• Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • 7 AWESOME Things To Do in San Juan Puerto Rico | Travel Guide Essentials. We cruised out of San Juan back in August and we got to experience a lot of fun things before we set sail. We wanted to share 7 things you don't want to miss while in San Juan!
    Bacardi Factory Mixology Tour
    San Juan Forts: Castillo de Cristobal & Castillo de Felipe del Morro
    Senor Paleta
    La Factoria
    Ceviche by Totti
    Raices Fountain
    Airbnb San Juan
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Comments • 164

  • Griff & Alyssa
    Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago +5

    Have you cruised out of San Juan yet? Where is your go-to spot??

    • Heide Leskun
      Heide Leskun 7 months ago

      We stopped there so far twice for cruises, Umbrella Street is my next spot I want to hit when we are there in January. I heard the Mosquito Bay is a night time must see for the luminary water light show while kayaking. San Juan is under-rated! I LOVE it there.

    • Genesis
      Genesis 8 months ago

      Griff & Alyssa What Airbnb did you stay out??

    • Fabiana Rocío
      Fabiana Rocío 9 months ago

      Griff & Alyssa Yes! I live in PR!💓

    • Dan Souza
      Dan Souza 10 months ago +2


  • TheBall
    TheBall Day ago

    we're three dudes thinking to visit san juan for the newYears what you think is it a good idea??

  • Rocky and Rebecca
    Rocky and Rebecca 10 days ago

    We have never been to San Juan but now we really want to go

  • Bruce Grant
    Bruce Grant Month ago

    Were here now!! Thanks

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin Month ago

    I stayed a week in April. Going back for a week in a few weeks. The vast majority of these tips are definitely designed for tourists. We discovered a crazy amount of amazing things simply driving the entire island.

  • Lityfun
    Lityfun 2 months ago

    How do you guys not have any more subscribers the lighting for the cameras are great

  • themanzl
    themanzl 2 months ago

    I haven't been there in 20+ years, but I do want to go back. I wonder if they have those frozen juices in a cup (limber) sold at random places.

  • Jenelle Thompson
    Jenelle Thompson 2 months ago

    Heading to San Juan 😍🥰.

  • ila stark
    ila stark 3 months ago +1

    Puerto Rico is soooo much more than just San Juan. Get a car and go to one of the many beautiful beaches all around the island, go to culebra Vieques or gilligan island on the south!!!

  • ila stark
    ila stark 3 months ago +1

    Look when you go to Puerto Rico, the best places ARE food trucks and holes in the wall places- fancy places are pretty but lack flavor

  • Alin's Bauservice Tehnică de faianțare germană

    Learn at least how you pronounce the words before you upload such a video... It's nice to hear about San Juan but not with this american accent... It sucks...

  • Adriana Gaied
    Adriana Gaied 4 months ago

    going on Saturdayyyyyy

  • Diana Bates
    Diana Bates 4 months ago

    Stayed at that AirBnb a couple times - book it! Beautiful building, best hosts. Great location - check out Miramar proper, La Placita for dancing, gorgeous morals and the lagoon. My old neighborhood too so I know it's the best in PR ;)

  • Abher 0212
    Abher 0212 4 months ago

    I’ll be there in a couple of days :) good video thank you

  • Maicol J Peña Sanchez
    Maicol J Peña Sanchez 4 months ago +1

    This is hands down one of the best if not the best TheXvid channel to get ideas for vacations and things to do. Truly happy I found this channel!

  • pequeño bandido
    pequeño bandido 4 months ago

    Puñeta 🇵🇷 en la casa

  • Manisha Nidamarthy
    Manisha Nidamarthy 4 months ago

    what a helpful video! My gal pal and I are going this August and I can't wait!! any tips or words of advice for solo female travelers? We'll be staying in San Juan! Did you find the overall area safe?

  • rgncal 4
    rgncal 4 5 months ago

    Go to la Placita, it's a huge bar scene thousands of people outside, people are nice in San Juan, other than that couple clubs here and there, obviously the beaches, get a good taxi driver in a white van lol

  • OM96ED OM27ED
    OM96ED OM27ED 5 months ago +1

    who is here after watching despacito 🎊

  • Gustavo Farias
    Gustavo Farias 5 months ago

    I am going to san juan in two weeks. Great tips! Greetings from Brazil.

  • Ally Kitty’s Gaming
    Ally Kitty’s Gaming 6 months ago +2

    Me: *watches*
    Me: Wait...Why am I watching if I’m Puerto Rican?

  • Marie Anderson
    Marie Anderson 6 months ago +1

    I went to Puerto Rico last year but I didn’t like it at all. I rather go to Jamaica, Barbados or the Bahamas. The atmosphere is so much better and this is just my opinion that I’m entitled to have. ✌🏽💯

  • Mizael Santiago
    Mizael Santiago 6 months ago

    I think you go puerto Rico buffet.

  • Dania Yadira Pérez Del Valle

    Hi, greetings from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷!!!! Blessings

  • Demetrius Walls
    Demetrius Walls 7 months ago

    Great video

  • Just Shanie
    Just Shanie 8 months ago

    Me and my friends are going in August! So excited and we booked a lovely Airbnb

  • Dee MS
    Dee MS 8 months ago

    I miss my Island so much

  • Genesis
    Genesis 8 months ago +2

    I can’t wait to go back!! my family lives there and it’s AMAZING. food trucks are the best part of Puerto Rico 11/10

  • Robert Wesker
    Robert Wesker 8 months ago


  • Lucie Engert
    Lucie Engert 8 months ago +1

    does anyone know a spanish school on puerto rico that is maybe not too expensive?

    • Valeria D Bauza
      Valeria D Bauza 8 months ago

      In Puerto Rico are a lot of Spanish schools and English I am just saying

    • Lucie Engert
      Lucie Engert 8 months ago

      oh well im looking for a spanish course or something like that but in puerto rico... anyoone?

    • Valeria D Bauza
      Valeria D Bauza 8 months ago

      Oh ok I live in Puerto Rico and y study in faint Francis in Carolina

    • Lucie Engert
      Lucie Engert 8 months ago

      in english please :'D

    • Valeria D Bauza
      Valeria D Bauza 8 months ago

      teletubaes0 yo pero estudió en faint Francis

  • Xoxoxoxoxoxox Souix
    Xoxoxoxoxoxox Souix 8 months ago

    Im going in 22 days and i am staying in an arbandb

  • MC MC
    MC MC 8 months ago

    En Resistencia @ calle Loiza

  • Latricia Jones
    Latricia Jones 8 months ago +1

    I definitely recommend AirBnB. We paid 450 for a condo with beach view Monday thru Friday.

  • april caine
    april caine 8 months ago

    I’m excited about going to San Juan for the first time next month. I will be there for 5 days

  • Jeremy Clark
    Jeremy Clark 8 months ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing your experiences. I am going to SJ soon, so I am looking forward to it! Gracias!

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  8 months ago

      Thank you for watching! We hope you have a great time!

  • Imani Brooks
    Imani Brooks 8 months ago +1

    Thank you for this video! My bf and I are flying there for spring break for 5 days.
    So this really helped to give me an insight to what to do there! ❤️ thanks again!

  • Sal Greene
    Sal Greene 8 months ago +1

    What’s the Airbnb you stayed @? I am going next month to Rio Grande for a wedding but want to go to San Juan.

    • Sal Greene
      Sal Greene 8 months ago

      Thank you!

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  8 months ago +1

      We stayed at the Yellow House when we were there in August and the Garden Suite Plus when we were there last month. loved both!

  • Glock2201
    Glock2201 9 months ago

    We have a cruise leaving there in May and we are flying in the day before. We will only have the late afternoon so won't be able to do all these but my wife is a history buff so we will more than likely check out a fort.
    Why is Uber not available at those 2 spots? Do the taxi companies have contracts with them so Uber is blocked?

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  9 months ago

      Definitely see a fort! And yes, the taxi companies rule those areas. You can be dropped off to those locations by Uber but not picked up

  • Aquiles Dia
    Aquiles Dia 9 months ago

    Ur arms

  • John James
    John James 9 months ago

    Yea we have appNidiot here but it sucks. A taxi may cost a little more but well worth it.

  • Norma González
    Norma González 9 months ago +5

    In San Juan (not only Old San Juan),even in what we call Metropolitan Area (Over 9 towns together that makes the modern city) you can find over 60, 80, 100 or more activities every week... We have a very good theatre traditions (play...), all kind of music concert (free or paying), lots of this activity or that activity, all kind of restaurants and some have whatever kind of music, out side food places, movies festivals, diferent kind of festival.... Shoping mall everywere... conference, art gallerys, artissans in many places, museums.... And like in everyplace, we do the same thing like everyone...go to college, to the supermarket, go to the bank if we have to, go to the store, take the kid to school, take care of someone, take someone to the doctor, and so and so....

  • jay hulrs
    jay hulrs 9 months ago +1

    Heading there in march!

  • prep 787
    prep 787 9 months ago +1

    Next time you in puerto rico visit my orocovis and take on the monster Toro verde!! the second biggest zipline in the world👍🇵🇷

  • I Rod
    I Rod 9 months ago +1

    You will have so much fun! The rain forest is also a good option if it's not raining. For good food La Casita Blanca in Santurce is amazing.

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  9 months ago

      We didn't make it to the rainforest this time. It was a bit far and were told there were areas that were still not open. We will for sure plan to go back specifically for that!

  • Claudia Mercado
    Claudia Mercado 9 months ago

    I loved the whole Freedom of the Seas series. Thank you for visiting our country ❤️ We visit Puerto Rico very often but never cruise from it but next year we will after seeing your vlogs.

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  9 months ago

      Thanks Claudia! That was an amazing trip! We will be back in Puerto Rico this weekend. Cannot wait!

  • Lashawna Brady
    Lashawna Brady 9 months ago +1


    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  9 months ago

      Lashawna Brady lol why are you yelling lol 😂 we’re going back next weekend to do LED stand up paddle boarding.
      But visiting an Airbnb is a good way to support locals after the storm. There’s a tree house air bnb that’s super unique as well. We didn’t do much shopping but we did eat locally which was awesome!
      Also the bio luminescent bay is difficult to record, but super fun! Anyways thanks for watching.

  • Emma Davis
    Emma Davis 10 months ago

    When I went to San Juan I went to the forts and it’s making me sad watching this video because I’ve stood RIGHT where you were many times in the video 😍😍 so gorgeous miss it a lot and there were so many amazing views and many iguanas!

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago

      We loved it there as well! Just another excuse to make the trip back!

  • Bellaishere Fernandez
    Bellaishere Fernandez 10 months ago

    I agree visiting the forts in Old San Juan are a must. My husband and I always stop by Don Ruiz for some cafe con leche and a mayorca sandwich (located across the street from El Morro within the Museo de las Americas). And my favorite restaurant near Paseo de la Princesa is Princesa Gastrobar. There’s so much to see, do, and eat while in Old San Juan. I can’t wait to go back this Summer!

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago

      Oh awesome! We will be back in a few days, so we will keep a look out for those places. :)

  • S Swan
    S Swan 10 months ago +1

    Hopefully some of the places you mentioned will be opened in the evening. Who docks at 5:30 pm in January? The NCL Encore! We dock in San Juan at 5:30pm & leave at 11:30pm. Very disappointed in the arrival time, but I'm not steering the ship, hope some things are opened to do!

    • S Swan
      S Swan 10 months ago

      @Griff & Alyssa thanks will keep checking out your videos

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago

      Yeah that is a very interesting time to be in port. We are looking into some evening activities, so we will keep you posted!

  • Touring Tastebuds
    Touring Tastebuds 10 months ago

    San Juan is calling our name, there looks like so much to see and do before a cruise! 😍 we really do need to book a cruise, Stef has never been and I have only done one! You guys need to holler at us next cruise you take! #weneedtheexperts 🚢🙌🏼 #andbacardi

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago +1

      YAASSS!! We need to plan something ASAP. :)

  • Vnex_Production.Tv
    Vnex_Production.Tv 10 months ago

    Great Job! Coming from a PuertoRican🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

    MY PERMACULTURE GARDEN 10 months ago

    Hi guys just wanted to support your channel by subscribing and hope you can come check my channel too !

  • Daryl Robinson
    Daryl Robinson 10 months ago

    Great videos!!! I will be there April 27th for a 2 day stay before 7 day southern Caribbean cruise. Celebrating 13 years of marriage so I appreciate the information I hope to make this one to remember. Quick question how do you guys get to travel so much I really wish I could travel for a living I love it.

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago +1

      We just make it a priority. All of our extra $$ goes to cruising, and it helps that we live in Florida, super close to a few ports. :)

  • D Walker
    D Walker 10 months ago

    I remember every second of this series and I laughed a lot good times

  • Wayward Waggs
    Wayward Waggs 10 months ago

    Happy Travels in 2019!

  • Danielle Shiddell
    Danielle Shiddell 10 months ago

    Hello!! We are going on a cruise in Feb and will stop here so thanks! But I see in the comments you all are also going to St. Maarten (or Marten lol) will you be informing us about there?? Would love to hear your thoughts!

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago

      We sure will! We have some fun things planned! We will be there at the end of this month, so look for those videos to be out by the end of February . :)

  • Alexander Ramos
    Alexander Ramos 10 months ago +6

    Flamenco beach in Culebra 🇵🇷!

  • Albi7 Clips
    Albi7 Clips 10 months ago

    Nice vid 💪🏽🇵🇷

  • Chillie Falls
    Chillie Falls 10 months ago +1

    On a non-cruise trip, my family stayed at a lovely hotel in Rincon, about an hour's drive from San Juan. Very native, not touristy at all. While I prefer cruises, my family loved Rincon.

    • Griff & Alyssa
      Griff & Alyssa  10 months ago

      We enjoyed our pre-cruise stay in Miramar and would love to venture out of the area a bit to experience Puerto Rico a bit more. :)

  • Chillie Falls
    Chillie Falls 10 months ago

    Another great video. Thanks. A.