[MV] IVE(아이브) - ELEVEN

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
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  • Deobi Deobi
    Deobi Deobi Month ago +54788

    Congratulations for your debut IVE! The transition from the pre-chorus to the chorus gives me goosebumps, also their vocals are really awesome

    • mila
      mila 17 days ago

      cant wait to see more from them

    • Maria Ccencho tanta
      Maria Ccencho tanta 19 days ago


    • Ovo je Balkan#~😒
      Ovo je Balkan#~😒 22 days ago

      @SVT 1477 they are making blinks and bp look bad. Dont u see? To making fanwars.

    • Promise
      Promise 22 days ago

      @Medic 2.0 stfu and let them debut in peace every one can clearly see that they are nothing like blackpink.

    • Faryna Khairuddin
      Faryna Khairuddin 23 days ago

      @Medic 2.0 what the???

  • Carmen Howell
    Carmen Howell 2 days ago +82

    I am LOVING this. If their other songs are going to be as good as this, they’ll be superstars.

  • yujinzz
    yujinzz 2 days ago +44

    their digital, domestically and internationally, is impressive!! eleven is really a successful debut song!! it's on repeat ~ a bop!! i'm so proud of these young, beautiful and talented girls for working so hard! rooting for them for their future cbs!

    • enhatwice
      enhatwice Day ago

      Just to let y'all know that their company paid for all of the trophy don't get surprised your girl are nothing without their company paying for the awards & buy awards

  • Alboxing
    Alboxing 2 days ago +38

    IVE really nailed it

    DIVE, we will Stan them forever!

  • aeong dalgom
    aeong dalgom 2 days ago +78

    if they won more than 5 roty awards we wont be complaining. they definitely deserved it

    • Pao Aldea
      Pao Aldea 6 hours ago +8

      @enhatwice why can't y'all normalize groups that are not from big 3 companies gaining attention and recognition. Just like your faves, they also work hard and improve for themselves and their fans.

    • Hera Ayhara
      Hera Ayhara 6 hours ago +2

      They won 1 roty award already (♡ω♡ ) ~♪

    • StolenW
      StolenW 8 hours ago +5

      @enhatwice wow. So bitter

    • enhatwice
      enhatwice Day ago

      Just to let y'all know that their company paid for all of the trophy don't get surprised your girl are nothing without their company paying for the awards & buy awards

  • Madison Media Group
    Madison Media Group Month ago +25594


    • Buddies Gfriend
      Buddies Gfriend 2 days ago

      Yes you're rite . I can even listen to this song whole day

    • sloth
      sloth 3 days ago

      @yeseo is my queen dynamite flop 😐

    • Gianna🐱
      Gianna🐱 4 days ago

      It's not a debut song

    • Darrihen
      Darrihen 8 days ago

      Maybe the best song from the new groups this past 2 years

    • Rick Astley
      Rick Astley 9 days ago


  • Nayla H
    Nayla H 21 hour ago +78

    One of the best debut songs ever. Not trying too hard to be typical girl crush concepts. I always wish for small companies groups to go big. Hope they'll make it huge 🙏🏻

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
    #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 5 hours ago +14

    This part always got me, *This boring eyes The expressionless face* along with the choreography... I am so amazed~

  • Jozagi
    Jozagi Day ago +53

    Liz's voice is angelic in this song. Has she done covers of any songs in the past?

  • like.. of
    like.. of 17 hours ago +19

    Esta muy buena la canción

    KPOPSEGYE Month ago +9230

    I can’t even begin to explain how EPIC this debut is… it’s all perfect and the song is so catchy!!

    They are definitely Starships new ace.

    • Sarife León Ramón
      Sarife León Ramón Day ago +1


    • 사탄어 포털
      사탄어 포털 4 days ago

      항복이냐? 옥쇄냐?

      사탄 하느님에게 포위된 니조그룹(조선일보+티비조선)의 운명은?

      Surrender? Annihilation?

      What is the fate of the Nijo Group (Chosun Ilbo + TV Chosun) surrounded by Satan God?

      사탄어 포털>야훼마귀알라마귀예수마귀! 박멸!>파란의 사탄 동생, 태연이(사텬)-아마겟돈의 승리자!



    • ナンダナ
      ナンダナ 6 days ago


    • Phantom James
      Phantom James 14 days ago

      I totally thought they were well known and wasn't just debuted
      Like thought they were like itsy and twice, aespa, well knowk groups fpr a few years atleast

    • GirL tHis is A White Wall
      GirL tHis is A White Wall 26 days ago

      @Danish Qusairi I don’t think they were actually hating. they just thought it was a good debut and that the girls can improve later on. they’re not saying anything bad💀💀💀

  • Camis da Chae
    Camis da Chae 13 hours ago +9

    Umas das melhores músicas de debut

  • Белый Ирис

    Продолжаем стримить и голосуем в приложении! Мы сможем забрать 10 победу! Вперёд!

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
    #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 9 hours ago +10

    I don't care if our numbers here is actually slowing and slower but righttt now
    This song is reallyyy really addictive, can't stop listening to this Eleven XDD

  • Amarilis Moreno
    Amarilis Moreno Day ago +7

    Me encanta esta canción no paro de escucharla

  • LadyPipay
    LadyPipay Month ago +4774

    omg their debut is epic !! rlly love the pre chorus suspense to the chorus :D

    • Farheen S
      Farheen S 2 days ago

      @satan potato not even fan of both groups but everglow cb is nowhere near IVE debut.. eleven definately wins here

    • Hilla
      Hilla 10 days ago

      No they are illuminated

    • 冰糖の粉丝
      冰糖の粉丝 14 days ago

      @ShioJe Yup, you're right. Bcz as a fans I don't like any toxic fandom say bad things about my idol. I'm protect my idol. 💃🏻💁🏻‍♂️

    • Loonatic
      Loonatic 15 days ago

      @Tzuyu My Bias ok then go cry Abt it

    • Tzuyu My Bias
      Tzuyu My Bias 15 days ago

      @Loonatic I can create all the accounts I want cry about it

  • Sorvete de batata😁
    Sorvete de batata😁 13 hours ago +22

    This is the best debut song, you're not ready for this conversation

  • Gillian Carreon
    Gillian Carreon Day ago +34

    BEST DEBUT SONG EVER! This is so unique and addictive especially the lyrics are so good. They're showing us their VOCALS and DANCING skills. Really looking forward to Gaeul and Rei proper line or maybe a rap part for the first comeback! Imagine those two rocking and slaying the rap part 😍❤️

  • T D
    T D 2 days ago +34

    Every single member is beyond talented, especially their vocals. I'm already in love with this group fr

  • BaconPH
    BaconPH 14 hours ago +8

    Won-Young And Yu-jin is a best friend forever since both of them is vocals!.

  • ASMR Glow
    ASMR Glow Month ago +3297

    This looks so promising!

    • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
      #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 11 hours ago +1

      @anđela sorry bother you here ^^ giving little reminder, kindly asking you guys to vote for the girls for Music Core cause IVE need to secure top3 positions. We have really higher chances to get another Win this week. THANK YOU 💕

    • enhatwice
      enhatwice Day ago

      . copy & paste so people know bout this



    • Tzuyu My Bias
      Tzuyu My Bias 15 days ago +1

      Pissseo in summer 2022 will end like Poop Hara

    • Jimins Jams
      Jimins Jams 28 days ago +2


    • renjun
      renjun 28 days ago +3


  • riloy
    riloy Day ago +13

    ELEVEN was loved by so many ppl not only by korean but worldwidely!
    If they look forward to IVE's future songs, I hope them ALL to support IVE by voting and strea3ing etc... NOW🔥

  • XOXO
    XOXO Day ago +24

    We can’t end this era without ELEVEN WINS !

    HILMAN ÖMER BLINK 13 hours ago +15

    Calling Dives all over the world and universe, pls continue to PRE VOTE for IVE 10th Win on Mubeat DIVES I~TING !

  • KM V
    KM V 15 hours ago +15

    I'm just a casual listener of other kpop groups but I must say, this song is so refreshing and very addictive. I've been streaming it on spotify almost every hour. 😅 Truly one of the best debut song so far. 👏

  • Satu Persen - Indonesian Life School

    Congratulations on your debut IVE!! This song is too addicting really

    • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
      #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 11 hours ago

      Sorry bother you here all GUYS ^^ giving little reminder, kindly asking you to vote for the girls for Music Core cause IVE need to secure top3 positions. We have really higher chances to get another Win this week. THANK YOU 💕

    • Sanjida parveen
      Sanjida parveen Day ago

      @yeseo is my queen Bts fan💀

    • 라티파 ♡•
      라티파 ♡• 13 days ago


    • asel Alhrby
      asel Alhrby 19 days ago +1


    • asel Alhrby
      asel Alhrby 19 days ago


  • Sugar
    Sugar Day ago +28

    This song deserves 11/10 for me cause this is a total bop.

  • Destruction God Namjoon

    I play this song 100 times in a day, literally! Seriously such a BOP!!!

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
    #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 5 hours ago +12

    The amount of killing parts in this song ARE CRAZY

  • judith marcela morales tobar

    Me alegra estar con ellas desde que empezaron las amooo son muy talentosas

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +4192

    the song is so catchy

    • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
      #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 7 hours ago

      @pinky deonu XDD OMG I am sorryyy lmao~
      ANW engene too fightinggg ~\^^/

    • pinky deonu
      pinky deonu 10 hours ago

      @#Apink_PERCENT PandaID I'm an engene hehe

    • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
      #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 11 hours ago

      @pinky deonu sorry bother you here ^^ giving little reminder, kindly asking you guys to vote for the girls for Music Core cause IVE need to secure top3 positions. We have really higher chances to get another Win this week. THANK YOU 💕

    • Zoul Infinito
      Zoul Infinito 3 days ago

      @yeseo is my queen Not only blackpink and bts can make good music every kpop groups also make good musics too not only bts and blackpink hardworking every single kpop idols are really hard working so plz be respect them if you don't like them

    • deillarossa
      deillarossa 16 days ago

      @yeseo is my queen and one more thing, this is ive's place so no need to bring blackpink.
      they're both amazing and not flop, but don't compare them with blackpink😐

  • holy sht
    holy sht Day ago +20

    The fact that this was only posted a month ago just scares me how fast growing the group is 💀

  • • LOVE K-POP •
    • LOVE K-POP • Day ago +18

    This song is so addictive. Perfect song

    TRISH Day ago +20


  • 𖧧 な
    𖧧 な Day ago +11

    _Vocals ~ Perfect_
    _Visuals ~ Perfect_
    _Choreo ~ Perfect_
    _Group ~ Perfect_
    *Best Debut ever period*

    BTS21LOVER Month ago +2926

    Amazing Debut! So exciting to see Yujin and Wonyoung after a while!

    • Kenneth Gabriel
      Kenneth Gabriel Month ago

      @stan loona i was also wondering that,i waa like "14? I thought she was 17?"

    • Kenneth Gabriel
      Kenneth Gabriel Month ago

      @Tuktuk arts😙 what did that person say?

    • Kenneth Gabriel
      Kenneth Gabriel Month ago

      @Solo warrior she is 17 no? I think she was born in 2004 so that would maker her 17,still bad tho

    • stan loona
      stan loona Month ago

      @Jesus Cries yes

    • Jesus Cries
      Jesus Cries Month ago

      They come from izone?

  • Leona McGowan
    Leona McGowan 18 hours ago +10

    Mysterious girls vibes really suits them. Such refreshing than rap.

  • lia
    lia Day ago +8

    Nunca tinha reparado q na primeira parte da wony ela fala duas palavras em inglês

  • Minu Stephen
    Minu Stephen Day ago +19

    IVE is doing good in domestic and international charts as well as in digitals. They are indeed a monster rookie
    Dive let's give them 100M

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
    #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 9 hours ago +5

    The impact of her eventhou she has less lines in this song~
    GaEul's part JUST LOOKING AT IT sounds sooo magic to me, everytime!!~

  • 姆士捲
    姆士捲 Month ago +1161

    welcome back our Yujin ya!!!
    this debut is so powerful, 11 out 10 would hit that Like button

    • enhatwice
      enhatwice Day ago

      copy & paste so people know bout this



    • Michaela Lasola
      Michaela Lasola Month ago +10

      So proud of her

    • ROSÉ
      ROSÉ Month ago +24

      @jjll Yujin ex-IZ*ONE. But now She is Yujin IVE. Just like Wonyoung ex-IZ*ONE, but now WONYOUNG IVE Too

    • wehaveYujin
      wehaveYujin Month ago +19

      So proud of Yujin! She grow and improve so much! Those high notes and her vocals and charisma is amzinng! She's the leader as well 💙

    • jjll
      jjll Month ago +7

      @multistan_trash thanks

    TRISH Day ago +26


  • Romina Pariapaza
    Romina Pariapaza Day ago +8

    Es muy bueno, relajante

    TRISH Day ago +16


  • Chan Hae Shin
    Chan Hae Shin 2 days ago +26

    Do you all realize how powerful this debut song is??!! It's been a month and a half but this song is stable on any different streaming platforms + continuing in breaking records. IVE really are monster rookies.

    ISSAC YIU Month ago +3235

    omg !! they are so young and......pretty !!!!

    • enhatwice
      enhatwice Day ago

      Just to let y'all know that their company paid for all of the trophy don't get surprised your girl are nothing without their company paying for the awards & buy awards

    • 7 cRacKheAds
      7 cRacKheAds 22 days ago

      @Medic 2.0 ure jealous becuz u don't want I've to be the best girl group debut song taking blackpink's place

    • 7 cRacKheAds
      7 cRacKheAds 22 days ago

      @Medic 2.0 that's ur parents

    • Maddie Cassidy
      Maddie Cassidy 23 days ago

      @Medic 2.0 they just debuted

    • generic diary
      generic diary 27 days ago

      @Medic 2.0 imagine being so jealous they’re passing ur favs

  • SS
    SS 6 hours ago +10

    prevoting will end tomorrow. cast your votes now on Mbeat and don't be complacent we are currently in 3rd spot ‼️ LET'S ALL PARTICIPATE DIVE I-TING!!! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

  • Dafne Salcedo alvarado
    Dafne Salcedo alvarado 12 hours ago +15

    omg their voices are so beautiful really that just listening to them is pleasing to the ears

  • N L
    N L 6 hours ago +11

    So flawlessly beautiful they can't be human.

  • Minu Stephen
    Minu Stephen Day ago +10

    Dive let's share this mv with your friends and family. So we can hit 100M for this masterpiece

  • anthonytoo
    anthonytoo Month ago +308


    • Ishaan Roy
      Ishaan Roy 11 days ago +1

      @yeseo is my queen 1 billion in one day 😂😂 I didn’t know about that😂😂

    • stan loona
      stan loona Month ago +1

      @yeseo is my queen i didn't know bp got 1b in 5 days. didn't it take like 4 years to make bbb 1b?

    • luvvyiris
      luvvyiris Month ago +1

      @scarlett l. ig he is a haters of bts too, look at how he spelled jungkook name

    • scarlett l.
      scarlett l. Month ago +2

      @yeseo is my queen Ur bts got 1 billion in a day?

    • yeseo is my queen
      yeseo is my queen Month ago

      Too bad its a flopp Hahaha not even 1billion views like BTS or blackpink

  • Blonde Mikasa ♡
    Blonde Mikasa ♡ 5 hours ago +14

    Such a great song and can't believe this is their debut song wow 😲🤩 Congratulations on your debut IVE!

  • GIGI
    GIGI 10 hours ago +6


  • tifa jeon
    tifa jeon 18 hours ago +13

    i can’t wait for IVE next album it will be even bigger i can feel it

  • Perlita
    Perlita Day ago +8

    Amo este MV

  • El Gato de las Weeekly 🐈

    Ojala lleguen muy lejos! ♡_♡

    • Dennis Coreño Bahena
      Dennis Coreño Bahena Month ago +1


    • Elsa Diani
      Elsa Diani Month ago +1

      when i first listen this song so similar to fx rum pum pum 😭😭😭 miss fx.. am i wrong?

      THE GAKVAN Month ago +3

      Multi verso confirmado 🥵

    • woog
      woog Month ago +2

      aksjjdjd también te vi en los comentarios de pirate

    • Maria
      Maria Month ago +2


    TRISH Day ago +10


  • heenruby_liang石
    heenruby_liang石 8 hours ago +11

    The best song for the end of the year, This song is so iconic plus the edits are awesome! SPIRIT IVE AND DIVE

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID

    The chorus part is such damn addictive!!~
    More than a month but still stuck in my head, also Rei's and Wonyoung's at the end of this song ARGHHH 🥰🥰

  • 사라이RosesAreRosies-STAY4ever

    Let's go dive!! in our way to eleven wins don't give up

    K-POP MUZIK Month ago +1753

    Another rookie monster spotted!

  • Chester Hervie Marudo

    Haters have once again flooded the comments section.

    Here's your reminder to ignore them haters and focus on our faves!

    ROAD TO 70M!

  • L. Sihombing
    L. Sihombing 9 hours ago +12

    I really like IVE I hope you guys will always succeed

  • じゃーまん
    じゃーまん 2 days ago +62


  • 태라(TAERA)
    태라(TAERA) 2 days ago +14

    I cant stop listening to this song! Hiw can I stop maybe I cant never stop listening to this song until their new comeback song release. qnd theur new comeback song will be the new song that I cant stop listening to...... OMG !

  • Eduh Games
    Eduh Games Month ago +795

    i love you girls!!!
    flawless debut

    • dAcOm 1
      dAcOm 1 Month ago

      @Medic 2.0 hi tae tae love(aka jenniecrushed, LISAesthetic, aespathetic, blink if youre blink, jennie kim is goodateverything, jenkook my love etc, all accs for who you still buy subs to look popular), still showing your true personality, like you did with your other accs like floraison amethyst, what happened, tae tae chae, jennie outsold etc

    • Brew
      Brew Month ago

      @x and by the way, thanks for the view😁

    • Brew
      Brew Month ago +1

      @x oooh you're deflecting and denying, such an attitude of a coward 😂😂. I've seen you everywhere, kid. saying "weird ass song" in several comment sections of this video and yet you're still bragging about respect 🤣🤣. go back to school kid, ask your teacher about "respect" and manners.

    • x
      x Month ago

      @Brew i'm not giving opinion, that ppl giving the opinion

    • Brew
      Brew Month ago

      @x you'd better not skipping school, kid

    HILMAN ÖMER BLINK 2 days ago +25

    DIVE..... First we need to secure IVE 10th Win and *Break the Records* Lets start to collect beats for prevote tomorrow and mass live vote in Mucore Jan 22 DIVE I~TING ! 🏆

  • scarlett l.
    scarlett l. Day ago +18

    Let's give Ive 11 wins!!!! Let's break the record yall

  • Zook Ie
    Zook Ie 2 days ago +15

    Oh omy my god😩😍😍😍I just can't get over this song..
    Totally addictive...

    Well congratulations 🎉😃😃 on winning... ❤️

  • pi
    pi 2 days ago +24


  • jeonxbae
    jeonxbae Month ago +2575

    one of the best debut songs, they killed it

    • Tooru
      Tooru Month ago

      @When you can't afford a game that you like ur making me feel bad since I’m a blink but like this song 😔

    • Md Aminur
      Md Aminur Month ago +2


    • jenlichuchaeng | #lovestay
      jenlichuchaeng | #lovestay Month ago +3

      @Medic 2.0 don't mind this person guys.. it's a troll account

    • jeonxbae
      jeonxbae Month ago +4

      @Medic 2.0 what is wrong with you, wtf

    • foreverEver
      foreverEver Month ago +2

      @Medic 2.0 are you kidding me

  • tt
    tt Day ago +11

    So good!!!!

  • UnicornGirl
    UnicornGirl 22 hours ago +12

    Omg this song is too good to be a debut song congrats ive 😀

  • Riley Potter
    Riley Potter Day ago +10

    its too good to be a debut song tbh

    JINJOO Day ago +12

    Sse better give us another good music like this next cb.. :)

  • Alex SS
    Alex SS Month ago +483

    Starship was so clever to create a girl group that appeals to both Korean netizens and international fans. They didn't go for a cute concept, girl crush or hi-teen concept. They didn't try to imitate IZ*ONE either but rather they were creative enough to make a girl group with an elegant and mature concept without too many delicate and feminine movements in the choreography and with a little bit of girl crush but without using hard beats, edm or hip hop base. IVE's concept is more elegant and classic but powerful and chic with girl crush vibes but far away from the concept itself. Now that k-pop has become very popular overseas Starship knows that they need to appeal to international kpop fans too. They made a wise decision giving this unique concept to their new girl group. They have the potential to become huge in Korea and overseas.

  • A CLOWN 2
    A CLOWN 2 Day ago +9

    This song is so addictive...I am looking forward to them

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
    #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 2 days ago +8

    01:18 There's something about her voiceee which suddenly made me feel like in heaven when literally I already feel like Eleven

  • 윤재인
    윤재인 Day ago +17

    Even though IVE is a new girl group, their quality is very professional 😊😊

  • 믿지있지
    믿지있지 22 hours ago +15

    Hope this MV reach 100M before summer or before their first comeback.

  • happy bean
    happy bean Month ago +970

    finally, wonyoung can sing in her actual voice, the one she doesn’t have to force and it’s SO PRETTY SHE SOUNDS SO GOOD

    • your mom
      your mom  Month ago +2

      fr :(

    • kandrai
      kandrai Month ago +41

      Her voice wasn’t that faked, IMO. She was really young in IZ*ONE and it was a combination of weaker vocal technique, her age, and being put into a super high range for their more later songs. Plus I think in this song they mix the vocals very different to IZ*ONE.

    • liz.
      liz. Month ago +33

      @ttaehyoung앋 ig. she always has to sound flowery/high-pitched to fit iz*one's song. this is the first time i heard her use this kind of tone.

    • Maria Jibran
      Maria Jibran Month ago +11

      Yeah ikr

    • ttaehyoung앋
      ttaehyoung앋 Month ago +10

      So she force it all the time or sum

  • Hera Ayhara
    Hera Ayhara 13 hours ago +10

    Please Dive let's vote our girls in music core and Inkigayo.

  • nayeon
    nayeon 22 hours ago +13

    im so proud of them eleven is a bop

  • SS
    SS Day ago +16


  • T D
    T D 2 days ago +8

    Ive is one of the most talented groups in kpop no cap

  • ana
    ana Month ago +885

    the structure of the song is so unique i don’t think i’ve ever heard a k-pop song with the same type of slo-mo part before the chorus, for some people this might be the type of song u need to listen to a few times for it to grow on u but i liked it the first time i listened to it. the mv and choreo are also really good imo, overall this is an amazing debut!!

    • AnimeSaEdits
      AnimeSaEdits Month ago +6

      @Claritauli Angeliana I can relate, the pre chorus is my fav part

    • Claritauli Angeliana
      Claritauli Angeliana Month ago +3

      Gotta agree. For the first time i listen the first part, it's quite good but then come the slo-mo then the last part of the song, i feel like, "ugh, why i'm sleepy". I mean, this is good song, but i think there's Sth missing in it.. i just, don't know what it is to my ear. Maybe need to listen more....

    • siko elbow
      siko elbow Month ago +11

      i only had to listen two times to debunk the first impression i had, which was "lmao this sucks"

    • jungshook
      jungshook Month ago +3


    • Haroon P
      Haroon P Month ago +11

      I love the slow part aswell

  • Nikki Pfaff
    Nikki Pfaff 3 hours ago +9

    what a powerful debut!!

  • wehaveYujin
    wehaveYujin Day ago +17

    Continue voting for Music Core and Inkigayo, 11 wins would be ICONIC ✨

  • wizreen
    wizreen Day ago +9

    let's get the girls 11 trophies for ELEVEN

  • Jessica Robin
    Jessica Robin 5 hours ago +15

    I really love this song 😍

  • Delana Johnson
    Delana Johnson 5 days ago +211

    This song never gets old! Congrats on all 7 wins, IVE!

    Edit: Let's get IVE 10th and 11th wins next!!

  • Charles Joseph Escoto

    Congratulations for your debut IVE! The transition from the pre-chorus to the chorus gives me goosebumps, also their vocals are really awesome

  • Myo May Me Hlaing
    Myo May Me Hlaing Day ago +14

    They’re amazing!

  • Annalyn Marapao
    Annalyn Marapao Day ago +8

    There voice is soooo angelic 🥰

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
    #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 2 days ago +6

    Eleven sounds sooo fresh, listening to this after woke up still with my sleepy head and rain drops outside~ We need that 67 soon, DIVE KAJAAA

  • Joy [ForeverTwelve]
    Joy [ForeverTwelve] Month ago +547

    Guys, did you know that IVE has already exceeded 100,000 sales of their debut single album in just two days after debuting? That's something to be proud of!

    • ً
      ً Month ago +4

      @Eiman Fatima but savage isn't aespa's debut, we are talking abt rookies debuted in 2021

    • Victoria
      Victoria Month ago +1

      @Gowon Gang mayhaps, it depends especially since Kepler and the new hybe girl group will be debuting soon this year

    • Aileen
      Aileen Month ago +2

      @Eiman Fatima rookie debuted they said aespa debuted in 2020

    • Eiman Fatima
      Eiman Fatima Month ago +1

      @ً savage was in 2021 though

    • ً
      ً Month ago +18

      @Beloved Sleed aespa debuted on 2020 tho, savage was their debut album but ive is still the best selling rookie debuted on 2021

  • Nayla Putri
    Nayla Putri 14 hours ago +10

    The different type of kpop. So fresh and NEW. I like it

  • Afreen Jahan Rimi
    Afreen Jahan Rimi 8 hours ago +6

    Love this 💖💖💖

  • Adisa Jakupovic
    Adisa Jakupovic 21 hour ago +7

    I just love all of their vocals and the chorus is so addictive! I can already tell they will make it far from here on. IVE fighting

  • Jk Goulet
    Jk Goulet 2 days ago +5

    Everytime it slows down & Rei or Leeseo say "nan mollasseo nae mami iri dachaerounji" my heart explodes! My favorite part! 😍