Building a Powerful Gaming PC

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Build my no-compromise gaming PC with parts from Amazon and Newegg:
    AMD Ryzen 7 3800X:
    ASRock X570 Taichi:
    16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4:
    MSI Ventus RTX 2080 Ti:
    2TB Corsair MP600 M.2 NVMe SSD:
    Seasonic Focus+ 850FX PSU:
    Corsair iCue 465X RGB:
    Corsair H150i PRO RGB:
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    2x Pixio PX275h IPS Monitors:
    Neewer LED Lighting Kit:
    Audio-Technica AT2035:
    Yamaha MG10XU Mixer:
    Neewer Microphone Arms:
    Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desks:
    Arrowzoom Sound-Damping Foam Panels:
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  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  Month ago +151

    "No-Compromise" ----> "Powerful" - I learn new things about my audience every day. Many of you took the whole "no-compromise" thing to the extreme literal sense and expected a hyper-OC'd 9900K and NVL'd Titan X's for gaming. I suppose I can't blame ya. I'm not in the business of deception, so I changed the title to something I think we can all agree is more vague and applicable. Thanks for the immediate input.

    • John van de Ven
      John van de Ven Month ago

      I for one are glad you went with AMD. Sick and tired of the 9900K & 2080TI combination. Would have been happier if you used either the 2700 Super or 5700XT as these are also within range of tighter budgets and in reality, it's all one would need. Sick to death of overclocked Intel 9900K and robbery priced 2080TI. It's enough to make one vomit and end up in a cold sweat.

    • James DOE
      James DOE Month ago

      @Hudson Jackson II No compromise gaming..... Try again bud

    • Hudson Jackson II
      Hudson Jackson II Month ago

      No-compromise is subjective: it depends on what your endgame is. If I wanted to set up a build server for software development - or even for the purpose of updating Gentoo systems on a network - I would go with a Threadripper 2990WX. Greg's endgame is not the same as my endgame or anyone else's, so clearly there was no deception to begin with, but I can see where some got it all twisted.
      By the way, Greg. . . I like that "490K" display hovering over the machine near the end of the video. What's it called, and what store/site carries it?

    • James DOE
      James DOE Month ago

      @Riccardo Cattozzo The title was factually false....and he fixed it so settle down

  • Vergz Oner
    Vergz Oner 22 hours ago

    Must be nice to build a high end PC for free and using it for editing lol

  • Mohamed Ouamer
    Mohamed Ouamer Day ago

    I want to build one for VR Games development. Would you recommend the same configuration ?

  • Goopy
    Goopy 3 days ago

    Can you build a pc on a a table, carpet on the floor, but just take ur socks off?

  • Explore Travel TV
    Explore Travel TV 22 days ago

    Great stuff, recently found your channel. I am looking to upgrade my system that was custom build about 5 years ago. I am now editing 4k footage a lot for my channel and it is really frustrating slow and lagging. I don't do gaming. Do you have a build more for Video editing? I will keep looking on your channel. Thanks oh ya, I have switched to Davinci as well. PP has been giving me more issues.

  • b6s4shelter
    b6s4shelter 24 days ago

    Baller! 2080ti deserves 3900x with that rad too! 3700x and 2080 super is a great setup too.

  • -gravef1ghter-
    -gravef1ghter- Month ago

    Probably should add a push/pull to that front-mounted rad. The static pressure on those case fans is lower than the stock fans @1.61 mmH₂O. The stock fans are 1.78 and still do not provide enough airflow to cut through the fin-array. I learned that front-mounting a 150i in my wife's P400A.

  • Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers Month ago +1

    Me finding out my Mobo doesn't match my cables: Shit, I have to use it anyway.
    TheXvidrs: Ohhh I'll just unwrap yet another brand new $300 motherboard.

  • tschuki121
    tschuki121 Month ago

    If I spent 2700 on a Gaming-PC I want a 2080ti in there.

  • Grannygaming
    Grannygaming Month ago +1

    He actually touched the cpu 4:24

  • Kenny926
    Kenny926 Month ago

    Damn this dude is like just as good as Science Studio, props man big shoes to fill

  • Yannik Welsch
    Yannik Welsch Month ago

    Nailed the aesthetics with this build. Were there any clearance issues with the H150i and the HDD Cage?

  • chile_loco
    chile_loco Month ago

    where is the 2080 ti :(

  • A man of culture
    A man of culture Month ago

    Bad pc build guide, you didn't use a swiss army knife that hopefully has a phllips head screwdriver in it.

  • StichyHD
    StichyHD Month ago

    Personally i would change the color to blue but other than that nothing else

  • SpeedyMicherGD
    SpeedyMicherGD Month ago

    This would be the step below RTX 2080 Ti

  • OnlyFreeThinkers
    OnlyFreeThinkers Month ago

    What are your frustrations with Adobe Premiere Pro? Could you make a video on this?

  • rommel marana
    rommel marana Month ago

    Too much talk

  • ButtSelfie ._.
    ButtSelfie ._. Month ago

    Just buy a Nintendo switch lol it's the strongest system out there right now.

  • Mohd
    Mohd Month ago

    1:08 confusing man, u meant to say u went with 3800X but we can choose 3700X

  • Z3R0 CHANC3
    Z3R0 CHANC3 Month ago

    Sharp Build! Kind of makes me think of the Matrix and the Hobgoblin. I just want you to know that when I asked about the naming of "Science Studio" it wasn't a criticism. I was just curious to hear a little history of the channel. I doubt you changed it because of the question but thought I'd mention it regardless.

  • Hugh Wong
    Hugh Wong Month ago

    Miss your videos? Where are you Greg?

  • John van de Ven
    John van de Ven Month ago

    What a beautiful build. OCD people please take note.....clean, tidy, minimalist and the cabling is perfectly square. Got me.

  • llOPPOTATOll
    llOPPOTATOll Month ago

    I recommend going with 32gb of ram i regularly see 19gb of ram usage

  • Clive Ellis
    Clive Ellis Month ago

    The Focus name being upside down would bug me

  • ColdZ0r
    ColdZ0r Month ago

    thanks to your videos i was able to build a PC without issues, thank you man

    MEMES Month ago

    why you dont put fans on top of the case

  • BTS Is my life
    BTS Is my life Month ago

    AMD processors are the worst

  • Kevin Axel
    Kevin Axel Month ago

    Bro I really want a pc for my birthday but it’s so expensive 😥

  • asdf211
    asdf211 Month ago

    Looks nice

  • Hugh Wong
    Hugh Wong Month ago

    Greg, it would be nice to see you do a video with Brian from BPS CUSTOMS sometime.

    IMORTALIZED 3D Month ago

    In the thumbnail it's says $2700 seems a lil expensive for this much performance

  • ZekayGaming
    ZekayGaming Month ago

    You changed your channel name? why is it longer science studio?

  • innoalvin
    innoalvin Month ago

    Wait... Did you just changed your channel name?

  • Carnivore-
    Carnivore- Month ago

    The Verge

  • Sinterbaas 420
    Sinterbaas 420 Month ago

    First I was like, spending $2700 on a gaming PC and not getting a 2080ti is just moronic. Then you changed it and it made way more sense.

  • zergtoss1
    zergtoss1 Month ago

    You forgot to say those powercables cost like 80 bucks rofl

    • zergtoss1
      zergtoss1 Month ago

      Greg Salazar haha love you bro!

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  Month ago +1

      So add $80 to a $2700 pricetag? That's $2780...

  • zergtoss1
    zergtoss1 Month ago

    Wait a sec dont watercoolers come with preapplied thermal paste

  • zergtoss1
    zergtoss1 Month ago

    Nvidia... sacrilege
    Lol i love saying this

  • Yader H
    Yader H Month ago

    Music on point.

  • JordanBui
    JordanBui Month ago

    Hey Greg, Im making a custom built pc in Canada and was wondering if you could possibly make me a really good pc with the budget of 1500 CAD dollar budget? I already have the mouse and kb and monitor, I just wanna mainly run rainbow six csgo gta and open world games like the Witcher 3.

  • CeoofNewGenz Llc
    CeoofNewGenz Llc Month ago

    I would of waited till the 3950x

  • Sayyed Danish
    Sayyed Danish Month ago

    I like your build but ram I think you have to use rgb ram

  • Lorenzo Morningstar
    Lorenzo Morningstar Month ago +1

    So I recently built my first PC, and something has been on my mind. The power button isn't properly plugged into the MBO. Is it bad to turn on the PC by flipping the on/off button on the PSU? Mind you the PC is completely off when I power it up.

    • MrSammy
      MrSammy Month ago

      🙂 yes its fine, also u could power it up with a power strip switch

  • Chris G
    Chris G Month ago

    Can't wait to build mine.

  • Riot Plays
    Riot Plays Month ago +3

    I want a pc so bad I have been asking one for 4 years and can’t get one

    • Rush patriot
      Rush patriot Month ago

      Yeah quit bitching and get a job you ingrate

    • Dr.Gonzo
      Dr.Gonzo Month ago +2

      Get yourself a job.

    • MrSammy
      MrSammy Month ago +2

      🙂 ask for a cheaper used one

  • Dread0
    Dread0 Month ago

    could you budget a $1000 around a RTX2080?

  • Ed O'Neill
    Ed O'Neill Month ago +5

    Why build this for $2700 when I can buy a pc with the same components on craigslist already assembled for $8500???

  • John Paul Bacon
    John Paul Bacon Month ago

    Very Nice build.

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis Month ago

    My list of subscription is too long. Science Studio was one I dropped because I can easily remember it and enter it. Right now S.S. comes here. That will end when youtube decides to. When it does, I doubt I'm going to remember Greg Salazar. You'll survive when that happens.

  • Jay Werrett
    Jay Werrett Month ago

    Looking to get a 360mm aio which will be front mounted, but have seen comments that gpu temps rise due to warmer air from the rad air intake, how do people overcome this? Would mounting extra fans on the top as exhaust help?
    Only other option is for me to get a bigger case to top mount the rad but any advise would be great 😁

  • NexusClix
    NexusClix Month ago

    When you finished building and setting up your pc and the WiFi goes down....


  • Muntsr Albibas
    Muntsr Albibas Month ago

    From your personal opinion of who do you think the best Corsair 465X or NZXT H710❤

  • Pan
    Pan Month ago

    you could get a 2080ti then it would be even more of the bestest of the best of the bestes of the best

  • RaptorTP
    RaptorTP Month ago +1

    1 Question: was the board powered (leds lights up) as you plugged in the graphics card ? ...

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn Month ago

    Why new name

  • gtzhujki jzut
    gtzhujki jzut Month ago

    11:22 -cries- please put it back in Greg. I mean it’s huge but think of us average guy out here.

  • Broodjekaas !
    Broodjekaas ! Month ago +1

    Is your fav music genre trance/edm? 👀

  • Beñjamín Pérez Pérez

    Got an idea
    Why dont u give it to me?xd

  • Alexandre Esquenet
    Alexandre Esquenet Month ago

    Great music.