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Peugeot e208 | Fully Charged
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Polestar 2 | Fully Charged
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Audi e-tron | Fully Charged
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KIA e-Niro | Fully Charged
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  • Lakario Davis
    Lakario Davis Hour ago

    lmao, the very end! omg

  • gadget01
    gadget01 Hour ago

    Brilliant video, thank you

  • Stefan Brand
    Stefan Brand Hour ago

    Looks really great. But for those without own driveway way too small batterypack, it means you have to look for charging to often, even when doing only small commutes

  • Philip Robinson
    Philip Robinson Hour ago

    Could have just recruited anyone to operate this camera and come to the same conclusions

  • Frank RenewablesCheap

    The latest offshore wind power deal was 4 euro cents per kwh. That is not expensive. Baseload is a description of a type of powerplant, not something that is needed. What you need is for supply to meet demand. You want cheap bulk electrons, and the ability to match supply and demand.

  • TYP xxi
    TYP xxi Hour ago

    we'll get one ... next year. contract signed. Price in Germany had been lowered a lot Check mein auto.de but be aware that the prices are lowered by VW due to German tax deduction regulations or subsidy. You might add 2380€ to get the price you have to pay. But that includes German VAT of 19% you might get back. This is a service that has connections to German VW dealers who offer you these cars for 32% less + 2380€. We pay around 22.000€ after 4.380€ subsidiary paid 2380 by VW and 2000 by government. Anyway : this replaces a Mercedes E class blue efficiency and will be powered by PV. perfect ev drug car ... made my day a suit that fits to everyone. perfect 2nd car ... as the Porsche

  • Paul M
    Paul M Hour ago

    10 minutes wasted I’ll never get back

  • ViperFinn
    ViperFinn 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry fully charged, this is the most dull video of yours I've ever watched. By the title I thought it would actually be an in depth video about how the two engines work differently on efficiency levels, not spend the whole time going 'oooh this one's hot and that one's cold!'. Not really up to your usual standards and a boring Ad money grab in my eyes :(

  • KA Boozle
    KA Boozle 2 hours ago

    “We control almost half as much in-house as Tesla does for all its vehicles. And it’s only twice as expensive. And there’s no auto-pilot. And there’s a screen.” The only scenario where this is a real alternative is for very specific off-road use cases. Wow, sounds great...

  • Kevin McMullin
    Kevin McMullin 2 hours ago

    Cats don't sit on EVs? Yet another reason to buy one!

  • JronmanVehicles
    JronmanVehicles 2 hours ago

    I would like to see a version of the R1T built for work instead of recreation. Larger bed without the fancy spare tire compartment. The tunnel could stay so guys can lock up their tools without the need for a bed cover. The Front trunk should be insulated so guys can store their lunch and water in it to keep cool on the jobsite.

  • Sky L
    Sky L 2 hours ago

    minimum range 400km up to 800km with the sun, but you charge only 50~70km on a sunny day. Does it mean you lose 330km of energy just for charging the battery?

  • joe di lellio
    joe di lellio 2 hours ago

    To be fair I wish the diesel had the same body paint color as the Leaf. It didn't look that warm out there but the darker paint will absorb more sunlight. This would give a better comparison to the otherwise distracting image of the body. I suppose there is also the point that when your ICE is acting as something of a cogen - heat pulled off the motor to warm the cabin - that an ICE isn't as bad. Note "isn't as bad" != "good". Among other things, that heat sucks when not in chilly weather.

  • Adrian Lloyd
    Adrian Lloyd 2 hours ago

    Surely battery swap is one way forward for all evs? You just pull into the service station, a mechanised system swaps the battery under the car and the battery cell disappears into an underground charger. Could have 2-3 standard cell sizes to suit city/MPV size cars. Ten-fifteen mins in and out. Not much different to a normal petrol/diesel refuel time

  • Eric White
    Eric White 3 hours ago

    I recently listened to one of your podcasts talking about hybrid airliners using only electric at takeoff. Combining that with this technology would be incredible. Not only reducing weight from fuel but also from the weight of the jet engines. Logically, that would save tremendous amounts of fuel and co2 around airports.

  • Hans Milling
    Hans Milling 3 hours ago

    Could have been interesting to have the cars go 0-100 km/h a few times and have the EV use regen for breaking and the ICE car to use breaks. Then film the breaks and document that the EV is much cooler there as well.

  • vidznstuff1
    vidznstuff1 3 hours ago

    There's nothing more dangerous than an idiot with an IR camera. The reason for door handle and tire FALSE readings is emissivity. The waste heat of an ICE has everything to do with the coolant and nothing to do with its propulsion efficiency. Take away her PhD if it's in physics or engineering -- based on this episode, I'd guess it's in Volgon Poetry.

  • NIGHTOWL 1963
    NIGHTOWL 1963 3 hours ago

    Independent torque control across the axles forward or reverse, I smell a zero turn DIRTY SLUT ( sport luxury utility truck )in the future!

  • NIGHTOWL 1963
    NIGHTOWL 1963 3 hours ago

    Zero 2 sixty. this is the new drug, illegal n undocumented smuggling vehicle. I'm supprised there aren't any solar panels on this yet.Would be great for the Mexican and Californian deserts, or extending your mileage.

  • MikeJ F
    MikeJ F 3 hours ago

    This is so interesting to see, very different from the norm.

  • Skybender
    Skybender 3 hours ago

    With electric planes, do aviators save money on cost and maintenance? Tesla and VW say that EV's are less expensive to make, so will manufacturers pass on those savings or will they increase prices for more profit?

  • Tommy Ng
    Tommy Ng 4 hours ago

    I want something designed from the ground up to be an ev. it just feels half assed to put an electric drive train in what was already a petrol car.

  • Martin Maxotto
    Martin Maxotto 4 hours ago

    "The shiny metal" is not cool it's the same temp as all the exterior just the infrared camera has a problem discerning temp of a reflective object. The same with dark spots on the tires it's just water, not some way of telling which part of tire touched the road.

  • Peggypatch01
    Peggypatch01 4 hours ago

    most of the wasted energy is being generated by this pointless video

  • Spown
    Spown 4 hours ago

    Funny how Estonians are stereotypicaly slow&steady people and doing the lightning fast charge/discharge tech...

  • camp0017
    camp0017 5 hours ago

    6 minutes into the film and I learned nothing but that the camera is really cool.

  • Wayne Blackburn
    Wayne Blackburn 5 hours ago

    Seems a shame that no one seems to be pursuing the REx idea now. I'm not keen on hybrids and still having the maintenance costs of an ICE drive but having a generator to produce battery power in an emergency or just occasionally seems a decent solution to range problems at least until the infrastructure is better. I assume I'm right that no one is doing this presently?

  • ste b
    ste b 6 hours ago

    Silicon Heaven!

  • Ibrahim Demir
    Ibrahim Demir 6 hours ago

    It is very good presentation. However I am still puzzled about the cheap energy to run the pump during perhaps night time. Where does that energy comes from? From a fossile power station or nuclear power station? It is very difficult to believe that the running energy comes from the green power since they are ready to use without any losses. The pump of the pump-turbine will require at least 25 to 30 % more energy than the produced by the same turbine. Unless you have cheap energy to run the pump it is not a viable option to use to send the water to the upper reservoir. In early days we had many thermal power stations and they did not need to run with the full efficiency since there was not need the electricity night time. But this became very good option to run night time with thermal power stations. Now the thermal power stations started disappearing, so the pump side of pump-turbine become useless without free or cheaper energy. I would not run the pump side of pump-turbine today today with the green energy by considering 25 to 30 % of energy loss. But some cases, perhaps war time for some other reasons you may have to run the pump cycle.

  • dogecoin digger
    dogecoin digger 7 hours ago

    This comparison doesn't make sense at all

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje 7 hours ago

    Seems like a decent car at a interesting price point. Unfortunately MG isn't really present on "the continent". Yes, it's not that quick (drivewhise and infotainment), yes, it's not really British anymore, but there must be these cars, too. Not everyone needs a Tesla.

  • Jen Hardman
    Jen Hardman 7 hours ago

    Seat belts....please show

  • mark beaumont
    mark beaumont 8 hours ago

    I am electric car enthusiast, but when you do a comparison please ensure it's fair. Electric car white, ICE black. Bad analysis.

  • Mikeado66
    Mikeado66 9 hours ago

    The whole "independent motor and gearbox for each wheel" concept the chief engineer mentions at 6:40 is something Rimac have been doing from the outset. But admittedly that's a rather different proposition! In fact, a C_Two and an R1S would be a hell of a two-car garage...

  • Steve Paige
    Steve Paige 9 hours ago

    Move over Elon, Clark Kent from Rivan is here!

  • sifoonytube
    sifoonytube 9 hours ago

    For most people IR camera images are just nice pictures, because it is counter intuitive that the same color means different temperature all the time (due to automatic temperature range). When you are trying to demonstrate temperature difference between 2 things, it is useful to disable automatic temperature range and set range for example from 0 to 200°C in case of cars. Only then you would be able to see how much less heat is produced by EV and how much engine bay produces. For example, in this video EV seems to have hotter tires than ICE. But it is only due to automatic temperature range of camera. Please do similar video again and let someone experienced to to IR camera shots. Such video would be epic!

  • Tomislav Gilja
    Tomislav Gilja 9 hours ago

    Looks like a yellow Pinzgauer next

  • Rasmus Allikas
    Rasmus Allikas 9 hours ago

    Someone should go over the subtitles

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan 9 hours ago

    Thischiming bell music is very, very loud. Almost deafening. I have to turn the music all the way down and then I can't hear this guy talk so I have to turn the volume all the way up again.

  • Ray from Canada
    Ray from Canada 9 hours ago

    Nice basic illustration of efficiency. Some viewers got lost in details and missed the point. Helen, keep doing what you do. 🇨🇦

  • Ian Murray
    Ian Murray 10 hours ago

    An infra-red camera is suggested to be one of the possible features of the next generation of mobile (cell) phones. I keep looking for this as all new models seem to be the same as current phones.

  • liam theurchin
    liam theurchin 10 hours ago

    Jonny as I live my life in TheXvid and google podcasts keeping up with all things fully charged. You could have given a small hint that fifth gear was starting again, I have missed the 1st 5 eps of series 28 as my useless sky box has forgotten the series link "miss an entire series at the touch of a button" other than that keep up the good work.

  • CanonFirefly
    CanonFirefly 11 hours ago

    The world needs more pumped hydro. Much better use of renewables rather than curtailments when there is over supply.

  • Kamil Osman
    Kamil Osman 11 hours ago

    Interesting place for a supervillain hideout, or bruce wayne. Loads of electricity, water, space. Just try to at least recruit the skeleton crews first

  • Joe Jia
    Joe Jia 11 hours ago

    When its too expensive: Build your own!

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 11 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/3-sc4rlV93g/video.html $100 6 amp flexi panel guys shows you 2 types $400 5 amps less amps

  • Erik Åslund
    Erik Åslund 11 hours ago

    So, the ICE-car get rid of most of its waste heat through the exhaust. A thermal camera is not a good way to illustrate the differences in efficiency. With a specific heat capacity of air of roughly 1kJ/kg x K, and a, say 2 liter real displacement engine will use roughly 2kg of air per minute even idling, for every K or degree C, extra in the exhaust will represent roughly 30W of heat leaving the car. That means exhaust that is 100 C warmer than ambient at that rate will then represent roughly 3000W. A thermal camera also doesn't actually measure energy flow, surface temperature needs to be complemented with other variables to be useful for estimating energy flow. I've actually burnt myself on the disc brake on my bicycle, it should not come as a surprise that the brakes on an almost 20 times heavier vehicle can reach high surface temperature. Both EVs and ICE-cars has a lot of mass to warm up before reaching somewhat stable surface temperatures, and as other already pointed out, the surface temperatures of the covers is fairly useless information.

  • seansurfn2
    seansurfn2 12 hours ago

    we need to move on past this whoohoo i made a concept car it looks cool bs. we need production level 30k electrics that look good and get 300 mile range.. tesla is doing that.. this is cute but tbh its late .

  • keyserxx
    keyserxx 12 hours ago

    I watched this video back in March and didn't think much, but on second viewing this is massive news. This ticks all the EVs boxes for me, battery size is just right. My next car will be this or similar I think.

  • Bush magpie 33
    Bush magpie 33 12 hours ago

    Its fine refining all this technology, the only question people want to know is basic price and when will you finally get this manufactured or is it just an engineers toy. Are Rivian just engineering company and selling all the technology to everyone else, all seems like PR exercise at present. Set the release date and do it?If they keep doing these PR exercise TESLA will beat you to the market.

  • Ryan Box
    Ryan Box 12 hours ago

    very long and complex story later, its just a massive battery, that uses water as its power

  • Taylor Hayden
    Taylor Hayden 13 hours ago

    Such a freaking awesome video.

  • rob3342421
    rob3342421 13 hours ago

    Shame they didn’t use the same year ICE but I highly doubt there’d be a difference

  • king james488
    king james488 13 hours ago

    I think I'd be a little more concerned that the enormous valve behind me is leaking.

  • G P
    G P 13 hours ago

    Go full nuclear and stop wasting scarce resources on alt-energy fashion statements. Batteries are for toys.

  • unkiej
    unkiej 13 hours ago

    doc shoulda charged his iron

  • jupake
    jupake 13 hours ago

    The analysis is somewhat shallow, and the ICE car was measured on something it was never designed to succeed in. Feels a bit fanboyish to me. :-(

  • Dorian Comcen
    Dorian Comcen 14 hours ago

    Oh yeah... "everyone should have one of these"... at £36k each!

  • Steve G
    Steve G 14 hours ago

    Now add in the energy consumption of building the EV.

    • Mrdead Inmypocket
      Mrdead Inmypocket 11 minutes ago

      Don't see why that is relevant in comparing the two types of vehicles. Both EV and ICE vehicles take energy to build. The biggest difference in energy consumption to manufacture is in the drivetrain. No significant difference in suspension, body, paint, interior etc.

  • BrotherBloat
    BrotherBloat 14 hours ago

    I love you guys, but pitting a 2018 leaf with a 2007 diesel focus - maybe not such a great comparison for efficiency... Did enjoy Dr McTurk's notes!

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 15 hours ago

    Just cos you can make an episode, doesn’t mean you should.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 15 hours ago

    Now go and look at a power station. The temperature out of cooling towers is only a few degrees above ambient but the heat volume is huge. At least 30% of the gas burnt goes straight out the cooling system. If the plant is running at part load the losses get even worse.

  • ntr
    ntr 15 hours ago

    Why have you not asked someone that actually CAN operate a thermal camera to help? Or someone that at least knows something about cars? What a waste of potential for interesting video... thumbs down.

  • ignafiltro
    ignafiltro 15 hours ago

    First the i3 "OMG carbon fiber must be so efficient" In reality, absolute flop. Multiple cars in the middle. Then the ioniq, most efficient electric car on the market till Q3 2019 In Q4 Tesla blows the ioniq in efficiency and range with the renovated Model 3, ioniq 2020 is less efficient than it's antecedent. Incoming: Lightyear One.

  • Philip Brown
    Philip Brown 15 hours ago

    What an absolutely dreadful review. Far too excitable, speaking too quickly. Not taking time to explain the heat sources coming from the Leaf. I could, see the T on the Tesla emitting heat, perhaps the presenter needs to understand the display better. So many things wrong with this. Let's demonise the Diesel and heap praise on a highly flawed design. This style of reportage does the channels no favours. I am a huge fan of the channel so far and as soon as I can afford one I will get an EV. Unsubscribe anyone?

  • MrP4LM3R
    MrP4LM3R 15 hours ago


  • Andrew Rabbitt
    Andrew Rabbitt 15 hours ago

    Did Helen spot any global warming with her fancy camera thingy...?

  • wonderland78
    wonderland78 16 hours ago

    US gov: Here's quarter of a billion dollars to fuck off. We see you even looking at a solar panel again and there'll be no offers, just a bang. We know where you live. Have a nice day.

  • Benny
    Benny 16 hours ago

    I noticed her bonnet looks super hot.

  • John Kechagais
    John Kechagais 16 hours ago

    Most of the heat goes out in the exhaust not the heat of the car

  • Alex Hasker
    Alex Hasker 16 hours ago

    Great article - thanks

  • Richard Denson
    Richard Denson 16 hours ago

    I had a thought about this a few years ago,I'm so happy it's come into fruition. I'd love to visit one day

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan 16 hours ago

    Goes to show you that a physicist doesn't necessarily make a good engineer. And as she says, you may not be able to hide alot from that camera but one thing you can certainly hide from that camera is the the carbon intense mining and manufacture of the battery and the energy costs associated with them.

  • Peter Wieringa
    Peter Wieringa 17 hours ago

    ( 04:10 ) Be careful, don't do this at home ….. Don't store and recharge the battery on this way …. If one is heated up, you wil get a reaction to the other battery chain of fire ….

  • Marvin Montgomery
    Marvin Montgomery 17 hours ago

    Count your blessings and get out of uranium and plutonium and on the Thorium LiFTeR Molton salt reactors

  • Rick
    Rick 17 hours ago

    That pickup is 3/4 cab and 1/4 bed. Stupid.

  • Zach Keller
    Zach Keller 17 hours ago

    "right" "riiight!" "right?"

  • Declan Quigg
    Declan Quigg 18 hours ago

    This lady is a star! More renewable tech videos please!!

  • Harris Avaan
    Harris Avaan 18 hours ago

    I like this more than Tesla, hydrogen should be focused as much as electric, if not more. 5 minute refueling.

  • Bobby Eustace
    Bobby Eustace 18 hours ago

    I was expecting something about how energy is saved by skipping the manufacturing process of fuels (which uses a lot of electricity according to an older FC video) and how that electricity can go straight to charging an ev. Similar to how cows eat plants we eat cows but skip the middle and eat plants. (I'm not vegan but it was a good point to a degree) or something

  • Ross the Besiege Builder

    Why would an electric car have that many gears?

  • Fernando Otero
    Fernando Otero 19 hours ago


  • ZzHasbrozZ
    ZzHasbrozZ 19 hours ago

    Black car vs white car? Black is hotter? You don’t need a special camera for that! At least be pseudoscientifically consistent. Eliminate the variables...

  • Maarten Visser
    Maarten Visser 19 hours ago

    So extremely stupid........ Show us the powerplant where the energy from your EV is produced with your camera...... And yes, I know there are some useless windmills.

  • henrikohm
    henrikohm 19 hours ago

    It is interesting. But also remember that the black color of the ICE absorbs heat and the white EV much less.

  • Martian74
    Martian74 20 hours ago

    At 14:08 Robert says he "won't talk about Tesla for loads of episodes". Tesla will be unveiling their pickup truck in a week so I don't think that he will be keeping his word on that. He does go on about Tesla and Elon Musk a lot, Elon over-promises and under-delivers on a lot of his claims. Look at the billions Elon paid for the solar company, it definitely wasn't worth it, he just wanted to give family members a lot of money.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 20 hours ago

    Sorry, I thought we would learn something new with this great tech! Can you refund me my 10:54 back?!

  • Weldon Teixeira
    Weldon Teixeira 21 hour ago

    P= 1000 kg x 1 m x 10 m/s^2/1 sec = 10 kW ...

  • Gator Guy
    Gator Guy 21 hour ago

    The front end is funny looking. It should be in the movie CARS

  • Alan Cartwright
    Alan Cartwright 21 hour ago

    Doing more harm than good with this pile of cack, to be honest guys. Thought I was watching the Daily Mail's youtube channel. I'm a huge fan of EV's and of the channel, but this...this is simply unworthy.

  • Flo Studios
    Flo Studios 21 hour ago

    It's nice to see it for yourself but put the energy density in Watts of petrol next to the relatively tiny storage capacity of a battery and this becomes obvious facts. EVs just do so much more with so much less.

  • chrisw
    chrisw 21 hour ago

    not much use in canadas freezing temperatures........

  • jootai
    jootai 21 hour ago

    looks like ikea inside

  • Mark Osborne
    Mark Osborne 21 hour ago

    She's hot AF and that's all that matters :-)

  • Simon Reeves
    Simon Reeves 21 hour ago

    It is quite well known that a combustion engine is only about 20% efficient at converting the energy in the fuel into usable torque at the wheels, where a brushless AC electric motor approaches 97% efficient at converting energy into usable torque at the wheels. It would be interesting to evaluate the chemical energy in 1 litre of diesel in kW, then see how far a diesel will travel on 1 litre compared to how far an EV will go on the same number of kW. It is not just CO2 emissions from ICE vehicles that warm the planet, each one is a direct global heater when in operation too.

  • Josh Archer
    Josh Archer 21 hour ago

    Hmm, not your best video TBH.

  • Vitor Almenara
    Vitor Almenara 21 hour ago

    The idea definately earns merit and it's a really nice step forward. But I have some concerns: -What's the cost in case of a colision that dents the roof? -Is the car useless if just a small dent is made at the panels? -How easily does the panels break? I do feel the idea would be way better implemented if it was, for example, a compact gadget you could plug into a Tesla. Charging just 1% every half an hour would still make the car self suficient enough to go anywhere on long trips, provided you give the car some time alone under the sun.

  • TJ Barke
    TJ Barke 21 hour ago

    I would like one, please.

  • Gordy Bishop
    Gordy Bishop 22 hours ago

    Need more videos like this instead of the fancy fancy car ones that really touch few folks in reality.

  • mrprosale
    mrprosale 22 hours ago

    "Darling, I told you not to park the car in the garage! It needs to sit out in the SUN..."