Docs as code

"A Practical Introduction to Docs-As-Code" - Alec Clews (LCA 2020)
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Alec Clews This talk presents a short introduction to "Docs As Code" as an ...
Docs as code tools and workflows presentation
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Presentation to the STC Rocky Mountain and WTD Denver groups.
Лекция 6. Docs as code на примере Foliant
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Открытый онлайн-курс о технической документации в IT-проектах. Чат для обсуждений: Лекция 6.
Moscow Python Podcast. Docs as Code (level: all)
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В гостях у Moscow Python Podcast разработчик компании Recall Masters Анатолий Щербаков. Поговорили с Анатолием о ...
Building Docs like Code: Continuous Integration for Documentation
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Mason Egger Project documentation is easy to neglect. Keep your ...
Commit Virtual 2021: Use Gitlab to Deliver "Docs-as-Code" Technical Documentation
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Speakers: Alec Clews Technical writers are increasingly using “docs-as-code” to create and manage their content. But learning ...
How we are solving internal technical documentation at Spotify -- Gary Niemen
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In this session from DevRelCon London 2019, Gary Niemen draws parallels between his docs experiences at Spotify, and ...
Docs as Code: Write for Developers as a Developer
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Why Using Docs as Code? Reasons why you should start using Does as Code in your projects Common Challenges Main ...
Story Mapping + BDD = Docs As Code? / Денис Олейник (Один Сервис. Внедренческий центр)
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BDD как концепция существует с 2006 года. За это время методика, по идее, должна была бы уже прижиться и стать ...
Docs-as-code: Writing, Publishing, & Maintaining Documentation for Your Projects
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Overview Let's learn about docs-as-code as an approach to writing software documentation - and then see it in action!
Adding Code to Google Docs with Code Block
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Brief tutorial about getting the add-on Code Blocks, copying code from and pasting it then formatting the code in Google ...
Docs-as-Code: An AsciiDoc Primer
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Follow the documentation-as-code approach: Write documentation in your IDE, collaborate with other developers and writers ...
Docs Like Code: Strategies and Stories (Anne Gentle)
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Treat docs like code for over 300 code repositories for 30 REST API services. code to provide better Onboarding for DOCS LIKE ...
TWT conference Sessions: Docs as code
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A session by team that implemented Docs as Code.
Practical Docs as Code by David Garcia
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We all value good product docs, but writing them is another story. The pressure to launch the product does not leave you time for ...
Margaret Eker, Jennifer Rondeau - Docs as Code: The Missing Manual
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Full talk description: Follow us on Twitter ...
Open Source Docs as Code
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Open Source Docs as Code Cassandra Targett A presentation from ApacheCon @Home 2020 ...
The Rocky Road to Docs as Code: Opportunities and Pitfalls in Migrating to Docs as Code
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David Karlsson, Technical Writer at Semcon Stockholm Write The Docs meetup #5, 2020-11-04 *Get more insights* ...
Improving Your Documentation Project With "Docs as Code" (Convex 2021)
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During Convex 2021, Alex Jitianu analyzed a working Docs as Code setup (freely available on GitHub so attendees will be able to ...