Movie Theater Popcorn Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Which movie theater chain pops the best corn? We put Pacific Theatres, Regal, AMC, Arclight, Cinemark, and Laemmle side-by-side for an Oscar-worthy taste test! GMM #1485
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Comments • 5 225

  • Lisa Patel
    Lisa Patel Day ago

    Why did they only put that much butter/oil/what ever it is. When I get popcorn I hold that button for like 15 seconds and they sprayed that little bottle twice

  • Jenny Tam
    Jenny Tam 3 days ago +1

    Rhett’s the monster who likes burnt marshmallows

  • TheSharkshaw
    TheSharkshaw 5 days ago


  • BradPwnsU
    BradPwnsU 6 days ago

    Anyone watch Jake and Amir?
    A Star is born?
    A Star is CORN! 🌽 yeah

  • Autumn Peacock
    Autumn Peacock 6 days ago

    I was at a movie once and the curtain was down for half of the previews. Someone left the theater and when he got back the curtains came up. I think he actually had to tell someone

  • Rachel York
    Rachel York 6 days ago

    Feeling sad, but this helps.

  • Sergio Zarate
    Sergio Zarate 8 days ago

    8:25 you know that guys name Al Bondigas, is a fake name right? it is spanish for meatballs. Albondigas. LOL

  • Gamingstar 123
    Gamingstar 123 8 days ago

    No mjr or emagine?

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 10 days ago +3

    Al Bondigas?! really?! his pseudonym is for the Spanish albondigas, which means MEATBALLS!

  • Dawson Donnelly
    Dawson Donnelly 11 days ago

    No harkins?

  • MacKer SmacKer
    MacKer SmacKer 11 days ago +1

    My local movie theatre uses REAL butter to pour over their popcorn! They also home-make gourmet flavors of caramel favorite is peaches & cream. Perks of a small town!!

  • Coda
    Coda 12 days ago

    ᴡ ʜ ɪ ᴄ ʜ ᴘ ᴏ ᴘ ᴄ ᴏ ʀ ɴ ɪ s ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ᴛ ᴏ ᴘ ᴄ ᴏ ʀ ɴ

  • samuel young jr
    samuel young jr 12 days ago +1

    i love the ending

  • Riley H
    Riley H 12 days ago

    Honestly didn’t know there were movie theater chains. 🤷‍♀️

  • Greenwavesurfin7
    Greenwavesurfin7 13 days ago

    try CGV's popcorn

  • Maddie Stockwell
    Maddie Stockwell 13 days ago +5

    Stop liking my comment; it's blowing up my phone

  • Javi in Space
    Javi in Space 13 days ago

    what about capital 8 theater

  • PurplePinkBlueDragon
    PurplePinkBlueDragon 14 days ago

    I like half popcorn kernels but I don't like burnt tasting popcorn

  • Caludia Pez
    Caludia Pez 16 days ago

    Can I just say popcorn is eaten sweet where I come from 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Charlie Mcguire
    Charlie Mcguire 21 day ago

    Ali a rage

  • Shreya Heart
    Shreya Heart 21 day ago +6

    1 should have been "The Flavourite" ;)

  • The Daily Funnys
    The Daily Funnys 21 day ago +1

    while rhett rants about how pacific is better than arclight link just stacks cinematic and arclight on top of each other like ''alright i give up'/

  • OrangePlayz 208
    OrangePlayz 208 22 days ago


  • Chris Capaccio
    Chris Capaccio 23 days ago

    Alamo has the best popcorn. It’s unlimited and has real butter on it.

  • Free Spirited
    Free Spirited 25 days ago +1

    Which cinema will winema 😂

  • Quote
    Quote 28 days ago

    I just know about Harkins

  • Kyra Child
    Kyra Child 29 days ago

    I work at a theater that uses real butter for our popcorn. We have had multiple people tell us that they wont eat popcorn at other theaters because ours has ruined artifal butter for them


    I wouldn’t even care I would just eat and not vote

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Month ago

    Ive been with AMC my whole life and its popcorn is fairly decent

  • Halley Price
    Halley Price Month ago

    "yeah you also like dogfood"

  • Kenzie Stiles
    Kenzie Stiles Month ago

    Who else knows what The Alamo is?

  • Abby Cundiff
    Abby Cundiff Month ago

    You need to do the best store bought popcorn

  • blue face
    blue face Month ago

    I love amc popcorn it's the best popcorn in my opinion

  • Shortyjored88
    Shortyjored88 Month ago

    Cinemark popcorn taste good, but it is so greasy though. When I get a small popcorn at Cinemark, I feel the oil sliding into my stomach and clogging my arteries while moving through my body. I feel so disgusting afterwards.

  • Katie's Art World
    Katie's Art World Month ago +1

    Wait wait wait......hold up Please tell me that “popcornian crapsody” isnt based off of Bohemian Rhapsody


    • Katie's Art World
      Katie's Art World Month ago


  • Not Bad
    Not Bad Month ago

    Bruh I thought I was the only one who ate the half popped ones at the bottom of the bucket

  • dewey
    dewey Month ago

    I’m here eating my dollar staled popcorn

  • caipop crafts
    caipop crafts Month ago

    When I saw this video on the recommended page I just popped popcorn

  • Britney Evans
    Britney Evans Month ago

    Unfortunately being here in Utah means I cannot try the regional popcorn, but out of the national and regionals here Regal has no competition in my opinion 🙌🏼

  • Brad Rey
    Brad Rey Month ago

    Let's go my favorite one won

  • Avi person
    Avi person Month ago

    How come they didnt test harkins

  • Steff
    Steff Month ago

    Arclight popcorn is trash

  • NeNe
    NeNe Month ago

    My local movie theater has the best popcorn in NY

  • Dan Maler
    Dan Maler Month ago

    One of the popcorn reviews (their favorite one) was from 2011! haha

  • Out There Movies
    Out There Movies Month ago +1

    Popcorn time!

  • Levi Murphy
    Levi Murphy Month ago

    *A DAY*

  • Harryporter 15
    Harryporter 15 Month ago

    You guys should be a blind taste test of microwave popcorn where you also rank it

  • M Elizabeth
    M Elizabeth Month ago

    A star.... is *corn*

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔJoCeLyNs AnimationSʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Who else is now craving popcorn
    No? Just me? Ok...

  • TTE
    TTE Month ago +1

    We Need A Gallon Of Popcorn For The Sonic Movie

  • Luc Keller
    Luc Keller Month ago

    They bout to fight over some popcorn lol

  • CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER

    Alamo Drafthouse has the dank popcorn. The butter they put on it is next level.

  • Snugglebunny
    Snugglebunny Month ago

    The refs are good lol

  • Dream Chaser97
    Dream Chaser97 Month ago

    After this I was craving Popcorn lol

  • Alexander Vallera
    Alexander Vallera Month ago

    Wishing Marcus Theaters from the Chicago area was one of the regional options

  • ukickmeikicku
    ukickmeikicku Month ago

    11:19 I was so baked

  • ukickmeikicku
    ukickmeikicku Month ago

    Cineplex and famous players are linked to canada therefore null and void for obvious reasons.

  • ukickmeikicku
    ukickmeikicku Month ago

    I bet Jumbo Video would win this!

  • ukickmeikicku
    ukickmeikicku Month ago

    8:57 GOT EM!!

  • Jenn M
    Jenn M Month ago +2

    i just watched this at 10pm and was craving popcorn so bad that my bf went out to get me some, so thanks for that

    • Jenn M
      Jenn M Month ago

      Dr.Shaggz TV guess there’s always some lonely guy on the internet willing to turn something wholesome into trash 🙂

    • Dr.Shaggz TV
      Dr.Shaggz TV Month ago

      He was waiting for a chance to see thotiana

  • Random Creative Taco 》!-//《

    I prefer carmel popcorn

  • rob b
    rob b Month ago

    The Hot dog Jalapeños on popcorn is the best

  • DameOfTheRose
    DameOfTheRose Month ago

    Schulmann Theaters has good popcorn but I think its only in Texas, the popcorn is 100 times better than cinemark

  • David Chidester
    David Chidester Month ago +1

    laemmle better win.

  • Dude Bro
    Dude Bro Month ago

    They should do a will it popcorn

  • GalaksySells
    GalaksySells Month ago

    Eating popcorn while watching this

  • BX500
    BX500 Month ago +1

    You missed such a good opportunity to name it "The FLAVOURITE" and you missed it! Diss-a-Pointeeeed!

  • Moriah
    Moriah 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that someone made albondigas into a name????

  • Albino Cadillac
    Albino Cadillac 2 months ago

    I only have a Cinemark and I love their popcorn

  • ciara wright
    ciara wright 2 months ago +15

    i work at cinemark, i watched the end just to see what rank we got 😂

  • Jcking9 G&V
    Jcking9 G&V 2 months ago +3

    The amc popcorn flavor is different depending on where you get it

  • astronomic danny
    astronomic danny 2 months ago


  • CoolPirate9
    CoolPirate9 2 months ago +1

    I used to work at Cinemark. I have to say after eating their popcorn for an entire year every single shift, and even bringing home large quantities of the leftover popcorn at night, I freakin love their popcorn

  • Siena Schettino
    Siena Schettino 2 months ago +1

    Y was bohemian rhapsody the worst movie that movie was amazing

  • Striffee
    Striffee 2 months ago

    Nothing beats Kernels popcorn.

  • Kayley Baker (Student)
    Kayley Baker (Student) 2 months ago

    4:22 Link tried to put the popcorn on top of the other one! Hahaha

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C 2 months ago

    Please do microwave popcorn.

  • Turbobuttes
    Turbobuttes 2 months ago

    For me it's cheese nachos or M&M's. Popcorn tastes nice but it has that styrofoam bite, the occasional bite squeak is almost as bad as fingernails on chalkboard, and you always get something stuck in your throat that makes you scramble for a drink every five minutes.

  • T_Rey1799
    T_Rey1799 2 months ago

    Cinemark is my favorite

  • Rae Siskey
    Rae Siskey 2 months ago


  • Alexander Buki
    Alexander Buki 2 months ago

    Video starts at 1:40

  • Elladeth
    Elladeth 2 months ago

    I miss The Warren.

    • Elladeth
      Elladeth 2 months ago

      wait our regal is always red

  • Cocina del Encanto
    Cocina del Encanto 2 months ago +1

    Haha Al Bondigas is the word for meatballs in Spanish...LOL!

  • grandpa_sty1e
    grandpa_sty1e 2 months ago +1

    Somethings off....

  • Think Positive
    Think Positive 2 months ago +1

    Of course the German Laemmle Popcorn winns.

  • Ramb 0
    Ramb 0 2 months ago

    8:16 rhett says the n word

  • Epic Girl102
    Epic Girl102 2 months ago

    Okay so I live by a AMC theater. I tried the popcorn and it was good. I didn’t know there were other popcorns better than AMC’s. If I thought AMC’s was good? Man I wonder what the others taste like!

  • Tommy Patterson
    Tommy Patterson 2 months ago

    Hey I liked bohemian Rhapsody it was a good movie y did u put it as the worst

  • Kennedi’s Life
    Kennedi’s Life 2 months ago +4

    Link looks weirdly formal in this episode . And Rhett looks really laid back . wEirDzzZZzz

  • Royal Emerald Builder
    Royal Emerald Builder 2 months ago

    Gotta say, Rhett's the weirder one (for once) when it comes to popcorn

  • Jmaz
    Jmaz 2 months ago

    Popcornian Crapsody?..

    Didn't this movie Won An Oscar and other Great awards But the title says Crap-Sody?

    PATAR 2 months ago

    Dang West Coasters are taking over the internet popcorn scene!! lol

  • Megan Leidig
    Megan Leidig 2 months ago

    Hey when are they going to do another Buddy System cause BS was funny

  • Maya Baker
    Maya Baker 2 months ago

    u should of done harkins

  • Jack fox _ official
    Jack fox _ official 2 months ago

    You definitely lost some queen fans there

  • XxUnderDogxX
    XxUnderDogxX 2 months ago

    I've been subscribed since 400,000

  • Topher Orr
    Topher Orr 2 months ago

    Do yall have a cinergy?

  • weeping willow
    weeping willow 2 months ago

    Watching them eat popcorn is making me smell popcorn

  • Elizabeth Grazier
    Elizabeth Grazier 2 months ago

    AMC popcorn is the best..... *sniff*

  • Angelia Henry
    Angelia Henry 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that has never had butter popcorn? I always get caramel because that's all the local cinema provides