The problem with BREXIT - VisualPolitik EN
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On the 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom called a referendum with a clear question: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? 51.8% of the voters said “LEAVE”. Years later, the United Kingdom…..
Johnson and Corbyn clash on Brexit in TV head-to-head election debate | ITV News
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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over their rival visions for Brexit in the final head-to-head TV debate of the General Election campaign. With less than a week to polling day, the Labour leader warned of “chaos” and “huge job los..
Austerity, racism, the NHS and Brexit: Corbyn and Johnson clash in BBC debate
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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clashed over whether the future of Britain should be capitalist or socialist as they presented two wildly different visions for the country in the final leaders' debate. From austerity and the NHS to Brexit and racism,..
Boris Johnson slams Corbyn's lack of Brexit stance, leadership on BBC election debate
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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn faced off in the final BBC election debate before voters head to the polls for the 2019 General Election. The Prime Minister criticised the leader of the Labour Party for not making his Brexit stance clear and accuses..
Inside the Liberal Democrats' effort to cancel Brexit
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Jo Swinson, the recently crowned leader of the centrist Liberal Democrats, is leading the political movement to undo the results of the Brexit referendum. CNN's Scott McLean reports. #CNNI #CNN #News #UKGeneralElection #LiberalDemocrats #JoSwinson #..
Boris Johnson’s Big Gamble: A Winning Strategy for Brexit? | WSJ
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shown a willingness to make risky bets-with mixed results. His latest election gamble: “get Brexit done,” or become one of the shortest-serving prime ministers in nearly two centuries. Photo: Frank Aug..
What's the point of 'getting Brexit done'?' | Question Time - BBC
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Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC TheXvid 👉 Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 Fiona Bruce presents topical debate from Hull. On the panel are: James Cleverly, chairman of the C..
Brexit explained: what happens when the UK leaves the EU?
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Here's our guide to how Brexit will affect you. (Click to subscribe for more Channel 4 News videos. The UK is set to officially leave the EU on 29 March 2019. But what happens next? Economi..
Brexit Party resignations: James O'Brien and Theo Usherwood's instant reaction
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This is James O'Brien's instant reaction to the announcement by leading Brexit Party MEPs that they are quitting the party and urging voters to back the Conservatives. The four, including Jacob Rees-Mogg's sister Anunnziata, stated it is the best wa..
All The Brexit Policies Compared (2019 General Election) - TLDR Explains
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Manifestos Summarised: Follow TLDR on Instagram: tldrnewsuk Brexit is ultimately the reason why this whole election is happening. So we wanted to take ..
How Brexit is changing the EU | The Economist
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Brexit once seemed to pose an existential threat to the European Union. But Britain's withdrawal process has had some surprising results-especially when it comes to how other member states view the EU. Read more: Click here..
BBC Question Time Audience Destroy Labour MP For Undemocratic Second Brexit Referendum Plan
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BBC Question Time Audience Destroy Labour MP For Undemocratic Second Brexit Referendum Plan Richard tice and The BBC Question time audience in Hull destroyed labour mp Anneliese Dodds & The Labour Party For its undemocratic Brexit position asking ..
Live: Tony Blair and Sir John Major address the 'Stop the Brexit Landslide' rally
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Tony Blair, Lord Heseltine and Sir John Major address the 'Stop the Brexit Landslide' rally in London. Read more here:
Life after #Brexit: The political awakening of British youth
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As Britain descends in chaos over how to divorce from Europe, Marty Smiley finds a generation of young people torn between their idea of what Britain could be and the reality of what it is. The future for British young people has never been so murky...
What happens after a Brexit election?
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This week Gary speaks to Stephen Bush, the Political Editor of the New Statesman and Tory Peer Danny Finkelstein. They talk to Gary about the party manifestos, who is ahead of the race and what comes after the election. (Subscribe:
Special Report: How Brexit changed Britain
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With the UK set to leave the EU next month, Sky News asks the public what they think of their MP's and the Brexit process. SUBSCRIBE to our TheXvid channel for more videos: Follow us on Twitter: s..
The story of Brexit by four British literary giants
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Once upon a time, four British rock stars of the book world - Ken Follett, Lee Child, Jojo Moyes and Kate Mosse - decided to go on an anti-Brexit European crusade to keep hold of their links with their European readers. Along the way they stopped of..
What Frankfurt Can Gain From Brexit
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Nov.27 Hubertus Vaeth, chief executive officer at Frankfurt Main Finance, discusses the relationship between Frankfurt and London, how Brexit may impact it and his outlook for a banking union. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”
Could Brexit lead to Scottish independence and a united Ireland?
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At a converted warehouse on the banks of the Clyde, Nicola Sturgeon launched the Scottish National Party's election manifesto today with a pledge to stop Brexit. (Subscribe: Her party was the third largest at the ..
Graham Norton Explains What The Hell Is Going On With Brexit
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The U.K. native, author of the new novel 'A Keeper,' does his best to explain British PM Boris Johnson's strategy for withdrawing his country from the European Union. #GrahamNorton #Colbert #Interviews Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: http..
Nigel Farage responds to the resignation of Brexit Party MEPs
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Brexit Leader Nigel Farage responds to the resignation of Brexit Party MEPs earlier today. Mr Farage said that the Conservatives are "utterly flawed in saying that a vote for the Brexit Party will split the vote and let Labour in. It is completely t..
Brexit, World War II And Britain’s Identity Crisis | AJ+
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Do you know what’s going on with Brexit? Does anyone really? Three years ago, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Since then, the country has seen politicians resign, mass protests, deadline extensions ... and ridicule by American..
Boris Johnson says Labour would 'rig' second Brexit referendum to ensure Remain wins
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The Prime Minister has claimed that Labour would “rig” a second EU referendum to ensure that Remain won. Mr Johnson alleged that “millions” of additional voters who could be expected to vote against Brexit would be added to the electoral rol..
Niall Ferguson on what really lies behind Brexit?
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Niall Ferguson with strikingly original insights on Brexit. Full conversation here:
Brexit: What Happened & What Now?
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For a glimmering moment - after years of uncertainty - it seemed a Brexit deal was done. Yet now, we're looking at an election in the UK and no clarity until December, at the earliest. If you're confused about what's happened with Brexit in recent we..
Jeremy Clarkson on Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, socialism and the 2019 General Election
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The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson talks about the upcoming UK general election, his take on Brexit, his views on Jeremy Corbyn, and whether he would ever want to be prime minister. SUBSCRIBE to JOE: FOLLOW JOE: ► Twitte..
Hammond, Kukies, HSBC's King on Brexit and the Future of Europe
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Nov.22 Former U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, German Deputy Finance Minister Joerg Kukies and HSBC Senior Economic Adviser Stephen King discuss the outlook for the Dec. 12 U.K. election and its possible impact on Brexit. Bloomberg..
Main parties clash over London Bridge attack and Brexit at ITV Election Debate | ITV News
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The seven main parties went head-to-head for the second ITV televised debate, with clashes on the London Bridge attack, Brexit and the nuclear deterrent taking centre stage. Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson skipped the debate, instead sending Shadow ..
European Union's view on Brexit amid UK election
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Above all else, Brexit is at the heart of next month's election in the United Kingdom. The Liberal Democrats have promised to keep the UK in the European Union, while the Labour Party is promising a chance to vote again. It is the Conservative Party'..
Chaos In Parliament As Boris Johnson Loses Brexit Vote | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
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Brexit is causing chaos once again, this time in Boris Johnson's brand new government. A woman astronaut commits the first-ever space crime documented, and did Donald Trump vandalise an official NOAA report with a sharpie? Subscribe to Comedy Centra..
Britons living in EU countries ‘denied democracy’ in UK ‘Brexit election’
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Brexit directly impacts Britons living on the continent - but many are barred from voting in the UK general election, while others fear their ballots won’t be counted.… READ MORE :
What Could Happen After a No-Deal Brexit | WSJ
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Some in Britain are sounding alarms on the potential consequences of the U.K. crashing out of the EU without a deal. WSJ’s Saabira Chaudhuri takes a look at what a no-deal Brexit could look like for businesses, the economy and consumers. More from..
UK Election 2019: Brexit and the NHS dominate election campaign debate- BBC News
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The Conservatives and Labour have been outlining their main pitch to voters. The Prime Minister Boris Johson in his first major speech of the campaign said a Conservative government would unite the country and "level up" the prospects for people with..
Theresa May on Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal
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Theresa May says she feels a sense of deja vu in the House of Commons today. The former Prime Minister stood up in Parliament to tell of her belief in delivering Brexit. She said she wanted to rebel against those who don't want to deliver Brexit. Sh..
The new Brexit deal EXPLAINED - BBC Newsnight
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The UK and EU have agreed what Boris Johnson says is a "great new deal" for Brexit. But what's in the deal and will Parliament pass it? Subscribe to our channel here: The prime minister now faces a battle to get the deal throug..
Brexit- Global Market Crash Pending
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What is Brexit, how does Brexit affect you and will Brexit cause a market crash? Patrick Bet-David tells you everything you need to know about Brexit in this episode. Subscribe to Valuetainment for new uploads: Link to notes on..
What does 'Get Brexit Done' really mean?
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Getting Brexit done, voting again, or cancelling it altogether - all options at this General Election. (Subscribe: But behind the slogans there's a deeper question that will define the UK's place on the internatio..
Beer and Brexit with Sir John Curtice
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Getting Brexit done, voting again, or cancelling it altogether - all options at this General Election. (Subscribe: But behind the slogans there's a deeper question that will define the UK's place on the internatio..
Brexit Party MEPs quit and urge Farage to back Boris, watch again in full | General Election 2019
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Brexit Party candidates Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Lance Forman, Lucy Harris and John Longworth make an announcement.. Get the latest general election developments as they happen here:
Does Boris Johnson understand his own Brexit deal?
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The Scottish National Party launched their election campaign today, but Boris Johnson managed to steal the headlines, possibly by accident. (Subscribe: Speaking to party members in Northern Ireland - he said that u..
What led to Brexit? | Start Here
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It’s been three years of political drama ever since Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016. But Britain’s proposed exit from Europe has been held up by endless political dealing, negotiating, and technicalities. It’s cost the jobs of two Conserv..
What The Hell is Happening in Brexit? - Brexit Explained
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Pin Badge Store: Learn About Our Funding: Full Court Ruling: Karl Turner and Cummings: BBCPolitics/..
UK Labour supporters unhappy with prospect of new Brexit vote
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The decision by Britain's main opposition Labour party to hold another Brexit vote if it wins the upcoming election has upset some supporters. In Hartlepool, in northeast England, most people voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum. Now they ar..
General election: What happens now to Brexit?
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Whether you voted leave or remain, this general election will define what happens with Brexit. Sky's Kate McCann explains what happens to Brexit now we’re in a general election. SUBSCRIBE to our TheXvid channel for more videos: www.youtub..
Tony Blair: 'Don’t mix up election with Brexit'
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We spoke to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who's been a vocal campaigner for a second referendum, and asked whether he thought that Labour's decision to back an election was like turkeys voting for Christmas. (Subscribe:
Anand Menon explains the likely paths to Brexit and beyond | ITV News
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In episode 13, the Calling Peston podcast speaks to Brexit guru Anand Menon, Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King's College London, who talks through the likely paths the UK may take to leave the EU. We’ll bring you a new epi..
'Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice: Three meanings of Brexit'
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Kalypso Nicolaïdis, a professor of international relations at Oxford University and Franco-Greek author, says the EU needs to pivot the way it thinks from space to time - with a focus on long-term goals - in order to establish lasting peace and u..
Tactical voting will stop a Conservative majority government, says Gina Miller
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Gina Miller, founder of Remain United, tells Sophy Ridge that if people vote strategically, the Conservative Party would win 318 seats in the election instead of 337. Her polling shows that people 'on both sides' of the Brexit debate are using tact..
How Brexit's Leave and Remain alliances are shaping the election | FT
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► Take our survey and tell us what you like about our TheXvid channel and would like to see more of: The FT's political commentator Robert Shrimsley and deputy comment editor Miranda Green sketch out the plots, pacts and pos..
No-deal Brexit: Destiny or disaster? | Head to Head
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In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan challenges businessman-turned-politician Richard Tice, the chair of the United Kingdom's Brexit Party, on his campaign for a "no deal" or "clean" exit from the European Union. Editor's note: Since the rec..