[20191110] KAMP Singapore Day 2 - Stray Kids - Hellevator

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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  • js love
    js love 21 day ago

    정말 노래가 마약같이 콕 중독되네~ㅠ

  • Kavya Ajith
    Kavya Ajith 24 days ago


  • jenniebae. ꧂
    jenniebae. ꧂ 25 days ago

    stan SKZ, i love it.💖

  • Bianca Mamintal
    Bianca Mamintal 26 days ago

    pls save oppa woojin

  • Maria
    Maria 26 days ago +1

    Watching StrayKids since the beginning, their survival show. It kinda hurts to see them performing as 8 now. But no matter what happen StrayKids will forever be OT9. STAYs will always support and love them (Woojin too).

  • Khusnawati 170316
    Khusnawati 170316 26 days ago +2

    Iam crying ....
    Iam following stray kids since predebut era
    I know them so much .....
    Thank to my Bias Han jisung
    U always DAEBAK

  • Nicole Ho
    Nicole Ho 27 days ago

    I need a video of the songs they performed here with and without Woojin 😭😭

  • Inspirit Caratlove
    Inspirit Caratlove 27 days ago

    Okay when han covered woojin's part, i think.. i want cry now 😔

  • Na Jaemi
    Na Jaemi 27 days ago


  • Maria Grace Morales
    Maria Grace Morales 27 days ago

    Your doing good sweeties i know you guys are tired as hell you guys need to heal and recover stays wil always love you guys

  • Maria Grace Morales
    Maria Grace Morales 27 days ago

    *I feel emotionally broken watching hellevator as 8😢*

  • 이하늘
    이하늘 27 days ago

    뿌듯하네 ^^

  • Ludmilla Mochi
    Ludmilla Mochi 28 days ago +1

    Voltaaa Woojin 😭sentimos falta de vc🥺❤️

  • Y O O N G I I B O O 2
    Y O O N G I I B O O 2 28 days ago

    i miss woojin so much.. i love all 9 boys and seeing just 8 of them break my heart..i honestly can’t stop crying..

  • 2k2 Mar RB
    2k2 Mar RB 28 days ago +1

    They didn't change the choreography, I appreciate that they kept Woojins place. Anyways, it doesn't matter if they are in the same group, I just want to see them being happy doing what they want. I'm completely sure that they will continue being friends, and they will have reunions, they will take pictures as nine again.. It is just a phase that is going to make Stay and SKZ stronger, we have to be united now more than ever, and in the Astronaut Mv's comments, please don't talk about Woojin, it will just do it harder, SKZ want's us to smile and not to cry, so I want to see comments showing love to our boys.
    PD: Stay I love you soo much, we are a very good fandom. ❤️❤️❤️

  • a hoe for skz
    a hoe for skz 28 days ago

    i am in so much pain

  • blooming alethea
    blooming alethea 28 days ago

    It must been hard to jisung because he need to do a lot of part , whatever it is let keep supporting them

  • disguised Asme
    disguised Asme 28 days ago

    When you know that no matter how many times you count them you’ll end up with 8. I should’ve watched them when they came to my country when they’re still OT9

  • Yara A
    Yara A 28 days ago

    Still hurts but gotta support my sons.

  • kim woojin STAY
    kim woojin STAY 28 days ago

    i miss kim woojin 😭

  • wei qian
    wei qian 28 days ago

    everytime i see without woojin i felt so hurt🥺

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 28 days ago +3

    2:25 to the end, han kept messing up... especially the last chorus... he seems so exhausted, but he SLAYED all those high notes🔥🔥🔥

  • Ava Baker
    Ava Baker 28 days ago

    Jisung is amazingly talented and so is Minho, THEY ALL ARE, I'm sad but so so proud and will always remain a proud STAY

  • A k
    A k 28 days ago +1

    Hannieee, you really amazing. Skz all of you are amazing.

  • Annisa Galuh
    Annisa Galuh 28 days ago +1

    Jisungg did so well 😣😭😭😭
    Good job!!

  • maariya xbtsxskz
    maariya xbtsxskz 29 days ago +1

    Obviously not crying

  • Sara Wadkins
    Sara Wadkins 29 days ago

    in the fan chant do they still say woojins name?

  • Lasya Musty
    Lasya Musty 29 days ago

    you know what makes me even more sad? i became a stay only recently, just before woojin left i had started watching finding skz. it makes me feel so bad that i couldn't experience woojin, that even though i followed to them on vlive i never had the time to see them, i regret it so much now and i feel like i should've been more appreciative of them when they were 9. it even makes me ashamed to call skz my ult when i wasn't able to give more than the bare minimum to them.

  • Mercy Avalos
    Mercy Avalos 29 days ago +2

    Jisung se ve tan exhausto 😭 aún así, lo hizo genial! Pudo cargar con las notas altas y las que eran de Woojin 😭

  • Meghna Charles
    Meghna Charles 29 days ago

    I'm missing woojin 😭😭😭😭😭😢😔💖💙💙💙I hope is good

  • catfleed ً
    catfleed ً 29 days ago

    that empty space..

  • Kim Lia
    Kim Lia 29 days ago +1


  • melody
    melody 29 days ago

    my heart breaks seeing this remind me their predebut days 😢😢

  • Nicol Noriega
    Nicol Noriega 29 days ago


  • Victorine Sauvage
    Victorine Sauvage 29 days ago

    show support to the 8 of them even if it hurts to think of stray kids without woojin, we have to help them, give them our love as 8 now because they need us to keep going

  • Victorine Sauvage
    Victorine Sauvage 29 days ago

    so proud of them, keep going boys

  • Got7 x Igot7
    Got7 x Igot7 29 days ago


  • Shauna Sykes
    Shauna Sykes 29 days ago

    The fact I see no smiles 💔

  • taeminnie bling bling
    taeminnie bling bling 29 days ago +2

    the song they first performed on the show, the song they first performed as stray kids, the song they performed at their first award shows, all as nine. it hurts so much to see the front part of the boulevard being left one sided when minho sang woojin's part. imagine how hard it was for the boys. this song means so much to them and stays. good job boys, stays will always be with you ♥️

  • stay kids
    stay kids 29 days ago +1

    They are doing a great job

  • ARMY cocina
    ARMY cocina 29 days ago

    amikos es super diferente encerio estraño mucho a woojin , no es lo mismo , quiero k vuelva , las canciones sin su hermosa voz es super diferente , mas k toda en esta cancion ,con la cual ellos OT9 cantaron en el realiti de mnet ! para sobrevir y no poder ser elimnados

    • Mercy Avalos
      Mercy Avalos 29 days ago

      En realidad en esta canción es donde tiene menos líneas, así que la diferencia se siente menos, o caso nada en realidad. Sólo tenía 5 líneas en total en esta canción, 2 de ellas las que cantó Minho (eran las partes suaves, y 3 líneas del Coro "I'm on a Hellevator", tanto Minho como Han pudieron cubrirlo perfectamente! Para mí sonó súper bien, pero bueno, son gustos de cada quién.

  • Dinpuii May
    Dinpuii May 29 days ago +1

    Lee Know sing again his line

  • Red Reccion
    Red Reccion 29 days ago +7

    tbh, when jisung hit that high note i really do feel that he wants to cry that's why he didn't dance at that part Aww my babies must be tired especially jisung since he got so many lines which he deserve the most unbothered talented king😕💙

  • eda
    eda 29 days ago +1

    i'm so proud of them

  • Tiu Rase Oh
    Tiu Rase Oh 29 days ago +1

    Yo bois doing very well despite everything. Fighting SKZ! Bless y'all!

  • King Domckey
    King Domckey 29 days ago

    I don't know but i see all members is woojin in this videos . I so seriously

  • •Hixxy•
    •Hixxy• 29 days ago +1

    i want cry because woojin left

  • A J
    A J 29 days ago

    :c siento q la coreografía está incompleta v''': necesito s woojin no es lo mismo sin el tmr

  • speak a name of queen *JENNIE*

    Me after seeing the whole performance: Something is missing...

    Then remember that...😭😭😭

  • Rica Reyes
    Rica Reyes 29 days ago

    Han looks so tired 😢

  • Claire Bea Baltazar
    Claire Bea Baltazar 29 days ago +3

    They never dissapoint us. Yes they're still in pain like us... but i can say that i'm super proud because even if there's empty, they're trying to fill that emptiness. They're strong so we should be strong too. Stray kids ain't raise weak-ass-stay. Let's get it fam!! And also don't forget to vote them in AAA

  • GOTPM 2679
    GOTPM 2679 29 days ago +1

    I'm still hurting.. But I'm certain what I feel is nothing compare to what all the members are feeling 💔
    I'm just so proud of them.. Performing like this even if we all know hard it is! Even if there are only 8 of them right now, it's still Stray Kids.. The best rookies that ever existed and the Stray Kids who always slay! 💚

  • skijeu.hanJ1
    skijeu.hanJ1 29 days ago

    Guys, I fucking miss woojin:')

  • Mercy Sabuya
    Mercy Sabuya 29 days ago +8

    Minho ang Han covering Woojin's parts. Our boys did so well, Stays.

    POPKNOT 29 days ago +3

    Lee Know and Han did an absolute good job for covering his parts, reminds me of predebut era, iconic memories, smile stays! smile stray kids, we still have a long way thru our penthouse!

  • B34N
    B34N 29 days ago +1

    They put their all into it. They did amazing.

  • Shima Sabri
    Shima Sabri 29 days ago

    I miss woojin

  • Dayana Juarez
    Dayana Juarez 29 days ago

    The stay at 3:38 is all of us 😭

  • Hayley REGINIO
    Hayley REGINIO 29 days ago

    Is it just me or has I.N grown a lot taller? He looks taller that Bang Chan!

    • Amber Jade
      Amber Jade 29 days ago

      Hayley REGINIO hes been taller than him for a while

  • Mutiara Sakinah
    Mutiara Sakinah 29 days ago