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True Geordie gives his LIVE reaction to KSI vs Logan Paul 2! GET 15% OFF AT SIKSILK WITH CODE 'TRUE' ➡️ True Geordie is delighted to have partnered with SikSilk for his coverage of KSI vs Logan Paul 2! SikSilk is a UK bra..
KSI x MINIMINTER x VIDDAL | True Geordie Podcast #122
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KSI, Miniminter (Simon) and Viddal Riley join the True Geordie to talk the upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul rematch. 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes: 🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify: 📸 INSTAGRAM: instag..
EDDIE HEARN | True Geordie Podcast #121
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Eddie Hearn is the boxing promoter known as the man behind Anthony Joshua, Tony Bellew and now KSI and Logan Paul. Head of Matchroom boxing he recently became even more famous for the social media boom created by ‘No Context Hearn’. He talks how ..
LOGAN PAUL x JAKE PAUL x MIKE | True Geordie Podcast #123
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Logan Paul, Jake Paul and Mike from impaulsive join the True Geordie Podcast for a wild show ahead of the upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul 2 rematch. 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes: 🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:
Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal - Europa League Final | The Kick Off with Ladbrokes #78
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Chelsea vs Arsenal in the Europa League final live stream show The Kick Off, reacting to all the goals and highlights as it happens. Sarri and Emery go head to head with stars like Hazard, Lacazette and Aubameyang expected to score the goals. #TheK..
DAVID ICKE | True Geordie Podcast #118
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David Icke is a conspiracy researcher known across the world for his work on the 9/11 world trade centre attacks and the reptilian illuminati who he says rule the world from behind the scenes. David was a figure of ridicule earlier in his life but wi..
The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy | True Geordie Podcast #119
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Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier and convicted Sex Offender. Since his death many think his connections to those in power need to be looked in to and Shaun Attwood reveals what his research in to Epstein has uncovered in this True Geordie Po..
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True Geordie and Laurence are back again to discuss the new hit show Chernobyl by HBO, Love Island, Drake, Trisha Paytas and fake TheXvidrs. #Podcast #Chernobyl #LoveIsland 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes: 🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Sp..
True Geordie Responds.
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True Geordie Responds Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program
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KSI vs Logan Paul 2 Preview by True Geordie. 📩 BUSINESS EMAIL:
DAN BILZERIAN | True Geordie Podcast #115
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Dan Bilzerian is an Internet personality and poker player best known for his lavish lifestyle and love of woman which made many nickname him the king of Instagram. 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes: 🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify: htt..
TRUE GEORDIE LIVE: Behind-The-Scenes
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SHOP TRUE GEORDIE'S SELECTION AT SIKSILK ➡️ We take you behind-the-scenes with True Geordie to see how The Knockout and The Kick-Off shoots come together every week! GET 15% OFF AT SIKSILK WITH CODE 'TRUE' ➡️ bi..
LOGAN PAUL INTERVIEW | True Geordie Podcast #99
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True Geordie and Logan Paul finally meet. Logan Paul is about to fight KSI after they both released diss tracks to each other. KSI vs Logan Paul will be the biggest event in internet history.
Disappearance of Madeleine McCann | True Geordie Podcast #112
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Madeleine McCann disappeared on the evening of 3rd May 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal, sparking what one newspaper called "the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern h..
Final Thoughts On KSI vs Logan Paul 2
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True Geordie gives his final thoughts on KSI vs Logan Paul 2. GET 15% OFF AT SIKSILK WITH CODE 'TRUE' ➡️ True Geordie is delighted to have partnered with SikSilk for his coverage of KSI vs Logan Paul 2! SikSilk is a UK ..
Etika’s Death & YouTuber Mental Health | True Geordie Podcast #114
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On June 19th 2019 the TheXvidr known to many as Etika (Desmond Daniel Amofah) took his own life. The 29 year old had created a big platform for himself with his entertaining videos and live streams mainly playing Nintendo games. This death has had a ..
JOKER - Was It Really THAT Good? True Geordie Review
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True Geordie and Laurence McKenna review the new movie Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. #Joker
PRISONER IN THAILAND | True Geordie Podcast #117
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The amazing story of Billy Moore, an English boxer incarcerated in Thailand's most notorious prison. He finds his best chance to escape is to fight his way out in Muay Thai tournaments.
True Geordie Tells Jake Paul He’s Making A Mistake
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True Geordie tells Jake Paul he is making a mistake with the content he is putting out - and that he is one of the most talented creators on TheXvid. 🎙 FULL PODCAST:
RICKY GERVAIS | True Geordie Podcast #109
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Ricky Gervais joins the True Geordie Podcast. The creator of The Office, Extras, Derek and multiple Stand Up shows talks about his new shows and life in general. #TrueGeordie #RickyGervais #Podcast 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes:
I LOVE YOU, NOW DIE | True Geordie Podcast #120
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I love you, now die is the HBO documentary about Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy, who fell in love. While they only met in real life five times, they shared many text messages over a period of two years. Then, on July 13, 2014, Conrad Roy was found de..
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KSI vs Logan Paul fight trailer inspired by the Rocky film series. Directed by True Geordie 📩 BUSINESS EMAIL: Edited by James Culverhouse (twitter ‪@JamescDZN)
KSI vs LOGAN PAUL - What I Was REALLY Thinking!
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True Geordie gives his honest opinion of the KSI vs Logan Paul fight.
ALAN SHEARER | True Geordie Podcast #66
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The True Geordie Podcast is back with True Geordie's boyhood hero Alan Shearer. The striker played for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United and the England national team. Shearer was signed for a world record fee of £15 Million in 1996 an..
NILE RANGER | True Geordie Podcast #104
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True Geordie and Nile Ranger finally meet. 🎧 LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE for to True Geordie FREE on iTunes HERE - 📹 TRUE GEORDIE: 👑 2ND CHANNEL:
TRUE NEWS! KSI vs Deji - Logan Paul vs Slap Guy - Miley Cyrus on Black Mirror
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KSI and Deji are still having problems. Logan Paul wants a show down with the Slap Master. Miley Cyrus is on Black Mirror. #TrueNews is still your favourite news show. our sponsor: LINKS 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes: htt..
True Geordie SHOCKED as Andy Ruiz Stops Anthony Joshua
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Andy Ruiz Jr became boxing’s new heavyweight champion of the world after stopping Anthony Joshua. True Geordie and Co watched on in amazement.
WillNE x JaackMaate x Stephen Tries x ImAllexx | True Geordie Podcast #107
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WillNE JaackMaate Stephen Tries and ImAllexx join True Geordie and Laurence McKenna on the Christmas Day True Geordie Podcast. #Christmas #Podcast 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes: 🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:
IAN WRIGHT | True Geordie Podcast #108
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Ian Wright talks to True Geordie about his life after an amazing career in football and TV. The Arsenal legend details his journey from prison to breaking goal records and then being shunned from TV to being a regular on Match of the day. #TrueGeord..
JOHN KAVANAGH | True Geordie Podcast #106
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John Kavanagh is the coach of Conor McGregor and has his guided him throughout his career including becoming UFC world champion in 2 divisions. Kavanagh takes us through the journey as he saw it and why he loves what he does. 🎧 LISTEN & SUBSCRIB..
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Conor McGregor was submitted by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, while the Russian retained his lightweight title he celebrated in poor fashion by fighting McGregor’s team mates which caused a mass brawl that resulted in Khabib’s team mates being ..
KSI - MOST HONEST INTERVIEW EVER | True Geordie Podcast #18
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KSI tells you everything you always wanted to know about his life on the most raw, uncut and uncensored podcast on TheXvid. The True Geordie podcast. Brought to you by The True Geordie and Laurence McKenna. We talk to KSI about his childhood, getting..
KSI COACH: VIDDAL RILEY | True Geordie Podcast #97
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Ahead of KSI vs Logan Paul - True Geordie sat down to chat with the KSI boxing coach Viddal Riley. A medalist for team GB at the Junior European Championships, Viddal details how he took KSI from a gamer to TheXvid's boxing champion.
BRODIE TV | True Geordie Podcast #116
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BrodieTV is not your normal TheXvidr. He’s not your normal anything really. Inspired by TGFbro, Brodie joins True Geordie and chats all things on this crazy podcast. 🎧 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes: 🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:..
Countdown to KSI vs. Logan Paul 2
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COUNTDOWN TO KSI VS. LOGAN PAUL 2 will feature a stacked lineup from the sports and TheXvid communities. The special will be hosted by DAZN’s Kyle Brandt, lightweight phenom Ryan Garcia and TheXvid personality Adam Saleh. Grand arrival interviews f..
LEAVING NEVERLAND | True Geordie Podcast #111
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Leaving Neverland is a 2019 documentary film focusing on Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who describe their experiences meeting Michael Jackson and make several allegations about the singer. The film is directed and produced by the British filmmaker..
TERRORISM IN THE UK | True Geordie Podcast #42
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After the recent Terror attacks in Manchester and London, as much as it would be easier to pass on our condolences and do our usual 'banter' podcast we decided to discuss some of the serious issues as people continue to lose their lives to mindless a..
COMPLETED IT MATE | True Geordie Podcast #76
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James Buckley is an English stand-up comedian, actor, musician, film director, comedian, artist and TheXvidr. He is known for playing foul-mouthed Jay Cartwright in the BAFTA-winning E4 sitcom The Inbetweeners. James has his own youtube channel calle..
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Logan Paul has released a video of a dead body in a suicide forest in japan and True Geordie shares his opinion on those actions. This video is NOT monetised and a donation to the great people at the Calm Zone has been made in honour of the poor boy ..
England's Wolf of Wall Street Part 3 | True Geordie Podcast #93
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Shaun Attwood aka England's Wolf Of Wall Street once again joins the True Geordie Podcast and this time he's called for backup in the form of his henchman and long time best friend 'Wild Man'. 🎧 LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE for to True Geordie FREE on iTu..
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Art is subjective... sometimes it comes in the form of painting or music or film. In this case it’s in the consumption of food from a legendary man known as the food reviewer. The hero we didn’t know we needed.
THE CAR CRASH | True Geordie Podcast #67
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True Geordie and Laurence in a CAR CRASH!!!! say it isn't so?! your two favourite podcasters are back again and might have nearly died. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE for FREE on iTunes HERE - Got a problem you need Geordie's help ..
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Dr Tijion Esho is an award-winning UK cosmetic doctor, famed for his role in e4's TV show body fixers, renowned for his expertise in aesthetic medicine and an industry leader in the art of non-surgical procedures. The True Geordie & Laurence McKenna ..
DRINKING with CALFREEZY & WILLNE | True Geordie Podcast #29
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Calfreezy and WillNE get wrecked with True Geordie and Laurence McKenna on the True Geordie Podcast and talk about all the shit you probably shouldn't when your an 'influencer'. Where is TheBurntChip? TheXvid relationships. How was Will's birthday si..
The Truth About LONDON GANGSTERS | True Geordie Podcast #95
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London has bred some of the world's most notorious gangsters such as The Krays and Charlie Richardson head of the 'torture gang'. This episode of the True Geordie Podcast features Bobby Cummines, a man who knew both families and had a firm of his own..
CRUSHED BY A TREE | True Geordie Podcast #7
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Welcome to the most raw, uncut and uncensored podcast on TheXvid... The True Geordie podcast. Brought to you by The True Geordie and Laurence McKenna. On today's show we talk more of our weird experiences in life. DOWNLOAD EXTENDED PODCAST ON iTunes..
Reacting To KSI vs LOGAN PAUL 2 UK Press Conference
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KSI and Logan Paul went at again in the UK Press Conference hosted by True Geordie. 📸 TG INSTAGRAM: truegeordieofficial?igshid=47ra7x10ll84 💚 Petition For TG:
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Paul Hannaford was like any other boy who wanted to grow up and play for his local football team but when he tried cannabis at the age of 12 his life took a dramatic change. Paul was expelled from school and entered a gang where carrying knifes and o..
True Geordie's Paranormal Experience
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It's Happy Hourween, a spooky themed podcast every day with some of your favourite TheXvidrs, on the lead-up to Halloween. Today True Geordie drops by to share his one and only unexplainable experience. - The full episode is available to listen & dow..
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THE KICK OFF IS LIVE ON SUNDAY FROM 4PM Join us LIVE as we cover Liverpool vs Manchester City and all the fallout from KSI vs Logan Paul 2! ⚽️ SUBSCRIBE to The Kick Off: ➡️The Kick Off on Instagram: www.i..