Disney World

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
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Comments • 19 951

  • Семья Семья
    Семья Семья 41 minute ago

    Доминик а можешли ты приехать в Сочи? Я хочу увидица с тобой.😓💓✌️

  • purple lavenders
    purple lavenders 4 hours ago

    She was *ShOoKeTh* to the bone

  • Falc0n The pro
    Falc0n The pro 12 hours ago

    You’ve went to Disney more then me and i live in america

  • Lianna Pfister
    Lianna Pfister 14 hours ago

    People that bring toddlers to Disney world are the worst. You’ve done nothing for your child and only cause annoyance & inconvenience to everyone else around you.

  • ForBrosTV ForBrosTV
    ForBrosTV ForBrosTV 16 hours ago

    I saw you at Disney

  • Kelli Randall
    Kelli Randall 19 hours ago

    I was literally in my moms womb

  • Midnightwolf10
    Midnightwolf10 20 hours ago

    Lol yeet it!!

  • Natnaht
    Natnaht Day ago

    I remember when I was 8 I when on the tower of terror I somehow survived while my mom went crazy and almost fell off

  • SooshiCake
    SooshiCake Day ago

    I remember in 2013 (i was like 7?) my parents took my to enchanted kingdom (no idea it it's an amusement park that exists only in the Philippines but pff) and we hopped on "anchors away" i was fine after the first few swings, then we got higher and higher and i bursted out crying. The guy in front of me was a nice guy as well as his girlfriend (i'm assuming it's his girlfriend because they called each other "baby") and they told me jokes to make me stop crying gave me a chocolate bar after the ride. (No idea if my parents paid them to do it because i've never seen anyone so nice in my entire life.)

  • Жамикон Иманова

    Кто тоже решил посмотреть оригинал, а не русский перевод с канала просто озвучка или дьюа?)

  • Bloom 120
    Bloom 120 Day ago

    I’ve never been in Disney world

  • Green grass
    Green grass Day ago +1

    the person that created disney was walt disney

  • the ender Prince 513

    Yeah i have live in florida all my life and when i was younger i could were a nice gap hoodie and some jeans but now i walk around school and i ask google how cold is it and it is all most bellow fezzing.....What the HELLLLLL lmao

  • Photo Gacha
    Photo Gacha Day ago

    When is was 0-5 year old i went there (i was born there) and remember a lot and loved it i rember the stich and others witch is Awsome

  • VENOM !!!
    VENOM !!! Day ago +1

    *IM A KID*

  • mariko saito
    mariko saito Day ago

    is it wrong that i remember i went to disney land when i was 3 yrs old and im 11

  • Rubber Ducky Loves Gaming

    I love going to Disney. I live in Florida and we go somewhat often (Once a year or so). Its great not bringing any kids. Dont bring the kids until they are like 6.

  • BrainBox
    BrainBox 2 days ago

    *Watches this video, looks up* "DOMICS WAS 20 MILES AWAY FROM ME"

  • jess bev
    jess bev 2 days ago

    Literally the last time I went to Disney land was when I was like 7-10 years old. And I don't remember much, but I do remember eating a mickey mouse shaped choc ice outside tower of terror

  • JasonP2427 _
    JasonP2427 _ 2 days ago

    I legit had vrv opened on another tab as I watched this video, I was watching Overlord

  • JustLeo
    JustLeo 2 days ago

    When I say "I've never been to Disney World." everyone seems so surprised

  • Ethan vogel
    Ethan vogel 2 days ago

    Rest in peace tower of terror

  • J R
    J R 2 days ago +1

    My family an I have a motto. Whenever we see a sad kid at Disney World we scream at each other “HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH GOD DAMN IT !!!”

  • Amirreza Abdi
    Amirreza Abdi 2 days ago

    Wait Disney😂😂😂

  • IHeartCandi P
    IHeartCandi P 2 days ago

    6:21 7:03 Y e e t e d !

  • Youknowbts ?
    Youknowbts ? 2 days ago

    And yeeeeeeeeeeeted had me dead 😂

  • Dreeka Price
    Dreeka Price 2 days ago

    I've never been to Disney world or land but they are dark on purpose they call them dark rides

  • Rain Gallop
    Rain Gallop 2 days ago

    I just went to Disney world this year in January. It was amazing.

  • sakura dantas
    sakura dantas 2 days ago

    The tower of terror was NOT FUN AT ALL. I got ashamed that a 7 year old girl was really happy on the ride and did not cry or got scared, while I kneeled down and hugged my mom the whole time!

  • mfrange97
    mfrange97 2 days ago

    How did you come up with “wait Disney”?! That’s SO clever!😂😂😂

  • Brittney
    Brittney 2 days ago

    I was 3 months old. I think most parents take infants for the purpose cute photos and character meetings (if the kid isnt scared) and to be fair in my case, we went for my older sisters 8th birthday

  • demons corner
    demons corner 3 days ago +1

    "Mmmmgggnnn-hello guys"

  • RoeggerFx j
    RoeggerFx j 3 days ago

    Im not familiar with disney world

  • Ethan Heldreth
    Ethan Heldreth 3 days ago +1


    • Nate caris
      Nate caris 2 days ago

      Ethan Heldreth I womt live there

  • Johny cake
    Johny cake 3 days ago +5

    Who else watched this but has never gone to disneyworld 🤔

    GREEN PALANDI 68 3 days ago

    I went wen I was 5 years and remember it as if it was yesterday

  • keyboardspaz
    keyboardspaz 3 days ago

    I went on a trip to Disney about 2-3 weeks ago and the avatar ride at animal kingdom had a 3 HOUR wait time. I rode everest once and my friends rode it another 2 times and that took like 45 minutes. (single rider goes quicker than fast pass.)

  • Diana Timbal
    Diana Timbal 3 days ago


  • Wetpuppy butt
    Wetpuppy butt 3 days ago

    That girl might have been me

  • •Spring Potato•
    •Spring Potato• 3 days ago +1

    I literally just got back from a wedding in Florida as I live there/here. And I went there last year for a field trip at 3rd grade.

  • GHoSt
    GHoSt 3 days ago

    Never been and probably never will be.

  • Shining Diamond
    Shining Diamond 3 days ago

    any nctzens react the way i did

  • KarterA_ M_0309
    KarterA_ M_0309 3 days ago

    I hated Disney world when I went and I was 12

  • eevee
    eevee 3 days ago

    I live in America and never been to Disney world

  • Breanna Zielinski
    Breanna Zielinski 4 days ago

    maybe they meant by digestive issues, a lot of people were throwing up on the rides XD

  • GoonCartoons
    GoonCartoons 4 days ago


  • Noah Lorenzo Vencio
    Noah Lorenzo Vencio 4 days ago

    I remember that in kindergarten and I was 5 my family went to disneyland and it was on a school week then after I got back I rubbed it in everyone that was in my class faces

  • Shay Foeller
    Shay Foeller 4 days ago +3

    Speaking as a Floridian and one with a year pass to all the parks. That was most likely a local kid who's family had year passes. This is just what I've observed in the last 5 years. Local and non local kids are night and day; local kids with passes know that they are within driving distance and are more prone to be impatient, whiney, and ungrateful (because they go literally every other weekend😧) Non local kids have to wait all year to come and tend to be more pilot and excited that they are there. They're even polite and say 'excuse me' when they bump into you😊

  • Ryan_The_Rhino _
    Ryan_The_Rhino _ 4 days ago

    Im very short.

    I never reach the height limit

  • Zovia
    Zovia 5 days ago

    I’m watching this at Disney right now Epcot to be specific

  • Pixel games 20
    Pixel games 20 5 days ago

    Dang it dom you ruined the Disney magic

  • Auroha
    Auroha 5 days ago

    Yep, in the south we have muggy summers and icy winters.

  • Lachlan Maxwell
    Lachlan Maxwell 5 days ago

    I’ve never been to a theme park, i’m 13

  • Evan S
    Evan S 5 days ago

    Yo, Big Thunder is a good ride and slinky dog is like 1 hr wait time unless u have FastPass+

  • Awesomess's Mess
    Awesomess's Mess 6 days ago

    Ive never been at Disney world or Disney land.

    What is my life.

  • Ardent Caddy
    Ardent Caddy 6 days ago

    Dooomiiiicss i am a fan..... i made comics with you and odd1sout in it

  • Unichance
    Unichance 6 days ago

    i dont like disney

  • Alliyah Barboza
    Alliyah Barboza 6 days ago

    I would only complain if someone else is complaining because it kills the mood and is annoying to hear at the happiest place on earth

  • Ceiling Squid
    Ceiling Squid 7 days ago

    For people who don’t like Disney because of Disneyland, go to Disney world if you can. Disneyland is the suckiest of the bunch of Disney’s.

  • Vonn Palagud
    Vonn Palagud 7 days ago

    I remember something from when I was 3

  • Lurchnblue70
    Lurchnblue70 7 days ago +1

    Haha Wait Disney

    *What a God!*

  • Relactic gamer
    Relactic gamer 7 days ago

    What if you reversed your age to 2 and you still remember everything from age that you reveresd from omg legandery life hacks

  • Robert Melendez
    Robert Melendez 7 days ago

    . . . yEETed!!

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist

  • ;}
    ;} 7 days ago

    6:21 yeet

  • Alya 6021
    Alya 6021 7 days ago +2

    Am i the only one who has never been to Disneyland

  • theforcebewithu
    theforcebewithu 8 days ago

    Me and my cousins went a good couple times as little kids and I remember meeting buzz lightyear and such it was cool

  • Ryder Patton
    Ryder Patton 8 days ago

    universal is better

  • SeikoSeikogirl
    SeikoSeikogirl 8 days ago

    I remember going to Disney World when I was in the forth or fifth grade. Ended up going to three of the parks there (two during summer and the one in fall) and remember having a lot of fun.

    WATCH TIME 9 days ago

    does vrv have anime

  • 97전 장전
    97전 장전 9 days ago

    Welp....I'm here watching dominic's experience about disney land while I've never been there before cant relate lol but i used to watch thingss about disney world i dunno how..but i feel k like im there lmao
    (I once also had a dream about me going to Disney land....it was FUN lol)

  • Joshua yew
    Joshua yew 9 days ago

    The only thing I remembered was a bathtub at the Disney hotel when i was 3 and i cried in the plane because my ears was stuck so yeah!

  • Charleone Ramos
    Charleone Ramos 9 days ago +1


    You where tall enough to ride.

  • SmokieTheDog
    SmokieTheDog 9 days ago

    I am a kid
    But I’m really into the “DisneyParks”
    So ik what my dad has to go through to get us there from California

  • aisha waked
    aisha waked 9 days ago

    Bro I was going to post this same video 🤣🤣😁

  • Tranny Boi
    Tranny Boi 9 days ago

    Went to Hollywood Studios today, how did you get from tower of terror to toy story land so fast?

  • Samantha Persaud
    Samantha Persaud 10 days ago

    “And YEEEETED the cart off the rail!” 😂😂😂

  • RailfanMedia
    RailfanMedia 10 days ago +1

    I went to Disney in 2007 and I bought a souvenir, sadly it broke after t fell on the floor in the middle of the night. Honestly it was a little cheap.

  • Tate Freeman
    Tate Freeman 10 days ago

    Well... I cant wait to go to disney word... yay...

  • sunshine. gyps
    sunshine. gyps 10 days ago +1

    Hey Dom, do u remember studying about ASEAN

    • sunshine. gyps
      sunshine. gyps 9 days ago

      +mind blown duck lMFAOOOO XD ASEAN was made in Bangkok, 8 August 1967

    • mind blown duck
      mind blown duck 9 days ago +2

      I had to study it but I forgot so I had to make out words so I ended up with Asians should eat Asian noodles

  • Zooer
    Zooer 10 days ago

    Actually, I go to Disney World FOR the lines! Nothing's better than being nosy and getting sweet sweet story material

  • Riona kennedy
    Riona kennedy 10 days ago

    it sounds like u used every grammar app to make the last part of the vid

  • Greg Silverman
    Greg Silverman 11 days ago

    I went and knew the ridiculous expense it was but my mom just kept saying it was fine

  • Turnip Pie
    Turnip Pie 11 days ago

    I've never been there
    and I dont wanna go there

  • Travis Rodriguez
    Travis Rodriguez 11 days ago


  • John Gabriel Ferraer
    John Gabriel Ferraer 11 days ago +3

    In Disney world I walked for 10 hours strait, and the pain was painful.
    -I waited 4 hours for a ride. And the feeling was horrible.

    KILLAMAN JARO 11 days ago

    Don't dislike

  • Cameryn Gibbs
    Cameryn Gibbs 11 days ago

    Domics has a girlfriend?!
    I thought he was married lmao

  • Danosuar playz
    Danosuar playz 11 days ago +1

    Hello I’m going back to bed now now I have to go to play for a game and play games and play it for a game and play games and play it for a game and play games and play it for a game and play games and play it for a game and play it for a game and play games and play it for a game and play it for a game and play games and play it for a game and play it for a game and play it for a game and play games and play it for a

  • Michael
    Michael 11 days ago


  • Black Blacky
    Black Blacky 11 days ago +2

    I think some children would be happy at the time to be in Disneyland...all their favorite characters and stuff...yeah sure they might forget after a while but I think appreciative kids would be more than pleased to be there

  • Revamped_FoxDen _
    Revamped_FoxDen _ 12 days ago +1

    The sad thing is that I left Disney World that day 😶😢

  • Lyonchik Fly
    Lyonchik Fly 12 days ago


  • Eizen.
    Eizen. 12 days ago


  • Hypno
    Hypno 12 days ago

    Vrv Premiu-- a domics animation

  • DancingCheese
    DancingCheese 12 days ago

    I was maybe 5 or 6 when I went to Disney World. The only things I remember were stupidly long waits, a Lego shop, and getting scared by a spitting Stitch thing in some theatre or something.

  • bepper
    bepper 12 days ago

    AND i remember when i was a baybe when i went to disnyland I never forgot.. MY MOMTHER RAAN oof ok i was just blind

  • bepper
    bepper 12 days ago +2

    Yup.. When i was a kid which i still am
    I got lost i though i lost my mom/my mom ran away to be free from me

  • Valeria Coronado
    Valeria Coronado 12 days ago

    Well you can’t leave a kid at home so ...

  • mash mashes mashed
    mash mashes mashed 13 days ago

    I went to disney like a lot when i was small and uh i only remember eating and riding a ride that goes up not a ferris wheel rhats it

  • The Gamer Federation
    The Gamer Federation 13 days ago

    Yo I think I saw you I live in titusville and Disney world is in Orlando at tower of terror my favoate ride