the worst man on Tik Tok

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Carmie Sellitto has moved to Tik Tok and everything has got worse...
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  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx  Month ago +948

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    • LittleMiss Laz
      LittleMiss Laz 3 days ago

      Omg ImAllexx plz notice me!!I love your vids they make me laugh all the time ive had depression for 10 years and spend most of my life inside alone. Ive only been on youtube for a year but have almost watched everything you have done, good shit btw... So in australia £35 is $67 here, im putting myself thru uni and cant afford to buy your new sequin skull jumper can u plzzz consider sending me one, i will like and comment on every single video you have every made. ;) im sure thatll make up for £35. This would be my first and only youtube merch

    • Tejalkera_Msp love
      Tejalkera_Msp love 26 days ago


    • Jeffica Parrot
      Jeffica Parrot Month ago

      Why did I reared nord vpn

    • Awk bless
      Awk bless Month ago

      TheXvid HQ omd same.... Wallace?

  • Georgia Waata
    Georgia Waata 3 hours ago

    Touch delight be like: who wants me

    Chris Hansen

  • Beau Svendsen
    Beau Svendsen Day ago

    They call those chocolates Blockbusters where I live lol

  • Trin Heisz
    Trin Heisz Day ago

    I fucking love you 😂👏

  • Totally Bangtan
    Totally Bangtan Day ago

    y’all don’t understand carmie n how he is lmfao. he’s takin the mick.

  • lilroberto
    lilroberto 2 days ago

    the bag is louis vuitton, not gucci. dumbass lmfao

  • Liah Cary
    Liah Cary 2 days ago

    i deadass thought i clicked on a tiktok video at first

  • Isabel Gonzalez
    Isabel Gonzalez 2 days ago

    What’s funny is that the “Gucci bag” that cost him $3000 is a Louis Vuitton bag.... that costs just under $2000. Something isn’t adding up

  • Jana Opperman
    Jana Opperman 3 days ago

    Great and now I gotta walk to the gas station to get malteasers 💀

  • Young Dylan
    Young Dylan 3 days ago

    You bubble top.

  • dreamyjournal mp3
    dreamyjournal mp3 4 days ago

    i don’t know why kate elisabeth is going out with him honestly

  • Hafsa Hussein
    Hafsa Hussein 6 days ago +4

    When you gotta tell someone “it’s obviously a joke” you know that the ‘joke’ isn’t actually remotely even funny.

  • Ally Lomman
    Ally Lomman 6 days ago

    how fucked up do you need to be to think making a joke about bullying someone until they commit suicide is okay, let alone funny?

  • Ally Lomman
    Ally Lomman 6 days ago

    1:51 “the uploader has not made this video available in your country” this always pisses me off cause like
    i live in australia, not fucking antarctica
    like what the fuck dude?

  • 6.9.6
    6.9.6 6 days ago +1

    the song: "papi"
    Alex: "PuPpY"

  • Abdel Satan
    Abdel Satan 7 days ago

    Maltesers and ferrero are chocolate climax. Also Tik Tok is the time counter before the Grim Reaper comes and cuts your head because you download that aids of an "app".

  • Voxs 12
    Voxs 12 8 days ago

    I’m mad I just spent 5 minutes spamming emojis and as you can guess IM MAD YOU BULLIE

  • JS
    JS 9 days ago +1

    Honestly, if this wasn’t carmie or whatever he’s called making these videos people would laugh and call it dark humour but it isn’t funny when he does it

  • barron204
    barron204 10 days ago

    I’m 37 and I don’t care about Tik tok. I’m watching this video because I don’t have any Maltesers and the latest Rick and Morty episode isn’t out yet.

  • sourkiwichair marceline

    “It’s a joke, my sister’s fat”
    The only funny joke here is how pathetic you are

  • porkillia on insta
    porkillia on insta 11 days ago

    god i remember him

  • Lewis King
    Lewis King 12 days ago

    Nice flex with them malteasers

  • Paris Romano
    Paris Romano 12 days ago

    He's horrible . But Alex your not perfect but thankyou so much for not caring what people look like

  • CookieClub
    CookieClub 14 days ago

    I love molteser's

  • Bayleigh Westra
    Bayleigh Westra 14 days ago

    O I laughed at the bully one lmaooo

  • G Hou
    G Hou 14 days ago

    “I’d never talk to you lot”

    LIL COARSE DIRT 14 days ago

    I think your channel is ruined.

  • irenexuxi
    irenexuxi 15 days ago

    3:44 you had us in the first line ngl

  • Anya Connolly
    Anya Connolly 15 days ago +1

    the true sad thing in this video was alex’s hair line 😖

  • contron 1374
    contron 1374 15 days ago

    I like you man but if you dont think the floor in your own bedroom is clean enough to eat off of you need to vacuum or some shit

  • Brayan
    Brayan 15 days ago +5

    “I’m not racist, my sisters boyfriends cousins uncles dad is black”

  • Janina Andersson Stridh

    i hate rick and morty

  • FAyNt
    FAyNt 15 days ago +1

    He probalbly. Ate the 4 maltesars

  • honeymelonboba
    honeymelonboba 15 days ago

    5:20 What pisses me off more about this brainlet defending Carmie isn’t the fact that they’re doing it, it’s the fact that they used the medical term “triggered” wrong

  • Carmen Lasserre
    Carmen Lasserre 19 days ago

    Had about thirty heart attacks from this cause one of my nicknames happens to be carmie 😓 thought I was being called out every time 😂

  • kyran shorten
    kyran shorten 19 days ago

    Alex is stoned to bits in this vid

  • henry Likes popcorn
    henry Likes popcorn 19 days ago


  • Amber J
    Amber J 19 days ago

    I personally find Carmie funny but I can understand why people don’t agree with him or his humour

  • Caitlyn Davies
    Caitlyn Davies 19 days ago

    “I’m not bi-phobic, I have bi and gay friends”

  • Mutha Tucker
    Mutha Tucker 19 days ago

    It's official. Alexx is the cranky old man of the internets..

  • Brendan Hunter
    Brendan Hunter 20 days ago

    Tik tok is awful but I'm tempted to start one cause it seems so easy to make thousands being a dick on it

  • Stacey Adamson
    Stacey Adamson 20 days ago

    Jokes are funny or they are smart which can sometimes make a smirk

  • Annabelle Lecter
    Annabelle Lecter 20 days ago +2

    They try too hard to be “edgy” funny, but they’re awful at it.

  • Sammy
    Sammy 21 day ago

    "lets see what else carmie is up to other than offending large groups of human beings"

  • that assspie
    that assspie 21 day ago

    you have a really good nose

  • Aka Ksa
    Aka Ksa 21 day ago

    Loop hole I only see tik tok videos once youtubers get sponsors 🥴

  • Maryamandpotatoes siddiqah

    This is like another version of don’t f*** with cats

  • Unknown Guy
    Unknown Guy 21 day ago

    Omg his hairline

  • Nurse Phil
    Nurse Phil 21 day ago

    I’m the real idiot

  • Angel Usher
    Angel Usher 21 day ago +8

    Olivia McMuffin be like -“I’m not biphobic I’ve got bi ‘friends’”

  • Zoë Turner
    Zoë Turner 21 day ago


  • Anita Marie
    Anita Marie 22 days ago

    That dude is creepy. Not funny. He can't possibly be funny. Lol

  • E Flip
    E Flip 22 days ago

    i’m not sexist, my sister’s a girl

  • Thunder TV
    Thunder TV 22 days ago

    Alex stop hating on people you little mother trucker it’s so fricking annoying

  • Millie Boardman
    Millie Boardman 22 days ago +1

    A joke doesn’t always mean it’s gonna be funny, it can mean it isn’t true or shouldn’t be taken seriously

  • Sophie Culleton
    Sophie Culleton 22 days ago +1

    Jack Whitehall and Jodie Comer's careers really have gone downhill lately

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell 22 days ago

    Alex trying so hard not to say suicide for the monetization

  • pink lemonade
    pink lemonade 22 days ago

    I remember seeing him comment on every video I’d watch a couple years ago

  • James Unwin
    James Unwin 22 days ago

    I get that he’s stupid for bullying but the only thing I can think of is the fact you take the piss out of people too?? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️