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A Dangerous Son (2018) Official Trailer | HBO

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • Mothers struggling with aggressive sons try to find help for the mental health and wellbeing of both their children and themselves.
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Comments • 137

  • Stephen Mann
    Stephen Mann Month ago

    Please refer to Dr. Peter Breggin's website for a psychiatrist's expertise and point of view I am referring to

  • Stephen Mann
    Stephen Mann Month ago

    It is likely that PTS is behind most of these cases of "mental illness" . This isn't the child's fault. The family may be in turmoil just because of the "mental illness" diagnosis. It usually stems from the inability of parents to truly love their children (or one child) once they are old enough to think for themselves.

  • Jamie Espinoza
    Jamie Espinoza 2 months ago

    This really pulled at my heart strings and hit the nail on the head for parents that are struggling with the same thing. My heart goes out to each and everyone of them and any of those parents that feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I ask to band together! Start a FB page, a TheXvid channel, etc. You are not alone and your child is not alone. ❤️

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos 4 months ago


  • Cherie Koplove
    Cherie Koplove 5 months ago +2

    That brunette kid is scary AF.. I was shocked that the mom was having another.. like HUH ?? One would think you should concentrate on your cray kid you already have.. . 🤨

  • xisobelx373
    xisobelx373 6 months ago


  • Mandy Skogebo
    Mandy Skogebo 6 months ago

    This is soooooo accurate in depicting what parents go through.

  • MrTpeppers
    MrTpeppers 7 months ago +1

    I saw this and I can’t believe that one mother had another baby!!!

  • blahblah jumpswing
    blahblah jumpswing 7 months ago

    They never tell the truth about the path these kids were on, like the abuse of strangers, people in the social care systems, you never tell the truth do you? But I'm sure you'll keep taking from them and letting nothing be caring, why not right expendable, no one ever sits down and actually talks, people need social interactions not be led by a stupid invention that traps them, or belittles them just keep pushing them in corners....its all you ever know is bullying, but hey two families alike so keep going. When is the last time you had family time? Oh wait you have it daily...yeah I typed it.

  • Sean til dawn
    Sean til dawn 7 months ago

    keep abortion legal.....fuck you prolifers. its different these days

  • MrRedstardude
    MrRedstardude 8 months ago

    The screaming and tantruming, but not the fighting, remind me of myself when I was a child. I very rarely fought with my sister. That said, when I was little, there was very little to no help that took place outside of a hospital and family separation.

  • Tammy Hallett
    Tammy Hallett 8 months ago +1

    i'm sorry but some of these older kids need to be placed for full time care...others like the young one should be totally seperated from other siblings so they are safe. some of these tantrums are not all due to mental illness...some are just ones that throw a tantrum. I know a family who has three sons with autism...from serious to mild...but they don't hit each other...I think because their parents think that is all mental let them get away with more...which is wrong. they still need to be punished...or put for time outs

  • skolnick44
    skolnick44 8 months ago

    Coming to a prison or headline for violent crime near you. Definitely a product of the new think no consequences generation. They should put him down like a dog that bites before he hurts someone. Fatherless and not fit to live in a civilized society.
    And the parents, my god, ineffective and new age bullshit whiners. You are failing your kids. The one kid's dad needs to show a spine. Let's do society a favour and put these animals down before they hurt productive members of society.

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming 8 months ago

    Trey Adams-you can try all that hocus pocus psych stuff on the guy who will eventually kill them.And that guy is out there by the thousands.

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming 8 months ago

    kkardi-you hit the nail on the head .How do you define this stuff?What we have here is a bunch of momma's and all the crap that goes with momma's.Feminism and our rediculous legal system has run the man outta the house-outta the family.That kid would bludgeon his sister once with me-He responds to pain.I guarantee that.If the price for bludgeoning his sister gets high enough he'll stop-believe you me.Eventually he's going to go off on the street-then he's dead.And then the show has all these dr.phils rationalizing horrible behaviour.Thats not even science.They are all going to respond to pain eventually.There is no purpose in skirting it.Its gonna be someone's fist,basball bat or bullet.
    There are no if's about this.
    It's as inevitable as the sunset.

  • Bill d
    Bill d 8 months ago

    I also have a violent autistic son. I live in a big city, and there is virtually no psychiatric help available. Every psych ED in this city refuses to accept psychotic, and or dangerous children. "Sorry we do eating disorders, and depression"

  • Narvelan Coleman
    Narvelan Coleman 8 months ago +8

    OMG!!!! The way he was beating his sister in the back seat of that car....I'm sorry......I would have punched him right back in the face! Now I know he is extremely mentally disturbed; and I don't want to be insensitive to that....but he needs to know there are consequences when you put your hands on someone else! If he is that mentally disturbed.....he does not need to be in the house with his sister......she is suffering physical and emotional abuse from him! As he grows older....what other violent acts will he be capable of doing to his sister!!!!!!!?????? I'm just saying!!

  • Christine Badostain
    Christine Badostain 9 months ago

    a very reductive approach to "mental illness"

  • PJC
    PJC 9 months ago

    Excellent documentary!

  • Lanetta McAlpine
    Lanetta McAlpine 9 months ago

    I am the parent of an Autistic young man and yes I have experienced some of the same meltdowns but I believe structure with discipline goes along way yes I have many resources and assistance with therapy and meds but that can only go so far discipline goes along way and I teach is what I say goes and we act appropriate at all times now sure they will have their meltdowns but again with discipline, a strict schedule, and routine structure it makes your life a lot easier now I will admit that my son is able to do a lot of things on his own so I don't want to downplay anyone else's behavior but from what I saw in this video some of those kids need a good old fashion but whooping and time out in the corner

  • incipidsigninsetup
    incipidsigninsetup 9 months ago +4

    Kids use violence because violence gets them what they want. If violence never worked they wouldn't use it. I'm not saying there aren't mental issues involved but that a great deal of it is behavioral. To say "we've failed these kids" is garbage. If these kids feel like they have no control over their anger and subsequent choices then how the fuck is someone else to blame? By all means try your best but some people can not be saved and that fact does not automatically equate to the failure of everyone else.

    • Five Dee
      Five Dee 6 months ago +1

      I agree with that yes that in more than a few instances I've seen where kids use violence because violence gets them what they want. I have a cousin like that whose being raised by his grandmother. She's one of those 'young' grandmas so their bond is like pals. When he was younger, and my son and I would visit, he would have these anger meltdowns and she would get all hyper and freak out to appease him. Once he had a mini meltdown in the car while she drove panicked to a Dairy Queen as a band aid solution - as he grinned in the back seat out of her view. My son and I noticed that together and were stunned.

  • Shayla Hardy
    Shayla Hardy 9 months ago +10

    Best. Birth. Control. Ever.

  • danny boyo
    danny boyo 9 months ago

    Fed Savage looks the same as ever.

  • SpaseGoast
    SpaseGoast 9 months ago

    Euthanize them. These kids are suffering from severe psychological issues. It is cruel to make them go through life being forced to try to stifle what their mind tells them to do. Are these kids evil? No. Are these kids violent and dangerous? Yes.
    It is like a dog with rabies. Dangerous to everyone around it.

    • yo girl emily ray
      yo girl emily ray 9 months ago +1

      Not everyone who has these mental illnesses goes on to harm others or themselves....proper medication works, proper therapy works....don't be a fucking nitwit

    • Untro
      Untro 9 months ago +4

      your the one who needs to be put down, eugenic piece of shit. neonazi scum.

  • KingSiah 510
    KingSiah 510 9 months ago +1

    I was waiting for the black mom to say" he need some milk"

  • bellmeisterful
    bellmeisterful 9 months ago

    Watching now. Would love to know A. How old were they when they were first "diagnosed" and what were they told.
    B. What medications were they given and at what ages.
    I know they wont mention these things at all in the show. Well we will see.

    • Stacy Shapiro
      Stacy Shapiro 9 months ago +1

      bellmeisterful I’d love to answer your questions 😊. Mine is the first kid shown and he was diagnosed at 3 with moderate autism with sensory processing disorder and severe cognitive delays. I started getting any and all help available to me from that point. However unfortunately autism is seen as a behavioral disorder and nothing more but it is a neurological and for that reason mental health help is not available for autism alone. My son has since been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and explosive intermittent disorder and a couple other mental health issues that branch from a neurological condition. But to treat those illnesses you must first understand the umbrella which is the autism. He’s been on several different medications that span over his life the behaviors and dysregulation have been a constant up-and-down. It is easy to say what you would do until your in that situation. My child lacked the skills he needed to be able to self soothe and regulate himself which is something that comes a lot easier to most people when they get upset they react a certain way but for him he would instantly see red. He is not a lost cause it takes a lot of the right treatment and a lot of retraining the brain. The longer he went without the right kind of help the worst that it got. When you have an aggressive kid who can almost overpower you and is being violent towards his sister day in and day out it takes a mental and emotional toll on you and yet at the same time this is your child. It is a very difficult position to Be in, to love someone more than life itself and to loathe them at the same time. I am happy to say though there are still challenges we face and many more ahead he’s definitely not the same kid he was then. He is almost 16 now and has gained immense skill over the years and is able to use coping strategies and not act out aggressively as much.

  • DeathBlackWish
    DeathBlackWish 9 months ago

    What the actual fuck is wrong with you people in this comment section?

  • Joman
    Joman 9 months ago

    This virtually unwatchable documentary is about enablement and ill-equipped parents. Calling the cops on your autistic son for hitting the dashboard? Fuck you.

  • Josh Sabey
    Josh Sabey 9 months ago +1

    This is very similar to the documentary "Going Sane" we released last year. It's now on Amazon and Kanopy. Maybe we should collaborate next time... :) (

    • Stacy Shapiro
      Stacy Shapiro 9 months ago +1

      Josh Sabey thank you i’d love to know what you thought and I will try to check out yours. I loved being a part of the project like this and I’d love to be a part of any more that come up I think it’s so important for people to see the truth behind what it really means to have a mentally ill child

    • Josh Sabey
      Josh Sabey 9 months ago +1

      Yeah I did! It's also on Kanopy which you might be able to access through your library. I'm excited to see this documentary too.

    • Stacy Shapiro
      Stacy Shapiro 9 months ago

      Josh Sabey no I’ve Heard of it but I don’t get Amazon prime and I don’t really know what it’s about a friend of mine had been telling me about it a while back did you have a hand in making it

    • Josh Sabey
      Josh Sabey 9 months ago

      Have you seen Going Sane?

    • Stacy Shapiro
      Stacy Shapiro 9 months ago +2

      I really hoped that this would raise awareness to an ongoing issue in the United States. I think they’re should be more films like this and update fins showing what having the right treatment looks like when available.

  • steven jones
    steven jones 9 months ago

    the difference between this kids parents and mine is when i would start acting up as a kid, that my dad would beat my ass... I learned really quickly how to behave and they didnt have to have me "Diagnosed with a mental disorder" so they could force feed me pills... If i was too rowdy and unable to focus it was "go outside in play" not, heres a smart phone, ipad, video game console, etc. And have some doctor tell a young boys parents that he has ADHD...

  • Nicolus Perez
    Nicolus Perez 9 months ago +2

    I saw the this full documantery. A lot of these issues start and home. Most of these children are not single children. The brothers and sisters of these troubled children are ok. Most of these parents are surrounded by doctors that don't care and are to quick to medicate they're children. What the parents need to do is not to rely on the government for help at all. The movie also speak about "autism". Please get a real specialist to diagnose it. Sadly some doctors like to intrepid they're opinion of autism. Please seek for real specialists. Not state or government funded help. They're the worst help. Keep the children away from any violent games, tv shows, keep them away from social media. Work on the child not against them. Keep the children physically and mentally active yet fun at all times. This documentery has so much mistakes that even the "help" do. Too much lowering of the standards now a days. Don't be a victim of a poisoned society that involves bad influences from social media, games, bad people, bad teachers or bad "help". Most of the medication can not and will not help.

    • DeathBlackWish
      DeathBlackWish 9 months ago +2

      You're incredibly ignorant of legitimate medical disorders. Brain chemistry doesn't just get fixed by being nice to people. There's a lot more that goes into it and you're incredibly shitty to these parent's and kid's situations. Sincerely fuck you.

  • Michael White
    Michael White 9 months ago +4

    Watching this mess makes the case for abortion. Some people do not need to be parents. The one's in this documentary are so "new age" and whiny, no wonder they have produced and raised such little monsters. A good trip to the woodshed is what is needed for both these spoiled brats and their spoiled brat so called parents.

    • soyunaterremoto1
      soyunaterremoto1 8 months ago +2

      Wow I hope you never have a kid
      And I hope you never have to go to a struggle to have a kid with Autism or other mental Illness.

    • yo girl emily ray
      yo girl emily ray 9 months ago +2

      Youre a fucking moron....nothing else needs to be said....memorize those 4 simple words, its your life in a nutshell

    • vickie g
      vickie g 9 months ago +3

      Michael White violence begets violence

  • SquishyKittens
    SquishyKittens 9 months ago +7

    "For people with serious mental illness, there is a tendency to violence" there is no way the director of the NIMH actually meant this - I can't believe HBO would stick that in a trailer without context because it's just not true. The director the NIMH himself has made clear that people with serious mental illness contribute very little to the overall rate of violence in the community, are more likely to be violent toward themselves, and are far more likely to be victims of violence than other people. For SOME people, with issues like paranoid delusions, the risk of violent behavior in a person may be higher. But there are many disorders that fall under the "serious mental illness" category and most of them do not involve any violent behavior at all. Given the cultural climate, HBO should be more careful about accurately portraying mental illness in kids.

    • Gaunjee Major
      Gaunjee Major 7 months ago

      i dont think it was intended as an act of aggression, but a tendency to be aggressive without realizing it. Like how they will push, shove, ect. without the actual want to harm.

    • Andrew Hultgren
      Andrew Hultgren 9 months ago +1

      thank you.

  • Dominique Laurent
    Dominique Laurent 9 months ago +2

    This is exactly what we have been going through with our son. Mothers, even though they bear the brunt of the crisis, are not the only ones to struggle. Dads do too. I have been attacked violently by my son many times, particularly when I was driving to places he wanted to go. A traffic slow down, a detour in the road, etc... all can set him off! His last episode with me was last summer when we went camping. It was raining when we arrived and he got violently upset. I had to call the park rangers, the state police and we ended up at the hospital... Eventually we were able to return to our camp site and proceed with our weekend. You just never know when it is going to hit. Another source of worry is that when he turns 21 (in December), all support will stop and we don't know what we are going to do.

  • missyourbites
    missyourbites 9 months ago

    Well compared to these spoiled brats I was further way worst, so fortunately I got a dad that said well I love you son but enough is enough, smacked the hell out of me when necessary, put me in struggle to earn my stuff and then I learned ooh fuck I've got to behave, and stop thinking I'm the center of any shit, now I'm a good man, Thanks Dad!!

  • Rocio Jimenez
    Rocio Jimenez 9 months ago

    When does it start???

  • spiffinz
    spiffinz 10 months ago +2

    NOPE blame the guns

  • Trey Adams
    Trey Adams 10 months ago +30

    Simply having a father present isn't the only thing that will keep these children from being violent. Try and do some learning before you make assumptions.

    • Saba Blah
      Saba Blah 8 months ago

      Bill d only one of the mothers is a single parent. One father is dead and the other didn’t take part in filming

    • Bill d
      Bill d 8 months ago +1

      but where are they in this film?

    • Trey Adams
      Trey Adams 9 months ago +1

      J Lowery and? Did I say it wouldn't be better? It was in response to the number of people commenting 'if the dad was there they wouldn't be like that.'

    • J Lowery
      J Lowery 9 months ago +4

      No shit. It will still be much better having a father present as opposed to just having a mother to deal with it alone.

  • tru e
    tru e 10 months ago

    0:37 Mr Solomon, redhead with green eyes

  • Stacy Shapiro
    Stacy Shapiro 10 months ago +32

    This is my son in the start of the trailer and he has autism, adhd, odd, and Iep along with sensory processing disorder and anxiety. Autism alone wasn’t and still by some isn’t seen as more than “behavioral”. It is the umbrella that encompasses the other disorders that even though are viewed as in mental illness stem from the autism. We have come a very long way since this doc was made and have received much help, but when we did this my son was a danger to himself and those around him because we lacked the resource, guidance and trained professionals to help navigate the behaviors. It won’t be helped by using aggressive means of discipline or just therapy. I can’t speak for the other families involved but autism is a very unique, individual and highly sensitive neurological disorder. We still struggle that are in a better place now and I wanted this documentary to bring awareness and empathy and compassion towards the children and the parents to not always judge a book by its cover and to realize there may be more going on than what meets the eye. As far as the fathers again I can only speak for myself he is in the picture but didn’t want to be a part of this and we have had many rough roads agreeing on the best way to handle our children and again are working through that. This was an extremely emotional time for me and I can say for myself I have learned much along the way.

    • Tammy Hallett
      Tammy Hallett 8 months ago +1

      Stacy Shapiro very true

    • Stacy Shapiro
      Stacy Shapiro 8 months ago +1

      Tammy Hallett that makes sense however one thing that’s certain Is you will never meet one autistic kid the same they are all entirely different. it is a very very broad spectrum what works for one will not necessarily work for another and what works one day will not necessarily work the next. My son spent more time in school then he did at home from the time he was three, and his teachers all through school dealt with the same behavioral issues and we followed everything at home that they did in school so all of them were having the same issues I was. He most certainly well had to be treated differently because his brain is different. His response mechanism is not the same as another kids. he has a very low iq and cognitive and his social skills are very low as well. furthermore back then he lacked 100% the skills To regulate his emotions. The only reason it is any better now is through one on one help 12 hours a week at home and everything he gets in school and a whole lot of patience and he has mellowed out a bit from age but he still struggles socially and those are the reasons why first and foremost he will get aggressive when it comes to his ability to process what is going on in a situation.

    • Tammy Hallett
      Tammy Hallett 8 months ago +1

      i know a family with three kids who all have autism...but they never smack each other around....if they ever did they would be in a time out or punished just like kids without because mom didn't want them using it for an excuse or treat them different. All kids know hitting is absolutely wrong and she said just because they have issues doesn't mean they get away with anything they wanted or anything they're other siblings get grounded or punished for. I do wish you luck..and it seems the older they get, the more they can 'control' they're temper and whatnot

    • Stacy Shapiro
      Stacy Shapiro 9 months ago +1

      lisa Traynor Hi Lisa I don’t know what state you live in and it is different everywhere. The first thing I would encourage you to do if you haven’t already is to try and get them a formal diagnosis of something. If you suspect something is off have your doctor refer you to a specialist or the local Children’s Hospital. From there providing they do have something developmentally wrong with them, I would try and work with the school getting them an individualized education program if that’s not something they currently have either which does help them to be able to work at their pace with their limitations. I would contact DDA wherever that may be in your area or call your local Dshs office to find out what the number for that is. that would be the Department of developmental disabilities and find out what the resources are that are available to you. There may be a waitlist and you may have to sign a bunch paperwork and follow up. I would get them in to see a mental health counselor and start creating a paper trail, possibly with the local law-enforcement if need be because that is what I had to do explaining the situation and having them come out to help de-escalate at times. The mental health person can hopefully help you figure out whether or not there is any medications they should be on that may help them and if you should ever have to admit them to the Children’s Hospital in the mental health unit for further help these things before hand will be necessary to have done. I would try and find out if there’s any local resources for any kind of programs to help families with children like this. For me Ethan was deemed high risk and before he went into the inpatient rehab we had the local mental health department help us with a program called wraparound service which offered in-home therapy and worked with the family. unfortunately he needed more and that’s why we went to do the impatient but it’s always good to start somewhere and usually you have to jump through each group before getting to the bigger steps. I hope that helps and good luck and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask

    • lisa Traynor
      lisa Traynor 9 months ago +1

      Hi stacy, would you mind sharing with me the resources you have implemented to help you with your son. I have two boys just like this. Both adopted. Thank you, lisa

  • dragonsleeper31471
    dragonsleeper31471 10 months ago +7

    Dads will smack them in the head, they'll learn...

    • skolnick44
      skolnick44 8 months ago +1

      tru e and manners.

    • tru e
      tru e 10 months ago +6

      this is how kids get concussions, fyi.

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  • Marko Aleksic
    Marko Aleksic 10 months ago

    I would beat the hell out of those pussies releasing their anger on their parents, go to school and do something like that or even worse on the street and someone will beat you up like donkeys little faggots....

  • Jay Ysk
    Jay Ysk 10 months ago +17

    No father's in sight. Hmmmm

    • Christopher C
      Christopher C Month ago

      +Mangees Mom He's not someone who's known to cheat on his wife. Unlike the current occupant of the White House, who has cheated on all three of his wives.

    • Mangees Mom
      Mangees Mom Month ago

      +Christopher C Are you sure about that? 😅

    • Jay Ysk
      Jay Ysk 9 months ago +1

      Yes he did. But is it the most beneficial situation? Should a young man growing up in any circumstance be left without a strong male influence to help guide them through their formal years? You can overcome anything in this world but I do know that a young man needs a father to guide him and show him the right way to be a man. If you had the chance to ask him im almost certain he would have loved to have the guidance and stability of a father in his life.

    • Christopher C
      Christopher C 9 months ago +4

      The 44th president did ok with a single mom.

    • Jay Ysk
      Jay Ysk 10 months ago +4

      @tru e that was quite a rude response. No one said any of those things. Your making assumptions based on what you feel not what I wrote. All we are saying is that a child needs a proper envirement to grow up in. That means a mother and a father who are preferably married. Especially those with mental disorders. Not all men can be generalized that way just like you can't generalize all wemon. I'm sorry if your life experience has made you feel that way but you sound very scorned and jaded. Plenty of men out there raise their kids properly with thier wives and in a loving household. I recommend instead of painting all men with one brush and using profanity that you focus on yourself so you can provide that for your children the same way I do and millions of men do. God bless

  • jnazorn0t
    jnazorn0t 10 months ago +7

    Yeah I wonder if HBO is going to talk about why we don't have funding for the care these children need? We spend $45.8 billion A YEAR on illegal immigrants and yet US CITIZENS CAN'T GET THE HELP THEY NEED? what about our citizens? what about AMERICAN "DREAMERS"!?!

    • Fun Garbage
      Fun Garbage 4 months ago

      It's pretty apparent to anyone who isn't an idiot you are a right winger. You're obsessed with hating immigrants and blame them for things they have nothing to do with. The only immigrants who receive gov assistance are here legally. Illegal immigrants pay taxes and get no benefits. The biggest cost to the tax payer is in deportation which people who call other people commies for pointing out Republican mismanagement seem to love. You're digging your own grave. You should get help.

    • jnazorn0t
      jnazorn0t 9 months ago +2

      DeathBlackWish hey you piece of excrement who the h is talking about Ronald Reagan? what decade are you living in? who ever said I was a "conservative"? and when did it become "conservative" to want to spend money to help AMERICANS? Unless you have a time machine you better pull your head out and join "the current year" your just another anti-American baby murdering commie you scum.

    • DeathBlackWish
      DeathBlackWish 9 months ago +6

      You're the most ignorant type of human garbage. You realize republicans are the ones who take away any funding for medical and scientific institutions right? Guess who closed down every single psych hospital in california and caused most of the patients to become homeless and die alone and starving? Ronald fucking Reagan. Fuck your conservative agenda you slimeball.

    • jnazorn0t
      jnazorn0t 10 months ago

      there is a difference between billion and million ... but you may a good point; I do think we get involved in too many wars

    • JohnsRadios
      JohnsRadios 10 months ago +7

      jnazorn0t We just spent $155 million in bombs on Syria.

  • MrRedskins0021
    MrRedskins0021 10 months ago +2

    That's what you get when the dad is missing.

    • MrRedskins0021
      MrRedskins0021 9 months ago +1

      Bobby Collinsworth Research says otherwise. Children with both parents have a much greater success rate than single parents. Some can do it, but majority get overwhelmed.

    • ND 84
      ND 84 9 months ago +1

      LOL My nephews were raised by my sister, a single mother, and have no such issues or problems. Hell,the shittiest people I know on this planet had both parents around.

    • MrRedskins0021
      MrRedskins0021 9 months ago +1

      Joshua Ray We have several kids with mental illness and it's a great difference when dad is involved fucking idiot.

    • yo girl emily ray
      yo girl emily ray 9 months ago +1

      Having a dad around would magically cure mental illness??...damn, who knew such a complex situation could be solved with such a simple answer

    • MrRedskins0021
      MrRedskins0021 10 months ago +1

      tru e He was there to help by little brother out through the difficult times and my brother is now an adult and independent. Yes!

    QUENTIN30 CDUB 10 months ago +4

    The kids with mental illness idk, but the others...... beat their asses .

    • steven jones
      steven jones 9 months ago

      means beat the kids asses who dont have REAL mental illnesses.

      QUENTIN30 CDUB 10 months ago

      Micky P sorry I did word it wrong. My fault . But you know where I'm coming from .

    • Michael
      Michael 10 months ago +3

      So your suggestion is to beat the asses of kids with mental illness', or did you mean to type it the other way around? Either way you're a fuckin' moron.

  • G
    G 10 months ago +11

    We need to make mental hospitals acceptable again some people are not fit for the world and need the help to have as comfortable an existence and protected from themselves

    • Ladylinda karlsson
      Ladylinda karlsson 7 months ago

      G hell no!! 😡 we need to be more accepted and not be pressed from people like you

    • skolnick44
      skolnick44 8 months ago +1

      tru e so society should live with time bombs like this. Don't think so. I wouldn't depend on anybody to defend what I love.

    • hawkeyemadi
      hawkeyemadi 9 months ago

      G have you ever been in a mental hospital? Its not a good place to be in. No way out, overdosing people, EST(electronic shock therapy), not to mention a lot of people who work in these places do unspeakable things to the people stuck in those situations. And who'd believe a mental patient over someone they consider "normal". I think you should spend real time in a place like that, before you just start suggesting such stupidity. I'm talking from experience.

    • tru e
      tru e 10 months ago +2

      you must be out of touch with relaity, if you think mental hospitals care for their patients.

  • teigers1
    teigers1 10 months ago +12

    After the Newtown shooting there was this conversation about how kids with Asperger's (which the shooter had) were prone to violence. The argument was BS and that unfairly stigmatized kids with Autism and other mental illnesses. The mentally ill are more a danger to themselves than to others and they deserve empathy and not fear. I do not appreciate any documentary that portrays young mentally ill people as dangerous or needing to be feared.

    • steven jones
      steven jones 9 months ago +2

      this kid in the beginning beats the shit out of his sister in the car, sounds like he is more dangerous to other people...

    • steven jones
      steven jones 9 months ago +3

      Do you mean the 135 lb shooter who carried almost 200 lbs of weaponry and gear while shooting up the school?

    • Stacy Shapiro
      Stacy Shapiro 9 months ago +6

      If you watch the documentary it definitely does not stigmatize

    • Chelsea Darnell
      Chelsea Darnell 10 months ago +5

      By the way, I’m pretty sure the last thing this doc is doing is demonizing the children.

    • 80teg
      80teg 10 months ago +5

      Perhaps you should refrain from making assumptions on what everyone thinks of mental illness. SOME people with mental illness are more prone to violent behaviour because they may lack insight into their condition/actions etc. To ask the question itself from a slew of professionals isn't stigmatizing. Questions are necessarily part of the process of attaining knowledge.

  • KKardi
    KKardi 10 months ago +50

    Where the dads at?

    • LynZ
      LynZ 6 months ago

      spoken like a true dumb fuck who has zero understanding of the way the world works. I bet you're an incel too. Shut the fuck up

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog 8 months ago +1

      Serena, A) Your comment is very hateful, B) How can she know which comments are negative unless she reads them first? You low-IQ moron.

    • Serena Williams
      Serena Williams 8 months ago +1

      Stacy Shapiro Please don’t read the negative and ignorant comments. The profound amount of hateful jerks on here are a shocking yet fortunately small segment of intellectually challenged, low life trolls. You are courageous and inspiring and have done an amazing job and I wish you and your family all the best.

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog 8 months ago +2

      Let me guess. More taxes, so we can hire more fat old black cunts at 80,000 a year to sit at a desk transferring calls back and forth. Yeah, that'll fix it.

    • Hazel1721
      Hazel1721 9 months ago +3

      SanctifiedN7 - Uh, did you watch the documentary? Your response is typical right-wing drivel. First off, social services have been cut on the state and federal level due to conservative policies, not liberal ones. Secondly, William has a dad, the black mother is a single parent because her husband was wrongfully killed by the police, and as Stacy Shapiro explained below, the dad in that family is also in the picture.

  • Hlengiwe Zungu
    Hlengiwe Zungu 10 months ago

    Oh no hell no

  • Juan Cabral
    Juan Cabral 10 months ago

    Good documentary

  • John San Juan
    John San Juan 10 months ago +3

    It’s Not Easy Parents Deal with Mentally Illness Kids.