life portrayed by minecraft

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • life portrayed by minecraft
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  • Spifey
    Spifey  Month ago +16752

    So this video had more of a negative impact than I had anticipated - it’s probably the music. No more sad videos, I love you guys

  • SPARXZ1313
    SPARXZ1313 4 hours ago

    im in highschool and i can relate to this even tho its sad its tru in a way and when i heard people laughed at this i feel like im not alone so thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OreoMonster72
    OreoMonster72 13 hours ago +1

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    CACEY SPRINKLES 13 hours ago

    Wait game? I though it was life ._. But maybe life is a game D:

  • Κωνσταντίνα Φραγκιαδάκη06

    My hole life in 1 video 😂😂

  • Pro QBr
    Pro QBr 20 hours ago +1

    Btw it is possible to break bedrock with a wood pick ya know

  • Paco Ho
    Paco Ho Day ago

    Omg this so true I'm a student in H.K. ;(

  • Evan Johns
    Evan Johns Day ago

    Damn who hurt you

  • Stinamix LTU
    Stinamix LTU Day ago

    all of that was me

  • Cyclone Rowan
    Cyclone Rowan Day ago

    Jesus I didn’t ask for depression

  • Derby Harrington
    Derby Harrington 2 days ago

    Whenever I think about school I can only think of the bad things that happened. In middle school I felt sooo depressed because my grades were so bad I almost got held back and the pressure from the work, my teachers, and my family was so hard I felt like dying.

  • Your Average Starlight

    Hey, quit making videos about my personal life, you stalker!

  • UwU 4ever
    UwU 4ever 2 days ago +1

    Fry, but the only one of the most of the 😢😢😢

  • Ryanator
    Ryanator 2 days ago

    I think beading the game should have been death, because it is the end of the game and the end of your life.

  • baha Eres
    baha Eres 4 days ago


  • Urszula Surowicz
    Urszula Surowicz 4 days ago

    Btw anyone knows why when I enchant sword to sharpness and I get totally other enchantment

  • Owen Cheung
    Owen Cheung 5 days ago

    With college, it should be an absolute OP pickaxe trying to mine bedrock

  • lit
    lit 5 days ago

    it is so tru

  • Magical 2G2
    Magical 2G2 5 days ago

    The "going to sleep early" one really got me

  • peony _chAn
    peony _chAn 6 days ago +1

    *Your depression has been updated*

  • R3D GH05T
    R3D GH05T 6 days ago

    0:15 when you eat carolina reaper pepper

  • Kristopher Seuberling

    likers are people who poop their pants every day

  • Kamikaze lookin Heads
    Kamikaze lookin Heads 6 days ago +1

    Thats what life be like

  • Vikdude ,
    Vikdude , 6 days ago

    i just realised how fucking sad the life is when i think about it

    XXXGOMAD! 6 days ago

    This is emotional🥺

  • Meika Bigovic
    Meika Bigovic 7 days ago

    This id dalife

  • Uwu Owo
    Uwu Owo 7 days ago


  • flying Pickle k
    flying Pickle k 7 days ago


  • Swiss Cheese
    Swiss Cheese 7 days ago

    The most relatable thing 0:40

  • Astrid Hofferson
    Astrid Hofferson 7 days ago


  • Kyrie Billy
    Kyrie Billy 7 days ago


  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim 8 days ago

    At least Asian are better then minecraft moms

  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim 8 days ago

    University: plays in a flat world
    Graduate university: be creative mode
    Unsuccessful: friend grief your world

  • Vanelin Caluban
    Vanelin Caluban 8 days ago

    Villager randumness

  • Vatan Yoldas
    Vatan Yoldas 8 days ago


  • Papyrus 2019new
    Papyrus 2019new 8 days ago

    And kill me squirrel

  • Papyrus 2019new
    Papyrus 2019new 8 days ago


  • Danil Shcherbinovskiy

    Sadness... (try to think what will happen next)

  • Minecraft Memes
    Minecraft Memes 9 days ago

    Do only wholesome things

  • survivor ui
    survivor ui 9 days ago

    Yo you forgot heavy alcahol

  • japininho 1903
    japininho 1903 9 days ago

    BEST film of the year , beter than joker T_T

  • Lucky Łuki
    Lucky Łuki 9 days ago

    0:47 ha ha

  • Julius Dolosa
    Julius Dolosa 10 days ago

    *Please stop posting about my life*

  • A Melon Got eaten
    A Melon Got eaten 10 days ago

    Cleaning room is so true

  • joey
    joey 10 days ago

    what's the song?

  • ContentKat
    ContentKat 11 days ago

    Man, life is Beautiful

  • Billy
    Billy 11 days ago +1

    Music reminds me of a piece of Chopin. Romantic, expressive, works really well with the video.

    JACOB'S YOUTUBE 11 days ago


  • Clvarboy x the gamer
    Clvarboy x the gamer 12 days ago


  • David Smith
    David Smith 12 days ago

    i remember when you played with alex:(

  • CadeFilms
    CadeFilms 12 days ago

    What to do:
    ⚫️dont subscribe
    ⚫️eat dog food
    🔘make a movie
    ⚫️wait in your room all day
    ⚫️eat a toy marshmallow
    🔘watch your movie after its done

  • lecotatuta rblx
    lecotatuta rblx 13 days ago

    this video = help me

  • Maainacra
    Maainacra 13 days ago +1

    My life...:

  • jeb _
    jeb _ 13 days ago


  • jeb _
    jeb _ 13 days ago


  • Sunny Dew
    Sunny Dew 13 days ago

    I saw a ad with the creeper rap

  • 0982_ 4357
    0982_ 4357 13 days ago

    The calling friends one was too relatable stop :(

  • nida caylak
    nida caylak 13 days ago

    So sad 😭 the high school one is so sad and witch,s bully him

  • Loki Cat
    Loki Cat 14 days ago

    This video made me rethink life

  • Unknown Error50595
    Unknown Error50595 14 days ago

    This its sad and its true