KotlinConf 2019: What's New in Java 19: The end of Kotlin? by Jake Wharton
Views 161K2 years ago
This talk will compare and contrast how the two languages approach solving the same problems of today's Java. We'll look at ...
KotlinConf 2017 - Introduction to Coroutines by Roman Elizarov
Views 96K4 years ago
We live in an asynchronous era of concurrency. Modern front-end and mobile applications provide real-time feedback and ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Exploring Coroutines in Kotlin by Venkat Subramaniam
Views 75K3 years ago
About the Presenter: Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., creator of ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Kotlin Coroutines in Practice by Roman Elizarov
Views 67K3 years ago
About the Presenter: Roman Elizarov is a professional software developer with more than 17 years of experience. He had started ...
KotlinConf 2019: Asynchronous Data Streams with Kotlin Flow by Roman Elizarov
Views 56K2 years ago
In this talk we will discuss the challenges of working with asynchronous streams and how Kotlin Flows solve them. We will study ...
KotlinConf 2017 - Deep Dive into Coroutines on JVM by Roman Elizarov
Views 53K4 years ago
In this talk, we perform a deep dive into the design and implementation of Kotlin coroutines for those who like to understand it ...
KotlinConf 2017 - RX Java with Kotlin in Baby Steps by Annyce Davis
Views 46K4 years ago
Reactive Programming with RxJava has widely been adopted by both backend services and Android applications alike. Yet, the ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Best Practices for Unit Testing in Kotlin by Philipp Hauer
Views 39K3 years ago
About the Presenter: Philipp Hauer works as a team lead for Spreadshirt in Leipzig, Germany. He focuses on developing ...
KotlinConf 2019: Opening Keynote by Andrey Breslav
Views 34K2 years ago
About the Presenter: Andrey Breslav has been leading design and development of the Kotlin Programming Language at JetBrains ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Building Server Backends with Ktor by Ryan Harter
Views 34K3 years ago
In this talk we build an in app purchase verification backend for your app from scratch, using Ktor. You'll see how Ktor's ...
KotlinConf 2019: Coroutines! Gotta catch 'em all! by Florina Muntenescu & Manuel Vivo
Views 31K2 years ago
Kotlin added structured concurrency to scope the lifetime of a coroutine. But what kind of scopes should you use? How do scopes ...
KotlinConf 2017 - How to Build a React App in Kotlin by Dave Ford
Views 31K4 years ago
React is a great tool for building web apps. Kotlin is a modern, type-safe language with world-class IDE support. In this talk, I show ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Shaping Your App's Architecture with Kotlin and Architecture Components by Florina
Views 24K3 years ago
The Guide to App Architecture provided a good starting point for creating lean, isolated classes. Kotlin features like delegates, ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Representing State: the Kotlin Edition by Christina Lee
Views 23K3 years ago
About the Presenter: Christina Lee is a software engineer and GDE at Pinterest, where she works on UI frameworks.
KotlinConf 2018 - Sealed Classes Opened My Mind: How We Use Kotlin to Tame State at Etsy by Patrick
Views 22K3 years ago
Additionally it would explore how to use RxJava to emit these events and how to use when and filterIsInstance to react to them.
KotlinConf 2019: Testing: Testing by Christina Lee
Views 21K2 years ago
#KotlinConf19 #Kotlin #JetBrains About the Presenter: Christina is an Android engineer and GDE at Pinterest, where she works ...
KotlinConf 2019: Ktor for Mobile Developers: Fear the server no more! by Dan Kim
Views 19K2 years ago
But fear the server no more, here comes Ktor! In this talk we'll walk through a real world example of how #Ktor (and your existing ...
KotlinConf 2019: The Power of Types by Danny Preussler
Views 19K2 years ago
One thing that happened during this journey is that languages allow us to use types for our problem domain, independent of the ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Beat the High-Score: Build a Game Using libGDX and Kotlin by David Wursteisen
Views 17K3 years ago
This session will show some libGDX's concepts: how to draw and animate elements of our game, how collision system works to ...
KotlinConf 2017 - Deep Dive into Kotlin/Native by Andrey Breslav
Views 17K4 years ago
Kotlin/Native compiles Kotlin to standalone binaries for many targets (including Linux, macOS and iOS) using LLVM. In this talk we ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Live Coding Kotlin/Native Snake by Dmitry Kandalov
Views 17K3 years ago
About the Presenter: Dmitry Kandalov has been programming since DOS times. He spent last 10 years or so in Java lands and ...
KotlinConf 2017 - My Life as a Tech Transfer Monad by Erik Meijer
Views 17K4 years ago
Opening keynote on day two of KotlinConf. Erik Meijer has been trying to bridge the ridge between theory and practice for most of ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Creating Internal DSLs in Kotlin by Venkat Subramaniam
Views 16K3 years ago
About the Presenter: Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., creator of ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Android Suspenders by Chris Banes
Views 16K3 years ago
This talk focuses on the best practices of using coroutines in your app, including how to handle lifecycle changes with Architecture ...
KotlinConf 2017 - Bootiful Kotlin by Josh Long
Views 15K4 years ago
Alright, so maybe "bootiful" won't ever work, but we tried, and it was worth it too because you're reading this. Spring Boot, the new ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Mathematical Modeling with Kotlin by Thomas Nield
Views 15K3 years ago
Mathematical modeling is the workhorse of data science, machine learning, and operations research. By effectively expressing ...
KotlinConf 2017 - Kotlin Types: Exposed by Svetlana Isakova
Views 15K4 years ago
We have so many new shiny types in Kotlin: nullable types, read-only types for collections, we have Any and at the same time we ...
KotlinConf 2017 - Architectures Using Functional Programming Concepts by Jorge Castillo
Views 14K4 years ago
You're probably used to MVP, MVVM, MVC, Clean, Viper, and other patterns and architectures usually applied using OOP.
KotlinConf 2018 - A Multiplatform Delight by Jake Wharton and Alec Strong
Views 14K3 years ago
This talk will cover the challenges of platform-agnostic API design, type-safe multiplatform Kotlin code generation, and the ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Functional Programming in Kotlin with Λrrow by Raúl Raja Martínez
Views 13K3 years ago
Recording brought to you by American Express americanexpress.io/kotlin-jobs This talk is a comprehensive walk through of ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Kotlin and Spring Boot, a Match Made in Heaven by Nicolas Frankel
Views 13K3 years ago
On the other hand, you're still using Java, with all its ceremony regarding code… Wouldn't it be great if we could pair Spring Boot ...
KotlinConf 2019: Error Handling Strategies for Kotlin Programs by Nat Pryce & Duncan McGregor
Views 13K2 years ago
I needn't be so ad-hoc though. In this session we compare and contrast different techniques for handling errors in Kotlin programs.
KotlinConf 2017 - Highlights
Views 13K4 years ago
KotlinConf 2017 was the first conference entirely dedicated to Kotlin. It took place in San Francisco from the 1st to the 3rd of ...
KotlinConf 2017 - Kotlin for Data Science by Thomas Nield
Views 12K4 years ago
"Data Science" is a broad buzzword encompassing the study and analysis of data, often using programming tools like R, Python, ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Graphics Programming with Kotlin by Romain Guy
Views 12K3 years ago
About the Presenter: Romain Guy is an engineer at Google. He worked on the Android Framework team, leading the UI toolkit and ...
KotlinConf 2019: Building Progressive Web Apps in Kotlin by Erik Hellman
Views 12K2 years ago
In this session, we will introduce how to use Kotlin and its support for JavaScript to Progressive Web Apps. You'll learn about ...
KotlinConf 2019: Building Microservices with Kotlin and gRPC by Marharyta Nedzelska
Views 12K2 years ago
#KotlinConf19 #Kotlin #JetBrains About the Presenter: Software Engineer and Kyiv Kotlin user group leader. Interested in Kotlin ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Painless Microservices with Kotlin by Fedor Korotkov
Views 12K3 years ago
We'll talk about Java Interoperability which allowed us to use all the goods of Java ecosystem. How building different Kotlin DSLs ...
KotlinConf 2018 - Datomic: The Most Innovative DB You've Never Heard Of by August Lilleaas
Views 11K3 years ago
In this talk, you'll learn where Datomic fits and for which use cases the above are good ideas, how Datomic actually invented very ...
KotlinConf 2019: Migrating a Library from RxJava To Coroutines by Mike Nakhimovich & Yiğit Boyar
Views 11K2 years ago
#KotlinConf19 #Kotlin #JetBrains About the Presenter: Mike is a android and kotlin gde, he's currently a staff engineer at Dropbox, ...