SOLO A Star Wars Story (Han Solo) New Scene Preview 8

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • New footage of Han, Qi'ra, Lando and L3-37 in this scene that debuted on Jimmy Fallon. Oh, and space capes !
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  • Rexan Magnus
    Rexan Magnus 2 days ago

    Han would have never listened to that droid. He would have said, "Sorry, I don't take orders from junkyards."

  • Shah Raj
    Shah Raj Month ago

    Press L3 gently on your ps4 controller.

  • Ajey K
    Ajey K 3 months ago

    “buckle up baby” i rewind this part every single time

  • Kaipyro67ALT
    Kaipyro67ALT 4 months ago

    L3-37 is pretty dope. Love the snarky attitude. And to those who say "L3 is an annoying female droid who talks too much" K2SO did the exact same shit and everyone loves him, so shut it. Also, love how her name is 1337 speak.

  • Joel Mewengkang
    Joel Mewengkang 4 months ago

    I genuinely have no fucking clue if L3 is a parody or not.

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe 5 months ago


  • am movies
    am movies 5 months ago

    Music of the scene pls

  • yellowdogdemocrat
    yellowdogdemocrat 5 months ago

    Apparently being an abolitionist is akin to being an SJW now 🙄. L3 was an awesome character

    • yellowdogdemocrat
      yellowdogdemocrat 4 months ago

      +Omio Rahman I wouldn't know, I work for a living.

    • Omio Rahman
      Omio Rahman 4 months ago

      Haha did they offered a scholarship or college tuition for that comment

  • Jared Hayslip
    Jared Hayslip 5 months ago

    Great Movie SOLO Is ...

  • Dominic Wade Mccain
    Dominic Wade Mccain 8 months ago

    I liked L3-37.

  • melissa benoist supergirl.

    i like l3 shes funny.

  • Cody Starr
    Cody Starr 8 months ago +20

    L3 is my favorite droid in this film. I'm serious right now.

    • and
      and 11 days ago +1

      I so sorry for your lose.

    • Cecil Richardson
      Cecil Richardson 2 months ago

      I like her style, too. I can only imagine what she'd have been like if she fought with a blaster.

  • Jake
    Jake 8 months ago


  • ZzVinniezZ
    ZzVinniezZ 8 months ago +1

    L337 droid speak abit too human compare to the rest of the droids i have heard.

    • Cecil Richardson
      Cecil Richardson 2 months ago

      Might that include Lt. Cmdr. Data and Johnny Five?

  • Edward Brink
    Edward Brink 8 months ago

    I clapped! I clapped when I saw the millenium falcon!

  • ofir beck
    ofir beck 8 months ago +2

    0:42 you call THAT flirting?

  • Mario lee
    Mario lee 8 months ago

    the movie, not grate, but the droid, wow, is cool.

  • Labcabin96
    Labcabin96 8 months ago +3

    Solo needed a mtgow droid to ignore L3 lol

  • Kyle Matos
    Kyle Matos 9 months ago +84

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I thought L3 was a funny character

    • ShadeyBladey
      ShadeyBladey Month ago

      She's funny as she's a posh English bird played by a posh English bird who's a comedian.

    • Celsius Fox
      Celsius Fox Month ago

      +Loudrock I do not love hysterical radical feminists. Just the character

    • Loudrock
      Loudrock Month ago

      +Celsius Fox no your not. In fact that there are many people who lap up the left wing crap. They love being force fed .

    • Echo-9
      Echo-9 2 months ago

      He's finally bacc SJW*

    • Cecil Richardson
      Cecil Richardson 2 months ago

      "Ready in --" (strange electronic sounds; L3's head snaps sideways and starts to turn, her eye lights momentarily flickering. L3 reaches up and smacks her own head. Sounds stop.) "Ready."

  • sinnizster
    sinnizster 9 months ago +78

    L337 is a SJW parody its brilliant.. They all brush her off like "ok" "whatever"

    • Mystical Corrin
      Mystical Corrin 6 days ago

      +tequila boi Exactly, judging how oversensitive and sweet most Americans are, I'm pretty sure they did it on purpose.

    • Joel Mewengkang
      Joel Mewengkang 4 months ago

      Is she supposed to be an SJW parody? I actually have no idea.

    • souptroophat Esplin
      souptroophat Esplin 7 months ago +1

      It's easy to parody a garbage can

    • raykellerman1978
      raykellerman1978 8 months ago

      Why? Because we like you.

    • A Jade Rabbit
      A Jade Rabbit 8 months ago +1


  • okedoke1234
    okedoke1234 9 months ago

    Just saw the movie and Alden nailed it!!! Han Solo mannerisms, characterization perfect.

  • Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry 9 months ago +1

    0:17 - Solo seems pretty ignorant of the Kessel Run here. I am betting that he'll not actually do the Kessel Run in 11 Parsecs and this droid and Lando did all the work.

    • Cecil Richardson
      Cecil Richardson 2 months ago

      Partly. Lando does have a hand, however, in giving the Falcon's navigation computer an upgrade, thanks to L3-37.

  • Alexander Jarrett
    Alexander Jarrett 9 months ago +2

    Touchy droid.

    • Cecil Richardson
      Cecil Richardson 2 months ago

      Yet at the same time, also aware of how Lando has feelings for her. Especially after she sits down and says, "You're gonna have to do that thing again, later."

  • Éowyn Salvador
    Éowyn Salvador 9 months ago +1

    First hint at Lando's pansexuality: when that droid say "you're gonna have to do that thing later"

  • Malz Viride
    Malz Viride 9 months ago +46

    I see a lot of people complaining about elthree but I actually like this droid. sure the snarky attitude is a bit jarring at first but im really warming to her.

    • Mr Pool
      Mr Pool 4 months ago

      not to me.she was annoying.i cheered when she was "killed"

    • Echo-9
      Echo-9 5 months ago +1

      FocusFanatic Well that isn’t a good idea since her “brain” contains one of the best navigation system in the galaxy. You should think more carefully. She could be useful if she couldn’t talk. You know how they got out of the Maelstrom? L3. Also droids don’t have brains.
      So Han Solo and Landon were right. If you were Han well you wouldn’t be a captain. You’ll just be a expendable cannon-fodder in the SW galaxy. For someone as stupid as you it’s kinda obvious.

    • FocusFanatic
      FocusFanatic 8 months ago

      Not me. If I was Han solo I'd blow her droid brains out.

    • loredelamor
      loredelamor 8 months ago

      Rose took out Toys R Us, who knows what stores or companies L3 will close. More people will be out of work. :(

    • Ethan Robinson-Salama - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)
      Ethan Robinson-Salama - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473) 8 months ago

      Its l3 and I likened too

  • Mr. Slim
    Mr. Slim 9 months ago +1

    Wow there integrating a lot of bad words in Star Wars.

  • Finn 2187
    Finn 2187 9 months ago

    No one talking about how good Alden’s acting is in this scene. He does say a lot without saying anything at all. It’s really great to see. Looking forward to this

  • Ivan Kováč
    Ivan Kováč 9 months ago

    I love lando fashion and i am curious about the movie perhaps more because of him than han :D

  • Saw Gererra
    Saw Gererra 9 months ago

    She sounds like capt Phasma

  • Alen Mustlovski
    Alen Mustlovski 9 months ago

    Its been a while since weve had a likeable celebrity. I like this Donald guy. He actually has talent.

  • Hartbleed
    Hartbleed 9 months ago +28

    What's with the done flirting comment... Ughhh... That droid talks too much!

    • AnotherCupofTea
      AnotherCupofTea 4 months ago

      Hartbleed yeah like L3-PO took a vow of silence -_-

    • Jared Hayslip
      Jared Hayslip 5 months ago

      That's A Good Thing .. C3P0 Talked A lot As Will ...

    • Hartbleed
      Hartbleed 8 months ago +6

      Star wars is in a sad state right now, I could go on and on as to why but I'm tired... The issues are more than obvious though!

    • Jove Joved
      Jove Joved 8 months ago +2

      L3-37 is a parody of SJW feminists and how we all have to put up with it until their beliefs ultimately crash and burn.

    • Lucas A
      Lucas A 9 months ago +1

      Hartbleed it's a joke

  • kobretti88
    kobretti88 9 months ago

    The music is so good!

  • Andy Derksen
    Andy Derksen 9 months ago +5

    I'm sure if I tackle reediting this film I'll be severely cutting that droid's dialogue.

    • Echo-9
      Echo-9 5 months ago

      Andy Derksen How about change it? Remove the feminazi stuff and put in HK47 stuff.

    • Nuclearius
      Nuclearius 8 months ago

      Andy Derksen why? It is actually funny

  • Hartbleed
    Hartbleed 9 months ago +136

    That droid sounds annoying... She's no k2so!!

    • Star Wars Talk
      Star Wars Talk 8 months ago +1

      Hartbleed your so right

    • [ Agressia ]
      [ Agressia ] 8 months ago +2

      L3 is so hot!

    • J Dawg
      J Dawg 8 months ago +2

      Well i personally enjoyed this L3 a lot more than k2

    • loredelamor
      loredelamor 8 months ago +1

      lyianx Feminists only care about women and use claims of caring about men to help their end goal of having women in power. Much like how L3 would not care if every human died, while a scratch on a droid would send her raging mad. The same is for feminists where they could care less that billions of men get slaughtered but oh no 2 incel snap mentally and kill a woman then all males is considered a threat needing to be stopped!
      This is why i say they're pushing SJW feminism down our throats with this crappy film. The real Solo would of stayed in the seat and ticked off the droid into Solo shooting first and he sure in hell would never place that rust bucket into being the AI of the ship.

    • lyianx
      lyianx 8 months ago

      Why feminists specifically? Any hardcore activist acts like that about what they care about. Animal rights, is another big one.

  • Qathim B
    Qathim B 9 months ago

    Also when the droid glitches she makes another KOTOR sound. This makes me so happy.

  • Qathim B
    Qathim B 9 months ago

    Everyone going to ignore the KOTOR sound when the droid plugs into the ship?

  • Chris Hobson
    Chris Hobson 9 months ago +10


    • Yayo' Ariowibowo
      Yayo' Ariowibowo 8 months ago

      Lucas A So the train didn't end up being destroyed ?

    • Lucas A
      Lucas A 9 months ago

      Chris Hobson there no train wreck in this movie, there's a train heist

  • Baruch Spinosa
    Baruch Spinosa 9 months ago +6

    Landon is probably the only good thing about the movie. The rest looks awful

    • Darkelish
      Darkelish 2 months ago +1


    • Edward Brink
      Edward Brink 8 months ago

      ya landon is great, if anyone asks me who the best character is I say landon, landon calrissian.

  • Michael Daniels
    Michael Daniels 9 months ago +1

    First time I ever heard a curse in a Star Wars film, even if it’s the word ass.

    • Dylan Burgess
      Dylan Burgess 9 months ago

      You still heard it ;)

    • Andy Derksen
      Andy Derksen 9 months ago

      @Michael Daniels: Okay, you saw Powerpoint Master's response, right?

    • Michael Daniels
      Michael Daniels 9 months ago +1

      Dylan Burgess yeah not a fan of new films

    • Dylan Burgess
      Dylan Burgess 9 months ago +3

      Finn says hell no in Force Awakens and bastard in Last Jedi. Poe also says what the hell in Last Jedi

    • The PowerPoint Animator
      The PowerPoint Animator 9 months ago +8

      Michael Daniels Obi said damn in a new hope and Han said hell

  • LoLzZ85
    LoLzZ85 9 months ago +1

    that droid said 'ARSE' !

  • will-duncan
    will-duncan 9 months ago

    The music at the start is nice

  • SpeedyEric1
    SpeedyEric1 9 months ago

    And the Millennium Falcon would soon later make the Kessel Run in 14 parsecs (Han: TWELVE! ...14?)

  • Stefan Lindbom
    Stefan Lindbom 9 months ago

    So new lando is a pimp?

  • Ben Craig
    Ben Craig 9 months ago

    I like the subtle music in the clip

  • TryHardGaming HD
    TryHardGaming HD 9 months ago +5

    Lando doesn't own capes, he IS capes.

  • Benjamin Stone
    Benjamin Stone 9 months ago +31

    These have to be L3-37's only lines and it's going to have to be destroyed straight after saying them for this film to stand a chance.

  • ryan dozier
    ryan dozier 9 months ago

    Okay so all the Kessel Run will end up being- spoiled by this clip- is that it’s just the course that the crew takes to get to planet Kessel- along the way grabbing the attention of an Imperial fleet, then having to lose them by passing through the ‘maelstrom,’ which we’ve seen in other trailers.

  • Christopher Killian
    Christopher Killian 9 months ago

    they actually swore in Disney???!!!0:00

    • deep chocolate
      deep chocolate 9 months ago

      Christian Francois it's just ass that can be used as a word for donkey and Disney has used that before in Pinocchio but not as a swear word but as a way of saying donkey. Not trying to hate just giving some insight

    • M 17
      M 17 9 months ago

      They had swears in the OT as well, but not the PT because those movies are so cold and inorganic.

    • Christopher Killian
      Christopher Killian 9 months ago

      The Powerpoint Master those might not have been big swears or not very noticeable

    • The PowerPoint Animator
      The PowerPoint Animator 9 months ago

      Christian Francois they’ve been putting swears in Star Wars since the force awakens!

    • Christopher Killian
      Christopher Killian 9 months ago

      The Powerpoint Master just not star wars!

  • KesselRunner606
    KesselRunner606 9 months ago +3

    Lando is smoother than a smooth man's smooth bits.

  • David m
    David m 9 months ago +3

    Not wanting to come across as a jerk or have a dig at kathlen k she prob is really nice lady. Just find it a bit weird there are loads more female characters. Emily clarke is also in solo alongside character val. Maybe i just need to move with the times and accept it. Just seems a bit unrealistic to have all female characters as strong ones when life is not like that. Looking forward to midnight launch sorry for my mumping.

    • snorcutter
      snorcutter 9 months ago +1

      Jack Mitchell
      Most men are stronger then woman. How many men do you think are doing something heroic just now compared to woman? I mean just look at the professions which such bravery can be achieved in and you'll get your answer. If we want to represent reality there should be more men portrayed as heroes.

    • Christopher Gongora
      Christopher Gongora 9 months ago +1

      I dont mind it but when theres things like Ghostbusters and Oceans 8 its like make your own franchise please

    • deep chocolate
      deep chocolate 9 months ago

      David m I'm not trying to hate you as well but there is nothing wrong with having female characters and them bring strong could just be apart of their characters that is how they are written whether there a good character like Wonder Woman or horrible like Rey. Again not trying to hate on you just giving you some insight

    • Henry Clan
      Henry Clan 9 months ago

      The Powerpoint Master hey....

      That's exactly what I said

    • The PowerPoint Animator
      The PowerPoint Animator 9 months ago +3

      David m what’s wrong with female characters? If they started adding more male and male characters it’d be okay but women aren’t okay? Why do we even need to care about their gender? They’re just characters as long as their good it’s all okay no matter of they’re a frog or a woman

  • Wabbit Twacks
    Wabbit Twacks 9 months ago +2

    The vibes I get from these clips is that this is going to be a great movie!!

  • The Beast
    The Beast 9 months ago +2

    Aldren has got the attitude down

  • The Bacons
    The Bacons 9 months ago

    Releasing the whole movie in clips

  • okedoke1234
    okedoke1234 9 months ago +17

    Where is all the negativity now? I have said from the beginning this movie will KICK ASS......time to get on the SOLO train!!

    • Quole1234
      Quole1234 7 months ago

      @A Frustrated Gamer
      You are very ignorant. It is clear that many droids in star wars are sentient and self aware. Them being programmed is irrelevant because the end result is the same as a biological organism. If you really want to go that far, humans are basically programmed by our genes and not to mention brain synapses could work in a very similar manner to a computer processor. Humans after all are 'built' by humans are we not? True sentience means they deserve the same rights as any other sentient being.
      That being said this character looks like just an excuse to push a political agenda and apparently she is very poorly written too.

    • S4ns
      S4ns 8 months ago +2

      Oh how time makes this comment sad.

    • chespokotota
      chespokotota 8 months ago +1

      I just want to see how L3-37 dies that's all. I'm not gonna give my shekels to (((Lucasfilm))) for that.

    • chespokotota
      chespokotota 8 months ago +4

      Just die Disney shill

    • HoHum
      HoHum 9 months ago +8

      Did I say you gave a shit though about China's box office numbers? You said this movie will kick ass, it's obviously doing shit, not just in China either.

  • Jacob Chapman
    Jacob Chapman 9 months ago +6

    That music....omg that music.

  • Mr. Fedora
    Mr. Fedora 9 months ago +1

    "Get your presumptuous ass out of my seat."
    - L3-37; 13 BBY

  • zaandarbrow
    zaandarbrow 9 months ago +5

    0:09 anyone here captain Rex theme ?

  • Leondegrance2
    Leondegrance2 9 months ago

    I knew he was working over that droids sacrum. He must have a whole wall of oils. :P

  • One Shot
    One Shot 9 months ago +1

    I hope that this movie makes capes cool

  • cap Townes
    cap Townes 9 months ago +26

    Han is going to shoot that droid lol

    • Cecil Richardson
      Cecil Richardson 2 months ago

      He sure looked like was thinking about it! Besisdes, Chewbacca was busy trying to wipe the holographic pieces off the game table (he was upset because he lost, to Beckett at that).

    • Echo-9
      Echo-9 5 months ago

      To all who say Han shoots her. He doesn’t. Someone else shot her.

    • Captain Steel447
      Captain Steel447 8 months ago

      I hope he shoots her!!!!

    • loredelamor
      loredelamor 8 months ago

      Real Solo would of and stayed in the seat, but not Soyo!

    • Pokemonfeak1
      Pokemonfeak1 8 months ago +1

      I sure hope so, or she might actually change and not be such a sjw.

  • chrislox1
    chrislox1 9 months ago +3

    ...really, really fu*kin good!

  • Chris Blaze
    Chris Blaze 9 months ago +1

    So, I know this is an origin story. But, it's really hard to think that Han Solo, the man who would always shut up C-3PO, is now going to sit down and take orders from a droid. What?? Are we seeing a softer Han Solo before he became the cranky asshole he was in A New Hope? Because from this scene alone, the droid's dialogue fits more in line with the Han Solo we always know.
    It's like they've stripped away Han's manhood and made him blindly obedient. That's... that's not Han Solo.

  • LScouser8
    LScouser8 9 months ago +17

    The movie overall looks good but I can tell already that droid is going to do all it can to ruin the film. That comment was so ridiculous and out of place. The cocky obnoxious attitude is jarring.

    • deep chocolate
      deep chocolate 9 months ago

      LScouser8 you know the way she's acting might be apart of her attitude as a character and I don't think she's going to ruin the film because I don't know how long she's in the movie. No means of hate just giving insight

    • Andy Derksen
      Andy Derksen 9 months ago

      Chris Blaze: So you think Han should have precisely the same character at every stage of his life? No development from film to film? Gee, that's pretty lame. Please don't write a film series or novel.

    • Binal Trogaci
      Binal Trogaci 9 months ago +1

      the droid is gonna fuck up the whole movie again.
      they just cannot stop doing that sort of thing .

    • Binal Trogaci
      Binal Trogaci 9 months ago +1

      this droid should have been tortured and taken apart by EV-9D9 immediately .

    • SwaggerLikeUz
      SwaggerLikeUz 9 months ago +1

      LScourser8 judging from the early reactions people are saying Lando, Han, and the Robot are the standouts.

  • SwaggerLikeUz
    SwaggerLikeUz 9 months ago +49

    Amazing clip! Having Empire Strikes Back feels, no kidding either

    • loredelamor
      loredelamor 8 months ago

      It is crap like this clip which is evidence as to why we boycotted Soyo and why it deserved to tank at the box office!

    • Andrew Farmkid
      Andrew Farmkid 8 months ago

      dude, the movie sucks.
      Don't worry, the SJW droid is a show stealer. All the 20 people or less I saw on my local cinema applauded when the fuckin droid died. Hahaha

    • Barry Selfon
      Barry Selfon 8 months ago

      Please stop

    • Ryhan Khan
      Ryhan Khan 9 months ago +2

      A Frustrated Gamer She dies about 2 thirds into the film, so she has to take advantage of the few scenes she actually gets

    • deep chocolate
      deep chocolate 9 months ago

      SwaggerLikeUz I know right I can't wait for this movie

  • Atheist Bear
    Atheist Bear 9 months ago +22

    Okay, so a fire inside the Falcon stains all the white foam.

    JERRY HAYWOOD 9 months ago +5

    looks good

  • Asap Animation
    Asap Animation 9 months ago +13

    Lando is so smooth

  • Jonny 5
    Jonny 5 9 months ago +9

    looks terrible but at least it's got Emilia clarke 😍

    • deep chocolate
      deep chocolate 9 months ago +1

      Jonny 5 there are a lot of better actors and actresses in the cast who's films and shows you should wacth like Donald glover who plays lando is in a show called Atlanta and its really good I highly recommend it

    • chrislox1
      chrislox1 9 months ago +1

      She was a big draw for me too but I now love the ensemble!

    • SwaggerLikeUz
      SwaggerLikeUz 9 months ago

      Jonny 5 u got your notifications on...I wonder why???

    • gru
      gru 9 months ago +6

      Jonny 5 looks good*

  • Hunter
    Hunter 9 months ago +74

    I have a feeling this movie will be a lightening in a bottle miracle and everything will just come together like magic

    • Mr Nemesis
      Mr Nemesis 2 months ago


    • Omio Rahman
      Omio Rahman 4 months ago

      It sucked and hasweenies online couldn't save it

    • hamanu666
      hamanu666 8 months ago +2

      Nope, biggest flop of the year so far ! Cost at least 250 million with three months of reshooting and at least 100 million in marketing. And right now only only just reach 350 million after one month in theaters. Studio only gets back half the gross so they are down 175 million!

    • AR_119
      AR_119 8 months ago +1

      Nope, it sucked total ass lol rip

    • AKcelsior
      AKcelsior 9 months ago +7

      I predicted it would be the biggest train wreck in Star Wars film history... one of us was right.

  • kokobagginz
    kokobagginz 9 months ago +69

    This dude sounds just like old Lando. Good grief. I'm calling it now...this will be the best movie they've made post-Revenge Of The Sith. Just from the several scenes I've watched Ron Howard appears to have the game on lock. And the Falcon looks so damn clean. What kinda bleach they use on her???

    • Hunter
      Hunter 9 days ago

      +and I'm sorry but what do you mean?

    • and
      and 11 days ago

      +Hunter Im so sorry for your lose.

    • Captain Steel447
      Captain Steel447 8 months ago

      Klein Fletchers AGREED!!!!

    • loredelamor
      loredelamor 8 months ago +1

      Nope it TANKED! lol

    • kokobagginz
      kokobagginz 8 months ago

      I love Rogue One, I just like this story a tad bit better. I'm all about the smugglers, bounty hunters and under world of SW. So SOLO was right up my alley.

  • Alex Zabala
    Alex Zabala 9 months ago +4


  • LM GamerOfi
    LM GamerOfi 9 months ago +5