Annie LeBlanc & Asher Angel Kissing Compilation (Ashannie)

  • Published on Jul 4, 2019
  • Here is a compilation of all the adorable Ashannie moments! Annie LeBlanc and Asher Angel kissing compilation!
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Comments • 989

  • Alaina Jones
    Alaina Jones Day ago

    I love them best couple ever!

  • Alaina Jones
    Alaina Jones Day ago


  • Angel Duduianu
    Angel Duduianu Day ago

    My name is angel too lol

  • Dany Ale
    Dany Ale 2 days ago

    this made me smile a lot aww 💓

  • Dany Ale
    Dany Ale 2 days ago

    wow. wait what? i'm single? no way!

  • SiQi Liu
    SiQi Liu 4 days ago

    this is so cute 🥺

  • Cymone Presley
    Cymone Presley 6 days ago

    That is really cute how you got a Boyfriend who love you.....😂

  • Miranda Anne
    Miranda Anne 6 days ago

    Asher: Love you guys so much
    Annie: What about me?

  • claudia lucia medianero olivera

    Yo quería q se quedará con la actriz q interpreta Andy Mack

  • Yasmin Wisner
    Yasmin Wisner 8 days ago

    I lovveee youuu!!!! Your so cute!!!! -Asher

  • Pragati’s World
    Pragati’s World 9 days ago +1

    Ashannie is in relationships but hannie was friendships

  • Cherry Huilen
    Cherry Huilen 10 days ago

    sana all hahaha😍

  • issa Portillo
    issa Portillo 12 days ago

    I hate you Asher

  • Kim Lia
    Kim Lia 14 days ago

    this video should be re-named "sana ol"

  • paula ximena rios arango

    clingy boyfriend alert 😂😂😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Leia.marie 20
    Leia.marie 20 15 days ago

    This calls me single on so many differnet levels

  • Luka K
    Luka K 15 days ago

    Annie is an ordinary bitch as fuck as she can 💏💏💏

  • Luka K
    Luka K 15 days ago


  • PennyCandy
    PennyCandy 15 days ago +1

    me: watching them
    also me: being so jealous and feeling like a lonely potato that sits around all day and watches annie be so successful

  • Scarlett Smith
    Scarlett Smith 16 days ago

    When does she ever tell him she loves him?

  • Lara Rose
    Lara Rose 16 days ago

    I never heard Annie say I love you back to Asher and makes me so sad🥺💖

  • Secret Equestrian
    Secret Equestrian 17 days ago

    what happened to annie’s horse

  • Amalee Abdel-Jaber
    Amalee Abdel-Jaber 19 days ago

    Did they date?

  • Oliwka Vv
    Oliwka Vv 19 days ago


  • Amira Ahmed
    Amira Ahmed 23 days ago

    Wow a freshmen dating a senior

  • Spider 121
    Spider 121 26 days ago

    Not to sound rude or anything but isn’t Asher like 17 and Annie is 14 idk just me probably

  • Asiyah Games
    Asiyah Games Month ago

    Dang she got old I didn’t even realize she got so tall she literally 15 now omg

  • Romany Cupples
    Romany Cupples Month ago

    I definitely like AshAnnie more than Hannie because I feel like he will/does treat her better :)

  • Asaid Depaz
    Asaid Depaz Month ago

    I like hannie better

  • Reable And Ava Vlogs & Animations

    This video should be called “ try not to feel single” I lost

  • RD Slipgatortron
    RD Slipgatortron Month ago

    Wait who would make a video of this?

  • Danne 7
    Danne 7 Month ago

    i wish i have friend like that

  • Sofia Mae
    Sofia Mae Month ago

    aren’t they too young ^__^ but still love u Annie

    EDITH PINEDA Month ago

    No estiendo no que esa tal Annie era o es novias de Hayden Summerall y ahora de Asher Angel con quien de los dos esta de verdad.

  • lolis ponce
    lolis ponce Month ago


  • Julia Taunton-Clark

    Wait, so they’re seeing each other?

  • Trisha Dump
    Trisha Dump Month ago

    Oml ashannie foreverr

  • Bailey Falk
    Bailey Falk Month ago +1

    It should be ashnnie not ashannie

  • Lulu Abdelhai
    Lulu Abdelhai Month ago

    Djejciiwicieieir THEY SO SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE

  • Brehyyye Kim
    Brehyyye Kim Month ago

    I ship them more than hannie because Hayden does not do anything for annie

  • Aaniyah Edwards
    Aaniyah Edwards Month ago

    you guys should have Asher in the chicken girls

  • Aaniyah Edwards
    Aaniyah Edwards Month ago +1

    both of them look really really cute together

  • Aaniyah Edwards
    Aaniyah Edwards Month ago +1

    Asher is sooooooo cute

  • Mariyam Luha Nazmeen

    Omg why aren't they together?! They are the cutest couple I have ever seen!!!

  • Eliana Espinoza
    Eliana Espinoza Month ago

    Igual ban ha terminar :v

  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini Month ago

    He seems so sweet and caring 😭

  • Mollie Long
    Mollie Long Month ago

    If they got married and it was his last name it would be Asher Angel and Annie angel

  • YeetYeet Cat
    YeetYeet Cat 2 months ago +1

    Asher if you break Annie’s heart....

    Someone in heaven is waiting to beat you up >:)

  • johannie Mp4
    johannie Mp4 2 months ago +3

    Saying this on my heart: Asher trying to keep our more than Hayden So stop asher read this @HANNIEFOREVER hannie mush better Delete this

  • colton gaming
    colton gaming 2 months ago

    There met to be they are better than hannie

  • Adaya Gonzalez
    Adaya Gonzalez 2 months ago

    This makes me feel so sad

  • Yasmine Doubo
    Yasmine Doubo 2 months ago

    I love you ASHANNIE☺😆💖💖💖

  • Te Rangiuaia Tikitiki-Houkamau

    Its like everyone forgot about Annie and Hayden

    • Aman Shamaa
      Aman Shamaa 2 months ago +1

      i kinda miss them tbh but annie deserves better than him

  • Shyanne Holzwarth
    Shyanne Holzwarth 2 months ago

    The absolute cutest

  • Emma Reiter
    Emma Reiter 2 months ago +2

    This is how many time Asher says I love you to annie 👇👇👇

  • Niko Lozia
    Niko Lozia 2 months ago

    Asher loves her ❤️🥰🥰🥰 she’s deserves all the love and affection ❤️❤️

  • Niko Lozia
    Niko Lozia 2 months ago

    THIS called me single in a million

  • Anitarose C
    Anitarose C 2 months ago

    Single, wishing right now that you had a boyfriend....

  • Htoo Lay
    Htoo Lay 2 months ago

    they are so cuteeeee

  • Andjela Tankosic
    Andjela Tankosic 2 months ago +1

    Aww 😇