• Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • I need to try some of these life hacks right now!
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  • Daz Games
    Daz Games  28 days ago +4820

    Yes XD in my high school we did trampoline lessons!

    • Lexi Pattz
      Lexi Pattz 4 days ago

      We do as well scary innit

    • Grace Ceranski
      Grace Ceranski 5 days ago

      Daz Games omg my dad goes to the restroom like that!! I thought he was the only one

    • Itsme Taslim
      Itsme Taslim 8 days ago

      Your school is one fun school.......with a lot of funny tales.😂

    • Mia Grace
      Mia Grace 8 days ago

      I live in America. So that would lead to 18468227183628 lawsuits

    • Emmacorn
      Emmacorn 8 days ago

      I LOVE your videos Daz!

  • Miranda R. Cortez

    I don't know how you freeze your bread, but it never gets soggy for me.

  • studio crok
    studio crok 5 hours ago

    5:40 i can confurm thet it will not make you sik

  • Kylee
    Kylee 5 hours ago

    one time i was on my trampoline and my foot got stuck in the springs and i swung around the pole and was stuck for like ten minutes

  • yandere hehe
    yandere hehe 18 hours ago

    On 7:35 my mom did that haha luv you mom

  • FishingWithPj
    FishingWithPj 20 hours ago

    You had trampoline class you had a great school

  • Ninja Lemon
    Ninja Lemon 20 hours ago

    I hate glitter because micro plastics kill so much wildlife its unreal, can't believe its still so readily available when there's a plastic ban

  • Laura
    Laura 22 hours ago

    We couldn't believe our bloody luck when the trampoline came out in p.e. it happened twice in 5 years. We got one turn each per lesson. 😂🙄

  • CLOS3M
    CLOS3M 23 hours ago

    Trampoline class?

  • Jack Dowling
    Jack Dowling 23 hours ago

    Anyone else all ready do the trampoline one

  • lost619
    lost619 Day ago

    Lol Daz we freeze bread to keep it fresh it defrosts just fine no soggy bread! We don’t use enough bread it would go to waste so we just get bread out as and when we need it promise you it’s fine! Not sure about filling it though don’t know if that makes it soggy or not

  • honey bear
    honey bear Day ago

    *.......there's trampoline class?*

  • Pieter Barnard
    Pieter Barnard Day ago

    You have trampoline class ?

  • DragonZMyths HTTYD

    If you freeze bread and defrost it put the bread, I think any filling would end up disgusting, in the microwave with a paper towel on the bottom and top or fold one around the bread and put it in at 20 seconds intervals TOPS

  • Shay H
    Shay H Day ago

    I was easy to potty train I was to fat to get off the potty

  • John Lloyed
    John Lloyed Day ago +1

    Good hacks but naa

  • Jamie Hoggard
    Jamie Hoggard Day ago

    My partner sits down too 😂

  • Patten Jai
    Patten Jai Day ago


  • Gabrielle braswell

    As a poor person I can confirm frozen bread tastes like shit 😷

  • Malakai Hope
    Malakai Hope Day ago

    I’m getting my l’s soon and I’m still messy

  • Malakai Hope
    Malakai Hope Day ago

    No matter what age we’re all fucking messy

  • Malakai Hope
    Malakai Hope Day ago

    No child is too old for a bib

  • Malakai Hope
    Malakai Hope Day ago

    Yeah but how do you put it away without touching the sticky ball

  • bih
    bih Day ago

    trampoline class is a thing?

  • cazy lovely
    cazy lovely Day ago

    When punishing your kids, don't take away the electronics just take away the charger and watch they fit in their eyes aa they use it less and less well the battery slowly dies


    Me hiding all my portable chargers

  • Lady Chaton
    Lady Chaton Day ago

    actually frozen bread doesn't go soggy my mom does it when we have to make bread last.
    super late comment...

  • Luv2sing 1
    Luv2sing 1 Day ago

    My Dad and brother sit down to pee 😂😂

  • Sam Sorensen
    Sam Sorensen Day ago

    We banned glitter from our house too! My sister was a maniac with that stuff

  • patricia bass
    patricia bass 2 days ago

    How to be savage 101:take away you're kids charger and wait. For their device to die
    Meh: laughs sooo hard**

  • Alyson Henson
    Alyson Henson 2 days ago


  • Ida-Maria Hvid Larsen

    you watch stranger things? omg sAME

  • _Gradient_White_
    _Gradient_White_ 2 days ago

    Fun fact, (5:40) Once my friend's mum decided to do that, Putting sandwiches into their freezer and when defrosting it, The bread turned into soggy toast. They made me eat it and it was Vile. I'm still confused on how it turned into toast when it defrosted.

  • Margreet Heithuis
    Margreet Heithuis 2 days ago +1

    You can freeze bread to keep it soft and fresh. It won't turn soggy when you defrost it.

  • Oliver Piehl
    Oliver Piehl 2 days ago

    This video is funny

  • Jay and Becky Garcia Levy

    I had two trampolines and I done a front flip to another and I was upside down and a spring flinged of and hit me I’m the eye my mum wasn’t home she was walking the dog my right eye could be blind

  • Jay and Becky Garcia Levy

    I had two trampolines and I done a front flip to another and I was upside down and a spring flinged of and hit me I’m the eye my mum wasn’t home she was walking the dog my right eye could be blind

  • deleted channel w.p
    deleted channel w.p 2 days ago

    6:26 the is inside the draws

  • xXWolfMoonXx
    xXWolfMoonXx 2 days ago

    That backwards zipper thing, didn’t work on me and my sister when we were little, we unzipped them for each other 😂

  • Karys Carlson
    Karys Carlson 2 days ago

    i think me and your daughter are near the same age.

  • Danny Digiorno
    Danny Digiorno 2 days ago +4

    "Why wouldn't you fill it with.... good stuff." Good Lord 😂😂😂

  • Emmacorn
    Emmacorn 2 days ago

    Hi Daz, I just wanted to say that I think you are SO funny and that I love your vids! My dream is to be a comedian like you! Keep up the amazing work and jokes! Love, Em ❤️

  • Internet Shutin
    Internet Shutin 2 days ago

    The frozen bread trick does actually work. It doesn't get soggy, at least in my experience. The worst I've gotten is that sometimes it doesn't defrost in time and your sandwich is still a bit frozen by the time you eat. My family buys like six loaves of bread every time we go shopping and we always freeze the excess.

  • Nadia Dabrowska
    Nadia Dabrowska 3 days ago

    I relly like your videos

  • Vicki Gotschall
    Vicki Gotschall 3 days ago

    I freeze my bread because I don’t eat it because it’s moldy
    It doesn’t come out soggy as long as you seal it tightly so no moisture gets in

  • rinn _
    rinn _ 3 days ago

    Couldn’t the kid just pull the ruler and open all that drawers at once?

  • Caden Baker
    Caden Baker 3 days ago


  • Addy Mitte
    Addy Mitte 3 days ago

    Has anyone seen Linda...

    Linda are you PrEgNaNt

  • Shalacy Manderson
    Shalacy Manderson 3 days ago

    Lol it's so weird to hear you guys calls French fries chips.

  • Madison Witham
    Madison Witham 3 days ago +1

    And now Daz is a vsco boy 👦

  • Mali
    Mali 4 days ago

    Let me just say.....the room is looking AMAZING!

  • Bryce Martinell
    Bryce Martinell 4 days ago

    I have it's good. Had frozen bread that is.

  • Ben Watkins
    Ben Watkins 4 days ago

    With the ruler and draw you just pull the ruler towards you and the draw will open

  • Killgor3 X
    Killgor3 X 4 days ago

    The hack at 6:10 wouldn't do shit, if the kid tried to pull one drawer out they would have all opened, or am I just not understanding??

    • Spooky Midnyte Snow Cat
      Spooky Midnyte Snow Cat Day ago

      That's what I was looking at. I'm sure all the draws would be opened with that there. Why not some kind of latch lock or a way to keep you kids out of the kitchen.

  • BrokeBogan
    BrokeBogan 4 days ago

    Back in my school years, we had vegemite sandwiches put in the freezer, and before lunch, it was defrosted, and wasn't soggy. (QLD, Australia)

  • JJ Bird
    JJ Bird 4 days ago +1

    Anyone else want a trampoline class?

  • linda the assistant
    linda the assistant 4 days ago

    Wait what is trampoline class is that a UK thing because if so step up your game America

  • Z Thunder Storm
    Z Thunder Storm 4 days ago

    So I was eating jello and then I saw this and nearly died 1:34-1:52

  • g ad
    g ad 4 days ago

    excuse me? trampoline class?

  • YJK DANCE 214
    YJK DANCE 214 4 days ago

    You forgot “and another daz WATCHES”

  • Carlos Campos
    Carlos Campos 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for making your videos, you almost make me laugh, I'm so glad I found this, I really needed this today