Do kyungsoo for life english lyrics

D.O. 디오 (EXO) 'For Life (English Version)' Lyrics
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All Rights Administered by SM Entertainment • Artist: D.O. (EXO) • Song ♫: For Life (English Version) • Album: For Life - 겨울 스페셜 앨범, 2016 • Released: .............................................................................. • SUBSCRIBE ▶️ htt..
D.O (EXO) - For Life (Eng ver/clear audio) + [English Lyrics]
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# 디오(엑소) - For Life (English ver) [Lyrics] # Ok Hi, if you're noticing where's the credits in the video - honestly speaking, I got no idea where's the original source of the lyrics. If you do know, give me a heads up and I will put 'em here. Where..
Do Kyungsoo - For Life (Lyrics) (Eng) English Version - Clear vers. ft. Chanyeol (Piano)
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♫♪♫ Subscribe & Turn on Notifications ♫♪♫ Bless our ears 🤙 (recommended for your lullaby song) Lyric video for EXO (Do Kyungsoo) song "For Life English Version" ! one of ElyXion’s songs EXO :
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Annyeonghaseyo!! I want to congrats to all EXOL for won in voting on MAMA 2017!! THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK! JUST WAIT EXO GOT WHAT THEY DESERVE.🎉 Here for you guys! Listen to kyungsoo's voice you might fall in love more with him 😭💕 I love the way ..
EXO 엑소 'For Life' - English version Lyric Video ( D.O & Chanyeol)
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🔻▽🔻▽🔻CLICK TO SEE MORE ▽🔻▽🔻▽ Assalamualaikum😍, This is D.O & Chanyeol duet performance at Elyxyon the EXO Planet in Seoul. The video belongs to the owner. I just can't resist to share with you guys of this song. This is song really great and D.O v..
Do Kyungsoo (EXO) - For Life (English Ver.) in EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn in SEOUL
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Do Kyungsoo (EXO) - For Life (English Ver.) in EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn in SEOUL By : @Oh_My_List
D.O 디오 - For Life (English Ver.) Color-Coded-English-Lyrics by xoxobuttons
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D.O 디오 ft. Chanyeol 찬열 - For Life (English Ver.) @ ElyXion Seoul Concert #4 Color-Coded-English-Lyrics by xoxobuttons You may leave a request for the song you want at Please do Like, Comment and also Subscribe my channel..
For Life (English Version, Live)
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Provided to TheXvid by SM Entertainment For Life (English Version, Live) · EXO EXO PLANET #4 -The EℓyXiOn (dot) - Live Album ℗ SM Entertainment Released on: 2019-01-30 Artist: EXO Auto-generated by TheXvid.
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Link for download the mp3
171124 The EℓyXiOn - For Life(eng ver.) D.O. with Chanyeol
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EXO/엑소/D.O./디오/도경수 twitter @MKBoy1993 DO NOT EDIT OR RE-UPLOAD TO ANYWHERE!
D.O. (디오) 'For Life' Lyrics (English Version)
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I got bored waiting for ElyXiOn dot so I made this video for fun Since the ElyXiOn DVD came out the audio is nicer now :) Also originally this had a better font but the one I liked didn't have apostrophes so I had to change it that's why it's lowkey ..
D.O. (디오) - For Life (English Version) Lyrics
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Buy EXO PLANET #4 -The EℓyXiOn (dot)- Live Album:ℓyxion-dot-live/1450612105 This song belongs to SM Entertainment
D.O. (EXO) - For Life (English Version - Lyrics)
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Song: For Life Artist: D.O. (EXO) Official video: I do not own any of the music, pictures or fonts featured in this video. All credit goes to the rightful owners. I make these videos for fun, I do not get ..
EXO - For Life (Color Coded Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics) | by Yankat
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Official Music Video: All Rights Administered by SM Entertainment. All Rights Reserved ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Watch in HD ^^ Comment, Like and Subscribe for more videos! Feel..
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EXO D.O. Kyungsoo - For Life (Eng Version)
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Long time no see :) I'm sorry, the quality is not good so I couldn't hear the first part. Not sure 100% about the other parts either T T But Kyungsoo is so beautiful, hope they 'll release the studio version.
EXO (엑소) - For Life Lyrics (Color-Coded Han/Rom/Eng)
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EXO For Life lyrics (from their 2016 winter album, For Life) Color-Codes: Baekhyun - yellow Chanyeol - red Chen - green DO - orange Kai - purple Lay - light blue Sehun - pink Suho - dark blue Xiumin - turquoise All/unknown - grey Thank you so much ..
THAISUB︱D.O.(Do Kyungsoo) 'For Life' ENG Ver.
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eng lyrics; nuttngow th; taejung
180602 D.O. (디오/도경수) For Life (Eng. ver) Solo - EXO PLANET #4 - The ElyXiOn in Hong Kong [직캠]
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Please DO NOT Edit! Remember to Credit if you share this video! Thank you! 배포자명 수정 및 삭제 금지 2차가공/재업로드 금지
Kyungsoo & You 「For Life」 (Color Coded Lyrics Han|Rom|Eng)
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All Rights Administered by SM ENT. ............................................................................. • Artist: KYUNGSOO • Song: For Life (English ver.) ............................................................................. • I try ..
EXO - For Life (English Cover)
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A quickie cover of the title track of EXO's new winter album. I don't think I'll do a full version of this in the future since I've been so busy lately (and probably for the next months). I made this upon hearing the news that my very first vocal co..
EXO D.O. Ft. Chanyeol - For life Live (English version) Lyrics Video
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Credit Fan cam: Mein Kleiner Boy Edit & Lyrics: KimDoBam Lyrics according to what I've heard and what other fans have corrected me 'not Official' Sing by EXO D.O. Piano by EXO Chanyeol at the concert "The EℓyXiOn in Seoul" (EXO Planet 4)
D.O & Chanyoel (EXO) For Life (English Version Lyrics)
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For Life D.O & Chanyoel EXO #EXO #WEAREONE #SUHO #kai #d.o #do #pcy #baekhyun #sehun #chen #xiumin #lay #exok #exom #Exo #exo
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For Life D.O & Chanyoel EXO #EXO #WEAREONE #SUHO #kai #d.o #do #pcy #baekhyun #sehun #chen #xiumin #lay #exok #exom #Exo #exo
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For Life D.O & Chanyoel EXO #EXO #WEAREONE #SUHO #kai #d.o #do #pcy #baekhyun #sehun #chen #xiumin #lay #exok #exom #Exo #exo
D.O. (EXO) - 괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That’s Okay)(Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han)
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Thanks for watching. I hope you all can support me Give some likes and don't forget to subscribe MY CHANNEL *Sorry for any mistakes We do not own the MUSIC. All rights reserved to the original owner. No copyright infringement intended ..
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EXO – For Life (English lyrics)
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EXO - For Life english lyrics No Copyright Infringement Intended. Image is not mine. Evak 💕 Image is not mine. English translation by:
EXO (엑소) - For Life Piano Cover
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EXO (엑소) For Life 피아노 커버입니다. 노래 겨울 분위기 나고 좋네요!ㅎㅎ 원곡 느낌이 너무 좋아서 편곡은 많이 안했어요. 즐겁게 들어주시길 바랍니다^^ Piano Cover of For Life by EXO. Hope you like it :) For Life M/V: Website:
EXO - Universe (English Cover)
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EXO 2017 Winter Project LAY - GOODBYE CHRISTMAS (ENGLISH COVER): It was a very tough attempt to record a cover during my st..
180602 For Life EXO D.O (eng ver) "sorry" The ElyXiOn in HK Day1
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Chanyeol x D.O (EXO) - Love Yourself Cover // Long Version
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I FEEL BLESSED CHANSOO DID IT AGAIN! IMPORTANT: I edit the audio myself, so please if you want to use it on your videos please give credit :))) cr:
Do Kyungsoo [디오] For Life English Version Lyrics
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I FEEL BLESSED CHANSOO DID IT AGAIN! IMPORTANT: I edit the audio myself, so please if you want to use it on your videos please give credit :))) cr:
Missing You - Ryeowook ft. EXO D.O. (Kyungsoo) [Lyrics-Han/Rom/Eng]
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just some old song that I love!
EXO Cover English Songs
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I know For Life isn't an English song originally but I felt like I couldn't leave it out EXO Cover English Songs
EXO 엑소 'For Life' MV
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EXO’s Winter Special Album, 2016, “For Life” has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music EXO Official w..
EXO Kyungsoo Cover Songs (live) with eng lyrics
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EXO D.O. Kyungsoo Cover Songs (live) at radio station 디오 (도경수) You can open eng lyrics in CC 00:00 [Kyungsoo Chanyeol] Billionaire - Bruno Mars 00:58 [Kyungsoo Chen] The Last Time - Eric Benet 04:23 [Kyungsoo Chanyeol Kris Lay] Officially Missing..
EXO D.O. (디오. Do Kyungsoo) - 외침 (Scream) (CART OST) [Hangul.Romanization.Engsub]
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As expected, Do Kyungsoo ; ; Beautiful person with such beautiful voice. CREDITS: Hangul: music daum English Translation: Cart's description: Sun-Hee (Yum Jung-Ah) is a mother of two children. She works at a large discount re..
For Life (English Version) Exo D.O {Lyrics}
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je sais qu'ont est pas en décembre mais je devais la faire car j'aime la musique ❤️
EXO - "Love Shot" English Cover
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(Just made a soundcloud, If you want to listen to my covers at original quality/download check it out here: ) I haven’t posted in so long ahh I have my final exams so that’s the only thing I’m foc..
[20170930] FOR LIFE (English Version) Kyungsoo for Kim Kibang & Kim Heekyung
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NOTE: This video has been edited, in particular the parts showing photos, in order to maintain privacy of the wedding guests that were filmed in the Instagram update by OP (cr: IG 08kimda80) Photos cr: IG soya_studi / sh93050023 / ga yeong
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So D.O. did a solo with Chanyeol on the piano where he sang an English version of For Life. I'm an emotional wreck and I need to stop watching and listening to it but I can't so I'm just a mess Check out the video here:
Do Kyungsoo - For Life (english version) || Kaisoo MV
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Cr. On Video Ost by D.O. & Chanyeol - For Life • • [Kyungsoo solo in ElyXion] Lyrics : This life has twist and turns, But it's the sweetest mystery When you're with me. We say a thousand words But no one else is listening I believe... Every night ..
Brandyn Burnette - Been Through (EXO Demo) (Lyrics)
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Song: Been Through Artist: Brandyn Burnette I do not own any of the music, pictures or fonts featured in this video. All credit goes to the rightful owners. I make these videos for fun, I do not get any profit from them. If you want your song remove..
[LIVE] EXO - For Life (D.O. Solo) Cute Happening😂❤️Special Edit.
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#HappyKyungsooDay Happy Birthday D.O. 🎂🎉!! 180602 EXO PLANET #4 - The ElyXiOn in Hong Kong cr.fansites. *Video list #엑소 #디오 #도경수
EXO-K - My answer (Korean ver.) {Color coded lyrics Han|Rom|Eng}
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MORE INFO BELOW▼▼ Suho - Gold Baekhyun - Orange D.O - Red Artist: EXO Song: My answer is you(Korean ver.) Album: Exodus (Korean ver.) NO COPYRIGHT IN..
EXO For Life (English Version) Kyungsoo The Elyxion - Cover by Ira Alagao
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Hey guys! I got so excited with EXO's recent concert, The Elyxion! I watched D.O's solo with Chanyeol of For Life in English and I instantly fell in love with it! I had to do a cover, anyway its been a long time I havent posted on here. I hope you li..