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    The real question would you give up arms chest and back for a month if doing this shut down all crossfit everywhere

  • wakesake
    wakesake 3 years ago +1

    i will miss him ...

  • dim3nsi0nx
    dim3nsi0nx 3 years ago

    the song makes this even more badass ­čśé­čśé

  • TheSwoleRice
    TheSwoleRice 3 years ago +1

    life is full of tragedies. Crossfit is the biggest one of all.

  • Informed Fitness
    Informed Fitness 3 years ago +2

    Omg dude this was great!!! Liked and subbed all the way!!!

  • ColumbineLegend 420
    ColumbineLegend 420 3 years ago +2

    Gains>lifes of your friends

  • DCsGladiator
    DCsGladiator 3 years ago +1


  • Trollstation123
    Trollstation123 3 years ago +2

    How about this? Crossfit all over the world would be shut down IF you did squats, bench, and deadlifts for 1 week straight? :D (regardless of the weight/reps/sets)

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago +3

      Fuck yea I'd do it. Think of all the people I'd be saving

  • NoParking
    NoParking 3 years ago +1

    The attending staff should have curled the life support cable for reps until it rang like planet fitness bitch dont kill my vibe.

  • Black Hercules
    Black Hercules 3 years ago +1

    gains over everything lol

  • Dart Frog
    Dart Frog 3 years ago +1

    My cat? Maybe. People friends? Fuck em.

  • Blazed Duck
    Blazed Duck 3 years ago +1

    10/10 the best feel good film of the year

  • HeridaV
    HeridaV 3 years ago

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  • wbowen05
    wbowen05 3 years ago

    How about this, the ability to eliminate CrossFit for all eternity, but you had to train legs 7 days in a row.

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago +4

      Train legs 7 days in a row and I wouldn't have to ever train them again? That's a no brainer

  • Camerica Muscle
    Camerica Muscle 3 years ago +1

    lmao agreed!

  • WissCoast
    WissCoast 3 years ago

    lik if u cri evertiem

  • Simplified Fitness
    Simplified Fitness 3 years ago +2

    Holly shit I didn't know you will choose dem gains .... YOU ARE AWSOME :))

  • Pete_the_PT
    Pete_the_PT 3 years ago +1

    Best video up to this day!

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 3 years ago +9

    Pull that plug faster than a crossfitter pulls a back muscle.

  • ImmortalDrignis
    ImmortalDrignis 3 years ago +15

    if he was a true friend he would die long before you even considered doing crossfit to save his life

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 3 years ago +1