Do You Have OCD?

  • Published on Jun 18, 2014
  • We talk about what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is. GMM 469!
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Comments • 36 637

  • Pyromania
    Pyromania 11 hours ago

    I like how all throughout the video they are moving the cups get ready for some ocd

  • Maccy Waccy
    Maccy Waccy Day ago

    It’s unsatisfying when it’s not in the right way but I’m not gonna fix whatever someone is doing

  • Mr. Sherlocked
    Mr. Sherlocked 2 days ago

    I counted 3,464 words by the 4:00 mark. You need to talk slower and keep it under 2,988 words. Thanks

  • *xXshystarXx*
    *xXshystarXx* 2 days ago

    I know the other channel

  • James  Franson
    James Franson 2 days ago

    I am using my dad's phone and I'm a girl but I have OCD

  • Zion Trask
    Zion Trask 3 days ago

    Anyone else 2018

  • gg_dude_gg35
    gg_dude_gg35 3 days ago

    7:50 3:16 0MG mic moved

  • TheKiller2498
    TheKiller2498 4 days ago

    Yesssssssssssssss. I dont have ocd. God damn it i did it again. I had to make sure the s can be devided by 3

  • The_Corgi_ Animator
    The_Corgi_ Animator 4 days ago


  • Walfy 321
    Walfy 321 4 days ago

    I have ocd and it nearly ruined my life and I got made fun of for it and people say I have ocd when they don't know what we go through

  • Emily Knight
    Emily Knight 4 days ago

    My favorite one is when I’m behind the wheel and I keep thinking “maybe I should ram my car into that guardrail.” It’s lowkey terrifying because I’m afraid someday I will.

  • Promise edits
    Promise edits 4 days ago

    I know I don’t have OCD, but I do some weird things. I always wash my hands 3 times , everything must be colored coded. I’m gonna say this again because people take things offensively ( I don’t have OCD nor do I think I do )

  • AllTheWrightThings
    AllTheWrightThings 4 days ago


  • joshua rayner
    joshua rayner 4 days ago

    When I was at school a kid sneezed on me and I over reacted

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter 5 days ago

    OCD is not a PET

  • kenzie Morris
    kenzie Morris 5 days ago

    The mic

  • Nerendiflyer880 x
    Nerendiflyer880 x 5 days ago

    I never knew. oof the truth hurts tho-

  • Ben Do
    Ben Do 5 days ago

    DoEs tHis BothEr uYo?

  • Sky B O L TO N
    Sky B O L TO N 6 days ago

    I have OCD and sometimes it drives me crazy.

  • Joshua Stark
    Joshua Stark 7 days ago

    I got diagnosed w/ OCD and i have a bunch of other mental illnesses so it was whatever but I actually had no idea what OCPD was and now i feel like i'm more likely to have that then regular OCD

  • Blurry Tyler face
    Blurry Tyler face 12 days ago


  • Jen Carberry
    Jen Carberry 12 days ago

    and cheetos

  • Kaitlyn Carpenter
    Kaitlyn Carpenter 13 days ago

    I get diagnosed when I was 5 year old

  • Kaitlyn Carpenter
    Kaitlyn Carpenter 13 days ago

    I have ocd but this video make me mad

  • Voilet Skies
    Voilet Skies 14 days ago

    Can you just....fix the thumbnail?
    I'm sorry... that gum wasn't supposed to be eaten like that....

  • Cheetos MSP
    Cheetos MSP 14 days ago


  • Syzygy
    Syzygy 15 days ago


  • 2js -
    2js - 15 days ago

    I wouldn't say it's OCD, but around 4th grade, anything I touched with my right hand I had to touch an equal amount of times with my left. It was so incredibly discomforting to know that I didn't give the other appendage as much attention. Sometimes If I couldn't use my left for whatever reason, I would straight up just cry about It. But I never told anyone what the problem was becasue I also didn't talk until I was like 11. This persisted for approximately 4-5 years. And no one knew about it. I now use my left hand dominantly but still write with my right. I am not ambidextrous. But I can interchange hands for every activity apart from writing. I was a strange child

  • mixproof
    mixproof 15 days ago


  • SuperCity Mania
    SuperCity Mania 16 days ago


  • Lauren Clark
    Lauren Clark 16 days ago

    Links haircut give me ocd

  • Sarah Nollola
    Sarah Nollola 18 days ago


  • Ellise Pelgrave
    Ellise Pelgrave 19 days ago

    I have been diegnosed with ocd

  • Musical Kitty
    Musical Kitty 19 days ago

    I've had OCD my whole life.

  • Lexi Odell
    Lexi Odell 20 days ago +1

    My friend spent like 30 minutes trying to make a "B"

  • lisi the anime memer
    lisi the anime memer 20 days ago +1

    *IT'S MY OCD*

  • Winged Wolf
    Winged Wolf 21 day ago

    I dont have OCD because i do this to people everyday

  • GSTACK57
    GSTACK57 21 day ago +1

    My grandma does the light switch thing, I did the hand washing thing.

  • Sentinel
    Sentinel 21 day ago +1

    36 thousand people have ocd in the commets

  • Sir Derpington
    Sir Derpington 22 days ago +1

    People act like they have OCD, but it’s a debilitating disease. People can like having things organized, and that’s just the way they are. Like me, I love organizing things and having averything perfect, but my life can go on normally. But I do not have ocd. People that are diagnosed have their lives taken over by the littlest of things. This is an obsessive disease, and people make too light of it. Thank you for this video to educate people on this

  • Brayden Lewis
    Brayden Lewis 22 days ago +1

    I have OCD

    • Brayden Lewis
      Brayden Lewis 22 days ago

      Um sorry I read the question wrong I mean no it not OCD. OCD is a disorder that makes you have the urge to fix something that's wrong or not right

    • Brayden Lewis
      Brayden Lewis 22 days ago

      No that's your left hand being connected with your right hand you know like rubbing your belly and pating your head at the same time

    • Jake Compagnone
      Jake Compagnone 22 days ago

      Brayden Lewis I have a question, when I was younger if I touch something with my left hand I have to do the same with the right. Was that ocd also

  • waylon cash
    waylon cash 23 days ago

    What kind of asshole eats gum like that?! 😾

  • the not so holy cheeseburger

    Move your mug closer to the mic link

  • Eva Gacha
    Eva Gacha 24 days ago

    I used to.. Eh.. Kinda, the only thing was putting books, or pictures perfect.. Nothn else

  • Eva Gacha
    Eva Gacha 24 days ago

    Im unorganized so.. Needless to say.. I dont

  • Uranus
    Uranus 25 days ago

    I am happy I don’t have OCD.

  • Stop-Motion Queens
    Stop-Motion Queens 26 days ago +2

    People are confused with having OCD and being a Perfectionist.

  • Sakura Blooms
    Sakura Blooms 26 days ago

    Huh good thing i don’t have OCD

  • Faleth
    Faleth 26 days ago +1

    After he said fear of red i get an ad and the only color in that ad is red. TheXvid is evil! Torturing the people afraid of red.

  • Lily Craft
    Lily Craft 26 days ago

    I thought they would show images

  • Tippie Bros
    Tippie Bros 27 days ago +4

    I thought OCD meant Obsessive cleaning disorder

  • Morrissey Wilde
    Morrissey Wilde 27 days ago +1

    Everytime I see a license plate I HAVE TO count the numbers on it . I have OCD 😐

  • Pästel türtłe Gurl
    Pästel türtłe Gurl 27 days ago

    This made my point I have some of it lol...

  • Robert Harden
    Robert Harden 28 days ago +1


  • Jazzymaster
    Jazzymaster 29 days ago +1

    I don’t have OCD

  • Random Noodle
    Random Noodle 29 days ago

    I have OCD and I haaaaate it when people say stuff like “oh my god that’s not organized my OCD” it drives me mad

  • eliza piggott
    eliza piggott 29 days ago +2

    I have OCD and ADHD

  • Charlotte Poltz
    Charlotte Poltz 29 days ago

    I was basically 7 or 8 when I got OCD, it’s not just that you don’t wanna step on cracks or you don’t want a pizza slice to be uneven. It makes you repeat things over and over and over again, it’s just like a mental breakdown. I have a problem where if I pet my dog, I get up and wash my hands 2 times with EXTRA soap. Also perfection OCD, adjusting, cleaning, organizing. I feel messy when 1 thing is out of line. As Good as it Gets.

  • Pera K
    Pera K Month ago

    Ive gotta make things right, make it the the way they’re sposed to be its my ocd

  • Asphyxia
    Asphyxia Month ago

    I have to chew my food equally on both sides of my mouth like it will be an even number ..four on one side, four on the other. if I mess up(chew one side more)I bring the food to the middle of my mouth as a (starting over point) o.O

  • Edward Anderson
    Edward Anderson Month ago

    I have a type of OCD.

  • Amy W
    Amy W Month ago

    I do, not the cute-sy “I’m so ocd about...” but diagnosed ocd that causes obsessive cleaning rituals. It bothers me when people without the disorder through the term around like it’s funny.

  • 8up Something else
    8up Something else Month ago


  • Kopperstoned Kidd
    Kopperstoned Kidd Month ago

    Yep links my doppleganger!! We r 80+% one in the same the other 20 is exact opposite lol... Im female hes male type things...

  • silver8o 07
    silver8o 07 Month ago

    I think i mainly have very mild ocd or ocpd idk which is which, over colored things and size of things like candy, buttons, coins, fruit snacks, bolts. And i like even numbers alot more than odd other than that my fave number is 7.

  • Mr Gurto
    Mr Gurto Month ago

    Could it be a TheXvid show 😂

  • Mr Gurto
    Mr Gurto Month ago

    Good mythical evening. I also have your station on Pandora 😂 p.s. you guys are a part of my day no matter what i have to watch or my day is not complete. Also i liked your ocd song

  • azazle
    azazle Month ago

    okay but
    does anyone else like to relace their shoes?

    JR MCGRIFSTER Month ago

    Right when Rhett said he was afraid of the color red I was playing destiny (the video game) and was driving through Nessus. If any destiny players are watching they will know how much red there is on that planet.

  • Tizzyrose
    Tizzyrose Month ago

    I don’t think so.. but sometimes I act like I do.

  • Norrin Shearer
    Norrin Shearer Month ago

    I love how much research the team put into this to make sure viewers really understand the seriousness of the disorder.

  • Cay Tong
    Cay Tong Month ago

    Ur too much T esting people who have ocd NICE BEARD

  • Rain C
    Rain C Month ago +1

    This got more views than u have subscribers. 👍

  • MoonFace Productions

    The best part of this video was the guys on the “ massive cliff “

  • Shapeshifters 23
    Shapeshifters 23 Month ago +1

    I miss links old hair...

  • Rachel Poehls
    Rachel Poehls Month ago

    the top of your file cabinet is so messy it is driving me crazy and so is links hair

  • lexi grey
    lexi grey Month ago

    I had a mental breakdown just watching this.

  • Foxy 🦊
    Foxy 🦊 Month ago

    Well idk but I’m always anxious about things

  • Irma
    Irma Month ago

    My aunt has ocd. She checks everything several times cause she thinks ger not doing that kills people. I feel bad for people living their life in fear.

  • Kath Ish
    Kath Ish Month ago

    I love this episode. One of my favorites, makes me feel so much support from them 🙈❤️❤️

  • sambroskie lou
    sambroskie lou Month ago

    Their coffee mugs bug me... the fact that it isn't centered bothers the heck out of me

  • Color Sourcee
    Color Sourcee Month ago

    I have ocd and so does my older sister.

  • Golden flower
    Golden flower Month ago

    I'm a friend with a person with OCD.
    One time she was having a breakdown and told me to go away.
    I don't want to give her pain. Should I stop being friends ( For she won't get pain from me ) or continue?
    And besides, she has a other best friend. They hang out more. I`ll always be a shadow. I'm just following their shadow,

  • Hockey Town
    Hockey Town Month ago

    Does this mean I have ocd if I feel like I am being watch and it reachers and I get scared

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase Month ago

    when i was younger, i used to have extreme ocd tendencies, but i have never been diagnosed. i had a tough childhood, but as i grew older, they started to fade away. i still have those tendencies, but they aren't as severe. now, i seem to have a very bipolar like attitude, which im wondering may have been the same thing.

  • 2923drawsandanimates

    I have like a bit of OCD or i jut like neat things

  • 2923drawsandanimates

    Oh my god the freaking show off screen is actual sin

  • Im just playing games

    Male a song more

  • D_epressed Drake
    D_epressed Drake Month ago

    They say that because they want attention. OCD is not just organization, it’s a mental illness, it makes you at some points blink a certain amount of times. You can NOT assume and diagnose yourself with OCD without a doctor’s notice.

  • D_epressed Drake
    D_epressed Drake Month ago

    Omg the creators of OCD Song!!

  • Atomicbomb345 :-D
    Atomicbomb345 :-D Month ago

    I dont have OCD but that still pisses me off that you eat dubba bubba like THAT.

  • Unnamed Visitor
    Unnamed Visitor Month ago

    OCD is a broad term for an uncontrollable desire towards patterns, such as symmetries, repeating an action multiple times, or colour coding certain things, just as some examples. Perfectionism is the urge to organize, which a lot of times is mistaken for OCD. The main difference is a perfectionist will not suffer from a constant disruption as a cause of their actions, but with a person who has OCD, they have little control over their urge to 'make things right'

  • Pizza Wonderer
    Pizza Wonderer Month ago

    I'm pretty sure I have OCD but my friends keep teasing me saying I don't have it

  • Coral Suzuki
    Coral Suzuki Month ago

    The mike

  • ticci toby
    ticci toby Month ago

    I think I have ocd I always get last when doing an activity in school

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz Month ago +1

    I don't have a OCD at all

  • Rexi Duster
    Rexi Duster Month ago

    I have OCPIs

    (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Intentions)

  • LightingBolt
    LightingBolt Month ago

    How do I know I have it?

  • Zoe Wolf
    Zoe Wolf Month ago

    I have ocd and this video I think made people realize they use it too lightly

  • JustThatCuberGuy
    JustThatCuberGuy Month ago

    I don’t know if this is OCD. But one thing I do, which I have no idea why I do it and it annoys me very much, I count my steps while I’m walking. It doesn’t matter where. When I walk down my stairs in the morning I count to 14 in my head. Every sidewalk square outside I count to 2 in my head. If I’m just walking Along at school I count to 8 and then restart. I can’t stop and I hateeee it but if I don’t count I die inside. Also when I read a sentence I count the letters in it like on billboards it’s very distracting. Idk this is probably weird but omg it kills me and I can’t help it.