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Morgan Aero Super Sport - Jay Leno's Garage
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In this classic episode of Jay Leno's Garage Charles Morgan, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, stops by the garage to show Jay the Morgan Aero Super Sport. » Subscribe: bit.ly/JLGSubscribe » Visit the Official Site: bit.ly/JLGOfficialSite ..
Jay Leno's Fantastic Ford Festival
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Jay Leno takes us on a tour of his specially-tuned, 300 horsepower, nitrous-injected Ford Festiva and offers up his opinion of the new 2011 Ford Fiesta.
[HOONIGAN] DT 161: Ken Block’s Dream Car – 1986 Ford RS200
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www.hoonigan.com/On today's episode of Daily Transmission, HHIC Ken Block brings his street-registered Ford to the Donut Garage. This 1986 RS200 Evolution is more than your average daily driver. Find out why our Mr. Block calls it his favorit..
Auto: My New (to me) Porsche Boxster (986)
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A video covering the details of my 2000 Porsche Boxster S, in Forest Green with Savannah Beige interior. This is a great car! In this video, I go over the Boxster in general, and my car in particular. I also provide some tips for shopping and purc..
New Car! Collecting my Porsche 991 GT3 RS 2018. Vlog#1
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Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS 2018. Vlog#1 Collecting one of the first cars :-) Instagram: @emrah_bey
Ernie's Dwarf Car Museum - DocuPromos.com
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DocuPromos.com Ernie Adams learned how to build things as a child growing up next to the town dump in Harvard, Nebraska. Now, he lives far out in the desert of Arizona, building immaculate miniaturized replicas of classic American automobiles..
Porsche 991.2 GT3 - Launch Control, Accelerations & Downshifts !
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This video features 5x Porsche 991.2 GT3 which we saw driving around in Knokke during the 2018 Zoute Grand Prix. In this video you can see a loud launch control and some accelerations. WEBSITE: www...
Quick walk around a Porsche Carrera T manual with interior package
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Look at my friends Carrera T before it gets shipped out to him. Nick's store with the Rapid Dry towels, t-shirts stamps etc here www.kiwinicktube.com Find me on Instagram here droppedbaby1 Find me on FB here ww..
[HOONIGAN] DT 136: Nissan 240SX S13 Drift Truck
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www.hoonigan.com/. On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Fili stops by with his alcohol fed, el camino-ed S13 and throws down for a late night yard session. Special Thanks to: Fili Manriquez @dameunbesofili Follow Our Crew: @brianscot..
Ferrari 206 SP
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Ferrari 206 SP
Torque Film
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Il trailer del bellissimo film Torque. Da vedere
You only drive once - James Bond's Aston Martin on display in NYC
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Aston Martin 2014 'Centenary Edition' Vanquish, numbered 007 and belonging to British actor Daniel Craig, was on display outside the Rockefeller Centre in New York City on Friday. Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Video ID: 20180413-039 V..
TST Podcast #406: Speed Kore's David Salvaggio
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Speedkore builds some of the craziest pro-touring cars on Earth, and that's saying something. They built a Challenger body out of carbon-fiber. Their 1970 Charger, "Tantrum" has a carbon front end and over 1500HP. Today, Matt sits down with the VP of..
Bye Bye M3? Hello GT3 Touring!
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Ha, ha... I wish. I spend some behind the wheel of a GT3 Touring on the Cherohala Skyway. Join Our Closed Facebook Group of Like-Minded Obsessed People: groups/obsessedgarage Website: www.obsessedgarage.com Obsessed ..
Porsche 911(991.2) Manual GT3 Touring Review | EP 039
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It might just be the lack of rear wing but it transforms the GT3 to something else. It was different to drive the Touring compared to my Club Sport GT3, but what was the differences. IT took me a while but I fund it. Wanna see more? Take a look at ..
The World's Fastest Lotus? - /TUNED
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Frank Profera has spent six years making his Lotus go faster, stop shorter, and corner harder. Though it only has to move around 2,150 lbs, Frank's Lotus makes 680 wheel horsepower with a twin-charged 1.8L engine; giving it a better power-to-weight r..
FULL TOUR of the HOONIGAN Donut Garage
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Ron Zaras and Brian Scotto show us a FULL TOUR of the wildly fun Hoonigan Donut Garage. #BakkerudLIFE is presented by SONAX - and gives you weekly content and a new video every week. Main day is Tuesday - but you will also get some bonus days in be..
More fun to drive a classic Porsche? | Porsche 911 S 1970 review | EP 032
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To take part in History, especially when it is motoring history, makes me all emotional. Mankind has always tried to make things better and continues to develop. I wonder if Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was aware of the impact when he designed the 911..
[HOONIGAN] DT 130: Lambo Doors for Our $350 E36 BMW
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www.hoonigan.com/. On today's episode of Daily Transmission, we start making sh*tcar a little less sh*tty and a little more baller. Lambo doors! Follow Our Crew: @brianscotto @vin_tra @hertlife @hngn.kikawa @jchase7452 @joey_baggadonuts @bra..
Jeremy Clarkson vs 'The Brutus' Bomber BMW (TOP GEAR)
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Relive the insta-classic TOP GEAR moment from Monday's episode when Jeremy Clarkson recreated the Battle of Britain - and faced off against a car called "The Brutus," a flame-spitting retro BMW. "The Brutus" combines a 46-liter BMW v12 engine, origi..
Tony Can't Stop Buying Porsche GT3s!
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I head down to Gravelwood Car Sales to check out Tony's new 997 GT3 and discuss why we are obsessed with Porsches. Find out more information about the #DriveTheWorld trip; www.seenthroughglass.com/drivetheworld You can follow Tony here; http..
1000hp Turbo BMW e30 Gives Zero F*%ks // DT257
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SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BONUS CHANNEL// thexvid.com/channel/UCFhUumuHyYL-mAXSeZVbqMg www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Donovan Brockway stops by to literally shred the a$$ off his 1000 HP BMW E30. Special tha..
986 Porsche Boxster Review: Should You Buy One?
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In this episode of Boost Brothers Garage, we review a gen one Boxster. Is the original base Boxster with the 2.7 opposed six cylinder a good entry into the Porsche world? Tune in to find out!
Germany: Mercedes of Romania's Communist leader Ceausescu to be auctioned
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A 1973 Mercedes 350 SL Roadster formerly owned by Romania's former leader, General Secretary of the Communist Party Nicolae Ceausescu, will be auctioned by British Bonhams at its Mercedes-Benz sale in Stuttgart on Saturday, March 19. Footage shows th..
Bargain Porsches - 924s and Boxster, which should you buy?
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Two cheap Porsches, which should you pick as your entry level car? The Boxster 986 2.5L or the 924S? Both very different propositions but roughly the same price range. Many thanks to Philip Raby for use of the cars - www.philipraby.co.uk
Porsche Singer, 959, LaFerrari | Cars & Coffee Toronto | EP008
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Drove my Porsche 993 to met up with the crew and we checked out an incredible meet on Canada Day weekend at Engineered Automotive in Toronto. A true Cars and Coffee event with a huge mix of cars, including Singer 911 - The Toronto Car, Ferrari LaFerr..
Did I just replace my Lotus with an Old Porsche 911?
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I sold my Evora, and now I'm driving this 911 around - what happened exactly? Don't I hate 911s? Here's the link to Charlie's channel: thexvid.com/user/charliejd85 #Porsche #911 #996 You can now help us in many ways: Support us on Pat..
Driving "The Lizard": 991.2 GT3 RS
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I get to make a pretty decent run up the Cherohala Skyway in my friends Ryan's and Diana's Lizard Green 2018 GT3 RS. I compare and contrast this to the 2016 991.1 that I own. Join Our Closed Facebook Group of Like-Minded Obsessed People: f..
PCA Spotlight: Extending the life of your original IMS Bearing
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In our last video, we covered the general subject of what the intermediate shaft (IMS) and the IMS bearing are and the functions they serve in Porsche's first water-cooled flat-six engines from 1997-2008. In our second video, we show you ways you can..
[HOONIGAN] RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Donuts
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www.hoonigan.com/ Quick Fix: Some parking lot donuts in Brian Scotto's 1991 RWB 911 Turbo.
FARO Quick Release Installation - Scanner2GO
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FARO Quick Release - Bedienungsanleitung ► www.scanner2go.de ✓ ☎ 039 209 - 43 289
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Drive and review of the 2015 Porsche 911 GT3! Wow what a beast! Thank you to Lamborghini of San francisco www.bmcd.com Please follow this link to help me get to 100,000 subscriptions!! thexvid.com/channel/UCY9xEzB7-615k5ElVuFFbmw?s..
1 of 24 (Lancia Integrale Hyena Zagato) - VLOG 050
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It's the half Century White Details vlog, whaay! With that said, I don't like it... Why? It isn't a patch on the last upload (Ferrari 612); the filming feels rushed (possibly due to tight deadlines) and the audio has gone bad once again.. It's OK, I'..
The world's most secret Ferrari collector!
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We were only allowed to film against a white wall in order to keep this Ferrari Collector’s identity and location hidden! What we saw in that garage we could hardly believe... Follow my friend on @ferraricollector and Maurice on @streetgasm http:..
My Porsche 993 Tour | EP019
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A tour and walk-around of my Porsche 993 Carrera 4S. A detailed look at my 993 from the exterior and the interior, as well as some of the mods Iv'e done and installed. Remember to subscribe for instant updates! And comment and like! I'd love to ge..
Porsche Singer and 993 Madness!! | EP016
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Friday afternoon, the start of the long weekend! I rushed out of the office and drove my Porsche 993 to meet with my Aircooled buddies. We cruised to Niagara Falls from Toronto. Four 993s, a 964 RS America and The Toronto Car by Singer carved B-roads..
Long term update of my 991.2 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S - costs and issues
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That little blue 911 is almost 2 years old. Let's look at the costs and issues I have had so far. Nick's store with the Rapid Dry towels, t-shirts stamps etc here www.kiwinicktube.com Find me on Instagram here droppedba..
Porsche 911 Turbo Experience | EP031
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Yesterday I was given a set of keys to a 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo to film for the day. A beautiful Grand Prix white on black car with matching white Fuch wheels. The car scared the crap out of me!! What an experience! I also got to check out the Porsch..
[HOONIGAN] DT 043: World's First Cruise Control Burnout? (w/ Cleetus McFarland)
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www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Cleetus stops by with an "SRT10" Dodge Minivan and attempts the world's first cruise control burnout. Things get smoky. Check out Cleetus's channel here: thexvid.com/user/us..
Detailing my hardest car!
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Welcome back to the channel everyone! Today, I detail my hardest car, but manage to get the project done. Follow me on Instagram. @Artisans_Dream
FARO Focus S70, S150, S250 in Aktion - Scanner2GO
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FARO Focus S70, S150, S350 - Jetzt testen und mieten ► www.scanner2go.de ✓ ☎ 039 209 - 43 289
Things I LOVE about my Porsche 993 | EP043
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Join me as I go for a much needed drive north of the city of Toronto in my 1997 Porsche Carrera 4S. I carve some twisty roads around Belfountain, Ontario, while chatting about the Top 5 Things I LOVE about my Porsche 993. Sit back and enjoy! Let me k..
Bigg Slice
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He is Snoop Dogg's personal car pimp. His customized lowrider collection is unbelievable.
Porsche Singer, 993, 964, 911 | Toronto Porsche Meet | EP017
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I met up with my friends with our aircooled Porsches early last Saturday morning ~ a Porsche Singer and three Porsche 993s. We drove over to our local Porsche dealership for their Season Finale Porsche Cars and Coffee. It was an amazing turnout with..
1972 Kawasaki S2
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I met up with my friends with our aircooled Porsches early last Saturday morning ~ a Porsche Singer and three Porsche 993s. We drove over to our local Porsche dealership for their Season Finale Porsche Cars and Coffee. It was an amazing turnout with..
TESLA AP2 Self Driving ACCURACY TEST 2018.42.2 | Video 110
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SAVE $$$ on a new OR inventory Tesla Vehicle or Energy Product by using My Tesla Referral Code Link: ts.la/mike5108 MIKE5108 WIN A Chance To RACE A Giant Electric Semi Truck by signing up for the TESLA Newsletter using my Referral Link :) ..
Audi R8 V10 Plus a trip into town - VLOG 012
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SUPPORT WhiteDetails for as little as $1 a month by becoming a PATRON: www.patreon.com/WhiteDetails A 'Tango Red' Audi R8 V10 Plus receives a two stage minor paint correction detail removing factory induced buffertra..
Porsche 911 Fall Colors Drive | EP018
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The end of the driving season has crept up pretty fast! It's almost winter here in Toronto, Canada. My friends and I got together early in the morning one last time and drove over to Dundas Valley to check out the fall colors. We hit some twisty road..
1989 Porsche 928S4 5 speed Dyno run!!!!!!
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2-28-09 Dyno run on Porsche 928 S4 5 speed track beast "Black Widow"....302whp 269torque