I Dressed Like It Was 1967

  • Published on Dec 31, 2017
  • I styled 3 outfits inspired by the popular fashions of fifty years ago! As 2017 comes to a close, I figured I would close out our decades through fashion series with a style video of clothes from half a century ago, in 1967. From the mods to the caftans to the hippies, 1967 was a defining year in music, culture, and fashion - and also a fun year to ~wear~ around! Which outfit was your favorite?
    A huge thanks to Kayley Melissa for rocking out this 60s hair! You can check out her channel here: thexvid.com/channel/UCctjAAIUSW3DRS-5Phh_hgQ
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +10056

    HAPPY NEW YEARS FRIENDS!!! pls enjoy the last video of 2017, the finale (for now) of our decades through fashion videos!! maybe we'll do some more next year, but probably mix up the format a lil bit. thank u all for sticking around through 2017, i can't wait to share what we have planned in 2018 with u all! xoxo, saf

    • Chantelle Landon
      Chantelle Landon Month ago

      Loved seeing this it was fascinating. I liked the long dress, the colour and pattern is nice and it really suits you! (i myself wear long dresses a lot. Actually wearing a fairly long one now)
      67 was the year my future husband was born 😇 me. I am an 80's girl (85)
      I have really enjoyed watching you cover each decade. It has been so cool and entertaining

      PICKLO FO LIFE 3 months ago

      It's 2019 know😃😄😀ikr

    • Puggirl 16
      Puggirl 16 3 months ago

      Now it's 2019!

    • Lissy London
      Lissy London 4 months ago

      Your hair in the second outfit- pulled back and up- ROCKS!

    • Fran G.
      Fran G. 4 months ago

      In 1967 you would have to behave more ladylike. Swinging
      around a handbag would have been the behaviour of a prostitute

  • Eden Rocks
    Eden Rocks 10 hours ago

    Saf-a fashion forward adult women
    Tyler- you look like a penguin.

  • Shannon Plunkett

    *whAT SHARON NO*


    Theo old people have a saying" if you remember the 60's you where not there"!

  • Gabriella Crawford
    Gabriella Crawford 2 days ago

    the second outfit looks like it was from star wars especially the hair

  • Ella
    Ella 2 days ago

    I watch these episodes back so often

  • GamerZylito
    GamerZylito 2 days ago

    I do not recognize you in the first one 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sue Alhajaff
    Sue Alhajaff 3 days ago

    You are officially my favourite youtuber ever! ❤❤❤❤

  • Sateen Dura-Luxe
    Sateen Dura-Luxe 3 days ago

    IS THAT ALLEN GINSBERG???!?? 10:44

  • uma pipdika
    uma pipdika 3 days ago

    I liked it when she said 'from india'

  • nescofiets
    nescofiets 3 days ago

    @14:37 So dedicated. Bingewatching yours and Tylers video's... 👀🍿

  • ellas corner
    ellas corner 4 days ago

    Qurnivis Quirrel is back!!!

  • Miriam Xo
    Miriam Xo 5 days ago

    I’m getting Professor Trelawney vibes 😂

  • Linda the Hermit
    Linda the Hermit 7 days ago

    As someone that was alive in the 60s, just let me say you totally rocked those looks! Loved it!

  • Selena Stanley
    Selena Stanley 7 days ago

    I really like those shoes you used for the hippie kinda look

  • a bad voice
    a bad voice 8 days ago

    The 31st. is my b day

  • Luna Moon1
    Luna Moon1 9 days ago +1

    You look like buttercup from the powerpuff girls

  • jamaurias world
    jamaurias world 9 days ago

    You look like buttercup

  • Ash 101
    Ash 101 9 days ago

    U kinda looked like Veronica I'm the first outfit

  • The Lonely Artist
    The Lonely Artist 9 days ago +1

    12:08 You can just see a girl in the backround pointing at her like what the hell is she doing!?!

  • Monet
    Monet 10 days ago

    *American white style

  • Crowned Shorty
    Crowned Shorty 10 days ago

    The second one looks like a moto dress.

  • Jessica Ramirez
    Jessica Ramirez 10 days ago

    You look a bit like Cher! Hahaha thicky!

  • Martyna Firszt
    Martyna Firszt 10 days ago


  • Martyna Firszt
    Martyna Firszt 10 days ago

    You look cute with bangs

  • amelia
    amelia 10 days ago

    whoa ive never heard The General outside of camp

  • Abigail Kiana
    Abigail Kiana 11 days ago

    Tyler’s appearance is 10/10 😍

  • Jewelianna Robison
    Jewelianna Robison 11 days ago

    Why does the 1st outfit remind me of Buttercup from the PowerPuff Girls? XD

  • Geekgirl Graham
    Geekgirl Graham 11 days ago

    With the second outfit did you hear when she was just like with shoes😂

  • Sophia Yarborough
    Sophia Yarborough 11 days ago +1

    7:04 I think you look like Frida Kalho

  • Meghan
    Meghan 12 days ago

    The maxi dress look? Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Marie-A Sommier
    Marie-A Sommier 12 days ago

    And my father was born that year :)

  • J Rakoczy
    J Rakoczy 12 days ago

    Beautiful - you guys really look groovy! Flower Power!!!!

  • R. W.
    R. W. 12 days ago

    1:21 her dads hat is so danish lol

  • crazy Holmes
    crazy Holmes 12 days ago

    I may or may not have burst out laughing when she said she consulted her dad

  • becatothemax
    becatothemax 12 days ago


  • Melinda Young
    Melinda Young 12 days ago

    Hi Safiya, love the caftan dress!! Love your videos!!

  • Cassidy Lawhon
    Cassidy Lawhon 12 days ago

    Omg. The hippie one. I'm named after a Grateful Dead song ❤

  • Ellie Alan Poe
    Ellie Alan Poe 13 days ago

    “You bond with those flowers?”
    “Yes. All of their names are Susan.”

  • Fer Campos
    Fer Campos 13 days ago

    I love the second one. My grandmother used to dress exactly like that!

  • Adora Mae
    Adora Mae 13 days ago

    "is that the plot of the musical Hair?"
    Yes, yes it is actually

  • Alee Go
    Alee Go 14 days ago

    "Well, I'm hiding from Yoko" 😅😂😂😂😂😂✌️

  • Alee Go
    Alee Go 14 days ago

    When you wore the purple long dress, you made me think of the woman in The Beatles movie "Help!" 😅😂✌️

  • Alison Conley
    Alison Conley 14 days ago

    Please do flight attendant uniforms through the years! 😍

  • alien Panderz
    alien Panderz 14 days ago

    the seconed otfit looks like frieda kaloh ( no ofens frieda's amazing

  • Sharon Bowers
    Sharon Bowers 14 days ago


  • Mystic Messenger Trash
    Mystic Messenger Trash 14 days ago +1

    2:20 that's my name except it's spelled Gladis

  • Élizabeth H.
    Élizabeth H. 14 days ago

    I sooooo love the maxi dress

  • Buttered Toastx
    Buttered Toastx 14 days ago

    60 years later: I dressed like it was 2019

  • leZickzack
    leZickzack 14 days ago

    „Look at my bush, how huge it is“
    I see what you did there

  • royalparadigm
    royalparadigm 15 days ago

    Purple dress outfit gives me serious Jackie O vibes.

  • Sophia Tharalson
    Sophia Tharalson 15 days ago

    5:52 this is when Tyler knew he wanted to marry Safiya

  • olivia_8043 olivia_8043

    You lok like chinese girl. A cute chinese girl🤗🤗🤗

  • Similian
    Similian 16 days ago +2

    12:18- 13:29sorry to say, but I reallllllly love The Beatles sooooo much! They were a really big influence❤️❤️❤️

  • Joletta John-Carney
    Joletta John-Carney 16 days ago

    I got a vole

  • Paige Sherman
    Paige Sherman 16 days ago +1

    I’m a hippie

  • Gabriel Shear
    Gabriel Shear 16 days ago

    Where were the bell bottom Levi’s ?.
    A staple for girls we’re bell bottom Levi’s back in the day ..

  • Rowan T Cregan
    Rowan T Cregan 17 days ago

    I graduated from high school in 1967. I had visited London in '65 and witnessed early miniskirts about the time that they started crossing the Atlantic. This is a good show but how do you talk about the "Mods" and leave out the "Rockers". They were partial to leather jackets, motorcycles, and Elvis. Good video but incomplete.

  • Werejackal
    Werejackal 17 days ago

    my favorite was the 2 one

  • Juampi Paladino
    Juampi Paladino 17 days ago

    Who’s watching in 1967?

  • Min Suga
    Min Suga 18 days ago

    Love the video but the history is basically white people profiting off of cultural appropriating

  • Danger Noodles 72oodles

    5:55 yes because otherwise I would not wear shoes.

  • Antonella’s outlet
    Antonella’s outlet 18 days ago

    my aunt was 1 year old when this looks where popular.

  • Eclipse66
    Eclipse66 18 days ago

    10:25 I thought you were going to say the a-word because it rhymed😂

  • Paisley Szu Szu
    Paisley Szu Szu 18 days ago

    Safiya you looked great in all those clothes! I was around back then and the first outfit I'm pretty sure I wore to what we used to call "Jr High" . Tyler looked cute as hell in his too and you two will have kids with the best freeking teeth. They will probably be born with a full set of magnificent white teeth

  • Tyne Baker
    Tyne Baker 18 days ago

    You’re grandmother’s dress is gorgeous! Wow!

  • pixel
    pixel 18 days ago

    ur first outfit gives me cgi lorax movie vibes

  • Melisa Avila
    Melisa Avila 19 days ago

    that woodstock joke though hahahahha

  • beetle babble
    beetle babble 19 days ago

    at 0:53 whats the image on the left from?? i watched that movie as a kid and its driving me INSANE

  • HarryPotter Fantime
    HarryPotter Fantime 19 days ago

    Tyler thanks for George my fav beetle and fu** Yoko Ono

  • malibu64
    malibu64 19 days ago

    Safia looks dynamite in vintage outfits!!!

  • Mimi Vo
    Mimi Vo 19 days ago


  • Calico Quilter
    Calico Quilter 19 days ago

    Just found this video and cracked up. That green dress, bouffant flip and bangs? So Marlo Thomas in "That Girl". Also very reminiscent of my wardrobe in 1967 - I was in high school (my skirts weren't that short - my school dress code wouldn't allow it!). The third look reminded me of my pseudo-hippie friend Beverly. Not many real hippies in a small eastern Kentucky town.

  • J S Handley
    J S Handley 20 days ago +1

    Safiya, you always look so beautiful in everything!

  • E Dennis
    E Dennis 20 days ago

    You looked stunning in that maxi dress.

  • Shanmuganatha pandian
    Shanmuganatha pandian 20 days ago +1

    India loves you safiya 😍😍
    We are ready to send u some silks and diamonds...😂😂

  • Hopey 257
    Hopey 257 21 day ago +5

    Mom: do your homework
    Me: I’m watching a history lesson
    Mom: uhhjj ok....

  • Pompom1608
    Pompom1608 21 day ago

    Safiya looks absolutely amazing with these more voluminous up-dos. I looooove the second look!!! She looks like a Bond girl 😱💖😍

  • Rya RedStar
    Rya RedStar 21 day ago

    omg Tyler was great XD

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 21 day ago

    omg u've. done a bunch of decade fashion videos but how about things like way back? like Ancient Greek/roman/egyptian, victorian, Edwardian, American revolution, et cetera inspired looks? idk if u could literally wear a ball gown, but something inspired by the looks would be really cool, or something that made a nod towards the beauty standards and modernities of the time. also, it would be really cool if u could make outfits based on something like a painting or something with a colour scheme and style.

    • Emma Lee
      Emma Lee 21 day ago

      dress like a renaissance painting, Andy Warhol style, pointillism, ancient, more cultural styles-like Japanese fan or umbrella paintings, on and on. It would be so interesting and I would watch the hell out of these.

  • Cecelia A
    Cecelia A 22 days ago

    My mom was born in 1967

  • yahavusha world
    yahavusha world 23 days ago +1

    The Beatles 💗💗💗

  • teddy Turenhout
    teddy Turenhout 23 days ago

    I love the long hair 😍

  • Coka Nuka Cola
    Coka Nuka Cola 23 days ago

    I learned more from this video than i have a whole semester of school

  • Lizzy Playz
    Lizzy Playz 23 days ago +2

    WowO.O Your Liverpool accent is a little... off?

  • Ron Mortimer
    Ron Mortimer 24 days ago

    All that is true...but without the sophistication of what follows. We didn't know we were setting trends. We just thought we were breaking the rules. Because the rules just felt like they needed breaking.And you know what...I think we were right! God bless one and all.

  • Aësälys
    Aësälys 24 days ago

    EXCELLENT COMMENT for this serie ^^ thexvid.com/video/zWRf-mdU3o4/video.html

  • Red Tiger 12
    Red Tiger 12 24 days ago

    This is an outfit that would be worn by Edna Mode (since the incredibles is highly 60’s inspired). 5:52

  • Calypso
    Calypso 24 days ago

    The cindy lou whoo hair was everything...

  • Looloo Arts
    Looloo Arts 24 days ago +1

    No way my dad was born in 1967!!!

  • Midnight Alpha
    Midnight Alpha 25 days ago

    Saw title...


  • Lynda FItzpatrick-Brown

    Tyler looks good!


  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 25 days ago

    Show us more public reactions to these.

  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones 25 days ago +1

    Easily the best video I've seen from y'all. And it's 2019. 10/10 would watch again. Love this so much.

  • Rowan T Cregan
    Rowan T Cregan 25 days ago

    Wonderful. I remember 1967. But the later Maxi skirt length was often criticized as a "street sweeper" length by women who complained of the cleaning bills.

  • j elle
    j elle 26 days ago

    just commenting to appreciate how you say Quirrel like Queer-el

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 26 days ago

    2:05 - Hey, you're THAT GIRL !!! thexvid.com/video/Zoh1LGADKI8/video.html
    2:46 - No mention of the introduction of Panty Hose as opposed to stockings? Every try a miniskirt with stockings? (I have ;-) )
    6:00 - Okay, now you are Barbra Parkins in Valley of the Dolls. You are that beautiful.

  • butcanyoudothis 399
    butcanyoudothis 399 26 days ago


  • Otaku Birb
    Otaku Birb 26 days ago +2

    The Liverpool accent omg🤣

  • Sollux Captor
    Sollux Captor 27 days ago