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  • Dandy Lyon
    Dandy Lyon 36 minutes ago

    2:39 Is that J-Hope beside Tae? No wonder Taehyung would say that his first impression of J-Hope is that he thought the hyung was one of the visuals.

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong Hour ago

    Agei wish came true I met you byunnie baekkie 😀

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong Hour ago

    Byunnie baekkie agei loves you 😀

    HINA PARVEEN Hour ago

    I'm Sagittarius too😄

  • La-arni Mirandilla

    Hahahaha! Cutieee chen!

  • annimazing 24
    annimazing 24 2 hours ago

    Saengil Chuka Hamnida Chennie 🎂🎉🎈

  • Reynalyn Acelador
    Reynalyn Acelador 3 hours ago

    true EXO-L be like every EXO like we like 😉😉

  • nnie Dalanon
    nnie Dalanon 4 hours ago

    hoping if .. I drink that too .. my voice is going to be beautiful too like my jongdae myloves <3

  • Yhanie Gaara
    Yhanie Gaara 4 hours ago

    His smile remaind me to GD. Sweet.

  • NewExoUn X1 Newkidd,Exo,Unb,x1

    I never regret in becoming an exo-l coz I Stan the best idol.,.so caring and always communicate and connect with us exo-ls.,..

  • Nadeera Keepurath
    Nadeera Keepurath 4 hours ago

    Left side is KIM JONGIN and the right side is KAI

  • p.s. poukin
    p.s. poukin 4 hours ago

    This shows the influence of exo

  • Phenky Phenky
    Phenky Phenky 4 hours ago

    damn he is getting more gentle day by day

  • NewExoUn X1 Newkidd,Exo,Unb,x1

    L-1485 is so beautiful especially for us exo-ls....we must always support our babies...

  • Farah Amanda
    Farah Amanda 5 hours ago

    Chen is so Cuteee

  • nadira87
    nadira87 5 hours ago

    i wonder what video did they show to him...

  • EXO KO KO KILLED ME!!! and im glad

    Awwww😂 i don't blame them😂😂😂

  • Nova_1212_ OOF
    Nova_1212_ OOF 6 hours ago

    Nope I cried so bad I Put on my J HOPE mask on so my brothers wouldn't see me cry

  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith 6 hours ago

    Jon is my fav idole and sitll is and i misss him now why did he have die i loved him and now he diead😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Israt Jahan
    Israt Jahan 6 hours ago

    So cute.

  • Lai Fong Chan
    Lai Fong Chan 7 hours ago

    Ha... Ha... Ha.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yves George Sanchez
    Yves George Sanchez 7 hours ago

    Imagine counting millions every end of shift.

  • NewExoUn X1 Newkidd,Exo,Unb,x1

    Im running out of breathe it's literally fire...😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Yane Chelsea
    Yane Chelsea 7 hours ago

    Looks like no rest for kai and baek,.. oh dear.

  • HanKim _788
    HanKim _788 8 hours ago

    I missed dropping comments here, sorry. But KAI SUPERM TRAILER brought me back! I love this channel very much, and so my Erigoms Family who makes #KAI always showered with Undeniable Love.😭😍

  • cuardai
    cuardai 8 hours ago

    Visual god...dancing god....and just oh god he is beautiful.

  • ryehaaan
    ryehaaan 8 hours ago

    lmao it looks like the shop is fed up and just put sticky note 😂

  • cuardai
    cuardai 8 hours ago

    The power of Chen

  • lester honori
    lester honori 8 hours ago

    All friends around seungri who arw close to him.. Are all suspects.

  • orange flower
    orange flower 8 hours ago


  • little miss cute
    little miss cute 8 hours ago

    Thumbnail... XwX

  • Kyung Soo ad-lips
    Kyung Soo ad-lips 8 hours ago

    Thats cute😂😂

  • Piseth P2P-EXO
    Piseth P2P-EXO 9 hours ago

    I would order that too 😂

  • V kook
    V kook 9 hours ago

    I thought j-hope sister younger than him haha

  • Efid Indikum
    Efid Indikum 9 hours ago

    So cute moment chen drink

  • _ luxxii__
    _ luxxii__ 9 hours ago

    Staff be like: shut up,and take a drink already 😅😄

  • Paola Berbano
    Paola Berbano 9 hours ago

    so cute...

  • little miss cute
    little miss cute 9 hours ago

    Chen!! OwO!!!

  • Superman TV
    Superman TV 9 hours ago

    A Bubble Tea Store Specially Put out a Note on Their Order Machine After EXO's Chen Mentioned His Love for It

  • Hanif Huzairi
    Hanif Huzairi 9 hours ago

    Yummy Kai.. SNACC alert

  • orange flower
    orange flower 10 hours ago


  • Zkdlin Is mine
    Zkdlin Is mine 11 hours ago

    Kaiiiiiiiiiiii I Love You 😍🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Gimenez
    Gabriel Gimenez 11 hours ago

    i just want to see sehun getting a husbando :(((((

  • vision19
    vision19 11 hours ago

    OMG, 🥰😇, you just want to kill all your fangirls. Amazing

  • bea's film gcf
    bea's film gcf 11 hours ago

    well....i love this one *OHO*

  • I’m_a_potato ._
    I’m_a_potato ._ 12 hours ago


  • I’m_a_potato ._
    I’m_a_potato ._ 12 hours ago


  • Anku Subba
    Anku Subba 12 hours ago

    And that's a selfless love for EXO & KAI.... 👍👍❤❤EXO-L from India

  • real hnisa
    real hnisa 12 hours ago

    I want to have a tatto "LOEY"

  • Jenny Fonda
    Jenny Fonda 12 hours ago

    EXO is talented...but EXO-Ls are more talented..Like idol like fans..

  • Kai loves jimin And taemin

    If Kai says he is 🔥 believe it he is double fire period

  • Manshah Hussain
    Manshah Hussain 13 hours ago

    He always appreciates his fans in one-way or other❤👍

  • EPIK 2896
    EPIK 2896 13 hours ago

  • Glenda
    Glenda 13 hours ago

    Nini is the cutest and the sweetest.... EXO-L are amazing to create a domain for Kai wow! Impressive! Kim Jongin our dearest Nini you have all Eris love and support!!!!! King Kai go and take over the world with your overwhelming talent!!!! ❤❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💛❤💙💛💜❤💙💛💜❤💙💚💛💜💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💜❤

  • Moumita D
    Moumita D 13 hours ago

    why on earth he always tries to kill us ???😍😍😍😍

  • Isabella victoria
    Isabella victoria 13 hours ago

    Now Kim Jong in ...😊😊

  • Isabella victoria
    Isabella victoria 13 hours ago

    He's the sweetest nini 😘😘

    EXOL EXO 13 hours ago

    Kai who ....I only know kim hot jong fire in 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • no name
    no name 13 hours ago

    According to my religion tattoos are demonic... im just saying

  • Unnie_Tea
    Unnie_Tea 13 hours ago

    Hotie kai for the teaser.🔥🤩Please support SuperM guys👌

  • _ luxxii__
    _ luxxii__ 13 hours ago

    I was expecting a short video😅😆

  • Superman TV
    Superman TV 13 hours ago

    EXO’s Kai Got a Domain for His SuperM Teaser Clip Created By a Fan + His Adorable Reaction to His Own Teaser

  • Shaymaa Ali
    Shaymaa Ali 15 hours ago

    Thanks for making this... N still new salty kpop fans dare to call them a flop... Egyptian Cassie subce 2007 n always proud ❤

  • gisela a
    gisela a 16 hours ago

    Yessssss I want to see Baekhyun and Kai!!!

  • thaliajoy bandiez
    thaliajoy bandiez 17 hours ago

    i know im soo hyang his type.

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 17 hours ago

    Luhan is baekkies wife hi eomma 😀👋😘

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 17 hours ago

    Byunnie baekkie super m 😀

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 17 hours ago

    Byunnie baekkie agei whine cutely I wanna say hi but you're busy 😀

  • maya sari
    maya sari 17 hours ago

    My cute shy boy ^^

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 18 hours ago

    Byunnie baekkie agei loves you 😀

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 18 hours ago

    Byunnie baekkie my father I love you I missed you so much but I'm back 😀

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 18 hours ago

    Byunnie baekkie did you get permission to dye your hair 😀

  • Mickey Jean
    Mickey Jean 18 hours ago

    I know and I seriously can’t wait....😭😭😭😭Even though I won’t be able to be there in person, darn lucky fans!!

  • みるココチャンネル


  • Basant Chong
    Basant Chong 19 hours ago

    Tzuyu_ Please ,your mother is very sweet. i feels. our mother same as the song December has no longer.. slow smiling slow speaking And actually, i say her my mother girl friend of her time singer Elvis Presley. And yes it may be. Morning send.

  • exo kai
    exo kai 19 hours ago

    maybe cause he wants taetae to follow him instead~ hahaha thus that follow the custom that the younger ones should be the first to follow their hyungs? hahaha idk sorry. :D

  • exo kai
    exo kai 19 hours ago

    the man knows his fine, and i give him credit for that! <3 TY kim jongin for the choco bars you showed us! can't wait to received your 1st mini allbum "KAI" :) so proud of you!

  • exo kai
    exo kai 19 hours ago

    ohhhhh.. so what was the reason for chen not being able to perform his new single on oct 4? and why was it moved to oct 6? SuperM was to make their debut on oct 5, really tho why the hate comments on twt about this..when it ain't clashing on their individual schedule. But there is one problem, and that they do not have time to rest since they have concert, dance practice for debut, and also since their filming their new album they don't get the time to rest.

  • Video Ngakak
    Video Ngakak 22 hours ago

    Beautiful girl in the world chou tzuyu 💗❣️

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 23 hours ago

    Byunnie baekkie agei feels pawrific 😀🤣

  • Reni Herawati
    Reni Herawati 23 hours ago


  • Henry Succeed
    Henry Succeed 23 hours ago

    And one day V came in with a jawline.

  • Shelly Durham
    Shelly Durham Day ago

    He even know he is on fire. Just look at his post on ig.

  • Yugyeomie Mochi

    Taeyong clearly done with SM (since they messed around his kids) , he is creating his own rules. By the way guys get ready for NCT2019 Yearbook with all complete 21 members (being a crackheads ofc) cause half of them changed their hair colors and this video made it more convincing of the 2019 yearbook.

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong Day ago

    Agei whine cutely for appa agei Begopaheo bbuing 😀

  • mymydelilah
    mymydelilah Day ago

    HOLLYWOOD it is...."Capitol Records Concert".. Oct thinking..Have to yell so loud...BEKYONNN got u another pair of shoes..wonder what his shoe size is..might put a gold bar inside*?@

  • Fiqkha Narzari

    All people make a mistake.Just forget it and forgive jong hyun oppa...please😭😭

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong Day ago

    🥇byunnie baekkie you deserve it 😀

  • helga pataki
    helga pataki Day ago

    there are no secrets in hollywood lol hopefully everything from press to ticketing to security goes smoothly. i want SuperM to be welcomed warmly and for all of their true fans to have a good experience.

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong Day ago

    Byunnie baekkie super m next month concert 😀

  • ElOllie LeK
    ElOllie LeK Day ago

    It's not fake! I saw his picture taking this picture from the cover of the magazine! It's not fake!

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana Day ago

    Didn't anyone saw that studio name at 1:02? 😂 It's name is FLAT STUDIO

  • Karez Stars
    Karez Stars Day ago


  • Anu-Radha Maharaj

    Apple needs to pay baekhyun for this......clearly we all know which came first 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰

  • Kenzel Idalia
    Kenzel Idalia Day ago

    Thank you for this 💗💗 i'm fully COMPLETE NOW 💗💗💗

  • heechulliebabo

    I can't imagine him explaining that those are his fans haha (I feel like he'd be slightly shy about his popularity). Maybe it was more like he was asked if he was a celebrity or something and he said he was a singer then things proceeded from that.

  • Aina Sofiy
    Aina Sofiy Day ago

    Is it real tattoo?

  • iAdamus
    iAdamus Day ago

    My first time seeing D.O. in acting was when he is with KSY I think it was summer thingy haha and yes I cried so hard

  • Ochin Dandelion

    17ปุ๊บ หล่อเลยค้าบบบบ

  • Kruthiventi Hemalata

    Every tattoo had a beautiful meaning. I personally love L-1485 ♡