Rubik's Cube Magician That SHOCKED Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • Watch Genius Rubik's Cube Magician Steven Brundage on America's Got Talent 2016 (AGT), as he shocked Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges. What did you think about his card and magic cube tricks auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Comments • 6 357

  • nathanielvgasmen
    nathanielvgasmen 13 hours ago

    10:00 how’d that giant cube get underneath the judging panel though?

  • theFLK
    theFLK 18 hours ago

    For the solution to the first rubics cube trick. Don't read if you dont want it spoiled.

    Notice how at 1:22 there is a side of simon's rubic cube with 4 yellows in a square. When he starts comparing the sides of the rubic cubes at 2:13 onwards, none of the 6 sides have the 4 yellows in a square configuration. This means that he replaced simon's original mixed rubic cube with his own pre-made mixed rubic cube where he memorized how to get to its pre-made configuration. Due to the complexity of the rubic cube and the limitations of human short term memory, Simon doesn't notice that his original cube was replaced with another one with a different mixed combination.

    Still a very neat trick though.

  • Emily Morris
    Emily Morris 18 hours ago

    That Rubix cube is made to do that imma guess

  • Andrew Sheridan
    Andrew Sheridan 19 hours ago

    Hmm, are there REALLY more permutations there than atoms in the Universe...? -_- Color me skeptical...

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed Day ago

    There is a button in cube

  • Balin Walton
    Balin Walton Day ago

    Who else sore him cheatt

  • 《petewni》
    《petewni》 Day ago +1

    simon is shooketh

  • benny allsop
    benny allsop Day ago

    This is easy just quick hands and practice

  • Ellias Garcia
    Ellias Garcia Day ago

    The human computer

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise Day ago

    That last trick would be easy to explain if it was only simons cube but the fact that howie was mixing his up...🤔😳

  • MRM Challenge101

    5:44 when you try to stand out

  • Chris
    Chris Day ago


  • xoloth
    xoloth 2 days ago

    He made a pact with the devil

  • Crazy boy
    Crazy boy 2 days ago

    2:21 do you see that finger?

  • Life Is Gaming
    Life Is Gaming 2 days ago +1

    At 3:20 it is just solved on one side


    infact every cubes has a tinny little different pieces if you open those. hahahahahaha

  • Peter said
    Peter said 2 days ago

    Who else saw Mel say blue to Heidi at 10:50

  • Supreme Assassin
    Supreme Assassin 2 days ago

    If you guys didn’t notice he already solved the cube before he throw
    Proof set playback to 0.25

  • Panda Afrm
    Panda Afrm 2 days ago

    Brah this is the most easy trick

  • Soccer Pros
    Soccer Pros 2 days ago +1

    Ha ha ha ha not funny

  • XenoXvi
    XenoXvi 2 days ago +3

    Other people: How did he do that??
    Me : Demon.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 2 days ago

    Pan and teller.

  • Ellie Calam
    Ellie Calam 3 days ago

    Only him? I thought that zach king can do it to????

  • Ellie Calam
    Ellie Calam 3 days ago

    Only him?

  • Baal93Ash
    Baal93Ash 3 days ago

    when i saw a video about world championship of rubik cube.... and now i see him.... WTF man....

  • Rsat
    Rsat 3 days ago +2

    Side of cube at 1:23 not same as when he matches afterwords .

  • Ian Kirwan
    Ian Kirwan 3 days ago

    that cube is what nasa uses!! for the floating stuff

  • Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Roadster 3 days ago

    3:20 that’s easy

  • NarutoBaby94
    NarutoBaby94 3 days ago

    Wtf just happened?!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳

  • Origami Master Stefan
    Origami Master Stefan 3 days ago +2

    6:46 Nice but the editor forgot to make it solved again when he hands it back to the judges. That, or no one noticed him scramble it perfectly in the three seconds there are before he hands it back.

    • elite 3
      elite 3 Day ago

      He was shuffling it behind the camera dumbass

  • georgio jansen
    georgio jansen 3 days ago

    he's a wizard

  • Sntsh Mgr
    Sntsh Mgr 3 days ago

    Actually there are 3 cubes. He jst used his made up formula to show he created wat Simon did.. i.e.simon even didn't knew wat he actually twisted.

  • Nafeel Ahmed
    Nafeel Ahmed 3 days ago

    That's dope but at the same time needs attention

  • Spiderman Lucky
    Spiderman Lucky 4 days ago +1

    3:20 , he just made 3 sides complete and then he showed us other 3 different side which are not complete,

  • Kemuel Cubero
    Kemuel Cubero 4 days ago +16

    When ur parent leave the room and don’t close the door

  • aga bulack
    aga bulack 4 days ago

    Lol.. he is a leorechaun. Jk

  • 71 03
    71 03 4 days ago +1

    If you look very closely the rubiks is actually a cube

  • LordMarco
    LordMarco 4 days ago

    he's using mods. reported!

  • Chivas Madrid
    Chivas Madrid 4 days ago

    The piece was already inside the rubix cube

    • Shane Percival
      Shane Percival 3 days ago

      The magic is that 27 card pieces were inside the rubix cube and he memorised where each one was.

  • Random Songs
    Random Songs 4 days ago +2

    When you realize he's quicksilver's son

  • YS_ Awarevening
    YS_ Awarevening 4 days ago +1

    I think Simon just did R4

  • YS_ Awarevening
    YS_ Awarevening 4 days ago +1

    Any cubers?

  • Damien Vdveen
    Damien Vdveen 4 days ago

    3:19 he just solved the unseeb side and flipped it...

  • GameBoard
    GameBoard 4 days ago

    Maybe the cube have some magnetic thin in there... So the cube can solid again

    • Taylor R
      Taylor R 2 days ago

      Hes just got the algorithms memorized to solve a cube thats all. Very talented guy.

  • jose poh
    jose poh 4 days ago


  • ShadowStormTTV
    ShadowStormTTV 4 days ago

    I’ve seen this trick performed before so he isn’t the only one in the world who does it

  • Arnav Sharma
    Arnav Sharma 4 days ago +1

    The whole cube has a bunch of pieces and he memorized how to tear the card

    GADGET CENTRAL 4 days ago

    I think each box in the cube is a oled. And Changes the color.

  • Micha
    Micha 4 days ago

    The card in the cube box isn't actually crazy because he could've put it in there before the trick.

  • hamza idrees
    hamza idrees 4 days ago

    Hes a con

  • Umeaku Precious
    Umeaku Precious 5 days ago +1

    I actually thinks its the ring thats doing the trick

  • Chriscool084
    Chriscool084 5 days ago

    13:06 something odd about the cube colors. 😂😂😂

  • Hacker Database
    Hacker Database 5 days ago +1

    7:33 I love Nick Cannon! :D

  • Hacker Database
    Hacker Database 5 days ago +1

    3:18 That one makes sense though...

  • Loknath 007
    Loknath 007 5 days ago

    This guy is really good, although some tricks were easy to spot. Howie's cube does not match any of the other two. Just pause it and you will see the pattern is different, he just changed the cube, don't ask me how, he is fast!

  • Hacker Database
    Hacker Database 5 days ago +3

    2:40 Poor cameraman! :( Iwonder where he was heading off to!

  • Hacker Database
    Hacker Database 5 days ago +6

    2:00+ Some sneaky sleight of hand! (not really...)

  • Pradip Dhami
    Pradip Dhami 5 days ago

    How the hell did he do the last one ?????

  • Sonia Dan
    Sonia Dan 5 days ago +1

    Pause at 4:09 you can clearly see some cards are already torn apart, he already chose the cards for her

  • Epicrafter 2002
    Epicrafter 2002 5 days ago

    I fear this man

  • Pró Player Sábio
    Pró Player Sábio 5 days ago

    Cara sabe oque eu acho mais engraçado nesse programa, as etnias e personalidades representadas nos jurados..

  • Serbaskey Chattilath

    He is very good actually, before shim lim and erick chien

  • pyaesonewin yonelay
    pyaesonewin yonelay 5 days ago

    Last part is zzzzzz

  • Chip
    Chip 5 days ago +4

    3:19 the cube forms a checkerboard pattern meaning only the front three sides will be solved. Great trick though. Yeah I studied the rubix cube

  • Nubu [ ]
    Nubu [ ] 5 days ago

    This guy can manipulate time😂😂

  • Ken Parama raudha
    Ken Parama raudha 5 days ago


  • Jerry Gamer
    Jerry Gamer 5 days ago

    2:22 Simon flicks us off

  • ECGx Playz
    ECGx Playz 5 days ago

    Imagine if he jacked up

  • Lily Krzeminski
    Lily Krzeminski 5 days ago

    2:20 Simon is flipping of tje camera

  • Cuervo Delgado
    Cuervo Delgado 5 days ago

    cube is magnetic when throw or hit it goes in original all colors

  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 5 days ago

    The last one isn't even howies cube doesnt even have the same colors he just switched em

  • dhana ty
    dhana ty 5 days ago +1

    He had Dismantled Cube and did some Work on it electronically to turn it back to its position - simple 💯👍🏻

  • marie doirin
    marie doirin 5 days ago

    That is so magical

  • Cimi
    Cimi 5 days ago

    Who else slows the video down to try to catch the moment it changes.

  • Matthew Labus
    Matthew Labus 5 days ago

    When he throws the cube in the air it flips to a silver side

  • FastestMemeInTheWest

    5:44 is every main character in an anime

  • Adrian Ljung
    Adrian Ljung 5 days ago

    He should join a speedcubing competition

    BHALT0S 5 days ago

    I think I have sussed it, he has quantum entangled himself with the cube.

  • Hans van Rootselaar
    Hans van Rootselaar 5 days ago

    12:24 you see different colors then in the end

  • my holy
    my holy 6 days ago

    7:23 look at his back pocket

  • kitty304
    kitty304 6 days ago

    Pause at 3:20 before he flips it notice how the only colors you see are blue yellow and orange, then he flips it and you see fully green and red, he had already set it up so when he flipped it it would be a illusion

  • mangcha chongloi
    mangcha chongloi 6 days ago

    Missing Heidi klum and Mel B in AGT

  • kalvin kennon
    kalvin kennon 6 days ago +4

    Error 404 : Reboot to apply rubix patch it’s buggy

  • Lazar K
    Lazar K 6 days ago +3


    Steven: But wait wait wait

  • BFR Starship
    BFR Starship 6 days ago

    3:20 he only showed the three sides that weren’t mixed up

  • Gabriel Rorke
    Gabriel Rorke 6 days ago

    Anyone else see at 3:18 he mixed it into the checker pattern which only takes 3 twists to solve? I think I’m on to something......he probably just found like 3-5 move solutions to all his tricks, then solves them really fast

  • Gabriel Rorke
    Gabriel Rorke 6 days ago

    Why does everyone care about SHOCKING and AMAZING Simon? What about the other judges? Lol it’s just every video....

  • Deee Soulja
    Deee Soulja 6 days ago +1


  • Thebearcat66
    Thebearcat66 6 days ago +1


  • Kurtay Börteçine
    Kurtay Börteçine 6 days ago

    Bunu anlamayanında kafasına sıçayım.

  • Fin Beaven
    Fin Beaven 6 days ago +8

    You can literally see Mel B saying blue 😆

  • Cryptic Drawz
    Cryptic Drawz 6 days ago

    That second act with the cards was actually so easy

  • kevin imation
    kevin imation 6 days ago

    it's magic for me to complete one side of the cube

    RΛZER IPHONE 6 days ago

    I mean that's black magic put in slow motion

  • ssared Kermit
    ssared Kermit 6 days ago

    Simon.exe has stopped working.

  • M.B.A :p
    M.B.A :p 6 days ago

    What sorccery....?!?

  • Deidara Tsuchikage
    Deidara Tsuchikage 6 days ago +6

    Simon’s Face reaction
    Thats the best part of the video
    I don’t

  • Maxadrove
    Maxadrove 6 days ago

    For guys wondering how he did the one with the paper bag he actually solved the cube single handed that's why he is the only one who does it because others just cant

  • Akashdeep Akashdeep Gholia

    fantastic 😲😲😍😍😍😍😚😚

  • pinkie2054
    pinkie2054 6 days ago

    Funny how everyone points out the tricks with the word EXPOSED! After it. It’s not like he’s an illusionist and doing tricks is the point. And it’s not like he is still doing a phenomenal job. You’re right. He didn’t do actual, scientifically improbable magic, so he’s a fraud. Exposed!