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Desiree Burch - Being in a long-term relationship
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Stand-up from Desiree Burch Follow the show on Twitter at howardhour Follow Russell on Twitter at russellhoward Become a fan on Facebook at OfficialRussellHoward SUBSCRIBE N..
When Your Bedroom Fantasy Goes Wrong | Desiree Burch | Comedy Central At The Comedy Store
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The ever candid Desiree Burch hosts at the legendary Comedy Store in London. With guests Ken Cheng, The Lost Voice Guy and the Rhys James. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website:
Desiree Burch at TEDxBayArea Ignite
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Desiree Burch is a New York-based solo performance artist, comedian, writer, actress, and educator. Desiree's work investigates raw humanity through psychologically charged performances that combine humor, guts, honesty, intimacy, autobiography, and..
Desiree Burch On What It Takes To Get Off Via Dating Apps | Comedy Central Live
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Desiree Burch talks about modern dating and the narrative we build in our heads before we meet our date. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Season 1 Series 8 Get soc..
No One Is A Fan Of London Pedestrians | Desiree Burch | Chris Ramsey's Stand Up Central
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There should be a lane for slow walkers... Don't miss brand new Stand Up Central when it returns on Sept 27th at 10pm! Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website:
Long Term Relationship Problems: Best Bits of Desiree Burch's Live From The BBC
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New York City’s Desiree Burch has exploded on to the comedy scene in London, where she now calls home. From growing up in the States to making love like James Brown, this set explores sex, relationships, race, body image and social change. Watch ..
Desiree Burch Used To Work As A Dominatrix - The Jonathan Ross Show
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Much to Westlife's delight and HORROR. Subscribe to The Jonathan Ross Show TheXvid channel for weekly videos and the best bits from the show - Follow the show on Twitter: JRossShow Like..
Desiree Burch On Facebook Group Spam | Comedy Central Live
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Desiree Burch talks about the painful experience of social media and how to politely opt-out of receiving spam on group invites. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Se..
Being Fat Kids At School | Romesh Chats To Desiree Burch
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Romesh Ranganathan and Desiree Burch have a healing conversation as they bond over being the fat kids at school and chat about Desiree's past life of working as a pro dominatrix. Click here to subscribe to BBC Three:
Desiree Burch Stand Up Comedy at Comic Boom
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Desiree Burch At Comic Boom Brighton, UK, June 27 Desiree Burch is a comedian, writer, solo performer, actor and NY-to-London transplant. One of the hosts of new Netflix game show; ‘Flinch’, Desiree Butch has been seen on ‘Have I Got News F..
Desiree Burch's Hysterical Love/Hate Relationship with NYC - Yum's the Word
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Comedian Desiree Burch shares her fall-down funny love/hate relationship with New York City. Recorded live at The Gallery at LPR (le poisson rouge) in NYC in August of 2014. ► Subscribe to Yum’s the Word at Recorded live...
Desiree Burch - Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast #179
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Do the Hokey Cokey Rich muses on passports and the fruition of John Moloney’s aged comedians TV show, before meeting the fiercely intelligent comedian and writer Desiree Burch. They talk about posters made up of penises, being a virgin dominatri..
Yum's the Word: Desiree Burch
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Yum's Favorite Desiree Burch talks about one of her many life experiences in this incredibly powerful story. Words can't really describe it so just listen. Yum's the Word - Summer of Fun 2015 Recorded live at The Gallery at LPR (le poisson rouge) in..
Desiree Burch & Bobby Mair with Harriet Kemsley | Post Roast | Roast Battle
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Desiree Burch & Bobby Mair join Harriet Kemsley on Post Roast to discuss their savage roast battle. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central ..
Why Your 30's Will Be Better Than Your 20's | Desiree Burch's Life Lesson
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Desiree Burch explains why being in your 30s is better than being in your 20s. Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three:
"Super Gonorrhea's Patient Zero" | Brand New Roast Battle On Comedy Central
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Get ready for an unmissable war of words between the country's finest comic performers as Desiree Burch takes on Daniel Sloss. Judged by Jimmy Carr, Russell Brand and Katherine Ryan. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out th..
Desiree Burch on the Connection Between Her Hair and Her Childhood | Yum's the Word
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Welcome to Night Vale's Desiree Burch looks back to a moment in her childhood where her words rang through her family much louder than she ever expected. Check out another great story by Desiree on our podcast Episode #8 on iTunes itunes.appl..
The hilarious Desiree Burch on how she tackles stereotypes with comedy | What's Up TV
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She is the quick-witted New Yorker taking over the London comedy scene, it's Desiree Burch. Follow us: WhatsUpTvUK WhatsUpTVUK/ whatsuptvuk
Desiree Burch at Angel Comedy
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American Comedian Desiree Burch destroys at Angel Comedy in London in March of 2015. In this 5 minute set, Desiree touches on nuanced racial issues, differences between the U.S. and U.K., her disappointment with her lack of ass as well as other body..
Why Stories Matter - Desiree Burch (NerdCon: Stories 2015)
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Desiree Burch gives a talk on how stories influence and determine identity. More stories give us more options on who and how to be. Better stories can make us better people. NerdCon: Stories is an annual conference created to celebrate the inst..
22 February 2018: Mike Buchanan interviewed by "comedian" Desiree Burch, BBC2, "The Mash Report"
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You can support our work here: The Mash Report is a topical news show on BBC2, for people who prefer their "comedy" to be approved by the BBC feminist thought police. The show's makers use canned laughter and applause, an..
Yum's the Word: Desiree Burch HD
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► Subscribe to Yum’s the Word at Recorded live... FACEBOOK: YumsTheWordShow/ FOLLOW MY SNAPS: LISTEN TO THE PODCASTS: GET TICKETS HER..
Desiree Burch On Bringing S&M to the Family Home
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Desiree touches on how before being a fully fledged comedian, she was a part time dominatrix. Desiree explains how in some way ‘Flinch’ is a continuation, bringing pain to the family instead. Follow us: TWITTER: twit..
Amsterdam Comedy Podcast Ep. 4 DESIREE BURCH
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Amsterdam Comedy Podcast: Ep. 4 DESIREE BURCH. [As broadcast on iTunes] Hosts Greg and Jonathan meet Desiree Burch, winner of The Edinburgh Fringe First Award for her controversial show TAR BABY. Now she's a frequent guest on UK panel shows for her ..
"You're a Mashup of Lindsay Lohan's Mug & Crotch Shot" | Roast Battle
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Bobby Mair & Desiree Burch battle it out in an unmissable war of words. Jimmy Carr, Katherine Ryan and Jonathan Ross are joined by a very special guest for one night... Santa! (Who looks suspiciously like Nick Helm.) This hour-long Christmas special..
The Mash Report, Nish Kumar, Rachel Parris, Desiree Burch, Andrew..Series 1 (Winter), Last Episode 6
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*Contains some strong language and adult humour. The Mash Report (Satirical and surreal news show). Last Episode. BBC2. 22 Feb 2018. Nish Kumar, Rachel Parris, Desiree Burch, Ellie Taylor, Steve N Allen, Andrew Hunter Murray...
Guilty Feminist Podcast episode 29. Taking Up Space with Desiree Burch
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The Guilty Feminist Presented by Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White Episode 29: Taking up Space with special guest Desiree Burch Recorded 24 August 2016 at the Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe. Released 9 January 2017. Music by Mark Hodge an..
Desiree Burch and Lloyd Griffith on Finding People Who Don’t Flinch!
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Co stars Burch and Griffith of the new Netflix gameshow talk to BUILD about how the casting process and the diversity of people that feature on the series. Follow us: TWITTER: BUILDseriesLDN FACEBOOK: https:/..
News Quiz Extra Series 20 Ep. 7: Jeremy Hardy, Desiree Burch, Simon Evans and Helen Lewis
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Jeremy Hardy, Desiree Burch, Simon Evans and Helen Lewis are Miles' guests for another round of News Quizzing.
How To Chat Up A Man | Dragony Aunts
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The Dragony Aunts solve some dating dilemmas. How can they help Desiree Burch make the first move when chatting up guys? And Kevin needs advice on his open relationship. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Cent..
"That's a Post Blowjob Conversation" | Brand New Roast Battle On Comedy Central
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Desiree tells all about how Daniel got his big break in comedy. Get ready for an unmissable war of words between the country's finest comic performers. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: ht..
Mock the Week S17 E4. Ed Byrne, Milton Jones, Glenn Moore, Desiree Burch, Angela Barnes
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*Contains some strong language. Dara O Briain, Hugh Dennis, guests Angela Barnes, Desiree Burch, Ed Byrne, Milton Jones and Glenn Moore.
127. Active Compassion with Abigoliah Schamaun and Desiree Burch
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The Guilty Feminist Presented by Deborah Frances-White Episode 127: Active Compassion with special guests Hari Kondabolu, Desiree Burch, Abigoliah Schamaun, Michele Garnett-McKenzie, Rachel Mantell, Hannah Gousey and Steve Ali Recorded 3 Dece..
161. Desiree Burch #3 - The Fat Stampede
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Sofie talks to Desiree Burch about turning 40, mortality, finding the time to fuck, emotional connection, fragility, fat friends, her comedy central show Fat Chat, capitalism, patriachy, losing her virginity, boundaries and climbing Machu Picchu. Tr..
Desiree Burch and Lloyd Griffith Talk Wacky New Game Show, ‘Flinch’
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We have a comedy duo with Lloyd Griffith and Desiree Burch on BUILD to talk over the crazy new Netflix show. ‘Flinch’. Burch and Griffith talk about all the crazy antics that went on in creating the show, as well as revealing how the show is some..
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#DragonyAunts #Drag #Randki Crystal i Candy pomagają rozwiązać problemy randkujących osób. Jak mogą pomóc Desiree Burch, która ma problem z zagadywaniem do chłopaków? Kevin potrzebuje zaś rady dotyczącej jego otwartego związku. Jeśli ..
Friday Night Comedy: Susan Calman, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Desiree Burch & Helen Lewis
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It's a week of two Donalds - Donald Trump who gave his third State of the Union address, and Donald Tusk who thought there should be a "special place in hell" for those who promoted Brexit without a plan of how to enact it. Miles Jupp hosts, with Sus..
Greg Shapiro Presents Desiree Burch '52ManPickup' NL Tour
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3x per year, Greg Shapiro invites his favorite comedians to tour Holland with him. Sept 30-Oct 8 is Desiree BURCH, NYC Alt-Comedy Diva, with her show '52-Man Pickup.' 1 dominatrix outfit and 1 deck of cards with 52 true sexual encounters. It's up to ..
Friday Night Comedy- The News Quiz 10 May 2019 - Desiree Burch, Bugler Andy Zaltzman
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A satirical look back at what's been happening in the news this week including stories about the EU Election, the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and the fall in the number of GPs working in the UK. Miles Jupp is joined by Bugler Andy ..
Friday Night Comedy- The News Quiz 04/05/18 - Desiree Burch, Danny Finkelstein, Holly Walsh
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Miles Jupp is joined by Desiree Burch, Danny Finkelstein, Holly Walsh and Andy Zaltzman for a satirical review of the week's news. This week the panel discuss Amber Rudd’s resignation, the Local Elections and the Buddhist funeral of 800 defunct ro..
Desiree Burch Backstage Censored at The Laughter Factory
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FB : thelaughterfactory/ Tweeter : LaughterFactory Instagram : thelaughterfactory Website : The Laughter Factory The Laughter Factory is the M..
Die Lebensretter eures Alltags | Dragony Aunts | S01E01 | Comedy Central Deutschland
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Die Dragony Aunts lösen einige Dating-Dilemma. Wie können sie Desiree Burch helfen, den ersten Schritt zu machen, wenn sie sich mit Männern unterhält? Außerdem braucht Kevin Clash Beratung bei seiner offenen Beziehung. Jetzt auf Comedy Central!..
Desiree Burch & Greg Shapiro about Imran Yusuf
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Greg Shapiro presented Desiree Burch in October and will present Imran Yusuf in April.
Desiree Burch Backstage at The Laughter Factory
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Desiree Burch reads Sandra Cisneros for LIVING LIBRARY
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In this video Desiree Burch reads a short passage from the literature she would preserve if books were burned...something described in Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451. This is her contribution to the Living Library: The House on Mango Street, by Sandra..
How to make a portrait out of 200 dicks - This is Evolution poster illustration
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10,000% speed screen recording showing the artwork process to make the poster for 'This is Evolution', a stand-up comedy show by Desiree Burch. I used Photoshop to plaster about 250 dicks all over Desiree's face, screen recorded the whole thing and ..
The Guilty Feminist episode 82. Emotional Labour with Dana Alexander
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The Guilty Feminist Presented by Deborah Frances-White and Desiree Burch Episode 82: Emotional Labour with special guest Dana Alexander Recorded 5 August 2017 at The Udderbelly, Edinburgh Fringe. Released 15 January. Music by Mark Hodge and produ..
QI | Who Are The World's Worst Tourists?
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Desiree Burch backstage 6 October 2014
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Desiree Burcht after '52 Man Pickup' in Enschede.
Desiree Burch and Mara Wilson Talk Slut-Shaming on Right NOW! with Carolyn Castiglia
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Who or what is a slut? Is being a slut a bad thing? Why is the term slut almost exclusively applied to women and not Kanye West? We answer all this and more in less than 10 minutes, because women are efficient.