis Gerardo Camacho Santana

    Organic food usually taste better

  • Static Noice
    Static Noice 5 months ago

    You cooked that steak to shit :(

  • Odd Kensei
    Odd Kensei 5 months ago

    10:58, look how much Link has on his spoon, then the next cut they took a bunch off.

  • longliverocknroll5
    longliverocknroll5 5 months ago

    They WAY overcooked that meat. You can't complain about putting sauce of meat if you're going to overcook meat fellas.

  • Quentin Stevens
    Quentin Stevens 5 months ago +1

    So the point of this video of this is that if it’s organic then it tastes better

    SLAAQ 5 months ago

    9:10 300 IQ Link

  • Isabeau Wolf
    Isabeau Wolf 5 months ago

    babies taste buds change in time as they grow into adulthood. I couldn't produce breast milk after my baby was two months old and we had to switch to formula, we were lucky that our daughter didn't seem to care as long as she was fed. We were feeding her both breast milk and formula anyway while we were out or if I needed sleep while my husband looked after her.

  • Weapon H
    Weapon H 5 months ago

    I just realized, GMM has been doing “Mukbang” longer than anyone and they disguised it.

  • Isaac Rumley
    Isaac Rumley 5 months ago

    9:25 Link: "Imma thread the nipple" 😂

  • Patowtow
    Patowtow 5 months ago

    I like how these type of videos often reveal the prejudices people have against healthier/alternative options.

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 5 months ago

    some animal food isnt for human consumption. gotta be careful what you eat.

  • Lazy Fox Plays
    Lazy Fox Plays 5 months ago

    Organic enchiladas? Hand picked from the enchilada tree?

  • Len Jacobs Parkour
    Len Jacobs Parkour 5 months ago

    Have you shit in the shower again?! 6:08

  • Carlos Amores
    Carlos Amores 5 months ago

    steaks were very over cooked

  • Eun Zhang
    Eun Zhang 5 months ago +1

    "The cookies were not grown."
    My immediate reaction as an educated person : WAIT, IT'S NOT??

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 6 months ago

    Thread the nipple 😂

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 6 months ago

    Babies have HORRIBLE taste 😂

  • A.J Is a Phoenix
    A.J Is a Phoenix 6 months ago

    “What’s the taste of puberty?”