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Meghan Markle "Had No Idea What She Was Getting Into" Says Paul Burrell | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Piers Morgan and Princess Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell have different opinions on whether Meghan Markle knew what she was getting herself into by marrying Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex spoke o..
The Gordon Ramsey of Fitness Says Using the Word 'Fat' Is Useful | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! James Smith is an advocate of a no-nonsense attitude to health and fitness. The 30-year-old personal trainer has some typically no-nonsense advice for his rapidly growing army of followers: eat less and..
Man Charges $1,000 to Help Make Women Great Again | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Women in America are being invited to a conference organised by men with only male speakers, including Anthony Dream Johnson, claiming to make women great again. The conferences include the following to..
Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Bullied the Queen? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's announcement that they will be stepping down from senior royal duties, we debate whether the Queen has been bullied into letting the couple do what they want. ..
The Crisis Talks Over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Spark a Heated Debate! | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Royal crisis talks are happening at Sandringham and in the GMB studio today! The debate became heated as we discussed whether it's possible for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to become financially indep..
Gender Neutral Family Are Raising Their Child as a 'Theyby' | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! A family in Florida have decided to raise their baby without a gender identity until the child is old enough to decide for themselves who they would like to be. Piers Morgan gets into a heated debate abou..
Were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hounded out of Britain? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they are to "step back" as senior members of the royal family and will now divide their time between the UK and North America. Harry and Meghan's groundbreak..
Is It Offensive to Say 'Fat'? | Good Morning Britain
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Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli reportedly asked to reshoot a scene after saying 'after the fat lady sings' in fears that you can't say 'fat' on TV. Comedian Judi Love and fitness instructor Marvin Ambrosius debate whether or not saying the..
Should We Pay for Princess Eugenie's Wedding? | Good Morning Britain
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Princess Eugenie is ninth in line to the throne and is due to marry Jack Brooksbank in October. The princess carries out no official royal duties and the wedding will reportedly cost taxpayers £2 million. Lady Colin Campbell and Dani Beckett debate ..
Are You Ready for Two More Years of Piers Morgan? | Good Morning Britain
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Piers Morgan has renewed his contract with ITV and will be presenting GMB for a further two years and we couldn't be happier about it! Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 17/11/2019 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning..
Will Meghan Markle Face Her Father in Court? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle, could testify against her in her legal battle against the Mail on Sunday. The Duchess of Sussex is suing the newspaper and its parent company Associated Newspapers,..
Piers Confronts Tommy Robinson Over Controversial Muslim Comments | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Tommy Robinson says he wants a 'temporary ban' on Muslim immigration. Broadcast on 20/06/17 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! The Good Morning Britain TheXvid channel delivers you the..
Is Racism in Britain to Blame for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Departure | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's dramatic announcement that they will be stepping down as senior members of the royal family, we debate whether racism in Britain is to blame. Crisis talks are t..
Is Prince Harry Meghan's "Puppet"? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Prince Harry's WE day speech has received mixed reactions and has lead people to believe that he is being heavily influenced by Meghan Markle. We're joined by Daily Mail journalist, Amanda Platell, who th..
Should 'Rule, Britannia!' Be Banned? | Good Morning Britain
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Singer Lily Allen has called for the anthem 'Rule Britannia' to be banned due to lyrics surrounding slavery. Toby Young and Joanna Jarjue debate whether or not the song should be banned and if it still resonates with modern Britain. Subscribe now fo..
Should It Be Illegal for Politicians to Lie? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Politicians telling deliberate lies to mislead the public should be disqualified from standing for election, according to Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price. He has published a new draft law which would make ..
Should We Ban Clapping? | Good Morning Britain
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Oxford University Student Union are the latest group to ban clapping replacing it with jazz hands in a bid to respect those who get upset or anxious by loud noises. Journalist Ellen Scott and comedian Andrew Doyle debate whether or not clapping shoul..
Is It OK to Be Fat? | Good Morning Britain
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Obesity will likely overtake smoking as the biggest preventable cause of cancer in UK women within 25 years. The recent study was released just weeks after plus-size model Tess Holliday appeared in a swimsuit on the cover of Cosmopolitan. She claimed..
Should Piers Morgan Be Fired for His Views on Gender? | Good Morning Britain
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An online petition for Piers Morgan to be sacked from Good Morning Britain has been signed by thousands. The petition takes issues with Piers' view on gender and transgender issues. But should he be sacked or saved? India Willoughby and Benjamin Butt..
Sinead O'Connor Claims Prince Tried to 'Beat Her Up' | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Singer Sinead O'Connor joins GMB to discuss her recent conversion to Islam, as well as her most famous song, Nothing Compares 2U, which was written by Prince. Sinead claims the pair did not get along with..
Should There Be a Limit to Gender Identities? | Good Morning Britain
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A film made by BBC Teach, designed to support school PHSE classes, explains that there are more than 100 different gender identities. The NHS currently recognises six genders but should there be a limit to how people can identify? Nicole Gibson and B..
Drag Queen Takes on SAS: Who Dares Wins | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Mark is a marketing manager based in New York and a drag queen! Cybil War is the drag name of Mark, one of the stars of this year's SAS: Who Dares Wins. Mark’s dad was in the army from the age of 18 w..
Sarah Palin on Trumps Impeachment and Being Called a 'Serial Liar'| Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Former Republican Vice Presidental candidate and ex-governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin joins us to give her take on the Trump impeachment process. She also gives her reaction to accusations of her being a ..
Is Netflix's 'The Crown' Too Controversial? | Good Morning Britain
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Season three of the Netflix show 'The Crown' is released this coming weekend and is based on the period of 1964 to the Queen's 1977 Silver Jubilee. But is the show too controversial with its truth-bending storylines? Royal biographer Tom Bower and fo..
Susanna Gets Piers a Greggs' Vegan Steak Bake | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! After the popularity of the vegan sausage roll, last week Greggs launched a vegan steak bake. Susanna Reid brought some in for Piers Morgan to try! Broadcast on 06/01/2020 Like, follow and subscr..
Piers Morgan Debates Headscarf Ban With Muslim Women | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Piers and Susanna talk to two Muslim women who disagree about a new ruling on religious clothing in the workplace. Broadcast on 15/03/17 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! The Good Mor..
Piers Morgan's Most Fiery Vegan Debates Ever! | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! From the Percy Pig controversy to fish fingers that don't have fish in them, Piers has had plenty to say about Vegan practices. We've put together this special compilation of the fiercest clashes and deba..
Tom Bradby on the Tensions Between Prince Harry and Prince William | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! ITV News presenter Tom Bradby clears up some of the rumours about his documentary with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Piers asks the ITV News presenter about whether the c..
Do You Sympathise With Harry and Meghan? | Good Morning Britain
Views 399K3 months ago
Speaking in a new ITV documentary the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up about their struggles and feeling intense pressure from the press. But should we be more sympathetic towards them? Paul Burrell, journalist Sally Jones and Viscountess Juli Mo..
Should Schools Ban Children From Playing Tag? | Good Morning Britain
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A school in Brighton has banned their pupils from playing tag as the game is considered to be too rough after a number of children have been injured. Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings and broadcaster and author Amy Nickell debate whether or not th..
Piers Reacts to Greta Thunberg's UN Climate Summit Speech | Good Morning Britain
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16-year-old Greta Thunberg delivered a passionate speech at the United Nations Climate Summit. Piers reacts to her speech after she inspired millions of people around the world to take part in climate change protests. Weather's Laura Tobin explains t..
Does Britain Need Trump as a Friend? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Former Labour strategist Alastair Campbell and journalist Isabel Oakeshott join us to debate whether Britain needs a friendly relationship with President of the United States, Donald Trump. Broadcast on: ..
Journalist Ronan Farrow on Exposing Harvey Weinstein Allegations | Good Morning Britain
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Journalist Ronan Farrow was one of the reporters working for The New Yorker who helped to uncover the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations scandal. He has written a book titled 'Catch and Kill' where he recounts the challenges he had to face to expose..
Is Prince Harry a Hypocrite? | Good Morning Britain
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Prince Harry has launched a sustainable travel initiative 'Travalyst' but is facing criticism for taking four private journeys in less than two weeks. Former Royal Editor for The Sun Duncan Larcombe debates with Viscountess Julie Montagu about whethe..
Why Was London Bridge Terrorist Released Early? | Good Morning Britain
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The Ministry of Justice are urgently reviewing licence conditions for terrorists freed from prison. This comes after Friday's terror incident at London Bridge as the attacker, Usman Khan, was released from prison in 2018 after serving half of his 16-..
Should Women Rule the World? | Good Morning Britain
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Barack Obama recently said in a talk that women are 'indisputably better' then men and countries could improve if they weren't led by men. But should women rule the world? Comedian Shazia Mirza and journalist Ella Whelan debate. Subscribe now for mo..
Prince Harry is on "Good Form" Says Royal Correspondent | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Prince Harry has had his first royal engagement since his announcement with Meghan Markle that they will be stepping down as senior royals. The Sun's royal correspondent Emily Andrews went against royal ..
Should Prince Andrew Be Stripped of His Title? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Considering other former Royals have been stripped of the HRH title for far less, should Prince Andrew's friendship with Jeffrey Epstein mean he should lose his? Eve Pollard, former royal butler Paul Burr..
Is Ringing Big Ben for Brexit Worth Half a Million Pounds? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! Boris Johnson has asked people to "bung a bob" for Big Ben bong as it was revealed he was planning a crowdfunding campaign to make sure Big Ben rings out to mark Brexit. It followed Parliamentary authori..
Should Your Kids See You Naked? | Good Morning Britain
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Journalist Victoria Richards has suggested that young people should see their parents naked to have a better understanding of the human body rather than being exposed to Love Island torsos. Blogger and mother Laura Belbin has poked fun on social medi..
Will WWE Star Paige Return to the Ring? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! British WWE wrestling legend, Paige, has dropped a huge hint that she could be coming out of retirement to return at the Royal Rumble after suffering a career-ending neck injury. We ask Paige whether she..
Is It Time for a Female James Bond? | Good Morning Britain
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Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has come out in support of there being a female 007. So is it time we have a female James Bond? Piers has something to say about it. Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 09/09/2018 Like, ..
Should Kids Always Give Up Seats for the Elderly? | Good Morning Britain
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An elderly couple have faced criticism for refusing to move from a family's reserved train seats leaving a pregnant mother forced to stand. Diana Moran and Afua Adom debate whether or not elderly passengers should be shown more respect. Subscribe now..
Is Positive Discrimination the Answer to Bafta's Lack of Diversity? | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! This years Bafta nominations have been criticised after featuring all-white acting nominees and no female directors. Bafta bosses have said the lack of diversity in the nominations is "disappointing" and..
Emily Maitlis Throws Shade At Piers Morgan | Good Morning Britain
Views 351K2 months ago
Lead Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis shades Piers by suggesting he does the entertainment and Susanna does the news on the programme. Emily also chats about who should play her in the comedy-drama series based on her book 'Airhead: The Imperfect Ar..
Piers Referees a Heated Debate Between Jacqui Smith and Grace Blakeley | Good Morning Britain
Views 446KMonth ago
In a huge victory for the Conservatives, the Labour party has suffered a huge blow with many blaming Jeremy Corbyn's leadership as offputting to voters. In a heated debate on what direction the Labour party should go in next, Piers referees Ayesha Ha..
'Peru Two' Michaella McCollum Shares Her Experience and Regret | Good Morning Britain
Views 217K2 months ago
Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid, known as the 'Peru Two, were caught smuggling £1.5 million worth of cocaine out of Peru in 2013. Michaella served three years out of seven years and has written a book sharing her experiences of being in a Peruvi..
Oritsé Williams Opens Up About Being Cleared Of Rape Allegations | Good Morning Britain
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Former JLS singer Oritsé Williams exclusively talks to GMB as he opens up about being found not guilty of rape after a three-year ordeal. Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 10/09/2019 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Mor..
Ofcom Clears Piers for His Views on Gender | Good Morning Britain
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Piers caused a storm last month for his views on the number of genders one can identify with. His comments lead to over 1000 complains to Ofcom where the regulators cleared him saying 'he has the right to express his opinion'. Subscribe now for more..