The Truth About The Ace Family..
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this video had to be made and i hope u guys can understand. thank u for watching.. Instagram: @colecarrigan Twitter: @colecarrigann
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J. Cole - MIDDLE CHILD (Official Music Video) Stream or Download "Middle Child" now: Director: Mez Creative Direction: Scott Lazer Edited by: Roberta Spitz Executive Producer: Candice Dragonas Produced by: Danie..
Cole is a Giant!! Sneak Attack Squad Plays with a Enlargment Blaster
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Ethan and Cole are exploring the Sneak Attack Squad headquarters. In their adventure, the discover the enlarging blaster. Anything you shoot with it turns GIANT! Ethan and Cole play with a Nerf blaster and the giant machine. Needless to say, mistakes..
The LaBrant Family Official Baby Gender Reveal!!!
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Boy or Girl?! Get our book here: SUBSCRIBE to The LaBrant Fam!: SUBSCRIBE to Everleigh Opens Toys!: WATCH MORE: SURPRISING THE FAMILY: you..
Attack the Castle! Ethan Vs. Cole Nerf Box Fort Battle! Part 2
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Ethan makes a giant cardboard box fort and steals Cole's new blaster. Cole attacks to get the Nerf blaster back! It quickly turns in to a game of destroy the castle! Will Ethan's box fort hold up to Cole's barrage of Nerf crossbows, tennis ball blast..
Parents Vs Kids Nerf War! Ethan and Cole make the Sneak Attack Squad with Nerf Rivals!
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It's a huge battle in Kid's Vs. Parents Nerf war part 2! Ethan and Cole form the sneak attack squad! And they decide to do some surprise attacks on their parents with the Nerf Rival Nemesis, and the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hera! Good thing Ethan and..
Getting Glitchy With Super Hero Kids! Ethan and Cole Virtual Reality Trouble.
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Ethan and Cole find a way to transport themselves anywhere in the world with virtual reality! But there is something not right. They try going to Aunt Jenna's house with no luck. Then they make a stop at the Super Hero Kids house to play video games ..
Sneak Attack Squad Training in 360! Ride Along with Ethan and Cole Vs Aunt Jenna
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Today we are trying something new with 360 video! Aunt Jenna comes over to babysit, and want's to join the Sneak Attack Squad. But is the babysitter good enough to join the crew? Go in the Nerf Vortex battle with Ethan and Cole! Ride along as Aunt Je..
Gerrit Cole GOES OFF vs. Rays for 15 strikeouts to lead Astros to ALDS Game 2 win | ALDS Highlights
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Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole strikes out 15 Rays in a 3-1 win to take a 2-0 lead in the ALDS Don't forget to subscribe! Follow us elsewhere too: Twitter: MLB Instagram: mlb Fa..
New Nerf Blaster Battle! Ethan Attacks Cole with Nerf Modulus Longstrike.
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Cole comes home from school and finds Ethan waiting to attack with a Nerf Longstrike! Too bad he has a Nerf Rukkus hidden in his room. The Sneak Attack Squad gets in to a old school Nerf battle! Who will be victorious? Ethan and Cole use the New 2019..
Extreme Toys Short: Capture The Flag Nerf Battle! Ethan and Cole Vs Mom and Dad Nerf War!
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We decided to have a couple of quick games of capture the flag with Nerf guns! Ethan, Cole and Mom and Dad go three rounds to see who is the best. It's a no scripted Nerf attack with some fps! Ethan and Cole use the Nerf Modulus Regulator, and Stryfe..
Avengers Endgame No Spoilers Nerf Battle! Ethan Vs. Cole RC Car Mayhem.
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Avengers Endgame came out and Cole hasn't seen it yet. Ethan tries to ruin the movie for him by telling him spoilers! So Cole gets busy with his Fortnite AR-L Elite Nerf Blaster and his Antman helmet! But Ethan battles back with his Nerf Scooter, Bl..
J. Cole - G.O.M.D. (Official Music Video)
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Download J. Cole's new album '2014 Forest Hills Drive' on iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: Listen on Spotify: ..
Epic Movie Time with Ethan and Cole! The Nerf Modulus Battle!
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It's Epic Movie time with Ethan and Cole. Today the Sneak Attack Squad watches The Nerf Modulus Battle! Ethan Attacks Cole with his Nerf Modulus Tri Strike! Why does this video have 155 million views? The boys break it down. So relax and have a good ..
Cole Summer
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Provided to TheXvid by Ingrooves Cole Summer · J. Cole Truly Yours, J. Cole ℗ ℗ 2017 C-World Entertainment Released on: 2017-08-16 Auto-generated by TheXvid.
Family Nerf Wars Part 5! Ethan and Cole Sneak Attack Squad Vs. Mom and Dad!
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This time the Sneak Attack Squad is going after mom and dad for what they have done! It's Ethan and Cole in a Nerf battle with their parents. After mom and dad decide to trick Ethan and Cole, they are out for revenge. Who will win the Nerf battle par..
Why I Left Team 10....
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thank you guys for watching and still supporting m through all of this craziness. life moves on and everything happens for a reason and im grateful for the lessons i was taught and the people i met through this journey. love you guys so much
Funky Disco House By Cole 2020
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♥ Support & Enjoy ⬇ TRACKLIST ⬇ 01. Ruben Naess - Jump (Original Mix) 02. Agent Stereo - L.A. 2 Chicago (Original Mix) 03. Makito - Be With You (Original Mix) 04. Mirko & Meex - Laidback (Original Mix) 05. Danny Cruz - Nothing Can Come Between ..
Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love (Official Video)
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New album A Million Lights Out Now: New single Call My Name Out Now: STANDARD iTunes Amazon: Play: http:..
Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent (Official Video)
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Check out the official music video for "Heaven Sent" by Keyshia Cole Best of Keyshia Cole: Subscribe here: (C) 2008 Geffen Records #KeyshiaCole #HeavenSent #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial
Top 100 Cole LaBrant Vines Compilation | Best Cole Labrant Vines - Best Funny Vines
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Top 100 Cole LaBrant Vines Compilation From the best Cole Labrant Vines. I hope you enjoyed this Funny Compilation , Please Like, Share and Subscribe our channel. Top Vines Playlist
Sticky Nerf Dart Battle! Sneak Attack Squad gets Crazy With Old School Nerf Blasters
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The Sneak Attack Squad is at it again! This time, they are using Nerf sticky suction cup darts to battle. Cole decides it has been a long time since they have had a Nerf battle, so he arms himself with an old school Nerf Swarmfire and attacks Ethan! ..
J. Cole - Wet Dreamz (Official Music Video)
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Download J. Cole's new album '2014 Forest Hills Drive' on iTunes: Directed by Ryan Staake Production Company: Pomp&Clout Follow J. Cole Facebook: JColeMusic Twitter: ..
Weird Creature Falls from the Sky! Ethan and Cole Nerf Battle Alien!
Views 4.8M8 months ago
The sky is falling! Not really, but a crazy creature falls from it! The Sneak Attack Squad has to jump into action armed with their Fortnite Nerf blasters and battle this little monster from beyond. Can Ethan and Cole defeat him or will the tiny Fugg..
Everleigh Records Emotional Song For Her Mom Leaving Her In Tears...
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This was so cute! Thank you so much to Brittany for writing this song for Ev! Please follow all the girls down below! Instagram @Brittany_Levox TheXvid: Brittanyy Levox Tik Tok: Brittany Levox All of Karysa's Social Medias! @KarysaMusic Get our bo..
Full Nerf Arsenal! Ethan with the Nerf Mastondon Vs. Cole with the Nerf Rhino Fire
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The Nerf gun room is a big mess! And Ethan is mad about it. Will Cole help him clean up? Or will it be a full scale Nerf Attack!! It's Ethan Vs Cole Round 7. Cole is going wild with the Nerf Rhino-Fire, and Ethan is in the battle with the Nerf Mastod..
Extreme Toys Shorts: Ethan and Cole Sneak Attack Squad Nerf Bazooka Blast!
Views 52M2 years ago
Ethan and Cole decide to play some sneak attack squad! This time Mom is the target. The boys start with BoomCo Halo blasters. And then things get serious when they have to use the Nerf Tennis ball bazooka! The sneak attack squad is on the loose again..
Campfire Ghost Stories With Ethan and Cole! The Haunted Mansion.
Views 3.1M9 months ago
In this spooky adventure Ethan and Cole find themselves in a real life Goosebumps tale of the haunted mansion. Sitting around the campfire the boys listen as dad talks about ghosts, creepy sounds, and tries to see if the boys are afraid of what lives..
Last Day of Spring Break Snow Mayhem! Ethan VS. Cole Sledding Nerf Blast!
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Ethan and Cole decide to see winter off Sneak Attack Squad style. It all begins with an innocent snowball fight. And it quickly escalates into a all out Nerf battle in the cabin! And finally ends with some snow sled mayhem! It's vacation gone crazy! ..
Telling 7 Year Old Everleigh Her Mom Is Having A BOY!!! *Cutest Reaction*
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SHE WAS SO EXCITED! Get our book here: SUBSCRIBE to The LaBrant Fam!: SUBSCRIBE to Everleigh Opens Toys!: WATCH MORE: SURPRISING THE FAMILY: http..
Ethan and Cole Set a Trap for the Backyard Mystery Creature!
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The backyard mystery beast has returned! This time the Sneak Attack Squad sets a trap. Unfortunately, there is a pack of wild coyotes that want to cause trouble. Can Ethan and Cole defeat the beast with the Nerf Elite Rapidstrike and the Nerf Longstr..
J. Cole 3½ Hours of Chill Songs
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Compilation of J. Cole's most chill songs. Vibe out to Cole World while you're studying or getting high. I'm working on a Chris Brown RnB mix next and plant to make more, so feel free to subscribe and check out my Spotify/Apple Music profile for play..
Everleigh and Posie Destroyed Our Wall... Can't Believe We Pranked Savannah Again!!!
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Nerf Blaster Madness! Ethan and Cole Nerf Modulus mess!
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The Nerf battle rages on! This time Ethan is minding his own business, when he is attacked by Cole on "accident". The attack won't go unnoticed! Ethan quickly retaliates with the Nerf Hyperfire with a sight. Then Cole gets a Nerf Modulus with a lot o..
Gerrit Cole Press Conference (FULL) | New York Yankees
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12/18/19: The Yankees introduced Gerrit Cole. FULL PRESS CONFERENCE. Subscribe to our channel for the most exclusive Yankees content!
Exploring a Spooky Tunnel for Treasure! Mysterious Beast Invasion!
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The Sneak Attack Squad is still trying to earn money for the Xbox game. Cole decides to go treasure hunting with his metal detector. He comes across a treasure chest near a spooky tunnel. Unfortunately there is some sort of tunnel monster guarding th..
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I can't believe they did this to me... Thank you HelloFresh for sponsoring this video! For up to 50% off your first week of HelloFresh, visit and enter COLESAV SUBSCRIBE to Cole and Sav!: | SUBSCR..
J. Cole - Work Out (Live on Letterman)
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Get J.Cole's new album Born Sinner now: Music video by J. Cole performing Work Out (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc. Best of J. Cole: Subscribe he..
Robot Santa Claus Nerf Battle! Holiday Cyborg Attacks Ethan and Cole!
Views 37M2 years ago
Ethan and Cole end up on the naughty list! And Robot Santa Claus is here to deal with it! It's a Nerf blasting good time! Robo Claus attacks the Christmas tree and the presents. Can the Sneak Attack Squad save Christmas! Or will the terrible festive ..
Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute (Official Music Video)
Views 21M4 months ago
Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute (Official Music Video) Stream Revenge of the Dreamers III - Directed by: Scott Lazer, Aisultan Seitov, David Peters, Chad Tennies Director of Photography: Taylor ..
Alan Walker & Ava Max - Alone Pt. II - Cole Rolland (Official Guitar Cover)
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Stream 'Alone Pt. II' 💿 Spotify ▶︎ Support the Channel 🏆 Patreon ▶︎ Tabs For Every Video ▶︎ My Exact Setup ▶︎
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We had the best honeymoon ever! Hope you guys enjoy! Releasing more wedding videos soon! The dances and entire vows! Ty French shot the scenes of us together! Check out him out on IG: @TYFRENCHPHOTO Savannah's Hair: @HairByChrissy INSTAGRAMS: @S..
Nerf Blaster Battle! Ethan and Cole Attack and Set Traps with Nerf Rival Blasters
Views 27M2 years ago
The Nerf attack prank war has begun! Ethan decides to pull a joke on Cole with a cardboard box and the Nerf Rival MXV 1200. Then Cole gets revenge with the Nerf Rival MXVI 4000! Then the full on Nerf battle is on with cardboard boxes, and a Razor 360..
Views 17MYear ago
I'M DYING OF CUTENESS! So proud of them! Big thanks to their studio OCPAA and teachers Amy Gold, Rachel Miller, and Candice McCartney! SUBSCRIBE to Cole and Sav!: | SUBSCRIBE to Everleigh: ..
Babysitter Part 2! Ethan And Cole Nerf Wildness with Aunt Jenna Remastered!
Views 11M11 months ago
Aunt Jenna is back! It's time for the Sneak Attack Squad to show the babysitter who is boss. Aunt Jenna thinks that Ethan and Cole are up to no good. So she gets the Nerf Mega Centurion and decides to start the Nerf battle. Will Ethan and Cole get th..
Ethan Vs. Cole Nerf Battle Royale in a Box Maze Fort!
Views 17MYear ago
Ethan is playing Fortnite when a mysterious package arrives! Cole opens it and finds new Sneak Attack Squad sweat bands! They decide to play Fortnite in real life. They set up a cardboard box fort maze, and have a battle royale with Nerf blasters in ..
Ethan and Cole Ride Along! Follow Sneak Attack Squad Nerf Battle Vs Parents!
Views 8MYear ago
Ethan and Cole come home from school and find a note on the door from their parents. Mom and Dad have challenged the Sneak Attack Squad to a Nerf duel! Follow behind Ethan and Coley as they battle their parents! It's like your part of the action when..
Gerrit Cole wins his 20th game of 2019
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Gerrit Cole joins teammate Justin Verlander as the only 20-game winners in the Majors with his 20th win of 2019 coming in the Astros' final regular-season game Don't forget to subscribe! Follow us elsewhere too: Twitter:..
Ethan and Cole Rainy Day Madness! Babysitter Blast!
Views 11M10 months ago
It's a rainy day, and Ethan and Cole are bored. They decide it's a perfect time for a Nerf Battle! So they put on their Sneak Attack Squad gear and plan a attack on the babysitters! It's a battle royale! Ethan and Cole Vs. Mom, Aunt Jenna, and Aunt J..
Teleport Trouble! Crazy Nerf Battle with Ethan and Cole
Views 12MYear ago
Cole tries to use the teleport blaster, and it seem's to be broken. So he decides to fix it in to a teleport machine! It becomes a Sneak Attack Squad Nerf battle throughout the world! The boys have a epic Nerf fight all while transporting from random..