Quentin Miller on Drake Changing His Life, Pusha T Friendship & Ghostwriting Scandal


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  • Wolfe Files
    Wolfe Files Month ago

    CoolisMac 🔥

  • Jacob Reeze
    Jacob Reeze 3 months ago +1

    Huge Drake fan, as super basic as that is... As a straight young man thats, the equivalent of a 19 y/o girl saying Katy Perry is her fav. Appreciate each of his albums, but honestly I think Too Late is my favorite. I loved the rawness. Definately, will look up WDNG CRSHRS.

  • Cozier Finess God
    Cozier Finess God 5 months ago

    Migos from the same area quinton miller from?
    So theirs some real square ass niggas on the norfside???

  • Bhris Paul
    Bhris Paul 5 months ago

    L 4 the Culture vulture

  • Becca Dre
    Becca Dre 5 months ago

    Can we curse? Why would anyone wanna curse? How bout you skip that and just bless?

  • Becca Dre
    Becca Dre 5 months ago

    If Drake changed his own life that be a cooler topic.

  • hughca1
    hughca1 5 months ago

    These guys are rap stars and can't express themselves with words LUL

  • Rytronica
    Rytronica 5 months ago

    Yall fart man Yall fart

  • Bhargav Dattu
    Bhargav Dattu 6 months ago

    The host sounds dumb af.

  • Quinton Haygood
    Quinton Haygood 6 months ago

    Sry but this guy is stealing my shine really I wrote all the music Drake has shidd I wrote quinten miller music too

  • MaddRezz
    MaddRezz 6 months ago

    man his talking voice trash too, stick to writing

  • MICDaBoss1
    MICDaBoss1 6 months ago

    This nigga got so much on drake that he’ll never tell

  • Chris Medina
    Chris Medina 6 months ago

    This man is trash at interviewing and asking questions

  • Alan Parana
    Alan Parana 6 months ago +1

    If you’re going to interview something at least know one thing about them

  • flowerz
    flowerz 6 months ago

    They want them to freestyle won't even give them a beat

  • MrSwaggonten
    MrSwaggonten 7 months ago

    Nigga look like Rock..... Or Shareef's Daddy in Menace to Society.

  • Luke Campbell
    Luke Campbell 7 months ago

    look like a chubby bald Kendrick

  • Keiyon
    Keiyon 7 months ago

    A bunch of ghostwriters on ghostwriters / you aint a fan of the artist you a fan of his ghostwriter
    - Keiyon

  • Keiyon
    Keiyon 7 months ago


  • Team Fast Lane
    Team Fast Lane 7 months ago


  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright 7 months ago

    All three of them belong in the Atlanta landfill

  • prettyricky2001
    prettyricky2001 7 months ago +1

    His album hard. If your reading this, it's not too late to support.

  • MOLE
    MOLE 7 months ago +1

    12:51 WORST RAP EVER 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    Until Quentin
    They both whack

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 7 months ago

    “Y’all acting like he made the boy when I was tryna help the guy.”

  • Yellow Synth
    Yellow Synth 7 months ago

    he has a rapper talking voice

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth 7 months ago

    This nigga so lame bro

  • Ant Shahid
    Ant Shahid 7 months ago +2

    Is that wiz, with him TAYLOR GANG

  • Comment Gawd
    Comment Gawd 7 months ago

    Somehow when I listened to him rap the raps that he wrote for Drake.. He sucked & Drake snapped🤣🤣

  • TheDylanHolland
    TheDylanHolland 7 months ago

    watch this video before the government takes it down!!!!!!!!!!!!! thexvid.com/video/nitz4c0bjom/video.html

  • greatest ever
    greatest ever 7 months ago

    Dam he got paid a lot to keep his mouth shut! He said drake changed his life nuff said. He subliminally said he wrote it When he asked the dude if he liked it And he said it was one of his favorite quintin had the biggest smile ever.

  • shane williams
    shane williams 7 months ago

    quintons cool but that sidekick he has in the back with a pawn store half sovereign he bort for 250 and flashes on his pinky in videos makes me laugh more .

  • Julian REC
    Julian REC 7 months ago

    Love Quentin Miller bruh, staying real

  • Malik Holmes
    Malik Holmes 7 months ago

    Nick miles is that nigga. I don't know why he's not more known!!! He's better than a lot of producers, I'd kill to work with dude

  • Scott iEngineer
    Scott iEngineer 7 months ago

    Young QM!

  • manny williams
    manny williams 7 months ago

    He look 45th

  • Harvard Blue
    Harvard Blue 7 months ago

    This dude look like Mark Aguirre’s son LOL

  • C Hardin
    C Hardin 7 months ago

    Q get the point if u didn’t get the call you would be baking cakes

  • chuteball
    chuteball 7 months ago

    He already wrote the letter on what it really was....

  • Humza Bukhari
    Humza Bukhari 7 months ago +1

    Why the interviewer got half a mustache doe 😂😂😭

  • Mister Jones
    Mister Jones 7 months ago

    Is that Tyga?

  • MavericksFan4life
    MavericksFan4life 7 months ago

    What's wrong with having Ghost writers?

  • Legit
    Legit 7 months ago

    U ain't a rapper if u got somebody to write your music smh

  • Follow BLACKMOSES1
    Follow BLACKMOSES1 7 months ago

    This is all meek fault

  • V.I. Anaya
    V.I. Anaya 7 months ago

    he don’t want to answer those type of questions

  • John Baker
    John Baker 7 months ago

    Straight garbage

  • MarcB_23
    MarcB_23 7 months ago

    So he wrote for Pusha T also. Because he asked him if he ever wrote for him and he said "we worked before"

  • Faragama Vozzi
    Faragama Vozzi 7 months ago

    Quentin Miller need to sign Faragama Vozzi

  • Timothy Wes
    Timothy Wes 7 months ago

    Horrible interviewer

  • Jacques Andre
    Jacques Andre 7 months ago

    Fat Face Curren$y

  • Kitty Ling
    Kitty Ling 7 months ago

    He sounds afraid

    JEREMIAH VEGAN 7 months ago

    Such a basic interview

  • The Truth
    The Truth 7 months ago

    Firstly Lil' Wayne is not an MC.

  • coates27
    coates27 7 months ago

    Swizz beats and Alicia Keys child on the left

  • Shug Kapone
    Shug Kapone 7 months ago

    North Clayton!!!

  • Irvin Hall
    Irvin Hall 7 months ago

    I appreciate QM genuine personality.hes a good guy and super talented artist.wish him the best

  • Unknown King Abyss
    Unknown King Abyss 7 months ago

    Why it look like Quetin miller brain trying to escape

  • Dynasty
    Dynasty 7 months ago

    Quentin Is shady as f ... He always trying to avoid the ghostwriter questions like... you gonna have to ask Drake about those questions. Drake gonna get mad at me if I told you I ghostwrite for him all the time.

  • Derrion_G1
    Derrion_G1 7 months ago

    1317 1731 1137

  • Derrion_G1
    Derrion_G1 7 months ago

    Tell dem folks!

  • Anthony Lugo
    Anthony Lugo 7 months ago

    This listining to only the hook and the beat of a Dj is the worst.

  • Keyztothesoul
    Keyztothesoul 7 months ago

    Tyga was so humble sitting next to Quentin just listening in gotta love him

  • Cyber Smokes
    Cyber Smokes 7 months ago

    Quintin Miller laugh is fucked up

  • Allof A Sudden
    Allof A Sudden 7 months ago

    Really is that Tyga he look like a look a like


    fire this interviewer he's a bozo

  • Ricardo Figueroa
    Ricardo Figueroa 7 months ago

    That freestyle was trash but they music is fire

  • Ricardo Figueroa
    Ricardo Figueroa 7 months ago

    QM is the goat

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell 7 months ago

    I can understand why He didnt make it. His bars and his face cant be marketed. You can tell he does a lot for Drake. Quentin gives Drake the blueprint and Drake cleans it up and presents it to the world. Quentin's bars were trash but you can see Drake rapping it. Its Drakes same vibe.

  • Kamran Hussain
    Kamran Hussain 7 months ago

    He only used like 4 reference tracks from him?

  • Felix_233
    Felix_233 7 months ago

    He wrote for PushaT

  • Jay Denham
    Jay Denham 7 months ago

    Been needing this wdng crshrs interview

  • Blaise Bullion
    Blaise Bullion 7 months ago +1

    "The only time I'm really listening to lyrics is if it's Lil Wayne".........why are you interviewing a lyricist then?

  • Boss Levels
    Boss Levels 7 months ago

    Who is this interviewer he knows sweet FA

  • Jaming Johnson
    Jaming Johnson 7 months ago +2

    Miller looks like someone grandfather. How old is he???

  • Brandon
    Brandon 7 months ago

    this interview was trash both artist suck and the interview was wack AF

  • Big Draco
    Big Draco 7 months ago

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  • Anon10
    Anon10 7 months ago


  • Post 20XX
    Post 20XX 7 months ago

    Tyga lite in the back

  • Abasi Akan
    Abasi Akan 7 months ago

    Why it look like Quentin was reading off the phone on the table (yeah I know both hands were in the air...it just looks like he was)

  • fall
    fall 7 months ago

    Thiz guy dont listen to lyrics....

  • Planety Sanity
    Planety Sanity 7 months ago

    6:23 Would you write a freestyle ... ???? O_o

  • Josh Pendleton
    Josh Pendleton 8 months ago

    wtf is tyga doing there?

  • Xavier Parker
    Xavier Parker 8 months ago

    If you're reading this it's too late...is my favorite Drake album don't throw it in rice! Lol

  • anesu mahwendepi
    anesu mahwendepi 8 months ago

    wackest interviewer ever , how you not gonna even check out like a song of the people you're interviewing!!

  • Dbakerboyz2005 Baker
    Dbakerboyz2005 Baker 8 months ago

    That part game smart

  • Rob Sanders
    Rob Sanders 8 months ago

    Yoo for a sec I thought he had a disabled right hand but it’s his homeboy hand lol Mybad 😂😅

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  • 2oonami
    2oonami 8 months ago

    Tyga really looks different now isn't that him next to quentin?

  • Cyril Lewis
    Cyril Lewis 8 months ago +1

    Why do they fall for the old “rap on the radio” trick smh

  • Dawan Burnett
    Dawan Burnett 8 months ago


  • Josh Lb
    Josh Lb 8 months ago

    Damn why you make the long story short man?

  • DwightByrdJr
    DwightByrdJr 8 months ago

    Why'd they have him talking into a Nappy ass microphone?

  • Cobalt09ssGMS1
    Cobalt09ssGMS1 8 months ago


  • Antoine Royale
    Antoine Royale 8 months ago

    Kinda looks like Luke lol i like big.. Butts and i cannot lie!! 😂😂

  • Kid Samurai
    Kid Samurai 8 months ago

    Bro Who is That, not Q

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  • Meech Montana
    Meech Montana 8 months ago

    Hairline crazy

  • Meech Montana
    Meech Montana 8 months ago

    This dude ugly asf bruh

  • Jae Ocean
    Jae Ocean 8 months ago

    This interview was trash

  • AfroPopStars
    AfroPopStars 8 months ago

    Drake is not his problem. The problem is that QM never even went to school and learned to socialize with people properly. Him and his man are geeks. This interview proves it. They claim they want to be known for their own music, but . . . WhereTF is the music?!! And who even wants to hear it after listening to this boring interview?

  • vikside
    vikside 8 months ago +1

    so he wrote for Pusha T too? leave this man alone