Champions League moments and memes | Klopp and Pep's incredible account of the Road to Madrid

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Watch as Jürgen Klopp and Pep Lijnders relive some iconic moments from their Champions League run in a unique way, through viral videos and TheXvid highlights of the campaign.
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  • Liverpool FC
    Liverpool FC  Month ago +120

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    • Pink Guy
      Pink Guy 19 days ago

      Hi liverpoooool! Im getting one of the new jerseys as an early birthday presents and i dont know what one to get 😂😂which one do you think??

    • Gülay Kiymaz
      Gülay Kiymaz 28 days ago

      Liverpool Champions league soccer

    • mala sawma zuala
      mala sawma zuala 28 days ago

      I dont like your wallpaper👎👎 time to un subscribe

    • Hank Storm
      Hank Storm Month ago +1

      Hi I really enjoyed watching this, though I have one request/suggestion, please show more footage of what they are watching (with like an overlay screen in a corner), often I am wondering what they talk about because we cannot see what they watch!

    • Bernhard Geers
      Bernhard Geers Month ago +1

      why not German subtitle ? all English guis crying when BVB one of 10 Vidio whithaout English Subtitle upload . But english Clubs Never have German subtitles.

      We BVB fans love Kloppo and would like to see and hear something from him. Would be nice in the sense of the friendship of the two best clubs in the world when you insert German subtitles

  • pilan liu
    pilan liu 18 hours ago

    just translate a Thai language, please check
    thank you

  • Neverman Is Here

    @7:17 How often do you see JK speechless? Y.N.W.A. One of my favorite humans.

  • anwar
    anwar 2 days ago

    To be continued 😂😂😂 easy Klop yes yes yes

  • jagadeesh Gowda
    jagadeesh Gowda 4 days ago

    should have included Jose Mourinho Crediting Jurgen Klopp For Liverpool's Massive Win Over Barcelona

  • Alexis Ramírez
    Alexis Ramírez 4 days ago +1

    11:36 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love Jurgen laugh

  • own thu
    own thu 4 days ago

    Respect kloop

  • Kristian Øiom
    Kristian Øiom 5 days ago

    So much love ⚽♥️♥️♥️

  • Mehmet GÜLDEMİR
    Mehmet GÜLDEMİR 5 days ago

    Klupp has an epic laughing

  • DeepVoice Gad
    DeepVoice Gad 5 days ago

    german scouse

  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut 5 days ago

    I hope this gets to the top
    Klopp I would like to see your final speech in your CR7 bokers.

  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut 5 days ago


  • Jon Heap
    Jon Heap 7 days ago

    Would genuinely be star struck if I met Jurgen, he’s just a regular bloke who makes being motivating and professional look so easy.

  • Gnouni Néne La. tv
    Gnouni Néne La. tv 7 days ago

    Mané ballon d'or 🇸🇳 forces

  • The Kobster 05
    The Kobster 05 7 days ago

    If klopp doesn’t get a statue we riot

  • Per Spellman
    Per Spellman 8 days ago

    Finally it comes from the boss about Mané's goal against Bayern M, though he wasn't shore if it's been voted "goal of the year, or something like that", even in July. Still, it got beaten by Salah's rocket against Chelsea and for some reason also Origi's more normal goal against Spurs. Why not the winner against Barca? Thank you though for agreeing with me on the Mané goal, Jürgen Klopp.

  • Alex Odonga
    Alex Odonga 8 days ago

    Undisputed European Champions!!

  • Michael Grace
    Michael Grace 8 days ago

    Feel the importance of your own voice

  • PlainJohn Kopite
    PlainJohn Kopite 9 days ago

    Klopp is a Psychologist

  • Adron Craig
    Adron Craig 10 days ago

    Pepper gently rapid retirement trip award mess.

  • chandinee Bhujan
    chandinee Bhujan 10 days ago

    To Be Continued...🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅

  • Arvind Theodore
    Arvind Theodore 11 days ago

    Who says we need Pep. We already have one here, along with Klopp haha!

  • Kat Lynne
    Kat Lynne 13 days ago


  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 13 days ago

    What a season lets do it again and make more magic YNWA

  • VintageNujabes
    VintageNujabes 13 days ago

    I love how much Klopp adores Mane

  • BraceDeville
    BraceDeville 14 days ago

    Tomorrow We Go Again! Up the Reds!

    THE MAHARANI'S CLOSET 15 days ago


  • Jarrett Thomas
    Jarrett Thomas 15 days ago

    8:28 is that in reference to the German philosopher Nietzche? The ubermensch or the "over coming" of oneself to reach your true potential..Ima just go with it lol

  • 小美伢
    小美伢 15 days ago

    Klopp is a fantastic manager and an even greater man, he deserves a statue when he leaves Liverpool.

  • Liam Cleaves
    Liam Cleaves 16 days ago

    Like if Jurgen best manager

  • JoeChief1
    JoeChief1 16 days ago

    Be a sad day when Jorgen klopp leaves our club

  • K1NG Z
    K1NG Z 17 days ago

    Liverpool fan from malaysia

  • kevin nathanael
    kevin nathanael 18 days ago

    I love the video. But there is no talk about Salah??? a bit strange...

  • MrTmmyh
    MrTmmyh 19 days ago

    They should react to the Liverpool Road to Madrid Final video

  • poomza007 p
    poomza007 p 19 days ago


  • Rafiuddin Razaleigh
    Rafiuddin Razaleigh 19 days ago

    The apple has been fully eaten

  • Mess Hun
    Mess Hun 20 days ago

    Will be Harry Wilson song soon. :) I hope.

  • Daan Wijkmans
    Daan Wijkmans 21 day ago

    Klopp: That's unbelievable

  • benedict manurung
    benedict manurung 21 day ago +1

    7:07 Pep wanted to say something but realised he’s too emotional. Then both of their faces turns red because they’re getting emotional and almost cried. Beautiful.

  • Doc
    Doc 22 days ago

    “To be continued” yes sir mr Klopp 👊🏼👊🏼

  • Soumya Joy
    Soumya Joy 22 days ago

    To be continued........❤️

  • J J
    J J 23 days ago

    I really hate how they excluded Salah from this achievement! Ignoring his very important 6 goals, specially the one was against Napoli in the 2nd Leg, and also the other in the final, beside never mentioned even his name too! don’t know if it was a sign of getting rid of him or what?! :(

  • Darkos Taco
    Darkos Taco 23 days ago

    - Hahahahahah, when was that??! - Its a warmup shuurt! Jürgen should do standup!

  • Enlightened Turtle
    Enlightened Turtle 23 days ago

    They make a good partnership... Cool stuff.

  • T1mmehz
    T1mmehz 24 days ago

    Pepijntje ouwe snuivert

  • David Orvik
    David Orvik 25 days ago +4

    The Liverpool fan base really is as big as a whole country uniting behind it's team during the World Cup isn't it?

    It is massive.

  • Amaan Rizvi
    Amaan Rizvi 25 days ago +2

    " To be continued... " - Jurgen Klopp. ( July/2019 )

  • Lalmuanzuali Khawlhring
    Lalmuanzuali Khawlhring 25 days ago +2

    How can you not love Jurgen?? And Pep too

  • Ian Pilgrim
    Ian Pilgrim 26 days ago +3

    thank you Jurgen Klopp for giving me hope that my beloved Liverpool will win the Premier League soon. Thank you for reaching 2 consecutive Champions League finals and winning the most recent. Thanks also for creating a team that plays such a beautiful style..... And thanks for much more I wont spend too long explaining here..... BUT a final HUGE THANK YOU for being such a fantastic guy who is the perfect fit to lead this great club into a new era of winning trophies......

  • Thommy Turtle
    Thommy Turtle 26 days ago +15

    a german is one of the most likeable persons in the UK. Funny

  • Kristian Petkov
    Kristian Petkov 26 days ago

    Where did the fucking Apple on the laptop go....

  • Thomas Caulfield der
    Thomas Caulfield der 26 days ago

    Class YNWA

  • Yousef El-Ghoul
    Yousef El-Ghoul 26 days ago

    Where are the memes in the title?
    Clickbait!!! 😂😂

  • BravisTrickle
    BravisTrickle 27 days ago +2

    Klopp has ruined me for any other manager that might come in.

  • Monty
    Monty 27 days ago +4

    I Love how the gaffer says to be continued at the end of the video

  • adeking 121
    adeking 121 27 days ago +1

    “Up goes Van Dijkkkkkkkkk......... he has towered above them all” Munich 2019. They smashed Germany

  • Leila Awan
    Leila Awan 27 days ago +4

    Klopp is a great manager and deserves a statue when he leaves

  • Przemek
    Przemek 27 days ago

    Oh, you do not want to advertise Apple (00:06). What a sadness :{P

  • Abdulmonem Almaqaleh
    Abdulmonem Almaqaleh 27 days ago

    The liverpool profile is LGBTQ+

  • Kunga Kunga
    Kunga Kunga 27 days ago


  • Ravindran Kalidas
    Ravindran Kalidas 27 days ago +2

    To be continued.....Yes Klopp....please continue more of this:-p

  • Stephenthememe
    Stephenthememe 28 days ago

    Liverpool's instagram/twitter/TheXvid

  • Craig M
    Craig M 28 days ago +3

    The perfect man for this club

  • Sharon Rose
    Sharon Rose 28 days ago +2

    Love the end Klopp saying to be continued! ..Gonna see many more of these vids .6 TIMES! champions!! Love you liverpool i doooooo xxxxxx

  • Frederic Castel
    Frederic Castel 28 days ago +1

    what a video !

  • የሳላህ ቀበጥ ሊቨርፑል

    Klopp is a good😘💕

  • Akh
    Akh 28 days ago +1


  • Esseeja
    Esseeja 28 days ago +4

    He genuinely sounds like a Liverpool fan and from a depressing down-ridden Ipswich fan that's something I hugely respect from him.

  • Hadrian Russell
    Hadrian Russell 28 days ago +1

    Jürgen loves da THC

  • no_one_of_that_name_here
    no_one_of_that_name_here 28 days ago +2

    Pip is a thing you know (picture in picture) ;)

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 28 days ago +4

    Hahahaha I love Klopp 😂 except for when we go to anfield, then I want to strangle him 😅

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 28 days ago +2

    Klopp always manages to bring food into it 😂

  • fox
    fox 28 days ago +2

    15:58 he wasn't drunk only 3 beer LOL

  • V for Vegdetta
    V for Vegdetta 28 days ago +1

    "Oh...cheeky...ohh...ohhh sorry" 😂😂😂😂

  • Stanley13
    Stanley13 28 days ago

    You MUST buy some quality midfielder and attacker.... always buy when you are on top! 2 quality additions.... fernandes and pepe.... lets go