Innovate fpga

Intel Innovate FPGA Competition - Team BreXting
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This mobile Brain-Computer Interface records brain activity, predicts the character that the user is thinking and prints it on a screen ...
InnovateFPGA Design Contest: Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future
Views 51K6 months ago
That's why this year's Innovate FPGA Design Contest we're highlighting how engineers like you are not only reinventing the Edge, ...
InnovateFPGA Design Contest 2021-22: Make a difference, create a solution for an SGP Project!
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Welcome to innovate fpga design contest we're happy you're here this year's theme is connecting the edge for a sustainable ...
Innovate FPGA - AP033
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Innovate FPGA PR124
Views 363 years ago
Innovate FPGA PR124 FPGA Implementation of Neural Network Image Scaling Processor.
Innovate FPGA-Team AS054
Views 873 years ago
Efficient control of traffic lights in a crossing. Team members: -Carlos Silva Campos -Oscar Moreno Veliz
2018 Innovate FPGA - Driver for Linear Motion System
Views 1083 years ago
RGUKT's First Self Driving Car | Innovate FPGA AP035 | FPGA CAR | RGUKT NZVID
Views 1.2K2 years ago
This is the first self-driving car designed by RGUKT - APIIIT Nuzvid students. This Project was selected to INNOVATE FPGA ...
Innovate FPGA 2018-PR051 BioVision
Views 2103 years ago
Hi there! here our project for Innovate FPGA 2018. We built a system using DE10-Nano board from Terasic. Our system measure ...
InnovateFPGA demo video - Real-time HDR video release_2 (team EM076)
Views 8153 years ago Authors: - Vladislav Sharshin (e-mail: ) ...
InnovateFPGA - AP068
Views 3423 years ago
VR|AR Headset with Kalman Filter Position Tracking, Stereo Vision Depth Sensing and Gaze Tracking ...
InnovateFPGA - AS033
Views 6103 years ago
Demonstrative video of the Reconfigurable Virtual Instrument Project More details at: ...
InnovateFPGA contest Demo Video from EM077
Views 1873 years ago
This is demo video for our FPGA-based string search accelerator project, with which we are participating in InnovateFPGA contest.
INNOVATE FPGA - Smart Skin Cancer Identification
Views 1913 years ago
Melanoma is the least common but deadliest skin cancer, accounting for the majority of skin cancer deaths according to The Skin ...
DE10-NANO - Innovate FPGA Intel Altera 2018
Views 5233 years ago
Demo video for Innovate FPGA contest.
Innovate FPGA PR063--The robot for recycle based on machine learning
Views 362 years ago
After many large-scale activity are completed, the bottles and cans are often left on the floor. It takes labor and time to organize the ...
BondMachine InnovateFPGA 2018
Views 3013 years ago
Video for the InnovateFPGA 2018 contest, it shows the basic functionalities of the BondMachine on a Terasic DE10-nano board ...
Intel supports innovatefpga
Views 4674 years ago
or the last 14 years, Terasic & Intel have held the Innovate Asia FPGA & SoC Design Contest and inspired thousands of aspiring ...
Innovate FPGA team EM057 2018
Views 1233 years ago
Simple video demonstration of project progress.
High Speed Area Efficient Floating Point Processor | Innovate FPGA Contest
Views 1893 years ago
Innovate FPGA Contest | In this design we have proposed a method for Fast Floating Point multiplication. The main functional unit ...
What is an FPGA ? | How to program FPGA Board? | Introduction to FPGA | FPGA Tutorials
Views 3.2KYear ago
This video is an attempt to provide a basic introduction to FPGAs. FPGAs used to be very expensive in the past, but not anymore.
Innovate with Altera DE1-SoC Board
Views 26K8 years ago
The DE1-SOC Development Kit presents a robust hardware design platform built around the Altera System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA, ...
2016 Innovate Asia - Opening Ceremony
Views 2145 years ago
2016 Innovate Asia FPGA and SoC Design Contest.
AWS re:Invent 2021 - Building on 15 years of compute innovation
Views 232Month ago
When Amazon EC2 launched in 2006, cellphones weren't yet smart, and Raspberry Pi was something you ate for dessert.
2016 Innovate Asia TW004 Alphabot
Views 7845 years ago
For More Info, Please Refer: 2016 Innovate Asia Team TW004 Alphabot Embedded ...
Architecture All Access: Modern FPGA Architecture
Views 52K8 months ago
Field Programmable Gate Arrays, or FPGAs, are key tools in modern computing that can be reprogramed to a desired functionality ...