Happy 2020 & What We've Been Up To! | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Life has been so hectic with the kids being sick back to back, they've finally made a full recovery and have been healthy since Christmas (thank goodness!). We got to spend Christmas with family, my girlfriends threw me a fabulous baby shower, I *hap..
Together In Singapore: Family Travel Vlog 2019 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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We took our baby moon in Singapore and brought the kids along for a little family vacation too. Everyone had a great time eating all the delicious food, swimming on top of the world, and visiting the aquarium! Despite the heat and super long flight, ..
What's In My Hospital Bag: Baby #3 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Hi guys! I finally packed my hospital bag and it’s all ready to go, now we’re just waiting on baby’s arrival! I think I kept everything pretty basic this time around, just packed my essentials. What did you guys pack in your hospital bags? Did ..
Being A Full Time Mom | HAUSOFCOLOR
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This vlog is all about avocados, how crazy my kids are, and FINALLY getting my hair done! I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog, thank you so much for spending time with our family and I'm so glad I was able to find enough time to edit and upload it bef..
Travel Vlog: Seoul, South Korea | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Seoul was sooooo much fun! There were tons of quirky food and lots of shopping, I really had a great time there even though we had to leave early boo! I'm gonna have to make a trip back and explore the surrounding islands (I heard Jeju island was ama..
Travel Vlog: Welcome to Saudi Arabia | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I never thought in all my life I'd visit The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so when I was invited for the #FormulaE race, I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go! I packed up and headed for the middle east. To be completely honest, I had my r..
A Day In The Life With A Newborn | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog and got to see a day in my life with Preston! We were pretty active and got a lot done that day! Thanks to my #snapchatfam for helping me pick the thumbnail and please let me know if you guys like these types of vide..
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We spent Sunday at home prepping for the big blizzard and I forgot how much work it was to shop for groceries, prep food and cook it, it's been a long time since I've done all that and it was exhausting lol! Xx #momlife #mommyvlog Preston is 3 ye..
Snapchat Q&A: travel, boyfriend, doing youtube | HAUSOFCOLOR
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instagram: I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous and hesitant to do this video since I had no idea what kind of questions I was going to get. Sorry I wasn't able to get to everyone's questions, but I'll do it..
I'm Pregnant Baby #3! + Line Progression | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Well this is part of the reason why I've been so busy! Anndddd by now you guys probably know whenever I’m too quiet, something’s most likely brewing 😬! Here we go again guys! Preston is 3 years and 2 months old Jameson is 16 months old ►A..
TOPLESS Nuclear 2X Spicy Noodle Challenge (clickbait) | HAUSOFCOLOR
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( . ) - ( . ) 🔥🔥🍜 ►Ang’s socials: • TheXvid Channel “The Odder Loop”: • _its5somewhere • theodderloop • DIY video: Music..
You Might Cry If You Watch This | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I'm a hot mess. "The Last Time" From the moment you hold your baby in your arms, you will never be the same. You might long for the person you were before, When you had freedom and time, And nothing in particular to worry about. You will know tire..
Day In A Life With 2 Under 2 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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It's so good to be home and get back into the groove of things! In today's vlog I'm showing you guys a typical day in my life with 2 under 2. The holidays were so hectic with all the traveling we did to see family, I'm glad we had our new Cybex Eezy ..
Summer Haul #2: Missguided, TopShop, H&M, Forever 21 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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instagram: You guys seemed to really enjoy my hauls, so here's another one! By the way, it was my first time shopping at MissGuided and I'm really satisfied with their selection and quality, how do you guys feel ..
Travel Vlog: Je t'aime Paris | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Bonjour mon amour! We're in Paris guys, can you believe it? The city of love and romance, the city of light! It was awesome to finally check Paris off my list and see all the famous landmarks in person. I'm definitely going to come back another time ..
We're Halfway Through November Already Vlog | HAUSOFCOLOR
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November came out of no where and I can't believe we're halfway through the month already! I vlogged bits and pieces from different days and wanted to share how our month has been going... We're putting up a holiday decorating with us video this week..
Pregnancy Update 16-26 Weeks, Baby #3: Stretch Marks? Iron Pills, Baby Kicks 👣 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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The last 10 weeks has flown by and my body has changed so much! I can't believe my second trimester is coming to an end and we'll be in the home stretch soon. I'm getting my appetite back and enjoying all the things I used to...slowly lol. There's ju..
Family Day Vlog | HAUSOFCOLOR
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We got to do SundayFunday as a family, went to eat dim sum in Denver, got my boba tea fix at my fave place Ding Tea and just relaxed at home afterward. Preston makes the best smoothies and I love Jameson's contagious baby giggles! Also, I'm trying ..
How I Pump 1200 ml of Breastmilk A Day | HAUSOFCOLOR
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A lot of you guys always ask me how I'm able to produce so much milk, here's everything I know about breastfeeding! I hope my tips and suggestions help you guys with your breastfeeding journey. This is perhaps one of the most physically and mentally ..
Taking The Kids To Cabo, 2019! | HAUSOFCOLOR
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We went to Cabo to celebrate Lincoln's 3rd birthday and we had such an amazing time! We swam all day, ate ceviche, guacamole and tons of tacos! It was such a fun time in the sun and the kids really enjoyed themselves too, they were smiling from ear t..
Update: We Moved | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Hey guys! We've missed y'all soooooooo much and we're so happy to be back on youtube! It's been an extremely busy couple of months between the out of state move, giving birth, my trip to asia, and so many other things in between. I was gonna wait to ..
Travel Vlog: Venice, An Italian Love Affair | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I made my way to The Floating City of Venice last summer and it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! A city full of romance and serenity, great food, and built on water. It was an amazing experience and I hope you guys enjoyed this li..
Preston's In The Hospital | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I really contemplated putting this video up because it's such a personal matter, but I really need y'alls love, support, and prayers during this difficult time for our family. ❤️ #momlife #mommyvlog #pneumonia Preston is 3 years and 5 months o..
My Everyday Fall Makeup Routine 🍂 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Hey guys, you know I'm all about that natural and simple makeup routine for an everyday look especially now that I'm a mom, I basically have no time! I love Sephora Collection's line with its variety, affordability, and awesome quality! There's liter..
My Birth Vlog: Induced Labor | HAUSOFCOLOR
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It was a little emotional for me to edit and put this video together and I can't believe it's been 7 weeks since I gave birth to Preston. It seemed like yesterday, but in the same breath, it also seemed so long ago too. Tragically, I ran out of memor..
#Momlife & Potty Training | HAUSOFCOLOR
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►Also watch these videos: • Last Week's Vlog (Vegas Babies): • How I Pump 1200ml of Breast Milk A Day: • Preston's Birth Vlog: • Jameson's Birth Vlog: Camera: ..
Singapore Travel Vlog 2018 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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This was my first time in Singapore and definitely won't be my last! I had so much fun exploring the little-big island and was fascinated with how developed the city was: the infrastructure, culture, and OMG the food... it was so beyond delicious! Th..
A Day In The Life Of A Pregnant Mommy + 2 Toddlers
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I wanted to show you guys what a typical day for us looked like, of course not everyday is the same, but generally, we start with breakfast, do something active, lunch, nap, dinner, bath, then repeat! These guys keep me so busy! Xx #momlife #mommyvl..
Spending Thanksgiving In The Hospital, Preston's Update | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I wanted to express my sincerest and deepest appreciation for all of you guys that has shown us so much love and positive energy during this extremely difficult time! It's your support that's been able to get Preston and our family through this, so t..
I'm Pregnant Again! | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I'm 24 weeks now guys, can't wait to share this journey with yall this time around! Now you know why I've been kinda MIA the last few months... I've been pretty preoccupied toasting this bun in my oven! And wahooooo to daily vlogs starting tomorrow y..
Vlog: I'm Such A Mom | HAUSOFCOLOR
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The struggle is real, holla if you hear me!!! Visit to purchase the exclusive limited edition High Camp x Creed Mothers' Day gift! ►Also watch these videos: • Last Wednesday's Vlog (Vegas With My Mama): goo.g..
Mommy & Baby Update! | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I know you guys have been asking for new videos, sorry we've been MIA, but we're backkkk now!! Catch us next Wednesday for a new vlog! Preston's grown so much hasn't he? le siggghhhhhhh ►Also watch these vi..
Vegas For The Weekend | HAUSOFCOLOR
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We went to Vegas for the weekend and although it was such a short trip, we did more than we usually do. We went to eat at all my favorite places and took the kids swimming and to the shark reef. They really had a good time and it was so fun to relax ..
Back To Bangkok: Thailand Travel Vlog 2018 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I got a chance to head back to Bangkok with All Nippon Airways for their "Welcome To Experience Class" Campaign and had the bestttt time ever! The girls and I totally indulged on amazing Thai food, culture, and relaxed under the warm sun. It was a #m..
Travel Vlog: An Aussie Affair: Sydney + Melbourne | HAUSOFCOLOR
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G'day mate! It was so awesome to visit Australia (even though it was super cold). I had a great time hanging out with family, made new friends and got a vibe for Australian culture. Can't wait to go back in the summer time! 🐨🇦🇺 xx ►Also w..
50 Fun Facts About Me | HAUSOFCOLOR
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instagram: Hey guys, happy Sunday! I thought maybe it's time we get to know each other a little better...😁 Hopefully I didn't run you off with my abnormal ways, ekes...oh well, stay weird my loves! Oh, and I w..
A Week In Our Life In Vegas | HAUSOFCOLOR
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This is the longest vlog everrrrr... I hope you guys enjoyed spending the week with us in Vegas though, I love coming home and hanging out with my family!! ►Stuff in video: • My travel stroller // Baby Zen YOYO : (frame/I have the black & white..
New Mom Hacks: Get Free Stuff!! | HAUSOFCOLOR
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►Visit Ang: • TheXvid: • _itsfivesomewhere ►Also watch these videos: • How I Pump 1200ml of Breast Milk A Day: • Birth Vlog:
Vlog: We're Moms Now | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Hey guys! Sorry I didn't get a chance to upload yesterday, like I mentioned, we got into Vegas pretty late Tuesday night and I was exhausted! Enjoy! ►Also watch these videos: • Last Wednesday's Vlog (A Little Overwhelmed): • How I Pump 1200ml..
1 Week Postpartum Update: Breastfeeding, Weight Loss | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Just wanted to give you guys a little update 1 week after giving birth, let me know if you have any questions! Xx ►Also watch these videos: • Last Week's Vlog (Don't Watch This If You're Hungry): • How I Pump 1200ml of Bre..
The Birth Vlog Of Our Son: Baby #2, Induced Labor, Nicu | HAUSOFCOLOR
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This was such an emotional video to edit, please stay tuned for part 2. I wanted to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude to everyone that kept us in your thoughts and prayers for the labor and delivery, thank you so much! Preston is 21 mon..
Chanel Unboxing From Paris | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I brought home a special souvenir from Paris and I'm in love! My top: ►Also watch these videos: • Travel vlog Paris: • 50 Facts About Me: ..
Travel Vlog: Taking Tokyo: Japan Cherry Blossoms | HAUSOFCOLOR
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Hi guys, Japan video is finally here! I was in Tokyo for only 2 days for the annual cherry blossom season, but managed to cram as much in as possible! I think this is one of my favorite Asian countries; people are incredibly friendly, helpful, and th..
How I Curl My Hair | HAUSOFCOLOR
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I get a lot of questions from you guys on how I curl my hair, it's a lot easier than it looks! I really love doing these curls because they're so fluffy and looks even better 2nd and 3rd day! Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial :-) I really miss maki..
Postcards From Greece | HAUSOFCOLOR
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❤instagram with me! ❤subscribe to my channel: Hi guys! It's always been a dream of mine to visit the magical land of Greece, especially Santorini. I've seen the beautiful photos and have ..
How I Edit My Instagram Photos | HAUSOFCOLOR
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instagram: I'm addicted to Instagram and get a lot of questions from you guys about how I edit my photos. I hope this little tutorial helped you guys build a better feed, leave me your IG handle, I'd love to come..
Fall/Winter Haul 2015: Lulus, FashionNova, Dynamite, H&M, Romwe | HAUSOFCOLOR
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instagram: I'm back with a huuuugeeee fall/winter haul for you guys. Picked up on a few really cool items, hope you guys enjoyed! Also, for the month of December, I'm going to be uploading twice a week so be sure..
Room Tour 2015 | HAUSOFCOLOR
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instagram: As per your request, here's my room tour video! I'm the worst interior decorator alive so if you guys have any creative suggestions, send them my way! Thanks for watching, the next video will be up Fri..
Vegas Babies | HAUSOFCOLOR
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We've had an eventful week taking the boys around! We're totally exhausted but at least they had a good time, I hope they appreciate this when they get older you guys!! ►Also watch these videos: • Last Vlog (Target Runs):
The Catch Up Vlog: Where Have We Been? | HAUSOFCOLOR
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It felt so weird to vlog again today, it's been soooo long since I've picked up the camera. But I've missed you guys dearly, you have no idea! Of course y'all know I've been super busy with the kids and now that I'm pregnant and feeling awful, it's e..