10 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam - Travel Video
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A long, narrow country squeezed in between the South China Sea and the Laos and Cambodia borders, Vietnam is a land of striking landscapes. Ranging from the lush rice terraces and forested mountains in the north to the picturesque valleys of the Cent..
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Vietnam is an amazing country with mouth-watering food and great people. But in order to help you navigate its rich culture, here are some tips to help you out. This is 7 things not to do in Vietnam. You can also check out my website for a FULL lis..
Vietnam Nightlife 2019
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Vietnam Nightlife 2019 - Vlog 359 Important: If you are thinking of booking any hotel through agoda, please book direct through the links on at no extra cost to yourself. More info can be found here: ..
First time in VIETNAM - First impression of VIETNAM 🇻🇳
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Traveling to Vietnam ? If you have never been in Vietnam before, knowing what you can expect from Vietnam is important to better plan you vacation / trips. Vietnam was actually one of the highlights of our trip. From culture, food, people, scenery, V..
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Thinking of visiting Vietnam? Make sure to watch this video before going! This is your one stop shop (with prices) on everything you should know before going. Check out interesting foods, how to get around the country, internet strength, apps to down..
The Vietnam War Explained In 25 Minutes | Vietnam War Documentary
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The Vietnam War began in good faith, by good people with good intentions. But a combination of American overconfidence, Cold War tensions and imperialist tendencies the Americans had previously fought so hard against, made the war in Vietnam one of A..
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VIETNAM #NIGHTLIFE #NIGHTCLUB VIETNAM GIRLS AND NIGHTLIFE, SAIGON NIGHT LIFE FOOD AND RELAX MASSAGE FOR SUBSCRIBE MUSIC MASTI Pham Ngu Lao nightlife is also one of Ho Chi Minh’s finest, with throngs of street vendors, bia hoi stalls, lively bar..
Highlights Việt Nam 1-0 UAE | Tiến Linh hoá CR7 tung siêu phẩm đẳng cấp thế giới nổ tung Mỹ Đình
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#Vietnam #UAE #VNSports #VietnamSports ►Vietnam Sports - Kênh TheXvid cập nhật tin tức bóng đá Việt Nam nhanh nhất, hình ảnh thực tế nhất ►Đăng ký ngay để nhận được video sớm nhất:
Vietnam interview - How much ???
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Angel Tour is about a new style of travel experience for those who want to get off the beaten path. Our tour is a great way to begin your exploration of the Philippines either you are coming for vacation or you are planning to spend longer time like ..
Highlights Vietnam 1 vs 0 UAE | World Cup 2022 qualifiers
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Highlights Vietnam vs UAE | 1 - 0 | World Cup 2022 qualifiers #Worldcup2022 #tuyenVietnam #VietnamUAE
Walking Around Saigon #2 (HCMC)
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Vietnam Nightlife - Vlog 355
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Vietnam Nightlife - Vlog 355 [re-upload] This is a video from 2019 showing the start of a night out in Saigon in the popular Bui Vien area of the city... NB: This video is a re-upload due to technical issues. Music: INTL.CMD - Playa [Synthwave]..
Vietnam - Land of ancient secrets | Cinematic Travel
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My journey through Vietnam was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. so i put this video together with all of my heart to recapture the memories i had, and share them with the world. VIDEO RIGHTS - you can use this video as you pleas..
Walking around Massage Street in Saigon(Hochiminh), Vietnam 2019 April, Can I use credit card?
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#VIETNAM #NIGHTLIFE #NIGHTCLUB Pham Ngu Lao nightlife is also one of Ho Chi Minh’s finest, with throngs of street vendors, bia hoi stalls, lively bars, and downtown clubs filling up the lively scene. Interesting nightlife entertainment spots inc..
Vietnam Interviews
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■ VIET FAMILY INVITE ME TO THEIR HOME: ■ SAIGON, VIETNAM: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam's most populous city, rivals that of other Asian countries for sheer size and have also started to catch up in terms of tourism arrivals...
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VFF Channel | TRỰC TIẾP | VIỆT NAM - UAE | VÒNG LOẠI WORLD CUP 2022 * Đơn vị chủ quản: Liên đoàn Bóng đá Việt Nam - VFF * Link truy cập: * Email:
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How To Travel VIETNAM! Vietnam Travel Guide!
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I THINK THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO TRAVEL VIETNAM IN 30 DAYS. This is my Vietnam travel guide! This route gives you the PERFECT balance of everything from Floating mountains to abandoned waterslides and sand dunes. This is How To Travel Vietnam. Visiti..
China-Vietnam War: The Ambush [Eng Sub]《芳华》激战片段
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This clip is an excerpt from the 2017 Chinese film "Youth". A supply convoy of Chinese PLA was ambushed by Vietnamese forces, during the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War.
Watch This To Feel What Marines Felt Fighting In Vietnam
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To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me at As many of my subscribers know, I produced a 6 part TV series on the 1960s that included an entire episode on Vietnam. This film, made by the government to t..
Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon Vlog
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293Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon in the Daytime - Vlog 293 * Camera Used for this video: * Bkk112 recommended Saigon hotels: * Latest Post on the Bkk112 website:
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How expensive is Hanoi, Vietnam? I spend an entire day breaking down my expenses as a budget traveller, showing you the type of costs you can expect to find here for food, accommodation and sightseeing. Luxury Backpackers Hotel: luxurybackpac..
Nightlife of Hochiminh city in Vietnam 2019 April, Beautiful Vietnamese women of Massage shop
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BEST BEACH IN VIETNAM - Nha Trang Beach & Walking Street
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What’s the best beach in Vietnam? The beautiful Nha Trang Beach and walking street is definitely the most popular of the Vietnam beaches. We’ll show you around Nha Trang beach, Nha Trang walking street, and the popular Louisiane Brewhouse. Nha T..
Vietnam Fake Market Bonanza!
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Today, I take you to a few markets here in the heart of Vietnam to see what kind of deals on shoes and clothing we can get. We see everything from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace NMD's to Balenciaga, Nike and much more! Come along and enjoy! GLOBIK'..
A Day in the Life Living in Vietnam
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A kind of regular day of my life as an English teacher in Vietnam. I ran some errands, chilled at the beach, and taught my class from home. Hope this helps give you an idea of what your life might be like if you lived here. » » » » » » » » ..
Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon Vlog
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Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Returning to Bangkok - Vlog 372 * Camera Used for this video: * Bkk112 recommended Saigon hotels: * Latest Post on the Bkk112 website: * B..
Vietnam Nightlife 2018
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Vietnam Nightlife 2018 - Vlog 258 * Join Bkk112 Patreon today: * Camera Used for this video: (US) * Camera Used for this video: (UK) * Bkk112 recommended Saigon hotels:..
Highlight: Vietnam 1-0 UAE - Chắc Ngôi Đầu Video Bàn Thắng
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#Highlight #Vietnam #UAE Vietnam vs UAE,Vietnam vs UAE goal,Vietnam vs UAE highlight, Vietnam vs UAE 1-0
The Vietnam War's Agent Orange legacy | Unreported World
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Vietnam's Toxic Legacy: This episode investigates claims by doctors in Vietnam who believe that agent orange is causing life threatening health problems for a whole new generation of children. The toxic herbicide was dropped on Vietnam by US forces d..
Comparing Communism in China 🇨🇳vs. Vietnam 🇻🇳
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Watch my Chinese wife try the hottest pepper in the world! - She didn't have a good time! ⚫Go to and use the code LAOWHY86 to to get 75% off a 3 year plan. Protect yourself online today! H..
VIETNAM IS CRAZY!!! ft. Food Adventures, Pickpockets and Friends | Vietnam Party People
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Welcome to the most anticipated series, The Vietnam vlogs! New 'Food Baby' merch: We are finally in the motherland of Vietnam! Accompanied by eight friends, we go on an epic adventure exploring this awesome co..
Hearts and Minds (1974) HD – Best Vietnam War Documentary
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Hearts and Minds is a 1974 American documentary film about the Vietnam War directed by Peter Davis. The film's title is based on a quote from President Lyndon B. Johnson: "the ultimate victory will depend on the hearts and minds of the people who act..
উন্নত দেশ ভিয়েতনাম | Amazing Facts about Vietnam in Bengali
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Amazing Facts about Vietnam in Bengali Worlds one of the most developing and largest farming products exporter in the world is Vietnam. There are many struggles behind the creation of this country. After overcoming all hindrance it has become a tec..
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#VIETNAM #TRAVEL #GUIDE This video i talked about my recent vietnam travel total cost including all expenses like flight visa food stay Public Transport , i hope this video is very helpful you your upcoming vietnam trip ... FOR CHEAPEST FLIGHT BOO..
Vietnam War, 1970: CBS camera rolls as platoon comes under fire
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In March of 1970, CBS News correspondent Richard Threlkeld was embedded with a platoon patrolling the jungles of Vietnam near Cambodia. The GI's came under fire from North Vietnamese forces as Threlkeld’s crew documented the intense firefight. This..
Travel To Vietnam | vietnam history documentary in urdu and hindi | spider tv | ویتنام کی سیر
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Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. Hanoi, the capital, pays homage to the nation’s iconic Communist-era leader, Ho Chi Minh, via a huge marble mausoleum. ..
Exploring HOI AN, VIETNAM | Tourist Heaven or Hell?
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Walking through the fascinating streets of touristy Hoi An, Vietnam. Support Gabriel's videos on Patreon: NEED GEAR FOR YOUR ADVENTURES? Visit Gabriel's Amazon e-store for ideas:
Vietnam War: The Face of the Enemy (Vietnamese Perspective)
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The core of this film is to investigate the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese who fought in that war. How did they sustain their morale in the face of such . Project for U.S. History class. I do not own any of the songs or images used in this..
$17 Converse Shoes Vietnam Fake Market
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VIETNAM, SAIGON: I'd bought nearly everything I needed in this market apart from one thing. A new pair of shoes. Not that I needed a pair but I was curious to see how much a fake pair of Adidas shoes cost i Vietnam plus it was rather fun to barga..
Vietnam Nightlife
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Walking Around Massage Street in Saigon, Vietnam Early Morning, They start working so Early!
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VIETNAM SPECIAL FORCES - THESE ARE NOT PEOPLE, THEY'RE ROBOTS ● instagram - militaryforcesxxi ● Facebook - ● Наша группа вконтакте - sobrrossguard ● Twitter. -..
China vs. Vietnam
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So how do the two countries compare? Stay Awesome China (my new documentary): Discount code: STAYAWESOME For Motorcycle adventures around the world, and a talk-show on two wheels go to ADVChina every Mon..
Most BEAUTIFUL and UNDERRATED Place in Vietnam! Better Than Ha Long Bay?? + Airbnb TOUR
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Before you take a trip to Ha Long Bay here in Vietnam, check out this area just outside Ninh Binh! We're staying in an amazing bungalow over rice fields, surrounded by the most insane scenery 😍 After a delicious Vietnamese pho breakfast, we hop on..
Vietnam War BBC film HD - The Best Documentary Ever!!
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Description War dominated 30 years of Vietnam's history last century. The struggle that began with communists fighting French colonial power in the 1940s did . Vietnam war was happened in 1945 an ended in 1975. It was the most terrible war in sout..
History of Vietnam explained in 8 minutes (All Vietnamese dynasties)
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History of Vietnam explained in 8 minutes All Vietnamese dynasties explained, Vietnam war and French Indochina. Support new videos from Epimetheus on Patreon! :D History of Vietnam explained, History of Vietn..
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Thanks for watching, Instagram & Twitter: @zinataraa Support me: Interested in teaching English in Vietnam? TEFL course info: Camera: Canon 750d PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & LOOK OUT..